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Sindi May 25
The tiny boy looked at the tiny tree
And it was big
The tiny tree looked at a tiny building
And it was huge
Tiny building looked at the tiny ocean
And it was large
The tiny ocean looked at the tiny space
And it was gigantic
The tiny earth looked at the tiny universe
And said it was enormous
7 billion super ****
i wonder too about all this
my idle mind goes into overdrive
i think of the 7 billion humans
the ruling elite may or may not **** off
leaving just 500 million left alive
they don’t need our taxes
i was thinking 'sensibly' how they would do this?
a virus is too iffy
nukes too destructive/radioactive
how about sending unmanned space probes
to asteroids with spare engines
put the engines on the rocks and fly them to earth
all gps guided
either say the rocks are for mining for recourses
or just use them as a weapon to **** 7 billion
my idle mind lol...
My vivid dream 28th Feb 2020

Since the perception of time, ancient malevolent entities; have been filling our souls with 'want'.
Collectively this 'want' forms the material world, which serves to suppress the inner spark; the energy contained within the human soul.

Good souls gradually struggle free from the confines of 'want' or the material world, thus releasing and returning the inner spark to the origin of light.

Dark souls remain in the material world reborn and the 'Dark-echo' continues to expand the physical universe, thus slowly terraforming the multiverse into a single living entity

Dark matter is the fabric of life, and the womb of the dark soul.

The origin of light is a place of contentment beyond the perception of any fearful, material being; clinging to mortality.

That's why freeing oneself from the confines of the material world, and returning to the 'origin of light, is a leap of faith.
The multiverse, explained to me in a dream.
yann Mar 1
i love you i love you i love you
i both want to kiss you goodbye and wish you the best day after day,
want you to find your purpose and reach your dreams and shower you in gifts all the way,
i wish i could see you grow and love and marry a man and have a family,
i want to let you fly, i wanna make you fly,
i wanna slip in your bed and not leave until my body's decided it's enough,
wanna kiss you hello and wish you goodnight,
i didn't know love could be this way
until we made it so.
Fireflies Feb 7
To be loved when its not convinient
To be loved for the hand gestures made when i talk about the netflix show i just got into
To be loved for the way i part my hair
To be loved for making a joke with the waiter
To be loved for taking the long route to get you a coffee
To be loved for being vulnerable
Oh to be loved for the smallest things and the big ones blindly.
Yazad Tafti Dec 2020
it hadn't been since aunt martha gave me the gift of a warm cinnamon  hinted hot chocolate on that brisk winter day, had I felt such warmth from a kind hearted soul...hands heated, warm ceramic reviving my icicle ******* (slow) blood flow

the cinnamon sparkle that gleamed and aromatized my gibbous eyes giving me a sense of acknowledgement
helping me to reach a state of full illumination
emit unprecedented light

such kindness and welcoming feelings
Wonka had encouraged me this way as I chewed my way through his half eaten golden ticket
a delightful treat but my taste buds hadn't treated it toooo delightfully

thank you for giving me your time and many thanks for permitting me to give you mine

the best part of my day is seeing you

and if i ever said i wasted it away....
out of the 7 billion people (1000 i really know)
                 i chose
                            to waste it away
                                                            ­  you.


citronella and sit down with me cinderella
***** whooooo ya babbbyyy
Matthew Harlovic Dec 2020
big wig thin skin

© Matthew Harlovic
Traveler Nov 2020
The limitless lacks the limited
To exist
The limited fears sudden death
To resist
This extended isolation
Has its consolations

Proto intelligence
In every molecule

Cell walls
Of ethnic solitude

Reptilian brain stems
Conflicting  hemispheres

From the Big Bang
On passed Shakespeare

Is a wonderful nightmare
Traveler Tim

It’s turtle all the way up
and all the way down
ce-walalang Nov 2020 weekday wake-up calls monotonic wardrobe the smell of coffee blank spaces conversing chairs and empty benches long walks midnights back porch poetry and sonnets sunday morning bike rides gloomy days days without plans days with random plans stillness and invisibility taking chances gestures big and small love languages and unintentional kindness the right song at the right time words spoken and unspoken
...and to all i forgot to thank
...thank you.
thank you
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