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all day and night occurs
only by your face
night at you dark hair
day at your face
that is bright
like the sun rays
sundown when it draws
the hair of red lines
like your cheeks colors

the light rays as your teeth
when they appear in great smile
asking God to stay forever
spreading every doubt and fear

the plants that carry green
appear at your eyes
telling everyone
the life is good for creatures

when i see you
i hate every moment i dislike
the life gut now i like
everyone even my enemies

peace upon you
peace and be the sign
that good face
may reflect peace
even only one self

that is mine
who can say
i can dance and fly
only when i hear news
telling you get all happiness
bye and not bye

as i know you deserve to be queen
of kind and mercy of hearts
every woman have good spirit and kind  heart. if she could reflect that kindness, it will get great smart
the corona threatened

the time was red

the hearts were downed

at bottom of covered

that fear with filled
fear from everything, touch, breath . that is not good
Well I guess people aren't that bad,
Maybe I was just meeting the wrong ones or maybe I was taking them so serious that I forgot there exist some right ones.
Well I hope it doesn't restrict just to social media and its counterparts,
and people stays the same giving hearts and helping those who are in holes of rats,
and not poking and mocking with their hated darts.
Wrote it few minutes ago while thinking hearts that people give each other on social media and all the good talk and dm.
cyrene 3d
Dancing to the tunes of electric
grooving hand in hand
plastering skin to skin
one in touch,
one in soul.

Feelings tangle
with heart beating
like two bodies as one.
Pages hanging on
By a breadth of
A mere molecule
Paper hearts
And discarded minds
Holding on to life
By a brief tether
By auspicious grim.
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Krish R 5d
Walking i am  
the path of crazy times,
Strolling under
fullmoon's brightness,
To escape this
shade of darkness,
All the wrong places
looking for Happiness.

Being alone
always I liked,
These are the times
of a monster COVID,
It is not the Corona
I am so scared,
Getting hurt again
that of I am afraid .

Forgotton I have the
touch of tenderness .
Stomach I search for
feel of butterflies.
Here I go again
looking for warmness.
Only to find
all the broken hearts.
Afloat in the loveless void of space loving a soul that bleeds  of slithering in solitude.

Accross the allevation of what the soul seeks among the hearts that no longer beat,

I managed to stumble upon a heart that beats,

Never knew what to give for that graceful heart, for all i knew was dull and dark.

Wish i had a rhythm to realign but then i realized i had no voice.

Wondered if could shine to catch her eyes then i have light.

Wish i had a fragrance to frantically Flirt yet then i knew no flowers bloom in space.

So i stand right here in the astral space in a distant place where she ll never know that i ever existed.
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Mitch Prax May 14
This heart
beats in silence
but then I met you
and now it can't
stop singing.
Gara May 9
we were lost;
whispered secrets
upon the stars,
aching hearts
guiding us.
i wish our paths would cross again, someday.
people possess three things in life:
a shield, a heart, and a dagger

a shield for the logic,
a heart for the soul,
a dagger forged by the strength of emotion,
unbeknownst to many about its origin.

people used these three things,
a dagger to protect oneself from this cruel world,
a heart to beat its rhythm of existence,
and a shield to ward off the weapon from wounding and distorting a heart.

why do we need a dagger?
it takes two to tango,
it takes chaos to begin chaos.

people wander relentlessly,
breathing, and existing and loving,
until a dagger pierces through,
leaving an open wound,
and a weapon sharpened.

little do we know,
the closer the proximity,
the more ideal love gets,
the lesser we see it coming,
the lesser we forget,
a shield is used to protect a soft, beating creature.

from an open wound,
and sharp weapon,
the cycle of chaos arise,
few people heal,
multifolds stab another heart,
"perhaps there will always be another heart to break."

one polished its shield very well;
the logic and knowledge
choked a heart to non-existence,
there was nothing left to stab,
there was nothing left to feel.

one stood with a wooden shield,
a state of balance within,
of calm and chaos and fear
to wound and lose its heart,
and be forced to survive with a dagger.

the pandemic goes on,
perhaps only until the daggers cease to exist,
soft creatures cannot battle with a heartless one,
it can only tame a while, until it becomes distorted and heartless too.

the pandemic weakens
when a wounded heart heals,
not because of the shield,
not because of time itself,
but because it's a wonder: some hearts can never be irreparably broken.

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