Jack P Apr 5
more than a few shattered bulbs
for the muse with the bloodied face
and broken nose.

at the end of the rope
i am merry, masochistically, asking him
"spare an original thought?"

and he can
but as soon as he agrees to let me use it
it evaporates

so i go back to punching holes through the drawing board.
why am i so middling at this oh my GOOOODDDDD hope you're all well
LinaM Mar 27
Their stares, so cold
I hide my self
they don't notice my forgetfulness
I can't stand small spaces
but this is even worse
Empty, cold, and large
My heart on my sleeve
I reach out
Struggling to fill the space
Trying to speak back
I know they're talking to me
But I can never speak back
Why can't I ever fill this space
With the proper furniture of words
I tend to space out alot and its becoming a problem so I tryed to sum my feeling up in this poem.
How long have you been struggling,
with the thoughts and theorems caged inside?
How obtuse the sudden angles
knifing us one stab at a time.
When the equation hangs unbalanced,
we look to correct the path behind
When the choice is always present,
to multiply or to divide.
AS- Mar 6
The path to happiness is a lonely journey,

a constant struggle,

a battle with himself,

every single minute of the day,

he fights his thoughts,

he goes to war with his desires,

he strives and toiles,

constantly beating down his own soul,

until one day he achieves control over himself,

such discipline that the devil whispers and the man laughs in his face,

you cannot touch me now!

you are weak and I am strong!

I have overcome myself so I can overcome you!

I have overcome the strongest of desires!

Of food and drink and sex,

so who are you?

Pitiful devil.

No control can you obtain over me now.
Never give up
I did not know what actions had taken place
I went home with a smile on my face
I laid in bed that night with a little voice in my head
Scared with the taunting question, “was I raped?”

I buried the voice with self-deprecating humor
It’s a running joke that he just used the tip.
I take part while people poke fun at how I “lost” my virginity
But through all the laughter,
I still hear her
And I felt empty.

We went out a week later.
On my birthday.
He wanted to have sex again, but I was on my period.
My saving grace.
He seemed offended and threw his hands off me
“That’s something the girl usually tells the guy”
After persuading me to blow him he said we didn’t always have to do sex stuff.
After this, she screamed
And I felt empty.
My ship it lies motionless,
nestled in the dunes.
I'm very far away from home,
and I can't find the moon.

I creak and wobble left and right
as I sail among the sand.
Windy gusts will raise the grains
yet carry me throughout this land.

The little boat then takes a turn,
toward a watery reprise.
Struggling the yellow stone,
The boat finds only lies.

As I sail into the night,
my ship it lies motionless,
nestled in the dunes
julianna Feb 26
I am bothered when others are
confident and proud
because their mouths speak way too loud
they have a good relationship with their brain
while I am struggling to be sane
do you think you could quiet down?
everything is so out-loud!
You speak so much
that you don't hear
the constant ringing in my ears.
Nylee Feb 25
The most basic things
the more struggling
for me.

Never quite followed
what was told and
what they mean.

my thoughts lost
on the words used most
to describe it.

Severe to trivial
in all too minimal

my imagination thrown
as the theories storm

their jiggle, all that pertains
half baked explanation
all sink.

no conviction on my part
I am still at the start
Scarlett Feb 24
lost boy where do you go
when the sun is hiding
lost boy
you say your'e alone
but you aren't willing to let your fear go
lost boy
i hope you know that i will be here
and won't let go
lost boy
i see the black crow
latched onto your weakened soul
lost boy
that crow he tells you so
that if you go no one will know
lost boy
i hate that crow
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