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Broken Pieces Apr 13
It’s this never ending cycle.
I can’t carry this anymore,
It’s so hard to hold everyone’s problems.
You want me to be okay? Sure,
But on the inside it’s so easy to see my hurt.

I’m so tired of trying to be okay,
I feel like I’m falling or maybe just shutting down.
I’m here but my soul is drifting away,
This pain is weighing me down.

People take pieces from me,
I just want to be whole again.
Sure leave set yourself free,
It’s not like I’m used to people staying.

If you really are done thanks for letting me know,
I know it’ll **** but I’ll be fine.
I’ll feel things without letting them show,
It’s this never ending cycle that repeats.
Levita Mar 22
I have faith enough for we two,
I have strength enough to get us through,
I have the will to persevere for the both,
I can't carry enough love for both.
Arya Night Mar 10
Smile. Laugh. Repeat.
Smile. Laugh. Repeat.

You know you’re supposed to be happy
Supposed to be happy

Smile. Laugh. Repeat.
Smile. Laugh. Repeat.

Never let them see.
Chris Feb 22
Working and pregnant?
No time off

Graduated from college?
4 years; no job

Born into a poor family?
Invest in real estate

Paid minimum wage?
Work harder.

Sick in need of meds?
Only costs $750

Born a minority?
Stop being lazy

For these reasons and more
We hope you enjoy your stay
In the USA.
Capitalism is broken.

If you don't agree with that after reading this poem, feel free to DM me and I'll see if I can show you more reasons as to why Capitalism is flawed.

Have a wonderful day, stay safe, and fight the machine.
its so much easier to climb
into bed and pull the blanket up
past the legs that held you up all day
and over your head that's so stubborn
where all your dark shadows live

crawl back into a hole
where you can wrap yourself
in the blanket that weighs to much
to move even the slightest to get out
and walk three steps to the fridge

so the blanket gets bigger
and your body gets smaller
till there is nothing

but a blanket
                   for someone else
i've been under the blanket for so long that my body holds only the weight of the blanket i thought to be so safe

there are mistakes but nothing is ever perfect :)
T J Green Jan 27
I sip my tea
And hope to drift
Far out to sea
In dreams of calm
And gentle oceans.
Rocking in the waves.

A soft warm breeze
To comfort me
‘Neath clear night skies,
And pale moon light
To keep me safe,
From all my fears.
Cleanse out my spite.

I pray please let me sleep.

The whispers of my anxious thoughts
Creep through the dark
To pester,
To haunt.
They infect my dreams
To force me awake
When nothing more
Than peace is all I pray.

So help me.
I need to rest,
The burden buried deep
In my chest
And none can help me
Be free of it,
If I can’t name the evil within.

So I beg of thee
My darker self,
Let me fall to dreamless sleep.
And then when I
Start to rise
You may continue torture,
With all your might.
But until such time,
As a long rest achieved,
I banish thee.

Just let me sleep.
She touched me. In something so indifferent to maternity,
an inhumane humanity drying me of innocence.
She took my body, now a stranger of skin, and made it
a mess of cells that collide in agony.
Broken, may I say, but a break that'll never heal.
Fingers I can't quite comprehend, lacking dignity wholly.
I hate her. I hate how I still feel her hands on me sometimes,
an immortal grasp at my pride. I hate her.
jon Dec 2020
I cannot seem to think on my own.
People think for me and I feel alone.
But without them I would not be around.
I hear a voice in the background.
I say background but do I mean it?
I don't, its probably just another memory slip.
Wait, I do mean it.
But instead, it's all in my head.
My best friend is my bed.
I gotta get in the booth and get emotions recorded.

Everything is distorted.
Things start to move.
I become someone else.
A new person. A new identity.
New everything.  
The whole works. I wish i was dead.
They tell me it's in my head.
I'm gonna survive. I know it look like I'm being lazy.
I promise I'm trying, my head is crazy.
I know I'm not but they don't.
And I know they won't.
When episodes occur,
I just lay in bed,
Still staying in my head.
I do nothing but pick it back up.
Whether it be crystal or my double cup.
My person calls this
Type of cycle insanity.
I love her, my family, she is all I have.
Without the love,
I would be gone.
Without the love,
There would be no me.
I need her just as much
As she needs me.
Without the love,
I do not thrive.
Without the love,
I will not survive.
Without the love,
You can push and shove
And not get anywhere.
I'm so lost in my head,
I don't even know my own way out.
I only know the way to my bed.
Momma knows best as I lay my head to rest.
Leah Carr Dec 2020
I've given up
I've given in
I'm sorry I couldn't bear
the weight of my sin
I can't cope anymore
In this terrible place
Let me into the Heavens
Let me see your face
Take away my pain
Let me feel your love
Because love to me now
Is just a fantasy from above
Show me your side
And the holes in your hands
And maybe then I'll believe
That you too suffered in this land
Let me know what safety feels like
Hold me tight in your arms
Tell me I'm your child
And protect me from harm
Hear my words
Hear my prayers
Saying Dad I'm so sorry
Please say you still care
I don't say it as much
As I know that I should
But Dad I do love you
I just can't do as much
As I thought I could
Because I'm just a child
I'm your precious daughter
And as much as I've tried
I know
I can't fight for much longer
This is written to God, my heavenly father.
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