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hazem al jaber Jul 2021
By decision ...

the dream speech ...
the picture drew ...
as we both needed ...
as we talked ...
don't you remember ...
sweetheart ...

don't you desire ...
to meet me ...
as me talked before ...
to keep all the night ...
at our place ...
among stars ...
to break ...
the silence ...
and the walls of shame...
until we rock the passion ...
by bodies ...
with every part ...
mine and yours ...
to create a universe ...
a different world ...
our own one ...
alone , lonely ...
only me and you ...
all our life ...

don't you desire ...
my love ...
that dream ...
which we both drew ..
together onto that night ...
when we met ...
by our eyes decision ...
with  that silence ...
on that dark night ...
on the light moon ...

don't you ...
please ...
come this night ...

hazem al ...
Tisungeni Mlenga Jul 2021
I realised I wasn't really committed,
I lost focus when you were brought in the picture.
Maybe we should be more like brother and sister,
But Dear Anonymous Girl, my mind is stuck with ya.

I don't know if this is a love song or a poem,
But I hope the rhythms in my heart remind you that I can be your home,
There's a thin line between my life and yours,
They just called that distance "not for long"

I know I'm not the apple of your eye,
Now I understand why I saw my guardian angel cry,
But love is like an ocean that anybody can find,
But you're too special that's why I found your river on the side.

I can't say you are the angel of my heart, but,

Love Yours,
The One who wouldn't break your heart.
Poetry by MAN Dec 2020
I live
Much more I have to give
I write
To set imagination aflight
I feel
A hunger but not for meal
I need
Failures to succeed
I'm still around love y'all!!!
Tonight, let me think of all the worst decisions I’ve made,
of all the wrong people I chose to love,
of all the junk I ate every day,
of all the sleep I lost,
my life was at a bottom cost
yet, I lie here, sleepless, daydreaming,
and *******
oh so far away,
are my heart and soul,
that they’ll never love again.

haripriya S
stashed memories to elude, help me write.
Shadiya Zubair Nov 2020
"I have been the black hole in a
classroom for far too long absorbing
everything but not allowing my
light to escape!"
❣I came across this from a video I came across yesterday.I felt like sharing it here :)❣
I was busy lately because of my classes and exams, its been very long time since I posted something here.Hope you all are doing well!💖🤗
Poetic T Oct 2020
Pushin my baby on the swing each one way,
        Bullets passing the wind not punching
me and my baby. But the fools be running
like they could outrun fate.

They can't escape the crosshairs of
  ill-prepared revenge.  
    Cadavers hit the floor blood outlines
that turn white after they felled.

I kept pushing my youth, hoping
she'd grow to an age where she
           could push her own.

But every day I playing Russian
   roulette with her swinging,
    me pushing her further so that
she's higher than the gunshots

          as they always hitting lower.

Today I was pushing her, she in her nikes,
     swinging her higher than death could
catch her tight grip...

But my neighbor she hanging low, catching
two unfollowed friend requests  flying through
the air, one in the thigh, one between the thoughts,

I kept pushing as her shadow swallowed by her
folding on the floor, her baby swinging slower
but still alive.

         Blue took her to her daddy, hope they
find out who they are as she had more than
           one by another man...

I m still here pushing my baby on a silent playground.
      No one comes here, that's good for me.
   pushing her low as there isn't a problem
of drive-bye byes... No more *******, no one to ****.
                  There is just me and my baby pushing..

Come on baby its time to go home,
                 the road is white, and we aren't
going to our usual place...

R.I.P to those who never didn't do nothing.

Another drive-by, grills smiling as flashes
greeting shaded window frames,
                                          hanging low.
max Sep 2020
I like showing off
1% of what I am
But then
I feel like I gave them too much of me
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