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ʜAᴋAɱ Apr 27
Is it easy to escape from reality?
That why your hoping someone
Will save you from depths of well.
I saw many things that people dont
Why must I suffer from it?
When the only choice for me
Is to leave and take what ahead of me.
Easy for me to say that but when doing it... nvm.. :))
Ylzm Mar 7
If you're inspired you walk in the sun's light
Why be a mere flickering candle to another
For if the sun's not seen, sight's lacking not light
And even in the darkest night, the moon shines
But truly the consuming sun burns within
seen only with eyes not of flesh
For even the blind in the deepest depths see
CarolineSD Dec 2020
I remember letting my fingers trail through the cool
Surface of the water,
While the canoe
Skimmed and skimmed
Across the inky stillness of the lake.

Quiet and the sun not yet fully risen

Patterns on the water drawn with my fingertips
And then quickly receding
Back to glass

The world above all dawning blue
And the loons
Begin to call

The stars fall back last,
Giving up one by one to the gentle brightening
Of the Adirondack sun.

Still now, I walk with my fingers gliding through the lake,
Grazing the hidden veil.

There is something deeper here.

I reach one hand for the depths and the other holds the shore,
And I am somewhere aching along the surface
In-between them both.
Initially inspired by a memory of when I was very small, canoeing with my dad on one of the lakes in New Hampshire.
KHY Oct 2020
rain bends leafs to their depths
they ring out colour that fills the earths chest
a coat of white on a heap of life
unto death
Mikaela Jade Oct 2020
And now,
I cry...

I cry,
not for all that teeters on the edge of my reality,
awaiting a sigh from the angels of the East...
But for the awakening,
the sweet rebirth,
they have already come to spark with it.

I cry,
saluting the darkness,
for its gift of preSense...
Oh, how I feel me in my dance!

I cry,
In gratitude for my sacred sisters,
gifting and guiding me,
with their instinctual song.

I cry,
because now I've had a taste,
of the release for which I have longed.

I cry,
for all of the moments that have lead me right Here,
in which I finally see...
My Self,
lifted through,
and embracing the mystery.

And oh, how I cry...
In honour and in awe,
in whole-hearted wishing and yearning for,
the blessing of divine and true reflection,
in the women before me,
the women along-side me,
and all the women to come...

I cry,
because I see you Mama...
And I am here with you.
I wrote this poem a while back when I was going through a very rough time ~ swimming through the eerily unknown, or more so the forgotten, spaces within my heart.
Andrew Rueter Sep 2020
Success beckons like a flippant ******
offering pure triumph
the nectar of glory flows in her.
Attempting to approach I find I cannot move.
stagnant hands emerge from the depths grabbing my ankles
looking down I see they're my hands
holding my craven climbers in place
I look back at my arms to see my hands missing
who needs Kurt Angle when I can put myself in an ankle lock?

I've got a hold of me and I won't let go
escape attempts are thwarted by preemptive remorse
plunging me deeper into the depths.
The knobs on my arms can't undo the harm
of the disconnected hands of the ******
that paralytically punish
tools supposed to help me give me a belting
while the lady in red leaves disappointed.

Tired of struggling against myself
my third rate fate accepted
I'm learning to love the view from where my hands plant me
no view of outside
at least I can see a window.
A siren's song echoes in the wilderness distance
beautiful serenades are muffled by walls
muted singing is enjoyed in solitude.

My dismembered hands dig into my brain
until things are rearranged
there's a paradigm shift
a paradox gift
beauty becomes ugly
so no one is above me
I can look in the mirror in the eyes of my peers
and see myself standing alongside them
when they're beauty makes them uglier than me.

They don't know pain
they couldn't understand
plutonium thoughts decay vision
replacing it with radioactive judgment.
I surmise negativity is just part of my personality
I surmise success is a ***** who picks the undeserving more
life goes unexamined
while wondering why insanity swirls.

Nagging depression firmly scratches the back of my brain
all that was avoided punches from the past
an explanation of my condition is given to my mistakes
like a father excusing their son's bad behavior
words fall on deaf ears once deeds have been done

failure doesn't care about my excuses
excuses completing a self-fulfilling prophecy
by hands from the depths burying me stationary.
-elixir- Sep 2020
Don't live to love, love to live.
Said once a wise man who
dwelled in the depths of my soul,
as I threw the blade away.
Laokos Sep 2020
folding the sirens of
eternity in on themselves
as this scant hour
rebuilds its stage
over and
in the light of my eyes

already there is a perception
of being caught
in a loop - of a lesson
playing out
before a malady
of ignorance

i am free to see it
and i am free
to miss it

it is the long
of the breaching
whale - an exchange
of currents for
the transformation of
sky into
ocean depths

it is
hidden union
in transience

in beautiful
Alicia Moore Aug 2020
Most depths have yet to be explored.
The ocean,
the mind,
the wider universe.

Your deepest desires may reside
in the unexposed depths...
Find comfort in the unknown;
Find comfort in the darkness.
Brandon Aug 2020
I want to scream

every neuron in my brain wants to know what you're thinking

and you won't even give me the peace of mind by acknowledging my existence

give me the satisfaction of your attention

let me captivate you with my depths

just let me in with your "hello"
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