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Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
Your music haunts my ears
And steals my soul
A staccato whimpering glow
The audience claps
The show's over now
Go home to danger
And commune with your total stranger
Everyone is putting on a show, whether they mean to or not
Dua Kim Aug 2018
I'll now let go of the memories
The patchwork now falling apart in my hands.
Our memories stop here
They fade colorfully

Oh do you remember that day, what you said
The useless arguments that we repeated
Now lets part, it's a mess. I'm so sorry.

Tick tock, tick tock, you let go of my hands
Ding ****, ding ****, and you fade away.
Tick tock, tick tock, one step, two steps
Ding ****, ding ****, fall apart again

If I just hated, hated you to begin with
We wouldn't have met or said goodbye
But I would fall in, fall in love with you again
And spend the night in tears.

If I, if I, burn it all away
And end up erasing all of it
But I still won't, still won't, ever forget you
Why am I such a fool?

It's just not following you who always stood up and left first
It's nothing serious, just like our love.

Flick tap, flick tap, I delete you
Swipe tap, swipe tap, A. R. --> T
Flick tap, flick tap, your number and texts
Swipe swipe swipe swipe... erase it all
As my tears fall to the ground.

If I didn't, didn't know you at all
This would never have happened
But turns out we weren't, we weren't meant to be at all
Lets never meet again.

Let's end it, end it, end us now
Did you ever love me?
Now I will, I will, I will let you go
Although I might regret a little

If you'd told me, told me, everything at first
We'd have left each other with a clear mind
You had a lot of, lot of work until now
I hope you're happy after you leave
Yes, this is, this is, really ending
You never loved me to begin.

I won't hold on anymore to the
Mess I thought was love that we created
Now I won't love you anymore
Simple, right? Lets never meet again.
This is an English translation of the Japanese song Patchwork Staccato.
Yanamari Nov 2017
Stroking the cool surface
that my head rests against
My mind empties of every thought
Every feeling
But the sensation
Of being entrapped within
a point dimension.
Reaching past the darkness
As the dimension grows ever larger
Draining my vision,
Stretching my will
thinner and thinner
Is it me who is shrinking
Or is the darkness growing larger?

What is it, that the warmth escapes me
As soon as I reach closer...
Falling out of reach
Never nearly close enough
To fall through my fingers.

That tight feeling in my throat
And that
Air that tugs on my lungs
And that
Urge to tear myself open
In a scream that fills
The empty landscape
Closing my eyes,
The cold melding away,
My head sliding down
In a legato staccato of my essence.
Unknown Jul 2014
Love has little flowers
Planted on a bed
That sprout from a nurtured heart
They appear in the dark
When breathing is staccato
And the music is slow
They bloom with closed eyes
And tangle like entwined fingers
They wilt with the light
And seeds are dropped into the fabric
Awaiting the next arousal

— The End —