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Omarcito Nov 5
In the slew of this trance
Railing across the nights
In shining armor of horror,

Light, something comical, guides me.

          I forgot how to write.
     I have no purpose.

a separation of tied limbs by
Wiley Scientist’s
Churning, clenching, wincing
Burn into my lobe.
Submission to anxiety.

Liberate my shackled mind
From the screeches of Armageddon,
Residing in the Nine Rings of rajas,
The most fruit bearing peninsula of

Tearing through the center of
My pinwheel of paralyzing

      Something reached beyond depths for me.

It, somewhat, portrayed itself,

As Light.
Danica Jul 8
In the depths of my soul, a question does arise.
When will I cease to weave verses about your guise?
For with every breath, your essence fills my pen,
And my words dance in rhythm, again and again.
I'll keep crafting poems about you, night and day.
Man Jun 18
She writes poetry
As though she knows me,
But what a facade
She's really seen.
Only a surface glean.
Calm still water,
Digging below the depths,
Raging saline.
Mark Wanless Oct 2022
with the eagerness
of a cliff dive i plunge to
our depths collective
Madame Vai Mar 2022
Kiss me
Touch me
Love me
Into your view

Delicious scarlet hues

Lets make promises
we won't keep
Smothered together
tangled in sheets

Paint upon my body
a canvas
decorated with tears

Fiery Red
Chilling Blue

A piece of me
silence from you
John McCafferty Jan 2022
This gentle flow takes control with perfect form, dark eyes match and connect in the same breath.
Warmth spreads from head to your *******, lower realms swirl in the depths. Skin glistening.
Bubble up, subtle touch, fingers search inversed.
Would rather tingle your thighs in line with my neck, criss crossed in ****** to snap.
Head tilted back, quiver and spasm as your chasm erupts.
Hushed sighs in a rush collect.
Congruent thoughts mix in our heads, mind *** fulfilled through this text.
Open your legs as your soft lips kiss with delicate sweat, thinking in sync when you stroke the same sense.
All from the chest.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Glenn Currier Aug 2021
Dare I spend my time with you
puncture my soul with your deep breath
feel the pain in your feet
walking the Earth and the universe with such love?

Dare I spend time with you
and risk falling into the abyss of deep sad blue
and losing my self in that fall
all with the chance that I will become
who I was meant to be from the start
of the ***** reaching the ****?

Dare I spend time with you
laying myself out
on the expanse of  your skin
feeling its coarse surface
learning its beautiful layers?

May I have the courage to take this small leap
to find you in the saddest and most joyful places.
If I dare to spend time with you
I will find myself in the strong grasp
of your immense reach.
ryn Jul 2021
There is beauty
in these depths.

But you’d have
to drown
to see it.
No no one Apr 2021
Is it easy to escape from reality?
That why your hoping someone
Will save you from depths of well.
I saw many things that people dont
Why must I suffer from it?
When the only choice for me
Is to leave and take what ahead of me.
Easy for me to say that but when doing it... nvm.. :))
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