My parents didn't want me.
My peers couldn't stand me.
I didn't give a fuck
About School.
So, I thought that Dope was the answer.
I came to Denver,
But no one would hire me,
And I couldn't afford the Rent.
I started pick-pocketing from Tourists
To afford the Dope I was smoking
While I was living on the Streets.
One day,
I made a mistake.
I tried to steel a wallet from the back pocket
Of a big, muscular Mexican Dude.
I didn't really think of it
As poor judgement.
I just needed the Dope.
He pounded my face into the pavement
And smashed my skull into the concrete
As his horrified girlfriend screamed.
The Paramedics took me to Denver Health
Where I was diagnosed with a fractured skull.
I was taken into Surgery
And stayed in the Hospital for Four Months.
I was finally let out in a wheelchair
And was given a subsidized apartment.
Little by little,
I'm learning to walk again,
And I got a job at Wendy's,
But I don't think I'll
Dabble in Dope
Any more.

Paul Jones May 2

The dark of the sky      drifting over me;
heavy with feeling,      lightness of being.

21:45 - 02/05/17
Josh Jul 13

I came, or was thrust
Into the world
A half formed thing
I have limped through life
The waters of the universe
Slip through my fingers
I cannot cup my left hand
To catch the falling stars
Nor have I, all my brain
With which to comprehend
The nothing, that is our existence
I have existed, set back
Striving, for chances
To be, the same
I have thrown away
Gold gilt books, of wisdom
And sweet fruits of life
To follow others, to rot
And ruination, to be in company
To feel normal, and be not alone

Hailey G Jun 19

Stay in bed ma'u'ven,
Let me hold you in these sheets.
Allow your mind to drift away.
My arms will keep the morning at bay
and offer a small peace to the toils
occurring in your chest,
A hum, a touch, a second of bliss
will mark my attempt to fill a void
residing in the pocket of your lungs,
and in the buzz of our tongues.

went a bit nerd, ma'u'ven is Elvhen for "My star"

I heard my own voice
In the music of Esma Redsepova,
"Queen of the Gypsies".
The Sorrow,
The Hopelessness,
The Aimlessness
The Grief.
We put on our backpacks here in Denver,
But we don't know where we're going?
If I am a European,
I am also among
"The Trash".

This poem was influenced by listening to the CD, Mon Hisoire (My Story)  by Esma Redžepova, "Queen of the Gypsies" along with Titi Robin before going to sleep last night

Theres a saying that goes, "once you've made your bed, lay in it."
I supposed I've made my bed,
My choices were the mattress,
My dark desires were the sheets,
My secrets were the pillows I slept on,
My thoughts covered me like my blanket.
Frankly my bed was better left alone,
It was better before you climbed in,
The sheets ruffled,
The blanket pulled back,
The mattress bowing in beside me.
I could hear the crumple of the pillow as you rest your head upon my secrets and covered yourself in my thoughts.
You took my dark desires and made yourself apart of them.
I allowed you to come into my bed
I guess that's why my mattress
Is so heavy.
You were the riskiest choice I had made and you piled on,
Sank into a dark desire,
Became hidden away in the pillow you occupied,
Covering me like the
You once provided.
You became the bed I slept in,
Rolled upon,
Never let me leave.
Why I had spent so long amongst the bed you helped make always made me wonder why.
Your scent was a permanent fixture,
An added amusement to my suffering.

Thank you for the company that's burned into me.

Inside your temple
The Angels resound
With sounds from the Heavens
Drifting around

Tried a variety of 2nd stanzas here but in the end, nothing came close to what I was looking for. I'll just let this stand on its own. Ah, brevity.
nelsya namira Apr 16

one of them drifted
leaving hearts wounded
some heals
some others never stay the same

the next one built
a new town
paving path
to a new home

third's a charm
he managed to glow
and growing pain
into flowers

the other one picked
a different road
and he killed his old self
to become a butterfly

and the last one's on his way
slowing the ride down
becoming a man of his own
while staying on his roots

Jenna Erwin Apr 10

I once knew a girl that was my sister by choice
But not by blood
We were always together since the age of 5
But things change and people grow up
New opportunities arise for one to strive
But the other feels left behind
I saw her start to drift away
Right before my eyes
Leaving a hole in my heart
Leaving my life completely

The world is still and
The flutter of wings
In my stomach
Has hushed
And I can see
You drifting
Before I've felt
Your touch.
Never have I
Known a soul
That mirrored mine
So much.

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