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CEFord 4d
This winter, I find myself raw,
chapped and tender like the skin
of my over-chewed bottom lip.

My mouth is always the one
that takes the most damage.
I catch myself on my front two teeth,
both with cracks on the side
from where my face kissed
the floors of roller skating rinks
and the frame of my grandparents' bed.

The help me bite my tongue
in moments of assurance
and bite my lip
when I falter under the weight
of my own name.

I am not a carnivore, nor someone
who wants to take you in,
and scrape the meat from your bones.

I'm a woman, with pink gums
and a sharp tongue that stabs me
in the roof of my mouth
and hurts me more than any of the hands
that have ever struck my face.

It's not because I'm weak or submissive,
I'm callow still,
constantly falling in love with
every person I touch,
not yet cultivated enough
to give them the words
I once promised.
Winters are always about peeling skin from your mouth and writing poetry.
Abby M Dec 2
Is a common turtle really different from a crab?
They both make their ways slowly, across the dirt and sand.
The mouth and claw don't differ much in ways they're used to grab.
Could a common turtle really be a green-shelled crab?
Hunter Green Nov 19
Why couldn’t I find home in you?
These parts of you I will never get back,
All the colors that rush through your head and eyes,
Your distinct and special parts that make you enough.
I wish my passion and desire for meaning weren’t so rough.
I feel like just
                          closing my eyes,
                                                    pluggin­g my ears,
                                                           ­                  covering my mouth.

I would rather shut out the reality of the pain you and I have been through,
and experience my heart of dreams

                                                          and places I’ll never go to again,

my home I may never find.

I hate that I couldn’t let you in?
I hate that I felt lost with you?
I hate that my mind won’t agree with my heart.

You are an artist and you create the most beautiful expressions,
You’re quite brilliant,
You light up the whole world with your honest kindness,

At times I know I didn’t deserve these godly reflections.
So WHY did you feel I was the right one?
WHY have you only captured my heart when I don’t have you within arms reach,
I know it’s Because My Mind is let loose and it finds ideals to grab onto and leach.
when mouth can't talk anymore
but tears fall down
it doesnt mean you are sad
but it means you are crying
Alexander Foe Oct 29
Golden brown, a lush trickle
Flows like curly, hanging moss
That tells its own story.

The creepers latch tightly, before two caverns
Black contours surround them
Darkness in the caverns, out flies an angelic flare
Into the wild.

Mountain peak rises, a ridge
It supports a twin fork crown
Down below, it gallantly holds a steed down

Red rivers, a soft powder
Decorates the salient structure
It shines and draws an infectious smile
Raising my ears and lifts my eyes.
I felt enchanted by a recent photograph of a person's beauty and decided to write this little poem about it. However, I think the universality of the description can allow anyone to appreciate the descriptions here based on whoever they imagine.
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