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The small dinghy drifts
on the surface of the sea
its grayed gunnels, hull
and vacant crossbars
betray its age
but its persistent float
speaks its worth.

Without a bold goal
its life at the mercy of currents and winds
it drifts
but still it floats.

It would be easy to feel pity
for this tiny rudderless vessel
to condemn it to the depths
for its aimless oblivious

But this modest creation
a dinky dinghy
still floats
rises, falls, bobs,
and wobbles
a survivor of sojourns
she remains

a mocking
of hope.
I outgrew myself long before I was grown
Too lengthy, too much
Always a paper trail to nowhere
A spiralling plot
A story with too many words

Ever felt like that?
Ink instead of blood
Like your life is not your own
Halle Nov 14
we drifted apart.
we used to talk day and night,
then we were lucky if we had 1 decent conversation a week.

we drifted apart.
we used to always be together,
then you couldn’t even look at me.

we drifted apart.
we used to love each other,
then you didn’t love me anymore
wow okay so, if you’ve read my past poems you probably noticed most of them were wrote around relationship. We finally broke up today, it was mutual and honestly not that bad. We both knew it was coming.
greet me with your bitterness
ill greet you with my sorrow
and as our dreadful love doth bloom
so shall it die tomorrow
Hunched over in this Bastille dwelling
cobbling out words stitching to a page
day after ----------------------------------                              
            day after ------------------------              
                        day after--------------
                                      day ------

The last bottle of Bordeaux Rouge shatters
and pools on the ***** floor, frantically I
bow down and touch lips to dirt and wine
**** until my sore cheeks flush with blood
stumble back to              the makers bench
carefully carve                  initials marking
days gone by and          by days gone by
at night I lay my head upon the guillotine
hoping to wake drenched in red in a basket
this self revolution will some day pass
Anne Oct 24

and also
you'd text.

kinda wishing
for the
ol' days

kinda just wondering
why we had
to drift
rebecca Oct 22
girl friend
girl                   friend
girl                                                 friend
girl                                                      ­                         friend
girl                                                      ­                                                       friend
Shane Rowe Oct 6
you haven’t been sleeping enough,
I see your eyes flickering in the dark
the bed has been nothing but rough
the visions of her won't stop

the stars have dimmed you say,
replaced with a deafening gray
a sorrowful sight it was

wishful that the ocean will calm for you,
but the storm is pushing through,
it’s deep and there’s nowhere to go,
an armada of emotions sinking painfully slow

no one to turn to
her words cloud the sea
never again become blue
how will you flee?

the waves does not allow you to sail through
no lull in the night
a squall behind you
a searing pain
Kit Scott Sep 14
They say I should settle down
find myself a woman and have some kids
they wonder if the girl I saved
will be the one to tempt me with her kiss

They tell me to find a house
to stop my endless wandering
they tell me to stop drifting
it's my life I'm squandering

They claim the evil is gone
there's no need for me to fight
that I've won the war
for the side of light

They whisper that it's over now
and that I've lost my mind
running away from my home
going looking for fights

But I have a home no longer
no house to call my own
the war is over now
the king back on his throne

And so I, the weary hero
have no place any more
and so I will drift, listless
till they call me for the next war
There is adrenaline in my veins, but I am far too tired.
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