blue and white
cast upon you
like rice at a wedding
they follow
but how to ward them?
when you ache
and plead
with yourself
your empty bank account,
for something you find beautiful
in another
yes, the evil eyes are always watching
they are yours.
this was for a prompt where you didn't name the seven deadly sins, so this one can have every adjective but the word envy. I chose the evil eye, because that represents the stain jealousy casts on others.
Born into a shell they tell me its called skin!
huh? what is this skin I am in?
and why can't I get out???

Born into this shell of skin
and all I want is out
to fucking scream
to shout at
the hilltops

this life feels like a
Raunchy Disease.
I will break this shell
when your trapped and no matter what you do
where you go
what you may be
who you do
who you are is all pent up
tangled and bent
this poem is about
A Feb 13
Lust is for the weak of body,
Wrath is for the weak of control,
Pride is for the weak of mind,
Gluttony is for the weak of soul.

Greed is for those who want more,
Sloth is for those who want less,
Envy is for those who want all.

Those are the seven sins, the sins
That break souls like a bug underfoot,
The sins that are uneasy to break,
Even when all your heart's at stake.
Each line has seven words.
Jessy Feb 12
I want her pin-straight hair
I want her sun-kissed skin
I want her piercing blue eyes
I want her little button nose
I want her plump lips
I want her long legs
I want her skinny arms
I want her flat stomach
I want her round bum
I want her curvy hips

I want to have his money
I want to live in his house
I want to be in his family
I want to have his car

I want their confidence
I want their fierceness
I want their self-love
I want their happiness

I want to look just like her
I want to live his luxurious life
I want to have their personality
Umi Feb 8
What might it be that doesn't let me compete to three verses ?
Perhaps it is that I tend to write longer poems, perhaps the lengh
shouldn't matter so much as the message is carried through.
From mind to heart, then to ones soul I try to reach out with no goal.
Yet am beaten, brought back down, by three verses which show up
with such malice, ominous, threatful aura, they have approached me.
I pretend not to mind, I pretend not to have seen it, yet the simple,
silly, broken stream in my thoughts has already engaged it.
So that it once again, cannot repress, envy on such a level.
My writing style might have been through changes, might have
come to a disliking to those who prefer a clear, structured, yet well
recorded, beautiful and magnificent rhyme pattern.
That should surely catch one's eye, perhaps fill them with glee and
bliss, happy thoughts that they would miss once they are gone.
But no, I cannot turn, this path was chosen, locked, destined to be
walked upon on an journey which has become endless, by time
which had stopped passing anymore.
So now it became unrecognised, forgotten, left in an abyss without
any light to expose it to the world outside my head.
Such is the fate, which I will gladly bear with, for this, has been
a  route, from which I learn and educate.
So go ahead, you can take my flame thrice, even if I might not be
able to burn this image into your eyes, this ember, about to go out
from the cold, windy, airless area, will only burn brighter.
As it rises from the ashes and yet again, goes ablaze

~ Umi
What am I feeling?
It is... something weird.
It feels like, something's wrong,
It's me, Just being jealous.

Do I have the right?
To feel it that way?
Yes, I think so,
But stopping you, I think not.

It seems natural,
Anyone would feel the same.
Seeing the one they love,
Being with others, enjoying their time.

Here I am, watching you two,
While being fun, while teasing each other.
I can't help it, I feel lonely,
Just by looking, looking at you.

I wish that it is I,
The one that you are happy with.
I wish that was I,
The person that you are laughing with.

With every smile and laugh you do,
I still feel happy.
Even though it feels like,
A knife through my chest.

Again, do I have the right?
Or it just seems offhand?
I don't know what's right,
Or maybe, nothing was really right.
CHC||I love you <3
The flash caught your attention.
And I squeezed the phone within my palms and prayed you wouldn't look at me.
Were they Grey? or Gray?
Maybe they were the oceans that drowned the sky or maybe it was only me that plunged into the depths of lust? Or envy?
What's between my legs doesn't define what's between my rib cage or what's between my ears.
And I prayed you wouldn't approach me.
The color of what used to be dismal fall.
It bounced in waves around you--complimenting the Oceans you weighed on me.
And I was lost. Or caught like the seal in the jaws of an orca. I held my own but couldn't escape.
I stumbled over mountains to answer the question I barely heard.
The sweating technology between my thumbs peeked into the light.
I still couldn't pry the words from my own useless lips so I showed you instead.
And there You were.
Little love for all type of poem i guess. Im back too I guess.
Wonder if I'm any better or just about the same. XD
Daniel Magner Jan 29
I'm envious of playing cards,
played according to the game,
unashamed for following the rules.
The suites mix seamlessly,
pressed together to make the deck.
When they're drawn up
they're played immediately,
know their fate
when their face meets the light.
Then they lay discarded for awhile,  
before being shuffled up,
and brought back to life.
Daniel Magner 2018
Kyle Hackley Jan 28

I can’t thank you enough.
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