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Delaney Sep 1
I'm sorry-
my heart is pounding.
these thoughts are crowding
and I can't seem to tell them no.

I didn't mean to say that-
to do that.
You'll forgive me though, right?
You'll still love me?
Oh, you don't have to.
I understand.
I'll just be outside,
waiting to be let in.
My mind is deepest haven.
My mind is blue lagoon.
My mind is swan's pond.
My mind is clearest lake.
My mind it is profoundest
My mind is vivid waterfall.
My mind is wisdom stream.
My mind is calmness sea.
My mind is biggest water.
Nuha Fariha Jun 29
Girl you want some lotion? Here I got you
some cocoa, coconut, shea butter, vanilla bean
We’ll have you smelling like fresh dewdrops
From the morning rain, fresh bread, blessings,

Here let me hold that for you, here give it to me,
Here, can I help you? I got you some soup, some
Chocolate, tampons, gum, hair ties, smiles, hugs,
These are how we keep each other alive.

Girl, you gotta listen to this, it’s gonna change you
Your whole life today, go in a dark room and close your
Eyes and listen, mouth each word until its fits yours

you’re looking fine today, you’re holy, you’re whole.
you’re a whole world. here I am, right here, here
standing here, right here beside you.
The mountain sleeps in the brightly fog.
Nature take this moment. And enjoy some pleassure self.
Resting in the silence waves.
Here and now, no past and future, just in moment.
Flora take the deepest breath and exhale composure.
Mind is light and clear.
Calmness and relax.
Nothing worry about.
Just be in moment now.
I feel whole bodys cells.
Whole body cells of me, myself and I.
Feels sleppy and close your eyes.
This day ahead will bring me new experiens.
That day will slowly shift click's indicator.
The time will pull with slowly line inside my sinew.
Give me a wish and willpower to complete all my points.
The Time work for me.
The Time work for me.
The time bring me harmony with myself and balance.
Today I will be on the time.
My mind is clear and calm.
My body radiance a tranquillity and confidence.
I am accept all love that God give me around.
I pick up a nectar of happines from flowers of love.
I am accept and see just positive.
I am accept that positive waves.
My organism work like a watch.
The strainer cleaning my mind and my body from toxins and slags.
Let in just positive energy and give me a forse and power.
Sow inside me a calmness and silense.
The words is my remedy.
Zach Short Apr 5
some days you wake wondering what it all means.

some days you wake loving everything.

some days you wake - calling back to sleep.

some days you're guarded - some days...meek.

however you are - each day when you wake...

remember: you are - for goodness sake.
love, You.
tie me up
hold me down

wage war on me
tarnish my name

disown me
deny me love

reject me
label me a freak

neglect me
deprive me of affection

I’ll still be me in every way
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Tamara Lynn Mar 24
Proceed with kindness
When you find yourself alone
Dwelling in the abyss of your own mind
And you've hit the bottom
Feeling like you're at the end of the line

You may be wary since the unknown is scary
But just be aware
That if you dare discover deep from within
A love so kind and pure
There won't be anything you can't endure

The secret to it all is self love and care
By this I swear
Rather than relying on external validation
To fuel the unmet needs of your childlike tribulations
Let's let go of all attachments
To things that merely pose as distractions
And let it all just be

One with yourself and nobody else
Because eventually one day you'll see
That in the end
Only on yourself can you fully depend
With this advice I advise you to heed
Only with kindness should you carefully proceed
You're all that you need ♡
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