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Danielle Sep 20
he had a special place in my heart, though he had it all.

As a kid, I admired all the celestial bodies that I can put in pages, I can see how the constellations are connected to my veins and how the moon is shaped like your eyes.

The more I grow older, the further I learn to wander in the garden, a wilderness where the islands haven't been named, parallels have intertwined and orbits that have once collided.

Oceans were calling me to test its depth— the calmness of it reminds me of you, the stillness of it brought terror as the deep waters are not moving. you're a scenery in a post card that I could receive but not enough to love me.
heikkitsh May 11
In realms unseen, where dreams take flight,
Your ethereal beauty shines in the soft moonlight.
You’re a glimpse of heaven’s trace, adorned in grace.
Your aura is an essence to seize.
In awe we stand, mesmerized and pleased.
I loved staring at still stars and the twinkle of their lights
So, she told me, She was a celestial being shining at night
I tried to watch her but she hid behind the rolling clouds
And then she complained, "Can't you see my shine if I'm in a shroud?"
I felt ashamed the moment and promised I'd try
Again she passed by me but I didn't recognize
A meteor shower came that stunned my eyes...

She still asks, "Can't you find where am I?"
And I cowardly reply, your shine is too bright
That I'm even afraid to look at the Sky..!
Sometimes, it's better to put on goggles than to hurt your eyes... Of course by dazzling light...
So we made love and flew up into the sky
Where the clouds caressed our shimmering bodies and the stars welcomed us home.
There we stayed, resting...
In silent ecstasy as the universe pulsated with the heartbeat of every soul
Not a sound was heard
As celestial bodies moved in silent ancient accord...

"It is time," We said... at long last
"To return to that place from long ago
Where all is not as it should be
Where confusion holds
And fear abides."

"We must return there,
To walk amongst those who would know the truth
And tell them of the beauty behind the veil."
I wrote this in April 2016. I don't remember writing it or know where the inspiration came from. The first line of the poem read "never forget this place..."
Jus Jan 16
My love will not falter, will not subside
As deep and as endless as our sky,
I will love you, til all the stars have died

In our own little world, our hearts reside
Souls intertwined beyond our last sigh
My love will not falter, will not subside

Echoes of my heart, entropy defied
No cosmic law shall make it comply,
I will love you, til all the stars have died

Eons will walk but our fire will not abide
As the arrow of time continuously fly,
My love will not falter, will not subside

Lightyears may grew, we'll keep our stride
Unparalleled by the void between you and I,
I will love you, til all the stars have died

As darkness engulfs, lights have dried,
As our time trickles down and end is nigh
My love will not falter, will not subside
I will love you, til all the stars have died.
Danielle Jun 2022
On my exploration, there are still secrets
that kept under my  sleeves; it would be a
twisted knife in my defenseless night.

Between the heaven and sea,
there are traces of him, keeping me
haunted and wandering at it.

Between the orbs and galaxies,
we're building towers,

we're praying and pleading for a myriad miracles,
I nestled gently on his lips,
it was all downhill.
Coleen Mzarriz Mar 2022
In the brooding light, you were formed.
You were born in clouds and dust, and you grew up in the luminous sky.
You were scattered throughout the different parts of the galaxy.
You are trillions of miles away,
yet still visible to the naked eye.

As the star gradually evolves and forms
into different entities,
it is either a planet, an asteroid, or a nebula —
or even just a speck of dust and never formed.

It is also the start of your
long, deep slumber.
While in the intergalactic space in your eyes,
gravity pulls back the gas and forms another one. And the galaxy is bathed in gas.

While you were out of breath, I talked to you.
So you can hear your friend in the dark.
Your death is also the birth of another celestial space.
Between the illustrious energy and gravity's back-and-forth,
recycling gases and turning them into a new form of galaxy,
it is like the way you breathe in and out —
while your eyes are closed.

Did you wear an evening gown?
While the patients here wear something ridiculous, you can't stand it.
So you wore a red dress in your deep, restless sleep.

Tonight, I looked over the moon and remembered you.
They called upon the universe and they gave you space.
You were there, starlike.
I gave you one last message before I turned my back.

I will always put my faith in the phenomenon of celestial space.

Then you held my hand, so slow and weak.

You told me, and I smiled, "In the chaos of everything, I heard you."

And another star exploded, but you lived.
Letting go of old things. I’m back :)
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