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Bethany 4d
how do i witness these seasons again,
without you, the one who changes them.
(See, EYE never intended
to be the prophet of doom)

Reading From the Book Full Of Death

pages all blank with cigarette Spots

Ashe is the purest white

Eye lay my tarot cards

Death is on the left

(listen, listen carefully)

Devil is ALWAYS right

And EYE, and EYE, and


hanging in the middle on thin metal

everything is upside down from

where I'm


Your black Cube tree house God is on



it's darker from inside than the Cloth

which cover it



I'm the Prometheus and brought you



black cube in the meKKKa is on fire ;)))
I have no desire to eat,
When the dollar keeps
getting higher,
Another night of fighting sleep,
Father, my eyes are so tired,
So much time I've wasted,
I haven't done enough,
enough to make my life count.

Dear Jesus, I can feel your pain,
Does this ink bleed in vain,
I don't understand...
why I can't let go,
if it's all in your hands,
I'm not complaining,
Yet I can't explain it.

Before I could careless,
if tomorrow never came,
Now it's different,
I worry if I close my eyes,
that they won't open to see another
blue sky,
Oh Jesus, does it even matter at all,
since you already know who will & who won't fall.
Will my soul still breathe,
if my body, it should leave.

I can't breathe in,
My thoughts are spinning,
I need a bite to eat,
I need some sleep,
But I'm afraid I'll miss a chance
to fix what I broke in the past.

Father, my eyes are too tired,
too weak to weep,
I won't risk losing a chance,
by closing these eyes tonight,
Don't let this ink bleed in vain,
show me how to do it right,
and I will this time.

I don't know how to let go
of things I don't own, of thing's
I didn't know,
I don't know how to let go
of what thing's that I have,
I don't know how to let go
of the thing's I know.
I know You are in control,
Oh God, I'm in debt,
Make me pay what I owe
before from my body,
it's time for my soul to go.
It's just what I said but impossible to explain. So if you can get something out of my words inked with blood then maybe you can explain it better to me.
Austin Hunt Sep 20
caught between screens
like a rock and a hard place
laced with beams of green,
the command line screams into
dark color schemes that maintain
a clean theme of extreme
in a world lacking

to say sudo i'm
just the pseudo-king of
all the pings
i see'em sing ICMP but
the ether stream contains
more than pings,
no it flings about
all the things modernity
can't think without
like some machined spring
spewing strings
made up of  
every dream we need
fresh from the
version-controlled source

the click clack of
mechanical keys on
a thick black
switch-backed board
in tic tac mint condition
is the sound of
strict syntax enforced,
if there's a problem
you fix that,
else the big bad bugs
will kick back with
sick bags of tricks
that make you
wish that there was better
logging for life's mistakes
CMXIClement Sep 14
Florescent lights pierce
my eyelids at five o'clock.
I open them and I squint.
I have to remember to
turn my head when I wake up.

Shuttle leaves at 6 o'clock.
I do not have time to wake.
I lumber to my locker.
Carefully turning the dial.
Careful no one sees the code.

I dress myself lazily.
The coffee here is weak.
If not, then it is day old.
Beggers can't be choosers.
I ready my beach cruiser.

Waiting in line while my breath
forms a bellow of hot
human vapor.  They pull up.
I place my bike on the rack.
I get onto the shuttle.

Fifteen minutes later I
arrive at my shuttle stop.
A five mile ride to work
while the sun bleeds over the
horizon and shines on me.

There was a peace I felt as
I vibed to music on my
way to work.  I felt free then.
Then, arriving at work, I
worked until the ride back there.

As the sun set I waited.
Shuttle pulls up and I place
my bike on the rack.  Back to
the place I wake up squinting.
I can't wait for my bike ride....
OC, I, dont know,  I dont care, **** it.  Here you go.
Yashashvi Sep 6
everyday I walk down the streets
I find plants yielding pretty flowers
most days I find trampled flowers
laying on the road still worthy enough to praise
do you ask me what interesting in it,
first answer me ,
do you pity the one laying on road
or the one accompanied by peduncle?
everyone glorify the stem with flower
even though it do die as sun sets down
shall I say you one verity
and the thing people don't heed
they don't adore the plant producing flowers
the sad thing is they don't notify
that the plant can still produces more beautiful flowers tomorrow

if you compare this with life it's so similar
people don't see or pity your catastrpohes, reverses
they just admire your adroitness
cherish you when you bloom as beautiful as  flower
so just like the plant surprise them with your capacity
don't worry about the trampled flowers
sometimes your flaws are prettiest too
you should let them down
but remember even if it's a trampled flower or nourished flower
both of them dies at end of the day
so hope for refreshing start and give the best you can.
does anyone see the worth of the trampled flowers?
and embrace the ability of the plant to give flowers?
one more thing if you ingore the second verse and just consider the first one
there's something in it , I don't know how people reflect on it but yes
I hope for new understandings
Luiz Sep 6
without her
there is no meaning

I hope that meant something
Surkhab kaur Sep 4
Friday                                                           ­                11:45a.m
Earth's oldest band: Thunder was having a concert on clouds
And raindrops wearing anklets
danced in her verandah
The wayward wind tickeled the branches
of Gulmohar tree,
And the newborn leaves wondered who it was?
There she the warmth of moment
listening to the untold stories of faraway lands.
Rains.....*sighs in relief*
You rock in thousands shades of
  Vibrance and Vigour
Forget it not even for a while
Let's shades of grey go astray and
There is no time to be lagging behind
So the lyrics of life be rhymed in your
own unique flamboyant style
Let it be upside down,
A little bit wrong, take no worries
But live it enjoy it up to the brim
As long as you thrive!
☘I believe that everyone should live their life up to the brim they thrive for. Sporadically it's an understatement. But live in the moment, "live the way you love the way you live" that's what all matters.
Life ain't a Fidus Achates. Life can be insane sometimes and life consists of a plethora of chaos and dramatic clichés. **** 'em up and dulcify your life with your own creativity.☘
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