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Lynnia 16h
Please listen to me now
Can’t you try to hear?
Instead you just block out my sound
Stick your fingers in your ears
Singing, “la la la”
While I crescendo to a shout
In your head I’m just a whisper
In my ears I’m screaming out
Begging please, please, spare a moment
And perhaps I waste my breath
All I wanted was attention
Not to fight you to the death
So listen to my voice
And maybe you might see
Beneath the smile and poise,
The person that is me.
c Oct 3
Every night
An hour before the sun is set
I run.

Always the same path,
Gravel beneath my feet
And dust flying in my wake.
Until I’m breathless.
Because I know
When I’m gasping for air
That I can’t scream your name.

I want to yell it to the world
And over
Until even the wind
Can shout it back.

You see, I think
Maybe if I yell
Enough times,
I’ll stop.

But instead of wasting
My lungs
On your name
I catch my breath
And run back home.
The moat where we keep watery fowl
afloat feeding them cracked corn
scattered from our parapets.
Repaired the dry rot in the gate, got the
drawbridge working, again…it rusts.
There is dust, makes us sneeze.
Stumble over stones, look at masons
askance.  Threaten grain withholding
(hint:  barley) unless they
make ‘em flush.
How fun to keep
the keep
Always interested in  concept of time travel and having to tackle situations with modern skill set.  Never turns out well.
aj kamaria Jul 20
life full of meaning
when your name enters my mind.
screen of black lit up with your simple calling,
a token of your thinking of me.
smile spreads across
and stomach becomes uneasy...
i want to shout;
shout it to the world
this gut feeling.
it whispers to me:
"you love him.
you're in love with him.
tell him. tell him and he's yours."
only i can't say anything.
it's simply not my place to.
one of the hardest thing is loving someone you can't be with...
Aa Harvey Jun 15
The Big Finale

I spit my lyrics out loud,
To make them hear it so shout:

I wrote this simply for you
So you could all sing it too:

I made it easy to sing,
So just sing along with me:

I wrote this song for you all,
For each of you I adore

I had to write you these words,
And say thanks for letting me hear the

I want you to seize the day
And go and do it your way

So give yourselves an applause
And let me say thank you for your

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Glory May 25
Does anyone else ever feel like
No matter how loud you scream
It seems that no one speaks the same language.

You spend countless days
Pent up in a contained part of your mind
Careful not to let any light in

Hoping someone will listen to your cries
But not quite ready to share your pain

You hope that someone will just look at you and know
Because talking is so hard
Words become slurred
Your eyes will fill with tears
Just from the anxiety of thinking
"Where do I begin?'
"How much do I reveal?"

Don't you just feel like rolling over
And fading out of the stitch of the universe
It would be so much easier
"Don't think." You whisper.
"Just keep still your breath, and go to sleep."
alexa May 11
I FREAKING LOVE POETRY. i don't care that the boys snicker about me behind my back because i was writing verses on the top of my math binder. i don't care that my friends call me overdramatic for it, don't care that everyone forgets to support my endeavors until it concerns them don't care don't care don't care

2. LOVING YOURSELF DOES NOT MAKE YOU SELFISH. my love, it's necessary. it's okay to look in the mirror and think you're pretty. it's okay to put on makeup because you like the way it looks, or wear nothing on your face at all. it's okay to wear a dress because you know it's your crush's favorite color, but it's also okay to dress up for yourself. wear what you want, do what you want. **** **** up.

3. SHOOT YOUR SHOT 2018. go for it. go for him, go for her. take a risk. the worst thing they can say is no! and if they say no, you get the next best thing... closure and the ability to move on! release your fears like a truckload of bricks and let yourself learn to love.

4. YOU ARE TRYING YOUR BEST. YOU, YES YOU. life is freaking hard. it will kick your ***. but the question you need to ask yourself is will you get back up? there are dark days. i won't deny it, there are days when the rain won't stop pouring and you'll be drowning in it. but then, one day, the rain will cease and the sun will shine again. it may seem like a stretch, but one day.... i promise.

5. EVERYONE, LET ME LIVE MY LIFE. if i want to be a writer, let me. an engineer? that, too. take the classes i want? yep. hang out with the people i want to be surrounded with? definitely. don't judge my choices and compare them to your own, there's a reason i made that decision and not you. mind your own business, if it concerns you, i will consult you.
not exactly a poem but...some reminders about life and general and things everyone should understand. life can ****, but you can't deny the beauty in the little bits of joy.
alexa Apr 29
what i would give
to see what you're listening to,
to know if you hide behind your music like i do,
let the lyrics shout the words
you are too afraid to whisper.
you are even more beautiful than the art you create
An asset she is for this you see
In those big brown eyes
Her dreams reveal
Her destiny unique
This I know you feel so
To you I plead
Be her voice until she is
Shout it out that which she is
So she knows she can be
As colorful as she dreams.

With all our fibre and being
Shout it out
An Asset she is!!!
So she is strong to
That which she dreams and thinks

©Belema .S. Ekine
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