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I hear you like I'm near you,
On your soapbox full of rage
As you fill your need to shout a little more
Voices on voices upon voices
Who need to voice what they feel is right.
Filled in a sea of people who you feel are wrong.
You try to believe the good in every man.
Especially this man.

You don't have to tell me twice
I gave my nimble secrets to that talkative man
Paying my way for this one way ticket
To the next thing that will save us.
However I was left with empty hands
Nothing to show but these lessons made from fools gold
It's hard to change this march of time.

Your eyes say it all

You don't need to speak

They say every word

Their meaning so deep

So cold as ice

Yet they glow with fire

They show determination

And desire

Your eyes yell and shout

Speak so loud

They are so vibrant  

Yet you are silent.

Silent yet powerful
I've always been the odd one out
Luna Lovegood stole my heart
This is my odd ball shout out
shout out to all my odd *****
Laiba Aug 21
I wanted to shout  
I wanted to scream
Daddy STOP it hurts
But all i could do Is lay in scilence
While you ripped me layer by layer
I wasn't scared to fight, I was scared to lose.
I wasn't scared to shout, I was scared to be misunderstood.
I didn't move out to put an end,
I moved out to give you some space.
But you want what I didn't, so in your life now there is none of my trace.
In the world full of fake
I have you in my fate
Who surrounds me in my bad
The one by my side I always had
You are my smile you are my pain
You caught me when my eyes rain
You are with me unconditionally
Either I shout or I cry
You loved me...
I don't know why
U make my life special
Nd u r my only treasure
Mothers always stand by, no matter what...
Lupus- May 31
My thoughts drown me out
Unable to ask for help or shout
The bad haunting my head
On my fears it's what it fed

It's all flowing down no way to stop
With misery and sorrow in every drop
My vision no longer clear
Blurred out by what I fear

All these emotions whirling inside
Tired of having to hide
So they get out all at once
With all its mighty force

When destroying everything in its way
Nothing peaceful can stay
There's no end, there's no control
For my feelings bursting out along with my soul

Unable to breathe I guess I forgot how
Confused on what to do now
I just lay there motionless
Tired and hopeless

Making an effort to speak, but can't understand a word
My gasping is the only thing heard
I'm breaking down, nothing is functioning
Except for my eyes only capable of crying

I was living a dark nightmare
Monsters coming to life without a care
I'm left weak hearing all these voices
Unable to make other choices

It was terrifying feeling all alone
In this fearsome and menacing zone
An endless pain I don't want to come back
For I fear I won't have enough strength to counter the attack
...mental breakdown...
It doesn't feel what's real or unreal
once you lose the control of your breath,
It seems heavier everything inside
and no one to understand what it feels like,  
It's the real mess!
Just someone immersing you with its ******.
and you can't shout or speak out,
all you do is stare but no one look out
when you are trying to breathe,
but inside you are dead.
I wrote this at 3:09 AM. I love writing at night and that's when I feel more me and less the other me which I'm not. I feel peace within me. I had rough days where dark used to feel scary, now I'm loving night.
Iggy Chuck Jan 30
Despite the infinity of stars
in these nights skies,
the ones that I want to see 
are those of your eyes

And even though you're not here,
every beat of my heart bears your name,
every wish whispered to the moon involves you

I want to shout to the world 
how much I love you
until I lose my breath, 
until my sanity is questioned

And if that's madness,
I’m not afraid to say
I’m madly in love with you.
I got the news this morning
Not the way to start the day
Another friend had fallen
I now grieve for Johnny Ray

I can not hide my feelings
I'm not sure how to feel
I wait for him to phone me
This just does not feel real

Let's celebrate his life though
Not with prayer, let's sing and yell
We know that he will hear us
Up in heaven raising hell

When you lose a loved one
There's things they say to do
But, ***** that, let's get rowdy
Let's do something loud and new

Remember them through music
Do it loud so they can hear
Sing, shout, be vocal
They're gone but they're still near

Tonight we will remember
On the stage we'll sing and yell
So Johnny Ray can hear us
Up in heaven raising hell
Yep, Johnny will sure hear us
Up in heaven raising hell
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