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Annalise Jan 1
Climbing clouds on calamitous clouds
Which break underneath my feet.
Feat of power feast of kings
Milking blood from the plump vine discrete.
They tear man from limb and brother
For judges to goblet just few.
How was anyone to know
I reach for the smaller of the two.
Ja-Lynn Nicole May 2022
To My Kingdom Spouse:

I want your love
healthy and black
I promise to reflect it

give me your heart
and I'll keep it safe
I promise never to neglect it

I want to love you
in a way that makes doubting God

you can come to me
I promise to be responsible

with your secrets
I'm not playing games
baby, I am for real

I am yours today and forever more
with an oath to God
I'll seal the deal

under one condition
that you'll be only mine
and I'll be only yours

well stand under an open heaven
open windows
and open doors

For generations
our children will recall
the love we shared

they will know the truth
that the same type of love
can also be theirs

To my Kingdom Spouse. Here is a letter. I hope you love it. Lets build a love that last throughout generations. You and Me. Imperfect yet choosing to love one another over and over again.
Steve Page May 2022
don’t look at me like I don’t belong,
like me and my kind ain’t full welcome

We're all immigrants, no-one's born in this kingdom,
We’ve got the same grace-rights, as full-fledged citizens

We've each got eternal leave to remain
and have done since the day we came

We have full access, we're all V-I-Ps,
us and the King, we’re real family

me and mine are all around His manor,
if you don’t like it, take it to Father.
reading about diversity in church - in God's Kingdom, we are either all immigrant or none
selina Feb 2022
achilles, you already know i cannot stand it
but the crowds will wish for you to wear red—
dark chiton and leather sandals always enticed them
especially with a corinthian helm on your head

your father will ask you to wear royal purple
for you are heir and will be given his golden crown
that image of power was never what you have wanted
but i know you will be hesitant to let your father down

your mother will give you silks of homely blue
reminiscent of younger ages, gentler days, calmer seas
but tonight is a war gathering, a call to arms and action
i fear that your image may appear too soft, too weak

your advisor will suggest a certain shade of pale yellow
with hopes that you catch attention like apollo's sun
but you have despised attention since your birth
i know you would rather drown than choose that one

your cousin will offer a chiton of sage green
she will say it is time for spring and to begin anew
but people will perceive poison, green screams envy
i know wearing that is something you will rue

achilles, if you ask, then i will answer
and i will ask you to don robes of white
i will ask you to give the crowds a reminder of peace
of another age and simpler times

i ask you to wear white for the young ones
who will grow, attached to you like vines
i hope you will remind phthia of innocence
and the importance of fighting to preserve life

achilles, i am sure you already know
my words will not change your mind
if you have already chosen what to wear
wear it, and don't think twice

i trust you, and i trust your judgment
i trust your wisdom and your courage
i trust your hope in winning this war
and i pray to the gods that you never lose it
Julia Celine Oct 2021
Somewhere in the madness, basking in the summer heat
I wish I knew the castles that would crumble at your feet
‘Cause when it’s cold here, I’m a soldier, getting too used to defeat
What a silly, helpless fool, remembering a time when I was queen
hazem al jaber Jul 2021
Honey's kingdom ...

between your ******* ...
let me there ...
to smell ...
the most sweetness aroma ...
of you ...
just there ...
let me live ...
forever ...
so long ...
with the lust ....
that i seek for ,,,
and waiting for ...
so long years ...

between yours...
let me...
set up my kingdom ...
to plant ...
All my flags...
to live there ...
at yours ...
as we were ...
into our paradise ...
while no there ...
times ...
nor days and night ...
only me and you ...
and the honey ...
of yours ...

sweetheart ...
into your honey's kingdom ...
let me be ...

hazem al ...
Nigdaw Jul 2021
I have built this temple
I have mounted this throne
made myself ruler
of a cold empty world
passed my own laws
that I flout everyday
for mine is the glory
of my special way
I have been left deprived
of love and affection
now I give myself
everything never left wanting
you can enter this realm
maybe sit yourself down
I need someone to polish
my oversized crown
Ylzm Apr 2021
Today is the third Day
Even as everyday is Sabbath
When the Son rose, the world
received the promised Ghost

      First of firstfruit blessed
         day after the Seven
         when it was still dark
      And the kingdom came
         day after Seven Sevens
         yet hidden to this day

For a week, Israel wandered
For a week, bread is unleavened
Evening of the Seventh approaches, fast
But time shall divide, till not one is lost
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