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Maybe your tongue could be my own
Maybe your teeth are the mirror I’ve been fearing this whole time
Maybe your mouth is where I want to hide forever
Or maybe I want to be trapped within your mind

Maybe I want to see you from the inside
Not hearing what you have to say
But really see you from the inside
In a Jonah sort of way

Maybe I want mine to be your body
Incessant movement where one cannot tell
Where you begin and where I end

Maybe I don’t want it to ever end
Maybe it scares me if it never ends
Will it never end? Or more importantly, will it even start?
B D Caissie Aug 23
With each day I tread carefully and each day my foot winds up in my mouth...
you can taste the pain I swallowed on the roof of my mouth
I remember the night covering us like a blanket
and the sun shining light to all of our mistakes
I remember your shirt hanging off my shoulder
and the way it looked on another naive stranger, she wore it well
I remember the scent it carried, the scent of you and me
who am I without this longing that wears the shape of you?
c Aug 11
You make me afraid to say no
By putting words in my mouth
That don’t belong
Until I’m choking
On the words
You want to hear
Lip Dip Paint
One Two
Lip Dip Pain
Three Four
Lip Dip Pai
Five Six
Lip Dip Pa
Seven Eight
Lip Dip P
Nine Ten
Lip Di
Eleven Twelve

Necrosis of the teeth
the bone becomes brittle
limping with sore feet
the jaw shatters
sores line the throat
mouth only of gums
blood starts to flow
only holes left to tongue
red seeps out the mouth
doctors say this must be syphilis
Oh God, it hurts
to work for greed so villainous

Lip D
One Two
Three Four
Five Six
Seven Eight

Nine Ten

Another girl in the ground again

Eleven Twelve

It's safe, don't you want to
Anastasia Jul 13
my heart is alive
it's hurting so very sweetly
with the taste of you

how lovely it burns
I miss the taste of your mouth
while the day goes by

sharpie on my skin
i want to write my words on
your flesh so gently

i can try harder
but words don't do you justice
I wish you were mine
An old horse smiles behind my mouth.
Scars of time hang from its gums.
Physical renditions of the ticking hand,
Going around the sun,
Beating down,
Weighing down.
Anika Nelson Jun 26
I wonder what would happen if I called you...
I wonder what you're doing;
I wonder if you've even thought of me recently;
I wonder if you've found someone new;
I wonder how your family is;
I wonder if our love has been completely forgotten;
I wonder what would happen if I called you...
Anastasia Jun 19
i think it burns
like ice on my bare flesh
bare bodies
covered in floral mesh
skin to skin
i want to let you in
god this euphoria is filling me up
only you can melt this first over my eyes
only you can keep me warm at night
a taste of you
i've never wanted anything more
obsession has never been so decadent
just soft feelings are filling my head
warm like to our mouth
sweet like you too
c.b. ❤
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