in the realm of man, beauty is a weapon that maims everyone within its reach… and ends up killing the one who wields it…
A rapacious hand that collects
Often begets
Success can be a double edged sword.
You worked hard, are at the top
and yet, people hate you.
Why can't we enjoy
success without
the need of
Haters will hate. But the people of the past will work harder to destroy you.
I wish people would push others, not tear people down.
There's room for everyone, right? Or is it just me being naive?
Just wishful thinking?
I don't know.
Be back soon.
Lyn xxx
Anshara Jun 13
Pure and true; wings of innocence
Everything new and no clue
Different paths; right and wrong
Fall, get up and fall again.

Tainted wings; sins reveal
Chaste and veracious; demon's mate
Sins of the past uncover themselves
Guitly freed and angelic punished.

Pride, envy, greed, wrath, gluttony and lust
Distract the youth; the devil conquers
Deadly as they sound, but easy to follow
Contract signed? Sacrifice is yours.

"I'm sorry, forgive me" shouldn't be heard
Every string is now with someone else
Don't run away, don't hide; face and cope
All's too bad, but it's too sweet;
It's too EVIL...
Hey guys here I am with another of my poems.. Hope you all like it.
It's inspired from BTS's album Wings..
Listen to it if you guys are interested in Kpop! It's beautiful.. Don't forget to read some of the theories too... It will make you think about it all the time!

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Thank you.

Why do I do this, why do I care?
Why am I watching that girl over there?
Eyes buried deep,
into her hair.  
The sun does reflect,
a shining glare.
I can see it in her eyes.
The beauty within is sure to surprise.
But the time has come where my eyes can only strive,
strive to see her unleavened beauty.
But it is my duty to stand up and leave,
because beauty that perfect is sure to deceive.
Madisen Kuhn Jun 8
i am envious
of what you have,
but not
of who you are

it withers me

instead of watching
your garden grow, even if
i find it
utterly dull;

i should start digging up
the earth in my own,
neglected plot

and observe
what becomes
I often find myself wanting what someone else has, especially if I feel they are "unworthy." I wrote this to express that feeling and attempt to correct + redirect my negative, unhealthy thoughts. Why not give all that energy and attention to my craft and see what grows?
Lyn-Purcell Jun 3
We all have that desire
to climb high.

High enough to touch
the Heavens who watch
us through the stars.

High enough to look
down, admiring how
we got to that height,
with all the twists and
turns, stumbles, pauses
and falls.

Some have the chance of
being above the rest
earlier than many.

Those ones usually get drunk
on the power of being above,
never below. The head and
not the tail.

Their egos swell and all they
see, hear, touch and smell
are themselves.

I know because so many have
looked down on me from
above. And you know
what, I smile.

For one thing, you don't
know what sort of moral
compromises they made to
get to where they
are, which is why
I don't envy them.

Or if I do feel any slightly
envious, it's only for
a moment.

But one thing that I've
realised is that those who
get to the top, who look down
on me, who knock off the
crowns of arising kings
and queens.

Can't see what's above their own heads
and just as easily, they can crash and
This poem in particular is something I've been telling real good friends of mine for years. I realised this early and I've witnessed it first hand. At that moment, I didn't really feel envious for what people have. Although, I can't deny that I do feel slightly envious of what people do. Travelling, seeing the world, not having to worry about finances. They're stable. If I ever envy anyone, this is why.

I don't envy celebrities. I don't know what sort of sacrifice they made to get to where there are. There's no profit in gaining this world at the cost of my own soul. Not worth it at all. I won't whore myself in anyway just to get a piece of fame. I believe that if I work hard, and with a lil luck, some hope and determination, it will come my way eventually. I'm not racing with anyone. I won't compete with anyone. I know better than that. I'm not perfect, I know that. So? I'm human just like you. I will mess up along the way. It's fact.
I won't pretend I'm something greater, knowing my flaws and faults.

Anyway, thank you everyone for all the love and kind comments.
You're all amazing!
Be back soon!
Lyn x
Tony Cortez May 27
My mind
A battleground
A war of raging atrocities
Killing in the name of control
Desperate to fill in the numbness

My Heart
A gentle giant
Amputated at the waist
Half a heart, half hollow
Ugly and terrifying a barren wasteland
Is the place living within the beats

The Dark incarnate
Split in half
Between two brothers selfish in there needs
A mask of a person hiding in the empty shell that I am

All together
A disaster, barely human
Meant to go through a continuous cycle
Of envy and destruction
A monster playing human
A man without a heart
A boy that's afraid of the world
A spawn of serpents
Searching for a new hope
An end to his beginning
He is
meg May 24
Blue is my favorite color,
but it used to be yellow.
I stopped liking it because
there was too much blue,
and I stood out like god damn
ray of sunshine.
That scared me.

I didn’t like how
every person
had a blue shimmer
in their eyes
and I didn’t.
That scared me.

So, I liked blue.
I loved blue.
Hypnotized by it
because it was easy
to like something
that was so persistent.

And I wasn’t mad at yellow.
We just got distant.
We met now and again.
But it wasn’t the same…

And then, someone else liked yellow.
I never realized
how much I loved it.

Then the yellow and blue
came together.
They made a mess
called green.
I was green,
envious of
of myself.

God knows
I’m Jackson Pollock.
I’ve always thrown my emotions
at blank canvases
I like to call my former selves.

I’m Van Gogh ‘cause I believe
that in the starry night
you will always find protection,
but you will be your own protection.
Your emotions will feel like hell,
but your hell is eventually home.

I am da Vinci
because my eyes
follow everything I miss.
Everything I tried
so desperately to keep.
The shadows
walking away
and into the light.
My grandfather.

And I know I can’t make
you feel something
you haven’t
experienced yourself,
but blue hurts.
Blues all over the world burn.
They infest your mind.
They rip you apart.
They throw molten lava
at your heart.

Yellow was
the happiness.
You missed it.
I missed it.

How the weight of the world
slipped off of my skin,
tattooed itself onto my hands
as a reminder of the things
I have suffered from.

You can’t talk
about the pain.
‘Cause people say,
its complaining.
It brings up their past.

Talk about it.
Talk to me.
‘Cause I want to know
what demons
we all have.
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