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These poems are my devotional to you
They’re my way of keeping myself honest
My affirmation that I am yours for however
Long you wish me to stay
Fourth part....
Left To Rot May 12
F5, F5, F5...
Am I doing good?
F5, F5, F5...
Is she proud of me?
F5, F5, F5...
Where are my notifications?
F5, F5, F5...
Perhaps it's too soon.
I fear not battle, nor trial or journey,
I fear not mountains, nor plains or valleys,
I fear not enemy, nor entity or inner me,
I fear not stillness, nor silence or serenity.
I fear no man, no woman, no deity,
I fear no concept, nor idea in it's ambiguity,
I fear no system, religion or theory,
Fear no oppressor, no judge, no jury.
I fear no place, no time, no state of being,
I fear no vengeance, no riots, no villian's besieging,
I am no victim, no village pillaged,  
I will not put forth entreaty;  
Nor will I beseech thee pardon.

I need not, for my cup never empties,
And blessed be,
I am who I'm meant to be,
I am who I'm going to be,
I am where I'm supposed to be,
And nothing can dissuade me.
My course is set in stone,
Universe paved path of growing,
Story already written, unfolding,
I bear witness, only...
Tam Mar 3
I am safe.
I am protected.

You are safe.
You are protected.

If there is fear,
it is okay.

Courage is here.

We are safe.
We are protected.
Zane Jan 10
as i walked past our old apartment
on another cold Saturday
every time I walked this path home from work
came flooding back at once
and i so desperately wished
i could run past the train tracks
through our complex
and up the stairs
back to the first experience i had living on my own
so that maybe
i could go back in time four years
and not repeat the disgusting mistakes
of my young adulthood

this time, I caught myself before the painful longing consumed me.
i have the same chances now that I did then.

new home.
new best friend.
new job.

i could easily fall back in patterns and make the same poor choices.
or, now bear with me here.
i could do everything right.

I just have to work for it.
There is no rush,
Only breath.

There is no stress,
Release that notion.

Just let it be,
        let it be.

Listen to your heart beat,
Dance to its song.
Sway to its rhythm
Like you should have all along.

Make an intention,
Set it to motion.
Keep your head
Above life's commotion.

This day is a gift,
This life is a light.
Your soul is a beam
That can brighten the night.

Smile like a full moon,
Shoot like a star.
Be the best you,
The true you that you are.
Jana Pelzom Dec 2020
I crave words
But don’t trust them,
These black lines
I snort;
Hunger of some sort;
Why do I come back,
Time and time again,
Hoping to elate myself,
With the false taste
Of affection?
When after all
it still ends in desperation.
Affirmation ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
Orakhal Dec 2020
An angels keep
rolled to her side

pressed heat to mine sleep

wept to our skin
a lovers hold
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