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onlylovepoetry Dec 2023
Pradip marks the slow disappearance of faces in the market,
unknown yet familiar and thus important to the senses,
for our eyes crave continuity, comfort reassuring that time,
even time that robber par excellent, still provides some comfort
to our souls, in its own way, even the faces of strangers in familiar places are road markers, bookmarks, that even the known unknown offer a measure of solace, as we traverse the old familiar places
of daily life.

it must be remedied. some of you know that I make not idle promises,
that my promises to be there are effected, for I am affected by the
repair of the world in little, measurable manners, so the iCal calendar
modified with a Visit Pradip++, a new addition…

and on the way there
are few more exotic places where poetry grows that
will require some
layover visitations…

only time in its theiving secretive ways stands between me and
you denied grasping arms, taking the measure physical of a
beating heart
and river-wide smile,
maybe even I’ll practice with a trip to
remote foreign places, which they speak
the languages of poetry too,
Snake River, even Iowa!

Hastfan Aug 2023
I see vivid, my vision flowered
All the colours, i call them ours
Afterimages and my poems
Branded on my eyeball's moments

Blue does spread like food colouring
Dropped in my vision spluttering
I close my eyes to escape the noise
But all it changes, is the background choice

I see the bright blue sky
With floaters, sparkles and vivid lies
And sometimes my hands are dissapear
Beneath shadows leftover from lights bright near

But all in all it is alright
After all i could lose my sight?
And that is without mentioning my ears
that have been ringing for years.
julius Aug 2021
summer rain comes again
with the pained cry of someone
who isn't quite me.
summer rain comes again
where white meets gray
and lies are true.

static love
isn't love at all.
and i'm not sure
if i could trust you
if i were to fall.

with a single touch
the flowers beneath my skin
unearth and uproot.
with a single cut
i can easily erase
each and every mistake
that i've ever made.
Anne B Feb 2021
Burn those bridges, then
If you must.

Let them ******* burn.
Sometimes you gotta do.
Lost Property Jan 2021
what would u say if i told u the truth and said no
would u tell me
ur thinking of me
praying for me
that it does get easier
that i’m not alone
that ur always there if i need someone to talk to
don’t get me wrong i’m so grateful for every single amazing person in my life
but i already know you care about me
and i love that u love me
but i’m not okay, and to burden you with something i don’t understand myself is something i can’t do
Written 17/06/2020
jǫrð Jan 2021
I passed by fancy
Beach homes and dreamt of being
Some rich man's bedspread
The History: I watched the mcmansions pass, the beach waving in between. Daydream tides carried me on to fanciful things and being worth something to some driven man. hmm.
if it feels like a high when they finally text you back,
end it.

if you feel like an addict going through withdrawal when they ignore you,
end it.

if you've stopped telling your friends about it because they tell you to end it,
end it.

if you've stopped talking to your friends altogether,
end it.

if you feel like you want to write a poem about how they make you feel,
dear god end it.

        ©Words of a withering soul
Roy-Jax Nov 2020
We all have goals we want to achieve
But we're not willing to put the work required
It may have to do with how we perceive
the road should be to reach our desires

When reality's different from expectation
The fire in you begins to decrease
It also goes down with your motivation
Then your strength to continue completely cease

What that means is your outlook just needs to change
Nothing good in life is never ever easy
When challenges come, don't think it's something strange
Because that's how life goes, things never go smoothly

Put God first and you surely will make it through
And along with that you need some discipline
If you're passionate, work harder to prove it's true
With time and consistency you'll certainly win

You can do it, so push yourself to the limit
It's with great dedication the legends did it
Focus on your goals and ignore the critics
Keep it up long enough you will surely make it
basil Nov 2020
tw// language. self hate.

do something, do something, do something
*******, waste of space
what are you even doing with your life?

please please just get up
i'll leave you alone if you do something

brush your teeth, please, you smell like death

do something, do something, do something
******* just get up

fourteen missing assignments, and that's just one class
you dumb ******* i hate you

get up
you're the reason for every bad thing that has ever happened

y'know what?
don't do anything
sit there
you're gonna mess up anything you try anyway

are you going to cry now?
of course not. that's doing something.

don't go to sleep

your lungs could collapse right now
you could die
no one promised you forever
you only get a now
and you're spending it on your twin sized bed
might as well be in a coffin
you ******* waste of decomposable matter

do something, do something, do something

uhm. this is probably one of the most personal things i've put on here. so,, idk there's a piece of my brain for you, i guess.

good morning <3 or,, night <3
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