Khaniek 3d

Seeing where the world ends and where it should begin,
caught up in what was instead of what is.

Craving sweet nothings and empty promises just to make the  day lighter.

Wanting the lies, just to be comforted enough to sleep through one
Knowing the truth and ignoring it for the a pleasure that will soon disappear..  too soon.

Lost in a paradise created by envy and greed, selfishly separating myself but staying close enough to fuel the fire, accepting the warmth it creates , but still so cold.

Living in a time where everything is a game and everyone is in a hurry, no can be trusted and your bestfriend is the one plotting your demise.

Sweet revenge on my tongue, the bittersweet taste of loving what's wrong.

you're forced to admit that you are your worst days.

spew your entrails into the sink --
a tar-black witches' brew of wrath.
you'll choke, spitting spite. it burns
when hearts and stomachs wrench alike.

so this is what it feels like to be contaminated.
your veins ache
and the blood's on your hands
before you've even made a move.

her happiness
really brings out
the colour of your eyes.
she'll never deserve it like you do.

hello. you have something i want. it's infuriating
L S O 5d

Before the dawn, when I wake up
You're sound asleep, got no makeup
I look at you, I always do
You've got it all, but you've got no clue

Your quietness and mystery
And your unspoken history
Your calm demeanor, golden voice
A level head above the noise

Always on point, there's no excess
The words you say, the way you dress
No awkward move, no big disgrace
You've got all that and a pretty face

Your worst is better than my best
And if I could make one request
Don't smile at me, 'cause when you do
It breaks my heart and makes me blue

Don't want to hate you, never will
You do no wrong, yet hurt me still
You're everything he wants, you see
And all I ever want to be.

Stormy 5d

Friend, do not envy the perfect
Because in order to achieve perfection
You must first live feeling that you need to be perfect
Just to be good enough
Which has never been worth it

When I can't accept a compliment, not because I don't believe it, but because getting to where I am wasn't worth the accompanying self-loathing.

into the abyss of envy he
it gobbled him down in its

the desire to be the class
tormented his resentment

they of quills superb of
outshone the poseur's paltry

he hankered for what they
yet alas his penning so bad in

at espying their brilliance of
the ground swallowed him up as a

jealousy he'd never ever
of the green hue there'd be a lasting

She was mad because when I scribbled
they called it art

Guden Nov 10

There's a rock
In the ocean
Which I envy,
It's like a tombstone.
A rock that's not always covered
By the Pacific ocean,
It plays with the motion
Of the waves,
Holding its breath
When the water comes,
Like a child going through a tunnel.
Life grows on the rock,
Kelp that help
Holding to the smallest cracks,
Like a bumblebee
Trapped in a web
Heating up in the sun.

My soul separates from my being when you are not with me
when you hug another my heart faints, falling deep down my guts
something start stopping me from breathing

I can't think straight at any given time
I am volatile to my own expressions
My emotions can not be contained within me

My mind needs to be set off from my deepest worries

Somethings jealousy can kill a man, Most especially an insecure  man
Val roxas Oct 30

Everyone disagree
Of an alchemy
My lullaby's full of mystery
My mysterious apostrophe.
I'm hungry.

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