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Ander Stone Apr 11
it comes and
one way or
from high to

Life tests you in ways unimaginable
to one whom has never lived
outside the palace of shimmering glass,
unclothed in mist-soft silks,
unwarmed by gourmet delights.


those highs and lows
of life.

to all but they whom have struggled
to find warmth,
to quench thirst,
to fill heart and belly.

aha Mar 5
I tell my friends on the first day
she's the first person
to ask me out
and I tell my friends
everything about her
(I've always been bad at managing expectations)

[we met at my job.
she thought I was ten years older than I am. I thought
she was three years older]

and a week later when she tells me she isn't ready for a relationship, I will tell her I'm not either
(I've always been a liar)

"who is, really?" she asks, relieved
I don't know how to answer that
(I've always been a *******)
every day is a gift and by gift I mean it's a jack 'n the box that I keep winding and getting jumpscared by
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2023
The first thought emerging in morning mind:
"World blind to suffering"
Is winding road going where I desire?
Question I'm reluctantly uttering
It's hard not to wake up on the wrong side of the bed when the world is such a terrible place these days
Anon Mar 2023
I can feel them.
Banging! On the big steel wall.
Their sounds are muffled never quite taking shape.

I press my ear right up close
to see if I can    just.        get.         one.
One little breakthrough and I know it will break the dam.

My frustration is building,
because I have these ideas,
but that means nothing,
when I can’t get them down.

Words don’t fit together right.
Or translate the way that I’d like.
There’s this massive block within my mind.
I wish I could just make it say goodbye.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2023
Life is no charming fairytale
Even on easiest days
Most blessed person you know
Has demons to keep at bay
There's no such thing as perfect
Beauty eventually will all decay
The only hope we have is to hang on
Find happiness within the disarray
And there is no such thing as happily ever after
Rosa Nov 2022
I keep rotten food underneath my bed
Maybe it’s because my head tells me i’ll be better off dead
That underneath the ground there i’ll lay
Rotting like all of those flowers
Soon to decay
Flint and flight:                                             Flinta och flyta:
Nature curls, open:                                      Naturen lockas, öppnas:
Unwinding.                                          ­         Nystas av.

We walk, not straight, lined                         Vi går, ej rakt, fram
In slow curves,                                              I långsamma kurvor,
A met horizon.                                             En mötande horisont.

Breath, in flumes,                                        Andetag,  i rännor,
Breath invisible,                                          Osynlig andedräkt,
Warmth freezes winter.                              Värmen fryser vintern.

All roots and branches                                  Alla rötter och grenar
Striving to hold up:                                      Strävar att hålla upp:
falling sky.                                                   fallande himmel.
B Oct 2021
School was easy
I was good at school
I liked school
I liked learning
School was easy
Reading was easy
Writing was easy
I love reading and writing
I read at a college level in 4th grade Distractions were easy
They were everywhere
They talked to me all the time
I spent most of middle and high school
Spending time with them
College was hard
I don't know how to study
I don't know how to put school first
I don't know how to say no
I don't know what happened
School is hard
I'm not good at school
I no longer love school
College killed my love of learning
I pay to be unhappy
And I will pay for years to come
Jane Sep 2021
What is Perfect?

Hitting the 1800.
Remaining between the 400-600.
Using the 1/2 and the 1/4.
Because I will never be 1/1, fully complete.

What will define me? What can define my worthy?
In guarantee, undoubtedly.
Like an object, priced and tagged with money.
Value through digits, simple, observable.

How can someone know if art is worthy of display?
All beauty needs an audience.
Beauty in solitude, is wasted potential.
All beauty, needs, an audience.
How else can you differentiate average, from a masterpiece?

I want to be a masterpiece.
Perfect for every eye.

My eyes see perfect too.
In 1/4, in a 1/2, in a 1800.
In the symmetry of the X, and the curve of the S.
I am eXtra Small.
I am a 53.

Numbers are simple, precise and perfect.
They aren't beautiful, they simply are.
Beauty is abstract, it's grey.
I don't like grey, it's uncertain, unsure.

Grey has room for error.
Grey can't be controlled.

I don't have room for error.
I can only control.

I want to be undeniable.

Perfection, over all else.
GQ James Sep 2021
Im tryna survive in these streets,
It's funny when you look around,
And realize all you got is yourself,
Nobody around to help,
Makes you think about your life,
My life doesn't feel worth living anymore,
It keeps getting worse not better.

I feel like leaving and not returning,
There's nothing anyone can say or do,
I can't deal wit all this,
Too much coming at me at once,
It's not slowing down,
It keeps coming that sh*t speeding up.

Y'all keep trying to have faith,
But how can you have faith at this point?
I have nothing to have faith in,
Can't tell someone something,
If you're not in their shoes,
Everyone's struggle isn't the same,
Y'all don't know what i go through,
Don't even what i suffer with mentally.

My life ain't your life,
Your pain isn't my pain,
What you go through and what i go through,
Ain't the same thing,
Something has to change,
If not i don't know what I'm going to do,
I'm at my breaking point.
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