It's time
I'm ready to die
I've figured it all out
I'm ready to end it now
I don't want your pity
Dark surrounds the sun
even when it spread its light
the moment its gone
it makes its presence known
Though the sun reaches million miles
but the darkness is far beyond
will it conquer it?
Mike D 2d
The gift of life is fundamentally
the most common thing we share

Yet, to each person
it is completely unique
Written: February 22, 2018

All rights reserved.
A child was borne from a woman who was once very bright
When she entered this world, the mother's hair was dark as night
You could say that she was changed, after she had me
Her so cruel and dark, how couldn't I see?

With eyes so clouded and a sickly sweet smile she lies
To herself, to everyone around her, none the wise
Her child hating to come home because of what might wait there
That fake smile will be gone, and that black soul laid bare.

What happened, how did she become this way?
Staring at her child with a smile once bright as day
Is it my fault the child wonders, and just what could it mean?
Will my soul turn just as black, so unable to be seen?

Will I hide myself forever out of the fear of what I could be?
A heart so dark and hated that I would bury it deep
Never looking in the mirror because I'm afraid that I'll see
Hair as dark as night and a smile thats black and bleeds.
it's something new this time
or at least it always is.

maybe it's just the same thing
with a blanket wrapped around its head
hiding in the dark corners of my mind.

i am scared to pull the blanket away
afraid of what my mind hides from me.

i want you to do it for me
but i don't know how to explain this something
that i can't even name.
I saw you last night in my dreams.
We were together or so it seemed.
The house was dark and not my own,
and something hidden chilled me to the bone.

It darted from dim corners into bleak rooms.
Fast, so very fast, did it move.
What it wanted I do not know,
But I do know one thing... I feared for my soul.

The wicked creature's presence could not be tempered with your embrace.
In fact, if you hadn't been there I may have given chase.
But you grabbed me and held me back.
And honestly, I don't know how I feel about that.

These monsters are mine, and I demand they stay that way.
Of my own will and volition, I will make them dissipate.. someday.
You make it too easy to forget my goals and purpose,
To hunt down these issues, find them, and have them murdered.

But fret not, because I forgive you.
When I say this please believe me: It is I, not you, that is the issue.
Its unlike me to care,
But please, please... heed my warning. YOU MUST BEWARE.

When I awoke, I was dripping with sweat.
I scanned my dark room, only to find my demons manifest.
And all at once, it became just too real.
Perhaps it wasn't a dream at all... but a depiction of how I feel.
I official don't like to sleep anymore. You may be able to run from your feelings and emotions while awake. Just keep moving, not thinking, and you'll be fine. However, in your sleep they easily invade your mind.
It’s All Yoga
    (Simple but not easy)

I don’t think people understand.
It being trend and only trend
They don’t exactly know
What they are doing.
Some think yoga is for beauty.
Some think flexibility.
Some think health of body,
Possibly tranquility.
The list goes on, with vanity foremost.
Yoga has an aim or two or three or four.
Surely, there is more to understand than four, for
Yoga aims at understanding
On a level corresponding to the tangible,
Intangible, (what we call spiritual)
Which means total, total, total, ALL!
Yoga  is a vehicle
For every single thing you do in mind and torso
To amplify the total you.
Focus on your fingers when you touch, grab, push.
Focus on toesies when you lie in bed.
Focus on the brain parts in your you-know, head
When quiet, worried, hurried, rushed,
Anxious, peaceful, doubtful,  ‘fraid:
The list goes on and on.

Focus, focus, focus find.
Nowadays they call it mindfulness
Or meditation.
It has always been.

Since everything you do contains
A means to find the who you are,
Defining what you’re headed for,
Ought to go and ought to know.
The principle
Is oh so simple -
But not easy.
Don’t be queasy about living.
It’s all take and it’s all giving.
Make the most of it.
Toast to it.
Make a yoga of this tool kit.

It’s All Yoga 2.11.2018 Circling Round Yoga II; Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Corwin
My pen pal in Maine doesn't like the last line.
Remember that girl I told you about?
Rejected me three times?
Well, even when I liked I had problems with her...
When she gets obsessed with something she always makes me try it,
And never have I ever liked it,
I don't want to read twilight or harry potter!
I am sorry, but I am not your daughter!
I am guy who used like you,
But even then I kinda had spite for you,
Leave me alone don't force me to do this,
Quit saying your tired every day we have been through this!
I don't hate her, or want to date her.
But I just can't deal with her anymore,
I listen to her when I want to ignore.
Why do I do this?
It's just a bore.
I just realized that at some point...if any relationship happened...I would be easily annoyed.
Sorry I have to say this, but...I can't take it!
Maddy Feb 16
Constant cold becomes comforting
Even when you know it's because
Your body is dying

Hunger pains make you smile
In fact
They become glamorized in your mind

Tea is good
But when it fills your stomach with 0 calorie goodness
It tastes great

Standing up always makes you dizzy
So instead of eating
You learn how to keep walking even when walls turn into floors

You beg for help
From someone who is just as sick as you
To become more successfully sick

Meals turn into binges
Food is just a number
And so are you

You constantly think about
If the way you are sitting makes you look
Even worse than normal

Words like dainty, starved, light
Make you feel
More powerful than gods

There are nightmares where
All you do
Is eat fucking fries

When even the people you love the most
Become annoying
Because of how often they say you're perfect

The saying
"You're not fat, but, you're not skinny."
Becomes your most hated string of language

When you know exactly what the risks are
You repeat them in your mind everyday
But it just doesn't matter anymore

You have already accepted your death
Because it's either get skinny
Or die trying
I'm having a day.
on an
what opinion

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