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Tonight, I went to bed but I wasn’t alone

I made space for the silence

Words you said, but forgot quietly watched over me

Tonight, I went to bed but I wasn’t alone

And while the moon shivered, I kept thinking, “Remember when you said you’ll never leave me?”

Tonight you went to bed, but you weren’t alone

You made space for my hurt.

Words I said, promises I kept, quietly watched over you

Tonight we went to bed, but we weren’t alone.
This poem is about that feeling of going to bed alone when you want is to be close to that one person who is pulling away. I hope you like it and leave a comment for feedback.❤️❤️
MSunspoken May 4
Moonlight dancing off my cheeks
A reflection of my heart
-tonight I will remember
how you tore me apart

The sun shined different in your eyes
-a good front
for all your nasty lies

Every day
I marvel in the warmth that you made
-I thought you
could take my pain away

It was you
That gave me the world after all
-too bad shiny pearls
couldn’t break my fall

So close
For all my growing years
-as it turns out
nothing was that crystal clear

Your front fell
The moment I reached out my arms
-I was too late
to hear the alarms

If it wasn’t me
You’d be called out for your crimes
-never again
will you see what’s on my mind

But this new dawn is a bright one
Not even you can bring shade
-so in the end
I hope you’re still doing okay
This one can be perceived in many ways-
but always it comes back to a road you can look back on with a smile.
Better to remember how your past helped mold you into who you are- then dwell on what once ruined you.
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
Tonight, I write this poem for you.
You, who pushes through the day with a smile even when you don't want to.
Tonight, I write this poem for you.
Lover, fighter, don't be afraid to let your fire burn brighter.
Tonight, I write for you a poem of hope.
You, the one who fears you've reached the end of your rope.
Tonight, I write this poem for you.
You, my new friend. If you need someone to talk to, I'm just around the river bend.
Stay With Me Tonight
by Michael R. Burch

Stay with me tonight;
be gentle with me as the leaves are gentle
falling to the earth.
And whisper, O my love,
how that every bright thing, though scattered afar,
retains yet its worth.

Stay with me tonight;
be as a petal long-awaited blooming in my hand.
Lift your face to mine
and touch me with your lips
till I feel the warm benevolence of your breath’s
heady fragrance like wine.

That which we had
when pale and waning as the dying moon at dawn,
outshone the sun.
And so lead me back tonight
through bright waterfalls of light
to where we shine as one.

Originally published by The Lyric. Keywords/Tags: love, stay, tonight, gentle, bright, touch, whisper, face, hands, lips, breath, wine, moon, sun, light, earth, leaves, petal, petals, bloom, blooming, waterfalls, shine, shining
Mitch Prax Apr 14
Dear diary;
there's a musical riot
erupting in my
chest tonight.
My ribs echo
with the sounds of
chaos and harmony.
Tuesday Mar 29
Then you had to leave,
In sorrow, I feel our distance,
Frozen, incapable for that I cannot breathe,
Reaching out only to grasp the cold heavy air,
Once of which was you, stood there.
I miss you.

I wish I didnt have to send you away,
I could only love you more every passing day,
Though there is of no deny,
Your priorities, of which they lie,
Yesterday is tomorrow, present in today,
That is why you got taken away.
I still need you.

I hope the day may come, you will understand,
The effect of the damage, blood drawn from your hand,
Destroyer of faith, love and romance, your iron fist,
Hear my soul, in that hear my wish,
One day you can come back, listen to my song,
One day to come home, to me where you belong.
I still love you.

Until then embrace the darkening suffocation inside you,
I only hope I can forgive you,
I hope that if I do, you will come home,
Just to tell me you still love me too.
Zack Ripley Jul 2019
Tonight, I'm going to leave everything on the line
Tonight, I'll be alone again or you'll be mine.
Tonight, I'm facing all my fears.
Regret, loneliness, denial, shame
But that's what you have to risk if you want to play the games of life and love
Zack Ripley Jul 2019
Tonight, I'm going to let you go
Because I don't feel like
there's any room left for our love to grow
Kaitlin Mar 18
***** sheets
A locked up jaw
And dread-dried-joy
Somewhere in between a good day and a bad tomorrow
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