To Those Who Say…

Those who say, “And then I said….”
Are short of something in the head;
Hidden pride in there instead.

Those who say, And then I told her…”
Dearest reader, here’s an answer:
“Then I said’s,”
A subtle, passive, ego-centered taking lead;
A mixture of denial, fugue,
(If ever there was such a thing).
It’s not a joke,
And I’m not kidding.

To Those Who Say…6.25.2017
Circling Round Reality;
Arlene Corwin

Ain't it the truth!

I believe there's piece left to carry,
to someone seeing those sorrows,
i love when people just follow you,
all the way to the end,
to love a dozen ways,

i never had anything just a talent that i build,
a skill that appreciate more then money,
sometimes i stare at the window,
thinking there's another life outside these boundaries,
we all call wall of life,
sometimes i think of greed on another nation,
chasing all those powers just to control people
for whatever cost,

it's self assured to be whore you are,
just all  you need is yourself,
don't worry things that come to you,
it will be naturally a reward that you can carry,

i wrote this song so that you can see how i feel,
a constant fakery happens around the world,
no matter how sincere you are your thoughts speaks to you,
i always think problem dissolve its own way,

i sing this song everyday in hopes to drown my  problems away,
i write poetry everyday so others can see how i been through,
an endless mental issues that i cant avoid,
so i reach others who felt the same as away as me,
to reach my cries that no one really cared,

i'm always thinking that no matter how many words i put,
no one can be this crazy just to write thousands of lines,
to realize how hard you worked each day,
but no one really heard your voice.

its everyday feeling i had.

She wished upon a star,
For a love so sweet,
That the gods themselves would be jealous,
Of their love,
She wished upon a shooting star,
For a love so sweet she would be at peace,
And all that came to her,
Was a man,
Not a prince or king,
But a pauper,
Ready to give his life,
And what little he had,
Just to be with her,
As if he comes from the star itself,
To answer her half serious wish.
A pauper?
Not what I imagined,
But what in this world,
Ever meets expectations?

I pour it out
Like a bottle of wine upon the ground
I have spent myself therein
And soaked into the bitter grass
Behind the house

Because no expectation can withstand
The truth within
Which is that you can control the consumptive means
To make or break most anything

I pour it out
Because I can

What is any substance on a rainy day.

I feel like I know nothing at all
And yet what I know tells me to experience and prove myself right or wrong and I'll start with you

I don' give a fuck about what people say it's good,
I'm sick of law: moral law, judicial law, school law
Fuck that

I want you

If I didn't why would I give up all the 'freedom' of choice between millions of girls in the world for you?
'Cause you have IT!

I mean I don't care how many hoes, ladies, girls, women come...
You have something and I love you for that and for all the things you think and all the crazy li'l' brat-like plays you do and that cheeky smile and that sexy cat walk that is half-joking with all those millions of girls you are more than but yet unknowingly and all humble and shining, fuck thinking I want you!


You won't get that from thinking and love is experience, what more is it?

february 19, 2017
6:37 a.m.
Old one I really wanted to share

There are some who walk      calmly through darkness
because they know how      to kindle a light.

00:00 - 23/06/17
State of mind - calm; thoughtful.

Thoughts: from thinking - about creativity and how amazing it is that human's can bring such wonders into this world.

Also from conversations - on talking about extroversion and introversion with my friend. I put it so introversion is like kindling a light in darkness and extroversion spreads that light. They are both instrumental and equally valuable qualities in a person.

Questions: can it be said that creativity is the instinct to create a nature of our own?

...Or is it that our nature creates us specifically as a creative tool of its own?
lio 7d

A piece of me
has gone missing
and I have to
go look for it

- L.p
Giacomo 7d

To live...
In peace.
We both,
Dream for it.
And now.
Its my...
Lone dream

Wyatt R Jun 16

I have regret that fills
my universe to the brim
and it's here I survive
on a coincidental whim.
This sea that I swim
has taken it all from me,
my limbs fall to my side
as I learn that this has no end.

There is no end, it takes it all from me.
Gabriel burnS Jun 13

sometimes you enter the maw of the beast;
severed heads lie around still watching,
and you march forth into the bowels of hell
fighting off fears, horrors and demons
own and foreign
for the ultimate prize
taking home the devil

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