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Live as if flying
Good things are coming your way
Goals within your grasp
Taking an optimistic approach for once
Mark Wanless Sep 2022
big is the mind of all
travel the road what else
foam from the ocean is life
mystery is just ignorance
sgail Aug 2022
(why not?
it is a poetic place to be)

I think I was here in a past life as a whale
I saw it happen
the cleaving, millions later, the taking
I might have been there
when pangaea heaved herself out
this coastline, primordial
designed to be passed through,
lest we get bored and forget about
all the stolen land

rare Romantic sublime
lapis, aquamarine, sapphire
all at bat with black cliffs

you must digest it all quickly
say you have been
long to return
but maybe not.
google "the Esalen Institute"
A Jul 2022
Little girl, little girl
Little girl so empathetic
Independent, self sufficient
Way before an adolescent
Little girl...
Little girl taken for granted
Little girl holding the weight of the entire ******* world
And I don't know how she could manage
Little girl can keep a hold of her composure
Been maturing way before she was adulting
Little girl....
Little intellectual
Potentially a master or professional
I'm talking just as equally intelligent as cynical
This little girl ..
Little girl with an addiction
Always asking all these questions
Little girl gets so conflicted
Cause she finds that she already knew the answers
Now she fed up
Little girl
Little girl you cannot fix what isn't broke
But so determined little girl just won't give up
This little girl...
Existence of human life is derived from living microbes,
Living microbes created from carbon, hydrogen oxygen and other elements from earth’s matter,
Cell development three billion years ago has led to creation and subsistence of plants and animals,
Living ecosystem and animals developed from monkeys to apes,
Evolution of apes to human’s transition has been the most controversial phenomena,

Making brains think of black hole and big bang theories,
Bringing Theory of coexistence and Theory of Evolution in place,
Finding substantial evidence is key to understanding the formation of life,
Where 7 theories on origin of life was initiated,
Biogenesis and abiogenesis became the cult of living hypothesis,

Where DNA and RNA has given the living forms to read the genetic blueprint,
Searching for the new theories of existence and evolution,
Developing new atmosphere in the universe across earth, ocean and sky,
Where each process is dependent on natural existence,
Life is moving with the physicochemistry of biological survival.

By Madhusudan Dabhole
Human Existence
Rama Krsna May 2022
i bow
to the dark one,
hued like the rain bearing cloud,
who adorns this universe as his anklet.

that deep hum,
in the cosmic backdrop
his outgoing breath

dulcet tunes
from his golden flute,
the gravitational field
binding our Milky Way.

salutations to the unborn one,
who’s also the eternally playful one.
karma keeper of the cosmos,
bearer of the mountain of human pain!

© 2022
Inspired by a beautiful painting
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