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دema 1d
What is so bad about reality, conversations and confrontations?
Why can't you ever seem to mix these together?
How am I supposed to know what is so good about us,
if I can't even find the truth, the words and your heart?
CMS 1d
Promises and hearts
Frail and fragile they are just
Made to be broken
misha 4d
i took breathing for granted
until the day you stole the
air from my lungs,

i took it for granted until
my ribs became steel traps
caging me in captive
like a threat to itself

there's nights i'll wake up
gasping in the heat of fire,
choking in the smoke and
begging for sweet oxygen.

not long ago i could breathe
without giving a thought
and the only thing that
feels right is when i cry
and what love of of red, pink
and white that you gave me
is now clear and transparent

i've gotten used to breathing
in the world this way without
your heartbeat in sync with mine

but now it's beating with the
monsters within the wall

it's beating with the monsters
within me
don't keep your feelings, thoughts and tears inside of you, but let them flow because you are meant to be noticed and heard.
winter is coming
as the unforgiving frost creeps in
freezing over
already stone-cold hearts.
any tears
rolling down your porcelain cheeks
will become icily fixed in place.
any recollection
of even the slightest warmth
turns bitter
as the colors begin to fade,
and even the reddest of roses
will turn blue, too.
sushii 5d
i'd like to order
six million sets of
hats, coats, dresses, skirts, shirts, and shoes.

i'd like to sing
six million songs
to six million children.

i'd like to bake
six million cakes
to feed those who had to starve.

i'd like to hold
six thousand hands
for all those who didn't have support before.

i'd like for all of us to hold the memory
of over six million hearts,
of over six million lives,
of over six million experiences.

i'd like us all to remember

all of the suffering
these beautiful people
had to endure.
Daksh 5d
As the truth unfolds,
Our love turned out to be a mold
And with each others's blood
We crafted new hearts.
misha 6d
these days
if a man is
caring and
brings his girl
always above
is a luxury

but what
people in
this century
forgot is that
it should be
a standard
all girls are goddesses, embrace yourself and respect yourself and then let someone else do it
misha 6d
stop looking
in the mirror
at your imperfections

don't look at your
acne scars
or if you don't
like your nose
or the color
of your eyes

but let's look
at that breathtaking
smile you have,
the amazing
personality you

and how
special you
are because
you are different
from everyone else
you are beautiful no matter what you think or what anyone else says
We started with sweet,
sensual exchange of words.
But instead of ending up
under the sheets,
we ended up with broken hearts.
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