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Watching you from afar,
You seem like my last love.
Hoping you feel the same,
But you looking other way.
Like the wind,
Like the dust,
I cant catch you..

Believing it's love,
I call it destiny..
In your eyes,
I am living there.
Feeling the void,
When you not there.
But you not feeling the same.

Hold onto me,
Because i am crying,
I can't have you,
So this love is dying.
I guess being stuck in one sided relationship is most killing. When i was so full of him but he is not feeling the same.. So  i guess this is the time when we should part ways for good.
Petrified are the hoppers who fed on all the corn that died
Terrified are the squirrels whose nuts were taken for harvest
Angry are the birds that never seems to stubble upon a worm
Hungry is the cannibal who tore my flesh and drank from my blood stream

The hoppers will cut the dry hay pasture
Squirrels will dig into poultry houses
Birds will fly to were lichen surfaces rocks
But this cannibal will hunger to death 'cause I will return,
dust to dust, ashes to ashes.
I know you are happy torturing me. You rejoice my depression and anxiety but on day when the universe call upon my name,  I will leave you to die of anguish and sorrow. These words are for those that hurts us while we are here, they will suffer when we are gone.
random tears
you show up like *******
figure this out
that’s her pull out the bowl
drink it up
liquid stellar space dust
breaking through the stupidity
laid down like concrete
wrapped around your soul
everyone’s to blame
but your own thoughts
buck up and believe in you
arrived in this stellar situation
what if
you were a dream in another
you were the old soul you thought you were
Skye Nov 6
You were the home
My soul searched for
My heart longed for
My eternity wished for

But you were the dust
Riding along the wind
A song of farewell
A tear of goodbye
you really were. and i wished you still are
erin Oct 18
They took her hand,
picked the flowers from her deep blue hair,
and trampled her to dust.
i wrote this for someone who i want to help but don't know how.
Acina Joy Oct 16
We're all jars of fragile matter, growing stronger to merely turn to dust.
i think i have lost
all my responsibilities
to my dreams.
they drift away at night
upwards towards the sun
towards the light
that burns them to dust
just to be made into
another north star
for me to chase.
i wish responsibilities could disappear and dreams could last forever-
if only.
Via Ricasoli Oct 10
Take a piece of my heart with you
And crush it to dust
That way I’ll die a little
And you’ll scatter fragments of my heart
Around the earth
So that way I can see the world

My being is a little less of a person
Because some of my heart is missing
But I wouldn’t have it any other way
So that a small part of me can be free to wander
While my bones stays chained
To this same old place
Xaela San Oct 5
As time went on, our

story became

nothing but

dust in


Thomas Bodoh Oct 3
A thousand dusty voices
choke out a new song.
Throw sand in the air, watch it fall,
and sometimes it makes a sandcastle.
Hope it doesn’t blind your eyes -
Then you’ll be both
unseeing and unspeaking.
And everyone knows
that you can’t live long like that.
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