don't you know i'm in love with you?
your smile,
your hair,
your scent,
your laugh,
the way you squeal,
but somehow you crush me in all the way possible,
you say you don't like anyone,
you talk about this guy,
i'm always livin a lie,
that somehow you may like me back,
so i'll hitch my feelings at the dock,

until you say it.
ughhh I don't know what to write. burned out a bit, sorry.
spiral-whirl Feb 15
sometimes i sit and watch them ponder,
mindless thoughts I think but none to spill,
no words to spill out onto the blank page that i have carved into their minds,
it drives them insane, makes them furrow their eyebrows, scowl, ponder, wonder,
i do not speak,
for words twist and turn, knotting into lies,
i do not lie,
so i do not speak.
simple as it is,
however i think its funny how they try to understand me,
they struggle to understand,
i believe they are blind to the common sense that was so given to them,
maybe it was taken away,
then again,
if they wish to understand, understand me,
just look at the words I can write.
Nicole Eden Feb 6
i feel like a cheat
one of those girls i swore to never be
why do i play with the hands of innocent boys
why do i let myself be torn apart and tossed among them
i wilt at their feet and yet they do not water me
he pines for me and i pine after him
a classic broken fairy tale
what sort of fairy tale is this where i am weeping on the floor
why do i crave what i cannot have
"what is wrong with me" - echoes in my mind
every hour, every day
i weep for the pain i cause you
i weep for the pain i feel because of you
i wish to be the plant that thrives solely on your water
quench my thirst
distinguish the fire
feed my fairy tale
Nicole Eden Feb 6
words strung together like a necklace draped around my neck
"it was like you were the first person i wanted to see in the morning"
words paired together like my favorite pair of socks
you say we pair together in the same way

my brain cannot make sense of the past five days
why are my emotions on full display
i do not know how to control my behaviors
all i know is i'm in need of my savior

someone rescue me from this chaos, from this confusion
i am so torn, so stricken with distraught

your words mesmerize me like the reflecting light of your necklace
Stara Jan 24
Used to your pattern
Yet I still drown in the pain
Re-finding my strength
The strength to love you, and to walk away.
H Phone Jan 22
“Oh, you’re baking a cake?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally leave the cake in the oven too long and burn it.

“Oh, you’re painting a banner?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally knock over a can of paint and make a mess.

“Oh, you’re moving some stuff?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally drop a box of fragile things and break them.

“Oh, you’re struggling with something?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally say the wrong things and make you feel worse.

“Oh, you’re struggling with something again…?
I would help with that, but…”
I say as I try my best to help anyway.

Maybe I can’t always help, but I can always try.
Sheneka Dec 2017
“You’re eating, again?”
The question stings like a honeybee’s kiss
I smile dryly as I nibble at my plate
You have moved on now
But I don't hear you
“You’re eating, again?”
These words intricately constructs heavy vines
encircling the delicate hand that once held my fork
I smile harder as three words prickles my body
Fabricating a paralyzing smog in my skull
The food becomes unpalatable and my mouth parches
“You’re eating, again?”
I rise and then I watch
"You’re eating, again?”
get flushed in a porcelain bowl
And I feel the familiar swell behind my eyes
And I weep
I weep because I ate again
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