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don’t tell me “I love you” ~by Roxanne, for Cyrano~


that’s a verse I’ve heard many too times before,
that’s a curse of low majesty, a quatrain too plain,
if that’s your best sally, retreat, say no more,
too simp verses, or ungolden silences, agents of dissatisfying pain

I need the best of your taste
the finest visions that you eyelids occlude,
make haste for my mouth grows exceedingly
impatient for the other senses to do their tandem wooing

slap only my face with the creature comforts others savor,
words of diamonds and pink pearls mined from your breast,
the bejeweled words that will decorate my evergreen,
that never dies, lest, unless and until,
you want my mortal affection suppressed

give me your linguistic promiscuity, wake me from the stupor
of ordinary, arouse me with thy tongue coiling, a bee sting delivery,
a wet poem that makes all my offices weep, your mouth,
my souls recouper,
your wizardry bewitching,
answer my inquiry with unbounded festivity

then and after all, the plain simplicity of an “I love you,”
will be edged with sublimity, my mercies, your mercies
our jointed, sharp pointy, introverting, interlocking,
our futures becoming
our pasts


I stay by your side, no matter what.
Bongani Sep 9
As i lift my head
Looking ahead
I see my feelings expire
No time
Its too late to inspire my desire
What you did ignited the fire
While im heading down
Cause you are no longer taking me higher
As time goes...
As time goes by
My heart is always by your side. In fact my mind can lying.
Johnny walker Aug 29
I've lived at times a difficult life never always been easy
being abused as a child didn't give me the best upbringing
never had the love
of a
It angers me greatly when hear of people who commit despicable crimes and the experts say oh they came from a poor background absolute utter
You've been treated badly
the last thing you would want Is subject another to same suffering you had suffered they are evil
people simply
I have a twenty year old son
because of his mother's illness I raised him and he's turned out to be the best son one
ever have so kind and helpful totally free from knowing of my own
Äŧül Aug 27
They exploited our traditions,
Divided us on caste lines,
We never wanted those renditions,
They did the dreadful partitions.

The second one was on the map,
Immediate bloodshed had hap,
People woke up from a nap,
They woke up to a gap.

The repercussions’re not eternal,
Time healed the physical wounds,
They somehow got over with it,
Yeah, we moved on over it.

We can’t forget how Sindh was ours,
How the entire Kashmir was ours,
But that was before they came,
Pouring down the mountains like an evil scourge.
My HP Poem #1764
©Atul Kaushal
Karijinbba Aug 26
For living alone
betrayed slandered
and demonized
to my grown kids
by anxient enemies
I blame only me
and tini bit those
who were suposed
to protect me
yet left me behind to learn
my lessons or perish by them

what a cruel world this is
but not all humans are bad
I watch out for entities
-shadow people
I look out for those
good souls today
its a never ending hell
So sad a lesson to learn
and so simple not to err on it
if I can't say anything nice
I say nothing at all
I don't hurt nor provoque
I avoid blaming others
discreetly disclosing culprits
but how where or when

defeat was my own demise
negected to go public on culprit evil deeds
became my own worst enemy
getting often in trouble
because I used to think
everyone was tender
caring sincere loyal
within like I am
Oh foolish thinking!
like a lamb to the
slaughter house was I

the smily wolves my guides!
asleep was I in my pain
for such a long time
a walking phantom was I
phantom of my own opera
little red ridinghood
In a covert battlefield

awareness at last
seemingly has saved me
I am my best friend today
trusting my intuition
reading others
signs and vives
no-one can hurt me
for I can spot a trouble maker
plus read evil intentions
their clues are in the open
just be allert observe
with eyes heart and soul
even their ink isn't quite gold
my enemy hides behind medical masks
to profit from patients death
making it look like an honest medical mistake
its actively happening now
I am in the middle
of such battlefield
armed by lessons past alone
I changed I transformed
my name to Arma turned
meaning weapon
smile shouldn't I?
I was the weapon my true love would need to help him
dig my arma knife
into his slanderer mate
married long
to his wedding band
instead I waIved my right to ****
centensed him to see her huge teeth **** ears black heart
who cursed Mom birthing me

