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Viktoriia Jun 10
you have it,
the most beautiful.
most envied,
most divine,
and even in a room
that's filled with lookalikes
you'll always be the most,
the most, the most -
a priceless treasure.
and maybe it's okay
to only be alive
through other people's eyes,
but someone's always lurking
just outside the frame -
a new obsession, waiting to be found.
most envied,
yet most hated.
there you have it,
the most unloved.
Safana Apr 18
Bamboo sticks will never bend.
Bamboo sticks will never break.
Bending down is a moringer stick.
Breaking down is for dry moringer.

The book should be judged by its contents.
The heart will never be defined by its face.
Open the roof and see inside.
And open the door to see the house.

Read the contents of the book before going on.
Read the heart, then accept the face's smile.
Find the building before opening its roof.
Knock at the door before opening the house.

Why will the judge just judge the book by its cover?

Learn it before attacking.
Well, reason before rumour.
Wash your mouth and chew the words.

Attacking before learning is ignorance.
Rumour before reasoning is illiteracy.
Remember, your mouth is odorous.

Wash it again and again and again.
Prince Adam Zango
The Star
Bea Rae Feb 9
Withered and broken

I long to be the flower

Blossoming with ease
Chelsea Quigley Nov 2023
Her lips,
Are mine.
Her eyes,

I think of her all the time.

She listens to my voice,
Her smile,
So nice.

But to my surprise,
She laughs with another.

My heart
Is torn,
Pushed down in the gutter.

Sharing happiness with others,
Is beyond my advice.
As this rachet jealousy
Is burning like spice.

But one can only learn,
For she knows I am right.
This poem is about extreme jealousy that one may experience while in a relationship. This poem is quite personal to me as my past partner did exhibit the details I have explained above in the poem. Please do enjoy, and if you can relate to this, I am truly sorry and stay strong, always.
Khoisan Oct 2023
We were once in love
It's  hard to fathom those winds
rage has no compass.
Murakami Jul 2023
i see the way she looks at me
i wish i knew before
the praise was too sweet,
too humble.

the guilt was decadent
and so she tattled.
to brag, to show,
to relate;
to wear my skin.

she crawled under us,
wrapped around you,
and you followed,
craving venom.

it stings: the bite, the envy,
and the way you looked at her.
Man Jun 2023
Grieving the living,
Envying the dead,
This world is one
That will **** with your head.

And like amber,
Time here will harden you.
But leave a beauteous soul.
As a hunk of coal,
They will burn you
And chide, as you go up in smoke.
Ronna M Tacud Jun 2023
Wipe those ***** on your mouth.
Bitter people will always be entitled.
Envy, that's what you feel right now.
The worst is you keep eating it all.
How fool are you?

And to you my friend,
You always idolise your best of friends.
Aren't you worried about something you don't know?
The rope you keep pulling on is the one who cut you slowly.
Do you think you deserve it?
Well, Indeed!
You deserve what you tolerated my friend.

Ohh! Look at those best of friends.
The one is pulling her up while the other one is cutting her down.
How shameful are they?
Ahhh! I really enjoyed their fake laughs.
It makes me shivered!
How fool are they?

© Unatnat03
Zywa May 2023
Always just joy and happiness
would be boring, but what can I
know about something that doesn't occur?

It would also be unfair, indeed
unbearable, if fairy tales
could be real

I don't begrudge my friends anything
as long as we go well together
and they don't flaunt

their children
being in the clover
or other prosperity

I avoid neighbours and colleagues
who like to brag about
additions and gadgets

I can miss those things
but Gladstone Gander's certainty
that there will always be enough

the blessing of good fortune
I would like to have that
And therein lies the seed

the seed of my envy
my greed, so that I can show
that I am blessed
Evil Fairy: Envy (out of the need to have a blessed life yourself)

About greed: poem "Evil Boss" (see May 21st)

Collection "Mastress"
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