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Cole May 2
He speaks of the big bang

And the cosmos, of the stardust tucked gently

Inside us that has resulted after a billion

Steps of Metamorphosis.

I long for these conversations, the pulsing from a natural high.

Another one talks too honestly to me.

Brutal, raw, unforgiving, authentic.

I want to plant my roots inside their beauty and live there

When my mind is soil and the flowers are dying.

They are billions of steps of metamorphosis from star dust.

How shattering to call these beauties, friends!
A gush of wind
Dust rose
From the ground
Eyes blinded
Suffocated  nose
Oxygen, Oxygen
I cried
Deep slumber
They woke up
We can't help you
You die!
Oxygen crisis in hospitals. Corona deaths.
On and off, on and off
It lets out a dusty cough
Old and rusted
Been long since it was dusted
Working all night
It produces light
You're using it to its delight
You used to type on that light box
It's been long since you used him
Yet he refuses to grow dim
It sparks in delight
It won’t give up to this new fight
It shines bright tonight
Raven Feels Apr 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some words turn to dust--no one to understand no one to value on land:\

hold the words save the rush

throw away turn to dust

in a hint an unwarned gush

leave to decay surrender to rust

upon a flash

upon a sleep

in a thousand nights and one they tear

on a heart of gold to dash

on breast to bare

no more they burn they fast

they swear

LC Apr 14
at the end of the afterlife,
when the dust finally settles,
she climbs into a warm bed
made of soft, wispy clouds,
listening to lilting melodies,
from her childhood memories,
falling into a peaceful slumber.
#escapril day 13!
I catch the dust
Flying it up on the paper
Getting throw to be fast
Let it go then after

I draw my feel
Being good on the sketch book
Painting its to be so real
But nobody wants to look

I see myself
In the middle of the sky
Trying to go down
And never try to fly
Indonesia, 14th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Alicia Moore Apr 11
My memoirs are written
in the stripes of dust that
follow behind my celestial ghost.
Cole Apr 11
The world is dangling in your smile,
Come a little closer
I am aching to kiss you and
taste humanity
on your delicate lips.
Oh how I cannot resist
to drench myself
in your sweet nectar,
in your divine soul.
Clasp our hands together
and it will send shivers throughout the
We are the chemicals and
stardust that started
this chaos.
Let's drizzle our love
let the world dangle from
our tooth-faced grins.
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