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murky water,
silence of horror,
the lengthy tunnel ,
which includes suffer.

everything starts to rust,
with grey clouds of dust.
if you want to pass this wild,
don't leave the person you are !

'cause this wild has many rats.
battle for blood, killing for spat.
they will try to cut you half,
will try to make you their pet.
Thank you everyone for reading.

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Take care -E
I changed a lot
since you'd last called,
when you gave me
unnecessary hope,
I found a way out
from this tunnel,
I'm leaving without you
to the gorgeous runnel.

I thought I knew you,
I was pretty wrong.
I thought I could trust you,
but you infect me flu.
what else there to do ?
here's my 'bye' to you..

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
Thank you everyone for reading.

To see the full version of "bad friends" and my other poetries you can check this link. It is my poetry blog.

My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Take care -E
i’ve reached the
point where
i don't care
if there’s a light at the end
of the tunnel
i'm just sick
of the tunnel.
it seems like it goes on forever
Tony Tweedy Apr 11
The light at the end of the tunnel is actually a sense of worth, of value, of relevance... a sense of purpose and place.
The loss of these took me here.
It is not a light that those in the tunnel control... seemingly forever beyond my reach and unable to believe in value, place or worth.
It was never the aim to switch the light off. It was the hand and judgement of others that threw the switch to off. It is why the light and the switch are on the outside of the tunnel and not in the darkness where I am.
If you give no worth...
If you give no value...
If you give no relevance...
If you give no purpose...
Then there can be no place where the light can shine.
Purpose and relevance feed worth and value... in turn self esteem gets fed. It is false that you must love yourself first. Very definitely it is the other way around.
Tony Tweedy Apr 10
I think it truer that there is more than one light in the tunnel.
There are many exit signs... many corridors.
But... only one to which my key fits that leads to the light my eyes can focus in.
A tunnel can lead to many places... better the tunnel than a place you don't want to be, no matter how bright the lights may seem to others.
If such weren't so there would be no tunnel and my eyes would never have lost their focus.
If it holds no value you have taken a side corridor. Others can hold expectations that compel us to go through the motions.... all the while the tunnel is there. An unhappy and unrewarding life.
rgz Mar 26
For a United Kingdom
There's too much division
It's enough to give the stump to any mathematician
All I'm witnessing is schisms caused by witless politicians and unequal partitions between a nation's provisions
The wheels are spinning and the destination needs some revision

We've got an outmoded vehicle
and I can't see what we're here for
but their eyes are open wide
they're driving right off the pier, so
while we lie here and bleed
for something not quite agreed
what do we need to see that we
will be forever in cheek?

I mean forever in check, **** auto-correct
always thinks it knows best
just like the ****** we elect
you need kicked off the deck
you don't deserve self-respect
I'm sick of being pawned off
you need to give it a rest
you're supposed to work for us
but you're just cashing the cheque

Sit in your parliamentary tower growing richer by the hour
gaining favour for labours that you'll never encounter
Bane and hate for those daring enough to face without cower
and blame the state of the nations degradation on our
Seed but still we can't see, we act free but really
we just shuffle past unseemly, faithless
placated by the powers that be

Caught in civic wars, taunted with "problems of foreigners"
fake news from columnists with more fiction than novelists
stuck on pause, acting like you don't know the cause of this
you don't have a clue what you're doing
why keep on bothering us
you're telling me you really can't see what the problem is?
my god, its so obvious
too much you
not enough all of us
There's your meaningful vote.

Bit of brexit, bit of independence
I just don't like politicians but I (basically) managed to keep from swearing so that's preeetty, prettyyyy, pretty good

"No one even knows what a brexit is"
- Danny Dyer
This tunnel of vision
defies indecision.
To choose with precision,
I hide from derision.

The voices outside me
tell me lies to guide me.
With no one beside me,
I hear what’s inside me.

I can find my out.
I’ve always done without
others knowing my route
or what I’m all about.

Though the tunnel’s unlit,
dark and loneliness fit.
I’ve made myself commit,
Straight ahead, and don’t quit!
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Sara Kellie Mar 17
Angels with torches lighting my way
down grand, windowed hallways
I'll walk down one day.
With framed, pictured memories
highlighting my past.
Flickering candles,
a shadow I cast.
All the while,
wondering why I am here.
This is the story of my yesteryear.
I suddenly realise that this is the end.
A man holds his hand out
and says
"Welcome my friend"

Poetry by Kaydee.
Visions of my last walk.
That dastardly devilish deviant wind!
It blows on my face
Without my permission!
How can I humble my mediocre mission,
When I have no space?
**** this horrid wind!
And then int he tunnel I choke!
I'd cry but it's dry.
There's no way that I can cope.
All I can do now is mope!
Or maybe I could just rescind,
And live in the name of the wind.
maybe I could just rescind, and live in the name of the wind
Eleanor Feb 22
hope expands in your lungs

as you catch sight

of the faint glow,

at the end

of a long channel

bursting forth you soar

running towards the unknown

in the blind faith;

the possibility

it could be better than what is
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