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james Oct 9
caught between the sun and the moon
both become lost to me
and i find i am nothing more
than the vast and endless sky inbetween
changed my bio, here's what it used to be
Солта е (гора) иглолистна

Целогодишната истина

Чиито очи цветовете Ти не сменят


Salt is… (a forest) coniferous

Truth perennial

Whose eyes don’t ever shed your colors
silver on gold
Enas Sep 22
She is but stardust

written across the skies

of haze and wanderlust

with wayfarer soul eyes.

Like ultraviolet rays,

she cannot be seen,

she reaches in waves

shinning in dark scenes.

Wish upon her,

this shooting star;

gaze upon her,

a celestial bell jar.
annh Sep 8
Neither to imagine inarticulately the moon,
Nor to articulate unimaginatively the sun,
But to scan the celestial sphere for sublime inspiration: the poet.

‘I think our lives are surely but the dreams
Of spirits, dwelling in the distant spheres,
Who as we die, do one by one awake.’
- Edgar Saltus, Poppies and Mandragora
Laokos Aug 22
torn free from the ground of
pregnant ideas and withered
internal dialogues.

aloof in the face of destiny, crying
for refuge among the disowned,
the dismembered, the disinterested.  i
alone exist in the maelstrom of abstraction
crafted painstakingly through my ages
and seasons.

a mind as sharp as mine
to raise me without feathers
and place me
among the mulch.

i blanket my canvas with
woes and worries alike, neglecting
the foul-mouthed begotten son
arranged among the pillars left standing.

crooked trees and iced stone to
through these ears of clay.  

i miss the days of youthful
ignorance and exuberant hope shot at my
future like a cannon of pride
and confidence.  

today the final summer flowers exhale
notes of sweet becoming, ever mingling
with the hum of nature's eternal embrace.  
the bodies celestial in ambiguity spin and
swirl in irrevocable sincerity.  from rise to
fall, through night and naught, the world
recurs again to weave itself anew.
as i gaze upon the moon
i immediately stare at your face.
i look at you with curiosity
i just can't really spot the difference.
Voyage through time
Infinite, spiritual wander
Passages, fading through space
Symmetry, shaping the constant

A broken ambition
Restored by the
Stars, emanating

A captivating
Scene of celestial
Worlds, separating

Dimensions split apart
Premonitions for art
Reflection equals perception

Face the unknown alone
Transposed become what's shone
Sewn in the fabric of space-time

I can not find
© Subnuba December 2018
Lyrics by Reid Donovan, Adrian Ocaña
From the album “Distant Pixels” by my prog/tech metal band “Subnuba”
Ikigai Poet Jul 13
I am a celestial wanderer,
Rather than a terrestrial one.
-Ikigai Poet
neha Jul 6
celestial ballet
heartstrings tear and dreams fray
a supernova painted across the skies
you only notice her as she dies
Saturn, lonely in
The sky, with her pretty rings
Twinkling in the dark.
Dull but hopeful, dancing in
The night, searching for a light.
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