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Sutherland Oct 10
Here I stand on the shore,
slowly drifting into its endless

If my path be nirvana,
and you, the

Then lay waste to the shore,
and let reality be,
Shane Rowe Oct 6
you haven’t been sleeping enough,
I see your eyes flickering in the dark
the bed has been nothing but rough
the visions of her won't stop

the stars have dimmed you say,
replaced with a deafening gray
a sorrowful sight it was

wishful that the ocean will calm for you,
but the storm is pushing through,
it’s deep and there’s nowhere to go,
an armada of emotions sinking painfully slow

no one to turn to
her words cloud the sea
never again become blue
how will you flee?

the waves does not allow you to sail through
no lull in the night
a squall behind you
a searing pain
Kit Scott Sep 14
They say I should settle down
find myself a woman and have some kids
they wonder if the girl I saved
will be the one to tempt me with her kiss

They tell me to find a house
to stop my endless wandering
they tell me to stop drifting
it's my life I'm squandering

They claim the evil is gone
there's no need for me to fight
that I've won the war
for the side of light

They whisper that it's over now
and that I've lost my mind
running away from my home
going looking for fights

But I have a home no longer
no house to call my own
the war is over now
the king back on his throne

And so I, the weary hero
have no place any more
and so I will drift, listless
till they call me for the next war
There is adrenaline in my veins, but I am far too tired.
nishta Sep 8
drifting apart
like two sheets of ice
my love.
isn't it lovely?
what once was mine
is now not.
is it me?
am i the problem?
am i ever going to not be
i'm drowning.
i'm drowning and i can't see the light
that once was so bright.
i'm blinded by darkness
yet my eyes are open wide.
when did i become so bitter?
so jaded?
facing problems i've never faced before
has made me weary.
she is forgetting
me, our memories, everything.
i want to flee.
from this town, from this world
from life.
isn't it lovely?
what once was mine
is now not.
i've been struggling. i've never had a friend problem where i actually want to hold on to it. but its just not working out. this growing dislike towards her just keeps growing each day. i'm not depressed though this feeling of betrayal from friends, this feeling of drifting apart from someone i once thought was dear... it's..hard. and the worst part is she doesn't care. And now i don't too.
We're still drifting
Headed towards oblivion
Feeling the effects of our past regrets, but not saying nothing
Would love to start over again but its so hard to repair broken things
If we stare at it long enough maybe it'll fix itself magically
but we're in a space of darkness and silence, all it'll take is for someone to speak
and I have said all that I could, spoke so much that it got hard to breathe
So I'm suspended, floating, roaming 'round on my own and I feel you searching to find but there's nobody here with me
Just me, myself and I getting on with life, with a weak reception in telepathy
Traveling through the astral realm, I could've swore that was you in my dreams
Still, there was nothing but silence as I felt your thighs and hips as we made love so passionately
but even in the act I knew I'd have to wake up eventually
So we're still in this dark and silent ocean, wondering and assuming but not saying one thing...
I guess its what happens when you let go of attachments, and stop trying to control and just let the universe speak
And even though it's so silent, I can still hear because I feel everything
rob kistner Aug 25

thoughts drift by gently
my mood is mellow this day
I linger at peace

dreaming in the spring breezes
that lift my spirit aloft


rob kistner © 2018
A spring afternoon daydream.
Jack L Martin Aug 23
Here I am
Where am I?
I stare at you
You stare at me

I see you speak
But hear nothing
My mind wanders
I hear some words

Birds are chirping
Why am I hungry?
I just ate lunch
Is the Earth calling me?

Phones are ringing
Tweets are tweeting
Are you ok?
Are you paying attention?

I nod my head
But heard nothing
You look apeased
My goal is accomplished
Mary Frances Aug 14
You are drifting further and further away from me
And I don't know if I'll stay or leave you be
I feel like I'm no longer of use to you
You've reached your dreams
but I still have to reach mine too.

Pray tell, between us two,
what am I to you?
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