Black Leaf Jan 12

Floating in the sea,
Drifting through the wind,
Without a destination.

Some may think it's sad,
But I believe it's freedom.

Are you having fun yet?
Did you find the one?
Does she accept you for you?
Or is dating just done?
I'd tell you I miss you
But admitting it is scary.
I tried to reach out
It seems you didn't hear me...
Your name was on my list
Yes, I knew you were there.
You should've just talked to me
I'd listen. I swear.

I saw you in my viewer list. I don't think you'll even read this. If you have something to say, then say it. You know where I am.
Maddie Cribbs Dec 2017

One text
One glance
One hug
One kiss

Then you were mine
and I was yours.
In your arms,
I was home,
safe and sound.

But you lost the meaning of love;
slowly letting me go;
drifting apart.

my love,
my pride,
my happiness

please don’t go

Stone were thrown at me
not the physical ones
but the verbal stones
do you catch my drift?
that voices that haunt me in the middle of the night
claw at my mind
they scream in agony and fear
do you see the unknown that i know so well?
time feels like a stretch
time is useless as it not?
they say emotions can control ones action
yet when my emotions are bottle up
they end up spilling from its cup
it's as if crimson flames lick my skin
anger courses through my veins
fueled by my own hate
I drift apart from the realm of reality
do you not see me hurting?
do you not see me drifting for reality?
i'm my own destruction
i have to set myself free
one day i'll see clear skies
as of now my skies are grey

Drifting beneath the waves,
The water lifts me like a stone.
Holds me in a soft embrace
As if to carry me home.

Just a piece of sand, ride the tide.
Find a beach in which to hide.
Cast ashore, let the foam
bury my past and wash away my bones.

Closing my eyes, I lose myself
To the rushing in my ears.
Leaving behind my earthly shell,
Let the world fade and disappear.

Just a piece of sand, ride the tide.
Find a beach in which to hide.
Cast ashore, let the foam
bury my past and wash away my bones.

Shane Leigh Oct 2017

The waters are calm tonight.
No tides clashing,
morphing into something familiar
but all but unknown to her in the night.
Above the horizon in the distance
she sees a straying light;
how it battles with the dark waters;
it creeps,
peeking just over the waves
like a child's curiosity,
like an urge to see what shouldn't be seen;
but none of that matters ...

She drifts on the water,
temptation in hand,
and still none of it matters because
the waters are quiet,
mesmerizing ...
The waters are calm tonight.

© Shane Leigh
I'm not sure where I was going with this one. Honestly, I've got so many emotions colliding inside of me right now, this is just a product of a few of them.
Enjoy (:
Machel Yvan Oct 2017

As clouds drift away,
so does my heart.

I called you a sweet boy
You're nothing but  w e a k  ,  b  o  y

I blame your mother
I blame your father
Since you have a brother
I'll blame his mother

Here it comes boy
The miscommunication, boy
I feel it coming
We are drifting apart boy
Time is passing boy
Where are you going? Boy
Its been almost a month now
She toke your heart back home with her

What did you say? B o y
Please, be clear boy
Please, replay boy
Come on,
Give me more to work with boy
Don't invite me last minute boy
(Don't say it like that , b o y)
Setting me up for failure
Like that boy

And now I'm just   h  u  r  t,   b o y !

Once something special
So distant
Now just like everyone else
Why are you so distant boy?
Overnight boy?

I wish I never laid my eyes on that pretty face of yours
You have a  b r o k e n  heart that I could never  t o u c h

I'm going to plant a seed, boy
So you can watch it grow, boy
Long after I leave, boy

I'm sorry I  m i s s  you is just not enough  b o y

Major 78Violet Boy inspiration

My parents didn't want me.
My peers couldn't stand me.
I didn't give a fuck
About School.
So, I thought that Dope was the answer.
I came to Denver,
But no one would hire me,
And I couldn't afford the Rent.
I started pick-pocketing from Tourists
To afford the Dope I was smoking
While I was living on the Streets.
One day,
I made a mistake.
I tried to steel a wallet from the back pocket
Of a big, muscular Mexican Dude.
I didn't really think of it
As poor judgement.
I just needed the Dope.
He pounded my face into the pavement
And smashed my skull into the concrete
As his horrified girlfriend screamed.
The Paramedics took me to Denver Health
Where I was diagnosed with a fractured skull.
I was taken into Surgery
And stayed in the Hospital for Four Months.
I was finally let out in a wheelchair
And was given a subsidized apartment.
Little by little,
I'm learning to walk again,
And I got a job at Wendy's,
But I don't think I'll
Dabble in Dope
Any more.

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