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Sit next to me
Where the cattails sway
In the grass with the bugs
Let love take us away
mads Sep 22
just maybe
I should have
believed you
when you said,
that you couldn't give it your all
first time.
Bhill Sep 17
My mind is drifting in and out of reality
It's happening so fast that I feel a sort of mortality
Is it wrong to enjoy the drifting
Is it wrong to expect the mortality to last
Is it wrong to want to share my drifted mind with others

Who would want to know that minds can break out
Should I be afraid
Should I prevail in the mindless chatter of mortality

It's distracting....

Brian Hill - # 233
Does your mind go for walks?
Pluto Aug 4
I often glance at you
But fear my eyes will get trapped in your gaze
Like staring into the sun
To the point of unconsciousness
My mind drifting through space and time

And then...


Your head shifts away and the spell finally...

The uniVerse Nov 2015
Here I am drifting
floating in the sea
just here waiting
for you to return to me.

For I am just a buoy
trying to reach a girl
across an ocean
through the swirl.

But with every neglect
I drift further away
with every lost text
the words you didn't say.

A dot on the horizon
so distant and far
you used to think me the sun
but now I'm just a star.

I am not Hugh Grant
but it is Love Actually
caught in a trance
blinded by what I see.

Feelings are more important
than seeing with your eyes
saying what you meant
than telling me more lies.

Waves they come crashing
water all around
nothing is lasting
as I begin to drown.
Johnny walker Jun 22
Sitting and drifting away
In my head to thoughts of
the day running around
my head whilst writing
poetry of my late wife
In a world of my own I'm constantly writing while
everything around carrys
on as If I'm not there for that's I like things to
Free to write of my sweetheart day and night
I write never ending no writers block writing none stop apart from when I'm asleep
For so strong still my love
for her that I 'll write till the day I die
Helen has given me purpose now that otherwise would have been difficult to
I live Helen day and night the thoughts In my head still haunt pleasantly she comes to
where we love again and I shall carry her memory with me for the rest of my days for I'm
Perdue Poems Jun 6
Afloat upon the greatest pond
I do drift my hands
And let the ripples play

The sigh of waves resting upon the grainy beach
Echoes in the meadow woods
And time ceases for a day

But on that lake's surface I am unaware
Of ripples found beneath
My lovely little pond

The fearsome jaws, the fearsome muscles
Of mechanical nature
Below abounds

And ripping currents
With heavy traffic
Bide their time below

But I float above the nashing teeth
And water rivers too
Drifting slowly on the pond's surface
Above the torrent below
Darryl M May 9
What has turned of my life?
Of what value are you in it?
Let’s not fake relevance.
Echoes of a dying connection.

Let’s be real.
I took your contact number, so communication can be easy,
And we can meetup.
Not to create a new distant relationship,
Digital love be boring.
Echoes of a dying connection.

Nothing builds,
Nothing touches,
A human being,
More than attention.
Attention structures communication,
Communication foresees relationships.

Let not your emotions be emojis,
Let not your response be status updates,
Fortifications of a convo in burial, can’t be made through texting.

Of you and I,
The future shines through,
But a moonlight.

This isn’t a version of me, I commune with.
This isn’t a version of me you fell for.

Echoes of a dying connection.
Completed: 19th August 2018 [17:39 PM]
Let’s be Real!
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