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Äŧül Jan 2020
I break hearts in this journey
But I am not proud of being a vandal
And I do not do it wantonly
My HP Poem #1823
©Atul Kaushal
Jodie-Elaine Mar 2019
Tyrant vandal Belly buttons born from tongue toy hammer whack shameless pantomime gold-digger jezebel ***** archetype bad product off food witchy fingers green fluorescent pink yellow ray of backwards twist mother truckers flat wheel tyre engine fire engine whoop weep tear tears down ripped up feeling face straight up to ceiling baby crib our tired little limbs break against the tide I want to swim away from here place island Caribbean holiday at Christmas I don’t want to be here when I get back lead trail hike walk up the stairs followed my shadow tie me up to lamppost dead flowers bouquet take give taker giver relationship spit out the blues by Benny and The Jets riddle saxophonists up walls and silly laughter clown faces you are a good morning stream streamer party thrower down sink lob me up pipes plumber broken loo place to sit and ponder on my **** think too many faces cherub fat little smile me a river bend down here we build a fort like kids and you’re home for ***** sake safety traffic cone orange still scares me to death bobby pins left on windowsills I chuck the memory out back it makes me sick pummel the cheekbones down flat face two face baby feet get into bins bin trash bag split when I picked it up I’m covered in rotten courgetti hipster you’re a stinking mess I hate your stupid shoes walk in a straight line you drunken ******* skip home with me hop scotch decanter glass slips off side crash pop Rice Krispy cereal noise white noise rain playlist through the walls
I push through in pure stubbornness
leave us be
lots of love,
Manipulated stream of consciousness poem from the 'PERFORMANCE ARTIST POETRY...' collection.
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
How dare you
How dare you reduce me to rage
White hot and safe
Safe for my plate
From which I consume mounds of animosity
For the atrocity
For on that afternoon
I died
And I'm still not alive
Because of you
Because you were mine
You were my lover
My thief
My vandal
You robbed my heart
But then plundered my dignity
And pillaged my sou
It's a painful to shame to have to hold this close
Ted Apr 2018
Graffiti itched in stone,
A hearts message known,
Forever love will have a home.
Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2016
Vandals you shout as you see us at work,
The angle you take is we're nothing but dirt,
Scrooling on trains and destroying the world,
Nothing but low life's, no life and no girl,
We gamble it all over tracks of electric,
No end to the madness our minds are eccentric,
Street fame is addictive, we're displaced by addiction,
Emotion on canvas through conviction of spray,
Devotion and planning are needless to say,
We open our hearts and bleed colours on walls,
For the whole world to enjoy but still we are fools?
Paint's my companion, my love and my vice,
Expression of self for her I could die!
She's my shrink and my doctor a habitual high,
My only regret - painting out of the lines!
misplacedpens Sep 2015
i live
for messages strangers leave
on sidewalks
i love
hearts carved into wood
names and dates
that may no longer mean anything

we leave a little piece of our souls
everywhere we go
words i left on a bridge in my hometown
"love a little"
"the stars in my eyes were only a reflection of the fire in yours"
"i pray you see me in your dreams"
Frank Ruland Oct 2014
Hellraising was my first occupation,
and then I let the Devil step in.

— The End —