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A man and a woman can art
their most secret way through  
from a speck of dust to heaven.

Or they can walk the walks together
living the daily hourglass ever closer.
But only to fall apart in the end
without finding an edge for themselves!

It can do heaven descends in dust
or not even in the gold it's never found.
David 2d
From the first time I saw you,
I've been dazzled in my soul,
you brought the light of truth in my mind,
the hope of a flourishing future
and an everglow of love in my heart.
I no longer felt the sufferings of ****,
but the pleasures of the seventh sky of heaven
and I used to live finally free
from the ignorance and the foolishness of which I was sick.

Everyday is an immense pleasure to talk with you,
your voice fills my heart
and my whole soul with a pure happiness
that words can't touch
and everyday I wait for you to talk to me again,
I wait for the magpie to sing again
and every night, I sit down and I see you,
your sky, your moon, your stars
and the wind that reminds me how big are the time and the space that separate us.
And when leaves roar under your moonlight,
I start to despair, asking to myself if I will ever see you one day,
but if there is a sure thing, if there will ever be another love after this one,
the light that you left inside me will never expire.
Neither wind nor earthquakes nor eruptions will wipe away what you left me,
a dim light, but eternal, with a power that can't belong to this world,
where everything is dust,
where everything flies away,
where everything ends.

Not even when I'll die it will go away,
because love is immortal,
it unites and creates
and you're the proof of it,
everyday I think of you,
everyday I love you.
Sumus System Jan 9
Musty smells and dusty shelves
Many places in the pages
Where to go and what to know
So many choices, echoes of voices

Gentle handling, floorboards rattling
Once was great, now lost to fate
Still treasure inside, their value magnified
Stories of old, worth more than gold
Books are a beautiful thing.
Wynn H Jan 8
I honestly
do not know
what i am
doing anymore...

[feeling lost
  within myself]

Is it worth it?
Will the effort
         be appreciated?

[why am i here?]

Everything seems,
seems to be slipping,
slipping thru my fingers
like the desert sands
which just becomes
dust in the wind,
burning my eyes
& skewing my view

[it really *****
being on the wrong side
of this wall...]
Sitting at work and it just dawned on me...what am i doing and why am i doing it, even at all...i got a wiff of happiness and just as that wiff faded away like most things in life that were never meant to last...too good to be true...not that i want to actually buy into that...why do good thinsg NEVER last?
Özcan Sh Jan 6
A book
Dressed in dust
Torn and old
But the words
Under the cover
Shone bright
Like no other.
Pagan Paul Jan 3
Dust hangs in the still air,
caught by a shaft of light,
shiny sprinkles float serene,
in space a string-less kite.

A particle catches the eye,
playing tai-chi within a ray,
the stationary free dance
of a mote at indulgent play.

© Pagan Paul (25/12/18)
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
I wish there was magic in life
a little spark from a wand
with some spells out of a mouth
for good ones specials around
for bad ones only the drought
a little bit of magic dust
raising you to infinite heights
some Alvens and Ashrays
to play with, in summers heat
salamanders creeping in hallway
helping to keep the house warm
some pixies for autumns and springs
making garlands to beautify everything
Anshara Dec 2018
They say all good things come to an end.
I believe it.
Like, how every time you come to the end of a book, but you don’t want it to end,
But you also don’t want to stop reading it.
Like how beautiful, warm mornings end in cold, dark nights you’re scared of,
But you can’t change the way of nature.
The invincible, blazing flames, burning anyone that’s too close,
Also eventually turns to dust.
Or even the part of a song that, you so want to jam to, comes on just as you’re about to park into the garage,
And you have to bring it to an abrupt stop.
The fun weekends, which you’ve waited for the whole week, ends in just a blink of the eyes,
And you’re still counting the things you didn’t get to do this time too.
Even, how you always whine about your ice-cream playing tricks on you,
Because every time you eat a spoonful, it vanishes in thin air.
Like how your first kiss, young, innocent and pure, made your heart go thump-thump against your chest,
That even I could hear.
Or your steady breathing on my neck as you lie close to me, and gentle mumbling against my skin,
But, you will eventually wake up and it’ll end.
Even the sweet morning kisses all over me, that I love so much, have to stop.
Like how this ****** beautiful 'us' have to.
The you, the me, the us.
The quarrels, the promises, the love.
But, they say all good things come to end.
I believe it. Still.
So. we have to, too.
Because all ends have new beginnings, and not all beginnings are bad, right?
I wish you find your bad, and I mine, so that it wouldn’t end this way.
So now, before you say goodbye, I want you to let go.
Because sometimes, somethings come to an end,
And it’s okay.
vera Dec 2018
i smiled in the face of death. who does he think he is to scare me? i knew his intentions and instead, i reached out and intertwined my fingers with his. the black dust and coal rubbed off on my skin and i felt the friction gaining energy. he looked into my already stone eyes and tried again to get me to fear him. ¨oh death,¨ i chuckled. ¨you cant ever scare me, because im not running from you anymore.¨
flame in a dark pit
rain on a mountain
   in the veins:
one of these days

techno nightmares will break
   analog purity,         of course
      they will but,         then
   you'll have it your way,
where dust becomes you more
than your electric
   dreams,         of course,
you would rather be muted

i won't
For ya, gibs. Gittin goot.
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