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The skin on the tip
of my tongue
has long since
peeled away
due to the sour
things you put
in my mouth.
My darling boy, my blazing maiden.
I shall dine on a field of daffodils, and my heart will rise. We will beat beneath the sky of lightest azure, in a sea of golden white. I will kiss your mouth with the fruit of raspberry, to light you in the form of wildest scarlet - my blood will boil on your youthful skin, stained now for ever. As we muddle our hands and eyes, the great stars will rise and with their rising wake from seas the dragons of our dreams. We will watch as they explode in bright cover of the moon; their divine shapes will crash and break and silence the world.
Let us be one with our vision, let us ease our minds.
Amanda Sep 12
I would tell me a joke but don't think I can laugh
Do not wanna waste a punchline
Open my mouth and hear my voice
The words spoken aren't mine
Syllables beyond recognition
Fail to accurately recite
The sentences arranged within
Speech not coming out right
Overlapping ideas in my brain
Equal a blurry picture
I guess depression plus memory loss
Makes for a terrible mixture
They don't mix well
North Fires Aug 9
maybe if I learn how to keep
my mouth shut
I’ll finally be happy.
Mitch Prax Jul 27
Your lips-
the doorway to that special place
I have made my home.
There's nowhere I feel safer than
beneath the roof of your tongue,
within the walls of your mouth.
We store our treasured memories
in the attic and
house the butterflies in the basement.
At last,
I am home.
Ann Pedone Jul 24
We have survived the
Storm of falling
In love the smell
Of apple and lilies and
Brown sugar fresh
On your mouth and you
Asleep there is
Something blooming in the
Sweet moss of your hips
Wet with patience and wild
Joy that is your body
Made new in love the last
Of night’s
Milky fingers I pull the sheets
Up to your shoulders
And dream
We are
Young again
Just a little before dusk
Maria Etre Jul 20
I have learned that no one can keep a secret
because I always find it hitting me from another mouth
Savio Fonseca Jul 11
Last Night We Escaped,
to a far away Place.
To be on Our Own
and have our Own Space.
As I played My Tongue,
inside Her Mouth.
I Rolled in a few Kisses,
from Her North to Her South.
I stroked Her Silky Body
and relieved all Her Pain.
She Moaned and Whispered,
"Once more, Again."
I kept feeding Her Passion
and all that She Desired.
Kissing Her every Piece,
from the Talent I had Acquired.
My fingers have tasted the moon, and my mouth is sealed with hyacinth
Whiter than the skin of pomegranate stars purify with bitter herbs, set alight by the bright face of morn
World's light membrane burns on drought, for our milk tears are insufficient to cleanse and make it whole
Poetic T Jun 20
If I had a penny
for all the lies
                  you told.

I'd melt them down,
   and shoot you in
the knee cap...

Who says pennies are worthless...
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