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Malia Jul 2023
I crave affirmation
I live off of praise
Why do I need this?
Is it my fate?
“You just want attention!”
That’s what I’ve been told again and again…

Maybe they’re right.
Maybe they’re not.
Maybe I just can’t be alone with my thoughts.
Looking through my old poems, found one I thought had potential but sounded bad!
Melody Mann Apr 2023
& now I know this life is mine -
to embrace the change that awaits,
& relish the beauties of the vast world,
capturing the essence of the everlasting,
this is where I reclaim my solace -
& now I know this life is mine
Day 2: National Poetry Writing Month
Andrew Rueter Oct 2022
Once affirmation became deformation
aspirations turned into desperation
aspirations turned into exasperation
existence undocumented persistence expired
acumen undocumented the pittance expired
normal life forms a life
but nightmare world lights the world
dream journals adjourn dreams
through fantastic fantasies
of affirmation and affinity
or affirmation reaching infinity
so affirmation is gained at the expense of others
and affirmation is what we expect from others
but the affirmation comes at the cost of the abdication
of a firm nation inducing affirmation
selling being right
who's wrong is who's left
behind the hugfest in social unrest
the hugs infect becoming a test
to affirm what others choose
affirmation signaling their virtues
and if one doesn't affirm they'll sit and burn
which will affirm affirmation.

Please tell me I'm right.
Bea Mar 2022
I have spent my whole life attempting to find the sun.
So, that I may have a source of light,
In this dark tunnel that I inhabit,
Which is defined as my life.
But it was not until I halted my journey that I realized,
The world's brightest stars need darkness to shine.
Jammit Janet Jul 2022
Exerting true power
I bloom
Into the flower
Of the present.
Jay M Mar 2022
I am
A being of peace
A being of comfort
A being of radiant love
A being of harmony
A being of balance

I am
A being of knowledge
I learn from my darkness
To grow in my inner light
I learn from the darkness
To nurture the light

I see my path
I know my path
All that I need, I attract
All that I shall know
Shall help my soul to grow

I am a being of healing
I radiate comfort and peace
I guide with an innate knowing
I am a being of great wisdom
I share in the lessons of life
I am a being of patience
All things come in time
To arrive as I need
To my call it heed
Aid me everso
On my path
As I grow

- Jay M
March 3rd, 2022
Affirm in your worth, affirm in what you are. Affirm in what you seek, affirm in what you know to be your truth.
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2021
She invited me into her home
apologizing for the lack of things there.
I could tell that she had renovated recently,
getting rid of the things that no longer
served purpose.
I thought of her as timely,
a perfect harmony of sage & mint candles
burning on a black glass coffee table.
about halfway through,
I realized how much I loved her home.
while she apologized in the beginning
less is more & it showed by way of her smile.
I enjoyed how everything was laid out,
from the brochures of comfort to the cushion
of where I sat.
the greatest intimacy between us two.
laughing at everything yet nothing at the same time.
but still I thought, how much she inspired me to do
the same when I got home.
everything that I thought was beautiful before
no longer had that same appeal.
when i extended the same invitation,
I too found myself apologizing for things
that needed no explanation.
my biggest source of inspiration,
I was glad to see her growth
& in turn stopped chasing the wrong things,
I learned from her
That everything is going to be alright
SGP Nov 2021
I am a powerful being of creation, able to control my surroundings.
All I need is a thought to manipulate what is around me.

I am the happiness that flows from one moment to another.
Its just life's way of letting me know that it can be every colour.

I am the love that wraps me and everyone around me.
Making me feel safe from any dangers that come find me.

I am the sweet melody that transport you to that place,
A safe heaven that temps you to stay.

I am everything I have ever hoped for.
I am everything I need to be.
I am grateful for what I have.
I am.

This little spark inside me.
The one that keeps my dreams alive,
I will make it shine brighter, as the days go by.
CautiousRain Nov 2021
What if you were to see my tears of joy, instead of sadness?
What if I were to bask in the warm waves and let them consume me?
What would the world be like if I could branch out my wings and fly like this more often?

Would you even recognize me?
Would you understand all that I missed during my times of sorrow?
Would you notice when I am reborn into happiness, and will you remember it too?

God, I hope so.

This feeling is transformative,
to be alive like this,
and it is so comforting to be
held in the universe's embrace.

Perhaps you'll get a taste of who I've always been.
What if I am reborn? Who would I be then?

These poems are my devotional to you
They’re my way of keeping myself honest
My affirmation that I am yours for however
Long you wish me to stay
Fourth part....
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