You Never Know The Clout You Have

You never know the clout you have,
Clout being a blow or target -
Most of all effect or power
You exert by being you.

Take care! Be careful, scared! Be wary!
Everything you say, you do -
Each word, each vow, an influence.
In circumstance you radiate an ambience
You pray will be benevolent.

You, you
In all you do;
And you have impact.
Make a pact with mental you
To be a kind and, gentle you,
Giving out rewarding vibes,
Enriching, beneficial, fruitful.
You, yourself a scribe imbibing
Influences from abroad,
From world untoward – in discord!

Take some in and turn them ‘round.
You abound in power.
You can be man* of the hour
Just by being who you are.
You can be the lucky star
Of every person you encounter.
So remember!
You ne’er know the clout you have
To save what ever may occur.

* of course woman too!

You Never Know The Clout You Have 4.29.2017
Definitely Didactic; Coffee Book II;
Arlene Corwin

Sandoval Apr 21

Keep the words I gave you.  The book I wrote for you,

these thoughts that linger in my head. Keep my soul,

I don't want it anymore. Keep my love, without you

it wont do me any good.  Your green hearts, my daydreams.

All these stupid love songs. Keep them, keep it all but please,

never take these memories from me.


Jim Davis Apr 17

Is the idea of you, it,
is it, really you

©  2017 Jim Davis

Submission for HP theme today - #npmmicro That's it!
The Lonely Bard Apr 16

You had ditched me,
Not out of love for someone else,
But due to boredom.

Not due to my nature,
You're bored of my faithfulness,
Just due to your vice.

My HP Poem #1506
©Atul Kaushal

I can't do this
The watching is killing me
The wanting aches
Deep in my chest
So far I've tried to drink you away
Smoke you into the back of mind
I've helped your new love stumble
Into your waiting arms
Am I a saint, or am I insane?
Who's to say really
But whatever I am it hurts
God it hurts

Heidi Ludwiczak Apr 11

as scared as you may be...
as fragile and pained your heart had been...

try to find love
seek it as fast a jet
as quick as a bullet

let it turn you upside down
let it burn you with its blue flame
let it break you until your an ash --
                     let the wind carry you

leave your thoughts behind and follow the shattering noise
let it consume you
let it leave you under the rain
                      when you are all deranged and cold

no shelter, no room
no fancy dinner, you cannot rest assure

let it whisper sweet nothings
let it gently ripped you apart
                       almost like the autumn turns to winter

try to find love
that will torture your soul
that will remove all your beliefs in passion
                       tangle you in the most chaotic way possibly

let it take over you

just find love and give it all away...
for love is not that simple
don't fall in love with the idea --
                   Find love and give it all away.

This is love not just the idea of sweet sweet nothings
The Lonely Bard Apr 10

Oh my beautiful wife,
Come with me to the land of love.

-your lines here-

So calm and so serene,
This land already was,
And you are also here,
Ethereal this land feels.

-your lines here-

Come take my hand now,
I'll take you to this stairway.

-your lines here-

Now let's descend from here,
From this heavenly abode,
Is just not where we belong as yet.

-your lines here-

I take hints from your playfulness,
You want to make love with me.

-your lines here-

This is an incomplete thing.
But posting it as I can't see it getting completed ever.
My HP Poem #1486
©Atul Kaushal

I want it anyway you want 'ta give it to me.  I want to feel our tongues entwined and you suckin' on mine.  I want to suck your bottom lip, lick it soft and suck it sweet as you finger bang me senseless and casually slip inside.  Breathing in my ear; telling me what to do for you.  Pulling my hair, holdin' me down goin' deeper to places inside of me; I have never gone before.  Openin' my heart, makin' my mind explode to places I've never been before...To places I've never been before...

I miss you so much...You still have the key to my heart...I want you.
I want 'chu back with me.  
I want 'chu like when it was good.  I want 'chu...I love you, so bad, so good.
Why don't you talk to me?
Are you afraid to admit how much you hurt me?
To say "Will you forgive me?"
I miss you.  I want 'chu back; but I want it to be good...

Embrace your storms
They only come when they are not acknowledged
Or when we ignore something in us for long
They wait for their roars to be heard
By us materialistic gods
They wait patiently like a swift wind blowing-
East, west and all directions of now
Hoping maybe the us and we would listen to its call
The patience pour's out eventually giving rise to a roar
Something even the godly us can't dismiss
For justice must roll back to balance the injustice spread within the halls
And all that's left is you and the storm that waited long to be heard
It could be anything from a simple desire
To an excruciating loss
But in the end
All you must do is embrace that storm
It ain't that easy
But love is all that puts everything back to normal
The kind and gentle rescuing and rejuvenating the broken
And the flaws.

You have to be your own counselor, write down how you feel when your down ... whenever I was younger I would take a note book ... wrote a lot of poems expressing how I really felt that day .. still till this day I still write poems ! Nobody else is going to understand you but yourself..

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