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High on a Mountain
Far Away
Hearts on Fire
As they Pray
All they Perceive
Even Dream
Of Peace and Love
For You and Me.

My Heart in this Moment.
When the Moon loves the Sun

The Eclipse of Hearts start

When the Sun loves the Moon

Love is always in Bloom

One Love!

DLR & ?
Romantic Notion  eh?  Dreaming!
J J Jun 16
Heaven and hell twirl like see-moss
Embalmed into an eternal possession,
Hearts mark themselves deep then bare to rot;
You can undo love but never obsession.
Neither romantic nor ******
In my arms she
Feels so peaceful
And she's never alone
A love so deep and always true and
Her worries all fade away
And every moment we're together
Our love grows stronger now and forever
And she'll never be alone
I'll always be hear to hands with you.
Our Beating Heart's ❣️❣️
I wanna feel her heart
Beating inside my heart forever.
Inside Our Hearts ❤️❤️
Nao Mar 8
Your fingers make their way in my mouth, wrapped in my tongue like a gift, digging my waist and softly ripping appart my psyche.
I am unwell for you, too ripe and too ready,
The sweet ache of my teeth holding down my pleas makes itself known
What is love if not ruin
There's warmth in our love
And smile in our touch
These colours
Are you and me

With hearts in full flight
The moon, the stars deep in the night
These colours
Are you and me.

(c) Debra Lea Ryan
3rd Poem/Words of 1st Concept Album Project
leeaaun Nov 2023
just because
i like winter
it doesn't mean
i like people with cold hearts
leeaaun Nov 2023
I was on a journey to find my core,
Through heartaches deep, in search of something true.
A soul adrift, emotions all askew,
In quest of worth, I longed for something more.

Through winding paths where shadows seemed to creep,
I sought for treasures in life's vast array,
Yet each pursuit left me in disarray,
As yearning eyes welled up with tears to weep.

In the final dusk, clarity emerged,
A whisper soft, a truth that set me free.
The love of Allah, a balm, a key,
Now, in His grace, my troubled heart has surged.

Remembrance of what's vital, pure release,
In His love, my soul finds lasting peace.
The lesson I learned in pursuit of importance, our hearts misled,
Messing the threads of truth, chasing illusions we bred.

If you inquire of true remembrance,
I'd share the extract—life's secret recipe.
Remembrance, a tapestry woven in the mind,
Threads of cherished moments, in our hearts entwined.
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