There is a lot

I have to ask for.

A lot I have to pray.

Knowing love is not enough

To live a life.

I’d rather ask for respect.

I’d rather ask for understanding.

I’d rather have a heart that adores me.

I’d rather have a heart that feels my pain.

I’d rather ask for friendship.

I’d rather beg for care.

Love is meant to be all this.

But somehow it isn’t.

Tonight I won’t ask for all

That I have lost to love.

Tonight I won’t ask

For a change of heart, a miracle.

For tonight, sleep will be enough.

Is that too much to ask?

Nihit Bhatia Jan 1

Tonight I will play,
The piano once again,
Just like old times,
How I used to flirt,
With the notes,
Melodies and your heart...

Tonight I will play,
The piano once again,
Just to look at your,
Seducing smile and,
Mischievous laugh,
Which was the best,
Pain relifer for my heart

Tonight I will play,
The piano once again,
Just so that,
I can see you hiding,
Behind the curtains,
As if the sun was,
Playing hide and seek,
With the clouds

Tonight I will play,
The piano once again,
Just so that I can,
Feel your presence,
In the room,
And the memories,
With which I will,
Live till I die....

Based on some wonderful time spent by me and my girlfriend...
lily Dec 2017

i freed my heart
from those high walls
that got taller
when pain savaged through my veins.

i confessed my love
to you
and you left me
in silence.

i break down,
these walls of mine
will collapse
and leave me in surrender.

Celeste Briefs Nov 2017

The whole world is dripping
It is dark
And calm
And peaceful
The World
            Is tipping
Pouring its love
Into the arms
            Of the universe
With eyes the size of
Heavenly bodies
            Connecting the dots
            Singing to me
            Every night in my head
With sleepy eyes
And dreamy mind
I found my way
Into the light of
            Night's mystery
It's far from solved
            I know
            And yet
            I feel
By Night's grace
By the beauty
            of Night's intensifying
It's electricity
            excites me
This mystery
Has not yet been solved
            I know
            And yet
            It has been cracked
Wide open
            A churning
                        golden interior of
glowing, star-like bodies,
stars and galaxies
An electronic,

Paul R Hensley Nov 2017

The angle called to me,
said I have wings for you,

The demon called to me,
said I have chains for you,

Living in a dome,
Imma bout to take this to the dome,
Come to my domain,
Let me change you,
Let me corrupt you,

Come let me serve you,
Give me elegant servants,
Imma put them in my dome with me,

Come sit in my dome with me,
lets watch the sun execute us...

Let us be reborn as one tonight

Confused cause I am
Olympia Nov 2017

Can't sleep
Won't sleep
Knowing you're somewhere else tonight
The way it's always been for the past 10 years
I've learned to walk away before
But you're something different
So now I'm crying over split feelings
And drowning in the thoughts that you used to love me

Dess Ander Nov 2017

I should be asleep by now
But the moon's rays penetrate
The deepest parts of me
Lighting up the whole room
Yet I'm still shrouded in darkness
It's the full moon tonight
I heard strange can things occur
I wish that I was ordinary
Yet I seem to be sensitive
To this magnetic light
I should be asleep by now
I should be asleep by now

David Bojay Nov 2017

to think you know someone

until you have them in your bed all figured out

I look into her eyes
(I hope they never lied)



with nothing to think

and less to say

about how I feel about

(her importance)

Lure Pot Oct 2017

Tonight there're no stars, no moon
in my painful sky
Maybe they're done
talking to me,
caring about me
Because my love is gone!

This darkest night loves me,
loves to make me sad
Maybe night is done
making me sleep,
cooling me down
Because my 'sweet' is gone!

This morning has no flowers
to smell pretty all day
Maybe they're done
making me happy,
captivating me forever
Because my 'sweetie' is gone!

The birdsongs has none left
to give to me for the new day
Maybe they're done
waking me up,
making me ready for the day
Because my 'sweetheart' is gone!

The oceans have no love for me
to make me waves
Maybe they're done
making me dance,
playing waterskiing
Because my 'dream' is gone!

The rain has stopped for me
at this moment
Maybe rain is done
singing for me,
walking with me
Because my 'life' is gone!

Today I have nothing left
to love anymore
Maybe everything is gone
Because my love is done!

Kaija Derycke Oct 2017

I've been tricked
I've been deceived
You see I came here to receive
To bend my mind into willing debate
To wonder and wander
into oblivious state
to roam the street of wicked ways
where i could laugh, and sway away
sway my hips into a trance
Dance with anything
and everything
just by chance

instead Sir, I really must say
you took my morning headache away
and with that the pleasure of the night
when you said
     "My lady,  
       there's no rum.
       No, not Tonight."

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