rose 2h

Tonight me and the moon
have allot in common
we are both alone
yet whole

wrote this under a full moon
Andrew Name Apr 18

after three wildest hours
and forty four raging minutes
sitting up alone
with no witness

how can I quietly sleep
and evade to dream
any thorn-apples, foxholes
mulberry trees

in oddly detailed scenes
and the like sequence of visions
that chase me at will
shredding my precision

I better go somewhere else
but treat me well
when eyes need to rest
electric lights cannot help

so I've burn the cane
tonight on a boggy shore
and pallid fire came
and high above owl roared

last line, the most important one of a poem, was found in a novel of forgotten siberian writer)))

Something is crushing from within,
I know the reason behind but want to deny..
things keep changing
and I am okay with that.

But what do I do if its burning from inside?

And my mind replies - Concentrate on work,
you gotta finish a hell a lot of work by tonight!!

Sarcasm overpowers my heart.
Georgiana S Mar 30

I can feel the scent
of the past agonies
and their bitter taste
to the tenebrous end
in pentagons
of light.

Death feeds on the scent
of every poor on my skin
and their sweet taste,
sinking me within
of white.

All rights reserved.
Rafael Melendez Mar 28

I'm not asking you to be mine for the rest of our lives. But can you be mine one day at a time, maybe even one night?

Keep in mind.

I look at the dismay
of my so called day
When everything seems
to be falling apart
I find myself collecting the sum
of my parts
Putting myself back together again .

With a grin !

Brad French Mar 15

Oh sleepless night why come tonight?
Curiosity lead me astray
Now sleepless night show me thine telescopic sight

Oh sleepless night why torment me?
Thou came at a strange time in life
Sensuality cover of my sanity

Oh sleepless night why hinder rest?
Youthful travels delay gateways
Yesterdays, break of day, spiritual decay

Oh sleepless night how do you rest?
Time passes yet you do not lay down
Sleepless night show thine sunday best among the rest

Thine heart shalt rest no more,
Find eternal peace by the shore.

Julia Mae Mar 7

i thought that you may come by
to see if i'm all right
i disappeared without a trace
or were you too busy to notice?
this night is far too dark
and it's echoing loneliness too loudly
i thought that you may stop by
to see if i'm all right
but since you haven't asked,
here's my unheard reply,
no, i am not all right

Mims Feb 23

You with her it's all so fucking-

You say,
You're standing at the gate,
But you can't get your story
And I don't believe you anymore,
I've shut the door,
You tried to open,
Locked it good and tight,
So no matter how many:
"It was my fault I'm sorry now!"
You don't get me tonight.

Inspiration:  Mr brightside
Ma Cherie Feb 22

Why do my words matter,
to you at all?

Why do you love my face?

Because you don't see me,

Not even in my state of loving grace,

Why wear my hair that way-
or this?

No way we can return to pure love bliss?

Why wear my lipgloss,
when I ain't gonna get a kiss?

Not the way I wanna,
get one real...
oh so soft and wet,
oh yeah,
yeah you bet,

soooo soft and sexy,
purrr purrr purr,
touch me
want me,
an take me in a blur,

Take me back-
to the way we were,

We can get lost on high delight,
hold me baby-
hold me nice an tight,
stay with me for at least tonight,

I am just a girl,
underneath this exterior,
after all.

Ma Cherie © 2017

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