Scarlett 20h

i follow the the misty pathway
in the hopes that it will lead me to you
my internal compass
forget true north
it only points to you
a direction i have carved into my mind
like the hearts that teenage lovers
carve into trees

What is love....
Is it only a feeling
Or is it a flight?
Does it really heal your wounds
Or you just lose your own sight!?
How do I know if I am in love.....
Does it knocks on the door
And says hiee?
Or simply keeps a tucked in note
And leaves without even a goodbye?!
Are you my love....
Do you make me feel like I am in heaven
And take me onto our cloud nine?
Or just give me a tight cozy hug
Even when you know things are not fine?!
Is this love....
When you suddenly bend down to kiss
My forehead while we talk?!
Or you just hold my hand while crossing roads
When we go on a long long walk?!

Viany 7d

We're just young lovers...
                         with old soulful hearts

What you are is breath taking
slowly I lose my grounds
when you are with me time stop
Thing go smooth like ice melting in the sun
I want to talk with you
I want to say something
but i don't know the right words
I don't want to make a fool of myself

I don't want to lost my breath

you make me go


Looking out
Eivram Pons Sep 9

when we love someone,
we give our hearts away.
to those who aren't fortune's favored,
their hearts are taken permanently.
but the heart we can reform,
and reform,
and reform, again and again,
but after a while, we forget how the genuine one feels like,
and all we are left with is the shadow of what used to be.

As I walk
upon the
rain fills the
with endless
rivers, the
people I
of words,
I pause,
as a tear
the oceans
of eyes
In this
of paradise,
of their
I close
my eyes,
wishing to
under the
until the
end of
this chest,
a lighthouse
the hearts
of the
I awaken,
and see
a reflection
within the
glass of
a secluded
a man
falls to
the ground
with his
upon the
his dew
Is mine,
her dew
Is mine,
Is the
cries of
my soul,
and so,
I open
my hands,
and cradle
the warmth
of this love
as a birthplace
of healing,
the sun
upon the
I enter
the train
with the
upon the
to return

Carm Cerdan Sep 8

when we break, sometimes we scatter
and that's okay.
what's not okay is
that we often forget
we have the power
the ability
to heal
and mend broken bones
and broken hearts
and broken souls.
it may
never be back to what it was before,
but will be
what it was meant to be all this time.

- stronger

posting an old poem i wrote a couple of months back for it seems fitting. i've been going through a writer's block. :( any suggestions how to get over it?
Mister J Sep 3

As the sun chases the moon in perpetual cycle,
As the ocean currents swirl in endless uncertainty;
As the winds come and go to wherever it pleases,
So does the heart changes its color constantly.

The young heart opens up like a flower in spring,
Gentle yet cautious, budding yet reluctant;
Love nourishes it like mild rays of sunlight,
Like an innocent child, forgiving and repentant.

As the days go by the heart slowly blooms,
Nurtured by love and care, by trust and faith;
With emotions growing in each passing moment,
The heart takes you deeper in its natural state.

When summer arrives, the heart becomes passionate,
As torrid as the scorching sun, driven and consumed;
Like a flower standing gloriously, beautiful and lively,
With all doubts and hindrances, all barriers removed.

Love is at its strongest yet most vulnerable phase,
Raging like a dangerous storm on a path of destruction;
When passion can inflict a wound with one wrong step,
Everything starts to fall, piece by piece into abolition.

Like the leaves of a tree shedding in autumn,
Hands slowly slipping, Love barely breathing;
The heart rapidly descending into paranoia,
shrouded in fear, in weakness and uneasy feelings.

Then the storms come to topple what was left,
The heart in a whirlwind of emotional disarray;
Which is why men has also called  the autumn ‘fall’,
because love falls, turning to animosity, hate and dismay.

Winter knocks at the doors of a cold heart,
Where it is on its deepest, most isolated chapter;
Where bitterness stings the like an unbearable venom,
the heart frozen in pain, growing ruthless and harder.

As the darkness creeps in, seeping through the walls,
The cold air suffocating, the temperature intolerable;
The snow growing thicker in the absence of warmth,
The heart stands still, its walls becoming unbreakable.

But amidst all the angst and the sorrows one bears,
The seeds of hope will never leave the young heart;
It wouldn’t abandon those who love purely and faithfully,
And it opens the heart once again for a brand new start.

Like the seasons of the year the heart needs change,
From passion to bitterness, from uncertainty to trust;
Like a rose in the middle of a garden, it needs to endure,
The changing phases of life, to learn and adapt, it must.

One day, the young heart will learn and mature,
Stronger and more passionate than it ever will be;
Then and there, God will grant it the love it yearns,
For it has learned to sacrifice and love unconditionally.

These are the different facets of the human heart,
Like the changing tides, it shifts and morphs suddenly;
It is wild, full of life and hope, like an untamed lion,
And it loves fiercely, unpredictable, and passionately.

Love naturally comes in a flash of light,
so one must learn to endure its sudden impact;
That's why the heart must change repeatedly,
To prepare it for uncertainty, not to be pushed back.

Old write. Enjoy :)
Pamela Rae Sep 3

In these trying, tumultuous times
where so many are left in shreds
wondering when or if
they will rebuild
not only their homes
but their hearts, their lives, their sanity of self
within their own heads--
all I can do is send out my love
my prayers, remit what little monetary help
I can spare
and continue with this ardent prayer:

Dear God, dear Angels, Dear Universe of all,
Please help those who are crying out,
please heed their call--
unite with love from all around
and bless these multitudes seeking higher ground--
show them the love and mercy and blessings
you've always shown me
help them to find their way, to somehow be free
of the pain and fear that plagues so many now
and bring them peace and safety and good health somehow
for those suffering not just in our country,
but also those living afar
need your blessed help and guidance wherever they are --
So please, I'm on my knees fervently pleading
stop the pain and suffering,
stop all the bleeding
and bring back the joy and love
of our beautiful mother earth too
for in restoring this planet with love
perhaps all this turmoil and strife will finally
be through.

©Pamela Rae 09.03.2017

Watching all the suffering not just in the Houston area, but all over the globe brings such a heartache into my soul and all I know to do
is to pray, to believe that somehow
our dear god and angels and universe will come through
and help all of us to see that our beautiful mother earth
needs to be loved and nurtured
just as much as we humans and all animals do.
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