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Mandii Morbid Jan 31
I have lost many and gained nothing in my kingdom of ice and hate. Succession to the throne would merely seal my fate.
You can't love, you can't dare show weakness or they will descend upon you like flies to the dead.
There are those who once bowed in reverence that would gladly take your head.

I sit and play this game, a game of blood and war.
There are days I start to forget what it all has been for.
We serve them pawns of flesh and they sing songs of sorrow.
Mourning the dead can wait till tomorrow.

I count the days until I may see your face again.
I wonder yet, if you will forgive me, my greatest sin.
Will you hold me once more in your warm embrace?
Will you smile at me despite the pain you face?

If I could rip out this heart,
show you it beats only for you.
Would you tear it apart?
Or could we start anew?

Until I sit upon the throne, I can never truly atone.
You will never be free from winter's grip.
I cannot afford to slip.

To become what I despise,
I must play into their game of lies.
Become the King they want of me.
So I can drown them in their treachery.

When that day comes, my love, I can finally set you free.
This was actually loosely based on a character I developed for a story. I was writing in his perspective.
sushii Jan 31
Shall one dare to raise the question,
"What is the legitimacy of His Majesty's ruling?"
One would surely be relieved of their head.

'Tis alright, however, since there is still freedom.

"What such freedom exists, when one cannot question another?"

Much freedom still exists in other aspects, so fear not, ignorant one.

Anyways, you should have no reason to question His rule,
For you have served this kingdom well, my feigning innocence.
You, sir, have done wondrously in raising your sword to the enemy.

"But, Father, if I may interject, how come I do not feel free?"

You swore your blood and marrow to the wealth of His Majesty,
And now one such as you dares to raise that prickling question?
You shall have your freedom in due time, my withered husk.

"Father, who is the Majesty?"

You do not ask of the King's personal affairs.

"But, respectfully, I do want to know who it is I am fighting for."

You are fighting on the behalf of our country, for the greater good.

"Father, that does not answer my question. Who is he?"

Fine, my woeful son--do you wish to know who the King is?
He is standing right in front of you,

And he orders your execution.
I once ruled a small kingdom…
I was lord; and I was free.

But as I looked out over the land
From atop my royal throne  
I saw no nobles, no knights,
No clergy, no servants…

I had, finally, risen to power,
But now everyone was gone –
Mysteriously vanished,
As the children of Hamelin.

So, there I was, alone;
And the silence haunted me…
Inspired by David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement address at Kenyon College.
after she left
their old king bed
became his lonely place
he was crowned king
over something he never wanted
when the witch from the forest
paid him a visit
in his crumbling palace
he only wanted one thing
he demanded sleep
every morning
and every night
he stayed up
into the night
constantly thinking
of her
his dreams
were the only place
he could see his queen
touch her
kiss her
make love to her
his dreams
were the only place
he felt
again ⠀⠀⠀

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
And yet again
I hear that familiar melody
running through
my ears.
it brings me tears.
I close
my eyes
and take a listen,
to the music
that brings me to a
whole new kingdom.
But it's
nothing special
playing that music.
It's just a piano
that sounds so fantastic.
How much I love the piano...
Firejewel123 Jan 15
You have created a throne,
made of paper and glass,
of lies and diluted facts.
So sturdy on the outside,
but still so fragile on the inside.

Your crown,
was it made of glass too?
Or is that merely,
a trick of the eyes?

You rule over a world,
that prays for your downfall,
undermining your work,
and sneering down at your lows.
Waiting for the moment,
that your paper throne falls.

When will they decide,
to stop waiting?
When will they decide,
to come for the head,
that the glass crown rests on?

What will you do?
You are nothing,
but a boy king,
a child majesty.

They will come for your blood,
for your throne,
for your crown.

But do not worry.

You will not have to wait for long.

After all,
papaer is only so strong,
and glass so sturdy.
Here concludes my first poem! :0 Hope you like it!
If the sun is the crown of the earth,
Pridefully raising life,
From the comfort stillness of sleep,
Then I am a second born moon-
No heir to the throne.

I slip by the day sky like jealousy,
To only move oceans as teardrops,
Aching from a dream.
Written July 9th, 2016. Read a
notebook of mine and fell in love with a few oldies.
clever Jan 10
you can't build a kingdom with someone who still wants attention from the village
all i wanted to do was make you a king, but i don't think you realized i was a queen from the start.
Pounce now.
Trap your prey
In jowls of fanged, dangerous mercy.
It's brutal.
Yet a kindness.
Your coat of reflection,
And piercing blue eyes of trepidation,
And legs of boundless lightning
With a voice of deep white thunder.
The envy of it all.
You stalk and watch,
and sing
Such a song.
A calling.
Calling to home.
Lost in the snow
To the ***** eye,
But not lost at all.
The cold greets you.
Like you, sweet and cruel.
Take form.
Take chase.
Claim the Winter Kingdom to rule.
Wolves are royalty in their own right
Vexren4000 Jan 3
A soul sent back,
To the kingdom of some god,
If a heart wishes for salvation,
Upon a bed of death,
Then mayhaps that heart will go,
To where the mind wishes it would.

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