Ah  dentistry is one such
dangerous battlefield I visit
it's hardly regulated
if patients pay cash
they aren't protected
if harm is done
killer dentist aren't
held accountable
by insurances
if they don't disclose
anesthetic overdoses
or poisons used
in any disgraceful event
novocane lidocane
small dose is O key unless allergies exist
it's the overdosed
cocktails that meime
and **** patients
when tiny and larger
hearts stops beating
as gum's vein leading
to heart numbs it

an ER masked evil nurse
soiled my past healthy medical history to read internal ***** failures without a shred of evidence laying the ground work for getting away by presumption
that previous illness existed

Dentist have huge debt to pay
greedy living standards and many are untrustworthy
become killers for hire
wearing dentists masks along with student RNs exercising greed and malice before
patients lives is common
practice here where I survive
no codes of honor respected
no pledge for life of patients required
or is shamelessly ignored
I will travel far
spend hard
for a molars simple filling
after begging strangers
good samaritans of means
for donations to help
save my molar
to pay for private doctors
either that
or die by septisemia
blood poisoning tooth ache infected root canals
or both
but I won't be murdered
for financial ganes
by life insurance scammers
and greedy medical staff

I seem to be surviving
   on borrowed time
G** almighty seems to
protect me though
He knows my heart

"untimely death
overcomes many
but unto me
it cometh not nigh

why RDD Why JPC
I meant no harm to thee
myself or anyone at all
I didn't understand you
Please forgive me

stop thIs sleepery *****
undeserved cursed life
Bless me please.
By Karijinbba
revised 9/13/19
Thanks for reading excerpts from my next memoir surviving in california alone.
city of flips Aug 23
The raindrop whispered to the jasmine,
“Keep me in your heart for ever.”
The jasmine sighed, “Alas,” and dropped to the ground.*

(237 Stray Birds by Rabindranath Tagore.  Rabindranath Tagore was born in Calcutta, India, on May 7, 1861. He is the author of many poetry collections, including Gitanjali: Song Offerings (Macmillan, 1913), which received the Nobel Prize in Literature. He died on August 7, 1941.)



some words of note get overlooked,
their usage to the wayside,
this is life, forever updating its profile


none of us, do not lie,
issue this all encompassing sigh,
this shaded heart rendering, un cri du coeur

this, to remind us:

a single warring word,
falls wounded, forgotten,
telling of impossibilities
lost love, a broken conjunction,
what was that can never be,
what never was and yet not impossible

Alas! Alas!

a single word poem,
that answers so many things,
and still in its regretting
is a niche of untold hopeful perhaps

write me a word like that
your fame, if that’s all you desire,
is assured...

Nat Lipstadt Aug 22
Fool, who do you think you are,
with work a-piled,
bills and papers two stacks deep,
that you could write poetry
while others soundly sleep?

Fool, by what god-given right,
by what impulse idiotic
do you have leave to scribble words
that tarnish the evening, disturb the night?

Fool, what do you think you know,
what voices do you hear,
that raise you up, disturb your flows,
compelling you to write without fear?

Foolish thoughts, ghostly mind noises,
incomplete visions of words unspoken,
“I love you” uttered but once or twice,
and then as just a token, penance for what?

Fool wakes up screaming
“I do do love you,”
but you cannot hear yourself,
cause you confess to caring, lacking

So, lest the world I do wake,
poetry by night, I give and take,
writ in quiet silence, and do not disturb
my hauntings, by it
somewhat soothed, less perturbed

3:00am 8/26/93
**** stuff from my yout
Johnny walker Aug 19
Final Is to me the hardest word I believe one could
ever have to say for final
one word that says It all
no other word
Final the end of all nothing beyond that word will there
be once Its been said and excepted there's no going
So I believe final Is the hardest word to say to me Its says far more than any other word a lot would probably disagree but final Is the hardest word for
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