Silverflame Jul 17

i scraped my knees in the
realms of time
i don't know where to hide
under the willow tree
to find and harvest
the new moon
a cracked ceiling blinks
with long lashes
my long lost friend is
still ice cold
it is not yet spring

greet my reflection if
i go too long
without smiling

a transparent person
it looks a lot like

I turn my weird dreams into weird poetry.
neko-nae Jul 6

it hurts
and I chew my lips
until they’re gone,

though that’s what
lipstick is for,

to press to your
collarbone and hope
it’s enough,

am I ever enough–

this dull pounding in my chest,
gets heavier, harder
so I reach out to you

I hope the demons
will accept me,
allow the gifts I bring
to reside deep within
your chest, like the bones
of your ribcage
but they blanket my words,
reduce my efforts to cinders

like the day she left me
all alone,

always alone–



Depression is a demon best fought with heart.
Tina Jul 5

Behold! My sorrow storms straight through daylight.
And not on the last stroke of midnight, when demons sleep.
To entangle me with its invisible ropes, ropes tugging me tight.
Twisted, Swooned, crushed, haemorrhaging deep.

Labyrinth of shame, heralding my doom, looming ever close.
Earning waste with each second more, till sudden salvation.
That scarce shall cast upon my dim verse hugely verbose.
Inside this too stagnant a mind flows nothing but indignation.

Malaise made manifest with the profusrness of a poet's pain,
Entitled as imbalanced brain, a fresh sign of insanity.
Idle hours thrown away like confetti and time spent in vain
Narrow words written by young hands but a spirit of mundanity.

Morbid fascinations of mine with this lack of hope.
End so soon as I leave this world, unable to cope.

Maria Imran Jul 3

I am writing stories about you. And poems. Lots and lots of poems.
I am filling words with fantastical versions of love so people won't see how broken I am.
My characters dance.
Their laughter echoes throughout the book.
But here, look at my heart:
One big wound; blistering blood.


struggles occur,
often I'll juggle many
in attempt to avoid them
and pretend I'm empty;
nothing can hurt me!
but eventually I mess up
and break the tossing.
One struggle breaks
right after the other,
and in the end
I usually feel much better.

Nothing is as bad as it seems, just lay it all out in front of you. You can get through anything.

Broken apart
Year after year
Struggling to cope
Fear of the tears
Hiding my emotions
Lost in this mind

Time goes by
So fast
Never do we realize
Its now become the past

Deeper and deeper
My heart does now sink
Torn down
Piece after piece

Memories gone
Never to reappear
Damaged goods
And forgotten

Until you realize
The fear is only
In your brain
Maybe then you can
Its okay to breathe

Go ahead
Its worth a shot
Believe that
Your worth it

Take those emotions and feel them to the max.

Nothing last forever
If you believe it
Make an effort

Before long
Like a second nature

Struggling to cope
Alyssa Lynn Apr 26

How many of us have died
Trying to make more out of our lives?
How many of us slice open our skin,
Dying to love, to feel?

We jump from planes to laugh and smile...
What if instead our company stayed
For just a little while?

We are DYING to live,
And I do mean dying.
Our souls, locked away,
Batter our ribs and our hearts trying to escape.

I want to write,
I want to laugh, and sing, and draw,
I want to make lasting friendships
And give life my all.

Like so many others,
I am dying to live,
Dying to survive.

Because sometimes I feel trapped within myself.

A broken mirror gives the wrong reflection
But you managed to hide your cracks from the world
I can still see them, seeping with lies

Corrupted with the guilt of knowing
That you could see yourself what you were doing

Destruction of happiness
A hollow body with a soul that had died
You were at the threshold, made it slower, more painful

I couldn't bare it any longer
I was suffering silently
You were watching me with a smile on your face

You could see I was hurting
Pretending you cared
But laughed when I finally gave up

Everyone loves you
But they don't see who you really are
A broken mirror, pretending to be perfect

~Several years of bad luck~
Devin Ortiz Apr 18

I need a little help
I took a little break
See I have to work, work, work!
Otherwise I'll be a lazy good for nothing!
Its ALL work and then SOME play.
But if its SOME work then surely its NOTHING at all.

Words, word, words!
I can think them just fine,
Some days I'll even speak them quietly, to myself.
But here lies the problem, I lose them in translation.

I am thinking, I am thinking
Such a good line, such a clever prose.
Open the pad and notebooks and not a word goes!
I am thinking, I am thinking
Such a good line, such a clever prose.
Open my mouth and its out the window!

I want my words back,
I want to write,
I want to write poetry
I want to just empty my mind
I want to leave out all the words
I want to be satisfied with these little things.

This was a start, I am sure it helped.
It had to.

Rebel Heart Apr 14

Well I'm crashing, barely breathing
The feeling I've lost all control
On the driver's seat, but who's driving?
I'm sitting slowly losing my soul

You told me it would get better
Told me to give it some time.
Is it time enough now though,
Now that I'm bleeding out in rhyme

Flipping over and over again
While broken shards of memories lost
Burn through my bleeding brain.

Crashing and turning over again
While sounds of sirens drown me out
Driving me insane

Yet the impossible promises never stop
"You're going to be okay"
I'm gasping and drowning for air
While you're begging me to stay

So close to the end
And I never felt more alive
I just took a shortcut out
Of this never-ending drive

" a major accident..."
And the voices are drowned out by chimes
Because the only mistake I ever made
Was struggling to live all this time

So what's so bad about that?
I'l never see the finish line
But there was nothing waiting for me there anyway
Except a simple "dead end" sign

A poem I dug up from about a year ago but still gets my feelings right today
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