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Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
It's like moving in slow motion
While the city lights
Br in the fast lane
Cutting me off
Cutting me off
And then
They burn my eyes
While they cut me off
As I rocked to the top
Higher it rose up
But I never stop
I'll never stop
It's all I know
And all I've got
Long live the hard flop
So I'll roll with the punches
And see what I've got
Way to go
Small fry
You're in the big leagues now.
Welcome to the unfiltered real world. You may have been big man on campus, but around here you're small.
Maddy Byrne Jun 2015
Between me and what I am supposed to be
I know I should be confident,
Shake the earth with every step
And be the most rapier with my wit.

And yet I am not.

My insecurities are settled so deep,
Wrapped around so tight,
They act as second skin.
The earth settles more with my every step.
I struggle for Ivy League diplomas I know I will never get
And dyslexic poetry
Only understood by me
Can only be truly seen by me.

So for now I’ll pretend,
That my presence makes a difference  
And I am woman enough to matter.
I got published with this one but I definitely feel like its still rough around the edges, so any comments or critiques would be appreciated.
2ndBest Mar 2015
I threw my heart port side

I didn't want it anymore

I watched it sink




It is an orphanage for shipwrecks

It is a home in the dark

When it thinks no one can see

It bleeds

I feel it bleed

Hearts are supposed to be light

But mines made of iron

And sunken fathoms

— The End —