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preston Aug 24

You've made yourself  miniscule ..

in order to fit in to my Bloodstream
You are unsure..  not knowing

That there is a  chamber  within me
that has been carved out   solely

     for you--

The warmth of blood-flow,  caressing;
Bathing,  the you that feels you can't..

  That feels  there isn't..

That believes  there can never be
  A Home such as this--

       .. for you ;;
Residing, in the central part
    of me.

Alone  in the  chamber
  of your room..
You can't understand  why

things are different,  now;
..Why  everything you do

and everything  you say

   Feels so incredibly,,

   Incredibly  Warm

yeah..   Warm..

I believed your
heart was holy
every kiss
you gave
was heavenly
I forgot I had a mind
I forgot about the tornado inside
I forgot who I was
I consumed hearts I shouldn’t have
Including my own
I got lost in the chaos
The demons took over
The storm wouldn’t pass
**** yourself, go die, why are you here?
The voices screamed
I felt paralyzed
My voice disappeared
My body motionless
If words could ****
I’d already be dead
Cloudburst, downpour let it touch down, top down.

Make tears of the clouds wash off negativity till infinity.

Flush away diseases in the life's systems.

Let it fall top downpour vaccine, ignite the  machine.

peace Earth pleases hearts. 💕
A darky rain set.
Andrew Jan 1
How many words
and verses
can someone use,
about the one
they thought
they would never lose

If they only knew
how much I’ve written,
would it change
the way they would listen

I write
from my heart,
from the angel
who touched us
to the devil
who tore us apart

We shared the innocence
that you once had,
for me to come along
to scoop it all up
and make it so bad

If not today
then one day
I’ll make the amends,
so hopefully after that
we can become good friends
Real life
Andrew Dec 2022
I’m sorry
that day I stopped by
I’m sorry
You caught my eye
I’m sorry
I didn’t let you fly
I’m sorry
I came back to try
even when your bother
asked me why
And I’m sorry
I didn’t leave you alone
just to say goodbye
Andrew Dec 2022
I found you
As a friend
Took you
By the hand
We both
Got ******
Lost you
In the wind
My poor
little head
Went round
The ******* bend
How I met, my broken heart! It’s all true like everything I write and I thought it was quite funny.  Sorry for the swearing.
Andrew Dec 2022
To see your face
To feel your skin
To hear your voice
With a tear
I listen out
In this empty place
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