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Jade C Oct 2
lately the borders of my body have been disintegrating
an autumnal death of barriers
which once protected me
now that trap me

wildflowers that have avoided
seasonal maintenance
beautiful skeletons fill a meadow

how a wearing a binder has
given me breath
the compression of my chest
a dam lifted on the stream of
my self

queerness is wind
it sweeps and swirls
contorts and propels me forward
its as changeable as wildfires
in california
the sky flickers between blue
and orange
like a broken deli sign

to be queer is to reside
in the desert
life trapped in a cactus
snakes dance below and their
singing, rattling
cracks the dirt
we are thirsty and alive

the sunset is euphoria
the day melts every night
and when the sun surrenders
the sky blooms with stars and meteors

i surrender
torch the constructions that limit my being
and in the fire
there is silence
and suddenly

the stars beam and emanate blissful
celestial truth
the truth is fluid and fiery and forceful
Kyle T Sep 22
These youths, they keep me young
I sit and watch them play
They dance before an older soul
In a lovely kind of way

They speak no words to hear
And yet—
Their volume is prodigious
Their eyes see beyond the realms
With deeper intuitions
My first poem to be published here. Wanted to start short and sweet. Thank you.
Joshua Boyd Sep 8
I still see your eyes,
At the cusp of every sunrise.
Vacant as the empty skies

Sometimes I see you wearing white
But who I see cannot be recognized
A twisted image of you imprinted on my mind
I never took the time to get to know you

But I like the image refracted in the mirror
I approach life without the searing pain of regret
Years go by
You drift from sight
But I don't need to go back and change that night

I find my closure in the night's sunrise
I always see your eyes
A poor imitation conjured by my mind.
If you like this poem you can find more from me on Instagram @jbwrites
Amtul Hajra Sep 3
You're alone, but not quite.
I haven't seen you shine brighter than tonight.
You hide behind the veil of the sky at sunrise and sometimes you're so strong that you are visible amongst storms that pass the night.
I'm fixing my hourglass, not sure how to do it yet.
Holding the sand in my palms that doesn't seem to stay at one place.
I want to gift you time
But I guess time's a broken spell now.
All that was never once is all frozen now.
You're just beneath my yellow pillow,
And underneath the golden sun
I'm afraid I will let you fall
But you don't say a word.
Of craters that define you
That sits beautifully over your eyes, carved into your cheeks
And answer what moonlight feels like.
I'm caught up between fixing the hourglass and sending you back home.
But I know if I let you go,
I must stay here as long as I can, holding cherry blossom seeds in my hands.
If your luminescence ever lingers near I shall plant these in your craters.
Let them bloom for me to sit under.
Then you and me,
Shall dream where dreams are made
"Lost among the stars we are,"
Is what I'll only say.
Haley Protega Aug 28
A full Moon on the horizon of a powder-blue sky

The gentle breeze of Dawn passes me by,

caressing my cheeks like a lost lover,

soft as the clouds which in the distance hover.

I turn around, my back to the Moon:

the melody of daybreak begins its silent tune.

The first gossamer threads of Dawn's embrace,

cobwebs of brightness, Light made of lace.

A lonely bird towards the Moon flies,

hoping in vain to stop its goodbyes;

and my romantic soul melancholically sighs,

attempting to imprint the image in my eyes.

As the sunrise ripens, a celestial fruit,

it robs the lunar ambience, grabbing its loot.

And it basks in the riches that it slowly steals,

in brilliant ombre shades, as the Moon - defeated - reels.

The night's companion quietly fades,

ethereal pallor on now greyish shades;

no more powder-blue, grey turns to white -

it's the bed of clouds, prepared for the nightlight.

You've done your job, illuminating the way,

to travellers and dreamers, lest they go astray;

Rest for a while, take a little break,

until Sun retreats - then you can awake'.

The Poets' Lamp, nocturnal glow,

you'll shine again, with stars in tow.
Felicity Smoak Apr 2015
There's something so powerful
about looking up at the night sky
and knowing that
all the mistakes you made
today and yesterday
are gone.

At the end of the day
you are still
a galaxy
a galaxy.

You think your mistakes are big, but they are so so small.
I have removed the multitudes of my humanity
To reveal myself to the cosmos as a celestial entity
A formless being, or merely just a vessel of knowing
Into the myriad of thought, my primordial self is showing
Stream of consciousness
Though you have only been here for a short while,
you’ve shown me a glimpse of your wondrous mind.
You made me see beauty in every speck of every mile,
and I will always compare you to all the beauties I find.
Marion Jul 7
i fall to my knees at his feet with a heavy breath.
i almost feel unworthy.
this person, this man-
he's perfection in flesh and blood.
i feel blessed.
this angel, a saint with flaws, perfect flaws.
i nearly worship him.
godlike, i search his face for signs of light, anything celestial or close to it.
i find them faintly, small, unnoticeable to anyone who's wronged him.
he is perfect, and somehow, he is mine.
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