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enn 3d
step up
your *******

i can see
through the
that you
hide inside
of your heart.

don't you dare
get mad
at me,
for your envy
is as ugly
as your
egoistic bruise.

i won't
hesitate to
switch things up,
you underground,
with me
up above.
Inspired by Ariana Grande's "Positions."
BSween Oct 12
Looking down
A spent ******
On the ground,
Giving appropriate gut
Reaction of disgust;
Youths can’t control their lust.
As you consider the preface to
Your dawn discovery
(Made on your everyday
Medial life constitutional).
You remember
Two lovers who
Were careless -
Because young love always is.
mark soltero Oct 12
strolling the candescent street
they don’t make me feel like a creep
my scent has you saturating
with me it’s only me penetrating
that place you really wanted to show me
last week
won’t you just lie in my face
everything i do makes me weak
i find myself fighting
my others
they’re whisperings cloud me with envy
you’re too lovely
some things in this world are god given
they’re given as gifts
but your sorrowing lies pity me
Mrs. Envy is always troubled of her guilty pleasures,
Her enduring romance with emotions never ceases to die.
She needs to step out of her comfort zone,
She needs to face the world as it is.
mark soltero Sep 29
searching for a door
to the forest
i can’t seem to find the way
the crickets echoing cry
can be heard in the halls of this sprawl
what will become of me?
is the envisioning of the murky waters
behind the woods going to give way or
will we ever overcome the weight of the greed around us?
will the pits filled with cellophane and bisphenol break hold of gravity
can the earth fall to the bottom of the universe?
will we feel the blow of the astronomical damage that we have done?
can the money you paid to wipe away your sins truly be forgotten of?
when the world begets its metamorphosis
to the hell it’s always meant to become
you won’t see me
your money will be gone
i’ve always been meant to see the inferno
but this is your doing not mine
Kai Sep 6
Eyes beaming to boisterous belly laughs of old friends-
pursuing painted sunsets and cold winds.
Made me feel like a man, from your alcohol and wine.
She said, “where were you when I wasn’t fine?”

Deluded her with my plausible lies, truth be told-
You were forgotten, but I’m not your foe.
Is he a better charmer whose eyes light up your den?
Lost a good friend, cause’ I left for some men.
Oh, how foolish I was, I cried more than I could chew.
Truth is I am not a man without you.
I hope your best friend is better than what I could have become.
Spadille Aug 27
I envy those who have found there passion
I envy those who are drunk with passion
It makes me wander into space
As uncertainty circles around me
As I grow sceptical about achieving it
This thing , that thing
We're never satisfied
When shall we ever let it go?

More this, more that
We never get enough
Why can't we ever let it go?

You've got just one life
Learn to enjoy it
Worry about nothing

I just have one wish
Just one wish
Knowing what you have is more than gold

Jealousy and envy
Choking our daily lives
Why give it the way to be so?

Want what your friend have
Neglecting what you have
Why don't you value what's your own?

We all have something
Be content with yours
And worry about nothing

I just have one wish
Just one wish
That you know what you have is more than gold

Be content with what you have
Alex Aug 18
Cabin on the forest,
The snow of winter starts to fall,
When you're gullible enough,
You think anyone too,
Good conversations,
Red wine,
and invisible envious smile,
When you're oblivious,
Something waits for you,
Red lips lie,
Ax to grind,
And when it's too late,
To take a hint,
You'll have the same fate,
On the skeleton hidden under floorboards.
Marian Solis Aug 15
He is my sun and I am but a wild flower:
A beauty from a little, insipid race.
Loosing my chance to be noticed,
For there are better flowers than me.

He is my sun and I am but a flower
I live from the light of his at day;
Shiver from the dark when he is away
With this fragile, ephemeral body.

He is my sun and I am but a flower
I envy the clouds for they are always together
With my dearest sun that I fancy above all
And here I am, rooted still on the ground.

He is my sun and I am but a flower
Cursed to gaze at him from birth to death
Until I bow my bald head on my grave
And drop my last, unobtrusive petal.
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