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Meandering … I know right away
What the context of this dark entails
What the question of this day implies
And so I'll answer
In distilling this … in the stillness therein lies
Though sunshine isn't yet necessary
To bring a shining smile to my face
Squinting on a day like this … born distinguishment
When I know, I know
Like the *** and groundless coffee based
It is good today
Gosh it's good today
Such a natural feeling, when you better yourself. When you can self-diagnose, identify and adjust. Not change mind you. Just adjust (as true change takes time). But it feels so good to me, to just wake up after a day of unconsciousness, and be conscious again. Or perhaps that should be the other way round, LOL. But truly… To go from being blocked, to being unblocked. To go from being frustrated, to being at ease. Nothing feels better than that. No drug or high can compare, to the artist content and at their leisure, having since slayed the dragon in their subconscious mind.
And this is a verse for a day like that. Woot woot.
Say it ...

close your eyes ...
listen to your heart ...
hear it's melody ...
and say what it says ...
say it as it's play ...
yes sweetheart ...
my sweet angel ...
for my this wonderful night ...
say with shy ...
what's going there ...
what you feel ...
there into your heart ...
it's the melody ...
that never give a false note ...
it's the reality of your heart ...
so sweetheart  ...
say it ...
and give me now ...
more letter and words ...
to make me weave  ...
and create verse ...
especial poems ...
from your sweet talks ...
and only for you ...

yes sweet angel mine ...
close your mind ...
and just listen ...
only to your heart ...
and let me know ...
what it says for you ...
what it's feels ...
about me ...

say it ...
and let me go crazy ...
with my words ....
just to tell you ...
how much i got madly ...
madly about you ...
and how i'm feeling now ...
feel with nothing ...
with no one ...
only you ...
whom i'm flying with now ...

Oh my all craziness ...
you are ...

so please sweetheart ...
listen to your heart ...
and say as it's beats ...
say i love you ...

hazem al ...

Bryce 1d
Is a breath,
Stuffed with coffee grind
Thirsting for milk
And never to suckle.

Is a thought,
A dream quickly awoken from;
And lost in the tenor of real,
Sighs from life

Is a light,
A shaft of gold
worth all the stars
And yet empty

Is a place,
With silent waves and screaming winds--
The ears, pierced with calculated air

Is a God,
Is a moment,
Is a place,
Is a thought,
Is a breath,

Is a time to give thanks to winter
And dance in the snow.

Is a time to kiss the trees and hug their leaves
And laugh
When their cackled, dehydrated ossicles
Ground to dust in our arms

Is a time to worship the sun between the planes of stone
And calculate the equinox online
With electrons and info

With a careful rasp
The next turn of the marble
Grates against the curve
And the Mancala track keeps what it has sown.
you gave me false faith, i took it with honor,
i gift you my space, went lower and lower,
can't say that i'm angry, can't say that i'm glad,
you mustn't be blamed for boiling my blood.
the one that is guilty is my tender heart
that made me believe, i won't tear apart.
i am the blind lover and you are dishonest liar.
how dare you play with me? i guess, you didn't know your affection on me.
don't blame, still love.
Love is the essence and fuel of the heart
Love conquers all if you believe in it's might
It's feeling that's joyous and always seems right....

What about the love that hurts, the toxic love
Some live for, where pain equal pleasure
In their heart they know that they still have love for one another, but they are heartbroken, the pain never heals,
It's constantly raw

What about serial killer stalking his pray, he fell in love with killing, this is type of love we love to hate.
And we should, this is a twisted kind of love
We have condemned this
It has been sealed by fate.

There's many types of love in this world ruled by greed
Let's embrace the pure love and hope it never bleeds
If it turns sour you will never be free
Let's pray that all prayers then, makes it to heaven safely.
Lovely words for the world with love from a lovable person.
Stars don’t shine like they used to..
and these visions in my head are horrid..
and the voices are merciless
telling me it’s all my fault and
that I’ll never find real love.
Whatever that is.
But I’ve been here before.
Take care of yourself, darlin.

Just so you know, you left
my soul a little more broken...
my mind a little more
paranoid and untrusting..
lonely and confused.  
There’s no hope in my eyes
or hop in my step.
But I’ve been here before.  
Take care of yourself, babe.
So heartbroken
My hearts free falling for you
No ground in sight
In love and falling for miles
these happy feelings ticking all the boxes
In my mind I undoubtedly know it’s elated feelings is right

It's more than just your captivating smile
It’s your enchanting independent fight
Your sparked passion is relentless
Fueling wanting to be a better me
A desire you always unknowingly ignite

My love equivalent to flooded rivers
Their destinations the ocean of love in your heart
Your every kiss a breath of life I live for
Your silken touch seductively excites my skins thought

Emotions closely related to shivers
Excitedly freezing my mind
There is no Angel I would rather imprint on
We believe in past lives our souls were heavenly entwined

Yours is the smile that I live for
Your sweet taste embedded in my soul
I pledged my love to you for eternity
Even in the afterlife we promised to be betrothed
Even though you were stolen by death
Like a thief in the night
My heart I buried with you
Only for the reason
My heart will then forever know light
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