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I get tired smiling
Facing them beaming
Acting like a ray of the sun
Feeling like the tear of the clouds

Just wanna burst in tears
Just wanna shout my fears
But they need my beaming smile
And not my crying eyes
Arden Dec 2018
Dear heteronormative cis people who get made when we come out,

I know this is a hard concept for you to grasp but
it is about you!

We do not come out for you
We do not come out
For the one's who hate us

We shout and make as much noise
As possible just so
Other people like us who are
Scared and cannot be themselves
Would know that they
Sage Dec 2018
You were the safety in my voice
Letting me shout on the rooftops
So when you left
I can no longer trust words

You were a safetynet
Catching me before I fell
So when you left
I collapse on myself

How safe I was in your arms
You were an air around me
So when you left
And now the world around me is so empty
Latifah Dec 2018
The screaming
The shouts
My heart’s bruising
The sword-like words
Like a scolded little kid
I run to the corner
Cover my ears
Pretend I don’t hear
At the cats i stare
“Can they feel my pain”, i wonder.
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
Bleach my heart,
my eyes and my mouth.
Strangle love out of me
till I scream and shout.
Let my skin turn red,
purple and blue.
Feed me till I drop dead
with an apple from Peru.
Scream at me, scream!
Let there be steam
coming out of your ears
to awaken my fears.
Hold me tight and whisper
till your lips gets blisters.
Beat me ******
roar loud.
Show me that your proud
of the hot heavy tears
that stream down my face.
They are just for you
and don't bring me a tissue.
Pyrrha Oct 2018
I want to shout into the emptiness
So that I can fill it with something
That defies its quiet chaos
Lynnia Oct 2018
Please listen to me now
Can’t you try to hear?
Instead you just block out my sound
Stick your fingers in your ears
Singing, “la la la”
While I crescendo to a shout
In your head I’m just a whisper
In my ears I’m screaming out
Begging please, please, spare a moment
And perhaps I waste my breath
All I wanted was attention
Not to fight you to the death
So listen to my voice
And maybe you might see
Beneath the smile and poise,
The person that is me.
c Oct 2018
Every night
An hour before the sun is set
I run.

Always the same path,
Gravel beneath my feet
And dust flying in my wake.
Until I’m breathless.
Because I know
When I’m gasping for air
That I can’t scream your name.

I want to yell it to the world
And over
Until even the wind
Can shout it back.

You see, I think
Maybe if I yell
Enough times,
I’ll stop.

But instead of wasting
My lungs
On your name
I catch my breath
And run back home.
D Lowell Wilder Sep 2018
The moat where we keep watery fowl
afloat feeding them cracked corn
scattered from our parapets.
Repaired the dry rot in the gate, got the
drawbridge working, again…it rusts.
There is dust, makes us sneeze.
Stumble over stones, look at masons
askance.  Threaten grain withholding
(hint:  barley) unless they
make ‘em flush.
How fun to keep
the keep
Always interested in  concept of time travel and having to tackle situations with modern skill set.  Never turns out well.
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