nelsya namira Apr 16

one of them drifted
leaving hearts wounded
some heals
some others never stay the same

the next one built
a new town
paving path
to a new home

third's a charm
he managed to glow
and growing pain
into flowers

the other one picked
a different road
and he killed his old self
to become a butterfly

and the last one's on his way
slowing the ride down
becoming a man of his own
while staying on his roots

Jenna Erwin Apr 10

I once knew a girl that was my sister by choice
But not by blood
We were always together since the age of 5
But things change and people grow up
New opportunities arise for one to strive
But the other feels left behind
I saw her start to drift away
Right before my eyes
Leaving a hole in my heart
Leaving my life completely

The world is still and
The flutter of wings
In my stomach
Has hushed
And I can see
You drifting
Before I've felt
Your touch.
Never have I
Known a soul
That mirrored mine
So much.


and the wind will blow
and you will drift
guided by chance
and an unseen navigator  
like a ship on a raging sea
or a butterfly caught in the wind

just don't close your eyes

the light may be
too bright or too dim
the crumbling ruins
may fall hard
beside and inside you

but don't be found
holding tightly to the cocoon
when the metamorphosis
has long been completed.

          --Daniel Irwin Tucker

She stood for so many silent minutes staring out that frosted window, replaying each season again in her mind.
  Tapestries of memory swiftly unraveled by such frigid winds.
Ice claws at those swollen eyes with fury but no feeling remains

      So much time has passed since those golden days of spring, when they danced in the firefly's flames
    They trusted the rain....made love in a home of dew and droplets wearing no more than laughter
Soon life went though that rain became storms that swept away those cherished joys

     House became home while secretly lacking the heart within its' foundation
   Hopes hung out to dry in the warmth of the sun returned scorched, little more than ash to hold
Dreams belong in the darkness so together they packed them away for safe keeping.


No longer can she stand alone in the bitterness of winter, such gloom contaminating every facet of existence

     Stolen away the joy and hope that once existed, no more than raw flesh and bone remain

Fast falling from that cliff into the rocks below a sense returns that her spirit's free...

Tidal waves of time had carried those boats to different shores where they returned to she and he
Forbidden mentions of us or we...affections now buried somewhere in some sand...

We Are Stories Nov 2016

put an empty hand under water
and watch it waste away, watch it squander-
let it stay and stay the same, let it ponder
and never do a single thing, never wander-
look at the sink as it drips
never drink never sip,
just stare as the the wooden floors
turn to mold and corrode under sudden force-
turn your eyes away
don't you even look
although we want to stay
we know the time that it took
to be a ghost in the day
but then at night we're a rook
i used to beg to go play
but now my life i forsook-

pinch yourself because the blood wont swell
up high enough for you to smell
that armpit sweat from being too nervous to tell
the truth sometimes, so we hide in our shell
from the growing guilt making it hard to not yell
- but swallow it down, ignore the burdens you felt-

the meadows are nonexistent in southern Florida,
when will i see more than dried up sand-
the forests have washed away into suburbia,
when will i feel green moss in my hands-
when all i know is gone
i know i don't have to beg
- you will twirl your hair like those twirling leaves-
when all i know is gone
i know i can rest my head
- i will keep you here, safe inside my memories-

-when i wake up from my dreams,
i will forget we met.
but if i remember a single thing,
there wouldn't be a second to correct-

Tori Jones Sep 2016

I am but a hopeless soul
Drifting in the sea
Of all my tears
From heartache
And painful moments
Why does this have to be
I want to know what love feels like
I want to find a man I trust
While he also trusts me
For I am but a hopeless soul
Drifting in the sea...

a t Sep 2016


i just want you to know,
that even if
i seem like i’m gone,
i won’t ever
leave you behind.

i've been missing you but i don't know how to tell you
Raf Reyes Aug 2016

and then I go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid
I Love You

Damn it

Sidenote: I've been falling in love with old songs lately. The italicized portion and words are actual lyrics from Frank Sinatra's song "Something Stupid"
Ar Bazian Aug 2016

It is a matter of time only,
until the wind arises,
and relentlessly, the moments fall asleep.

These lonely hours pass by slowly,
bestow me with radiant fear,
and far more courageously... i weep!

The music shows me my place,
As weary as I am, drifting into space.

The lighten candles have thinned the air.
visions of my Eden come to me
slightly vague, out of vogue, yet fare...
Dancing among the leaves of autumn,
in my head, the spectrum...
Swaying to the sounds of time,
To a memory;
that is mother to all wisdom...
To the scents of freedom,
and to the plunders of prime!

O, how folly my ventures were...
Through the valleys of death.
O, how many passed winters there...
That have denied me mine own breath!

Good night, and good riddance...
May I please sleep!
Shalt ye give me leave now,
to my downwards so steep?!

A.r. Bazian

Edited on August 20th, 2016. Originally part of the "Diaries of an Immigrant Soul", Pt.20, by A.r. Bazian, published on in 2012.
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