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When you were sleeping in the car and holding my hand you held on to me so tight I tried to let go to turn the wheel and you gripped even harder. So I drove around a little and let you sleep you were so out you were snoring and in that moment I was sure that you were scared to loose me even in your dreams. And my heart melted. When you kiss me you don’t reach for my pants or my ***** you pull me closer and I can never get enough of your touch and your eyes and when your lips touch mine. It makes my night and my day, and I never thought in a million years we would be where we are now. Last summer left me heart broken but never did I ever regret being with you. And I am so grateful of what we have and share and I hope and pray we never loose it or loose the sight of us. I believe that last summer was a right thing at a wrong time and we’ve reached our time and it’s time to do this right. ❤️
Sometimes you meet someone and something happens at the wrong time but it’s right between the two. Never give up but instead if you reach that moment of loving someone at the wrong time never fully give up because if it’s meant to be just give it time and it will be.
Silverflame Mar 6
Death is calling tonight,
the air carries the old message.
Stepping over the line,
falling into non-existence.
Josh Feb 21
Let’s get drunk tonight,
Let’s make love tonight,

Let’s get lost tonight,
We can have a fight,

Get high as a kite,
Forget it all tonight,

Just come with me,
For the time of your life,
David Bojay Feb 17
Sabrina and ****
On my mind
Reading through old convos
Sweet girl
Your insight inspired me
These tears
Of joy
I only want you to be happy
I’m happy knowing you did what you had to do
For you
Not for me
For you
I love you so much
Will always love you
Simple times
It’s passing like the dart on a summer day it was our time and you weren’t meant to stay

I guess though bro and ****...
But u know
I be here
Just here
Ready to take on anything

Want to hear your voice, but I’m patient
Even if I never get to hear it again
I’m patient

dear human
It was more than a relationship

But I mean
It’s always too late

And to easy to regret

In hopes of nothing but a greater now

So much... inside to express
In different ways
If was a connection
Star BG Feb 15
TO CRY is to release and recenter into love inside heart
TO LAUGH is to release and center inside the heart

To live in the heart everyday in every way is the BLESSING.
inspired from jRaw Rodriguez Thanks
I need your LOVE ❤
I need your TIME⌚
When every things WRONG ✘
You make it RIGHT ✓
I feel so HIGH ^ッ
I come ALIVE! ^^^^^
I need to be here with you TONIGHT☽
Enjoy! Also if you have a favorite song you want me to post the lyrics to, comment the song name and who it is by. I am just bored so yeah XD
Lily Feb 12
~No matter what happens tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, I will never forget how close we were tonight~
Skywlkr Feb 6
Today I have been many different faces,
My Mind Is in so Many Different Places,
Struggle To Know Who I Am From Minute to Minute,
Hour to Hour,
And Usally it Turns My Thoughts Sour.
I Start Answering In So Many Different Ways Theese Episodes can last for Days,
I Don't even know which One of Me is Writing This Poem,
I'm Positive I Don't Know Him,
Ive Prayed to God tonight Thought If I Say Sorry to Him then Mabey he would Give me a break for One Night But I Think he's leaving me to Fight,
So Every night for last four Weeks or So  Sleeping for Me has Been a
I can expect My Issues But Surely I Should be Owed Some Due's,
I take My Punishment Just as I know I Asked for it in the first Place But I would like to know who's is My Face,
I Dont Recognise this Place.............
I feel like so many different people alot but I can't stop myself changing from one person to anougher there's just so much in my head I can't control it I'm struggling tonight I really am
Faisal Bolaki Jan 27
Scars of your love shine bright tonight,
Bruised heart screamed in pain tonight,

Ripped off were the dark scabs,
When deceitful gaze entered my soul tonight,

Sacred sighs of whispering mingled with breathe,
Your talks smell of my blood tonight.
Abby Jan 15
I let the music float around me and fill my ears
I wish it could swallow me whole
Wouldn’t that be a pleasant way to go
I listen as the music, strung together, a combination of harmonys and melodys whisk me a way to a world where everything is right
To a world where no one fights
The music is all I want tonight
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