As the whispering waves crashed within themselves
Only one thing was certain..
That though nothing lasts forever
There truly is hope
And there truly is love
And tonight we have them both..
So stay with me darling.

Stay with me..
At least until the waves fold into the twinkling lights.
Until the whispering sun dips below the horizon
And it becomes dark enough out to hide our sins
In the midst of the night
Under the audience of the stars.
We can blanket our treacherous desires
Under the curtain of the moonlight.

Let's forget the world..
And I'll take a journey in the universe of your eyes
As you get lost in the pool of my own...

Let the whispering winds crash
As you unravel me tonight...

Bits and pieces of an excerpt from one of RH's hidden treasures (a book waiting to be published). And being the lover of romance that I am I fell immediately in love with this particular chapter and, by extension, these particular words. My title-making skills aren't too good so I stole the title of her chapter for the title of this excerpt/poem. I dearly miss Rebel Heart and hope for her to return soon.. She loves all the kind comments and messages from all of you lovely beings.. and until then stay wonderful as always, and let yourself romanticize a bit. Life's nothing without some cheesy love... . ~BM
Rebel Heart Jul 15

Burn your name onto my skin
For tonight I'm all yours
And when you leave in the morning
I want to carry you with me...
   A solemn reminder
            That not everything
                      You love

The end to another long and simply beautiful poem by RH. It was listed under drafts from a file years ago so I didn't want to publish the full poem but couldn't resist to share this beautiful part of it with all of you. It had no title either and I'm no good with them but I still hope you enjoy it as much as I did ~BM
Grace Nicole Jun 24

Fine, I'm broken
Very broken
I've done things I can't take back
Sure, your shattered
Terribly shattered
You can't stop living in the past
This world is falling
Falling apart
There is no way to get around it
I'll kiss you softly
Hold you tightly
You've just got to love me back
So keep looking in my eyes
Maybe for tonight
Let's just be seventeen
We'll have no more problems
No more troubles
No need to be fixed
Just for tonight
Only you and I exist
Yes, were damaged
Very damaged
Yet I want a life with you
Because you're the one I choose

Inspired by Veronica and J.D. from "Heathers." This was made listening to the song "Seventeen" from the musical.
aryanalynae Jun 8

facing forward and leaning back
i'm in the moment, and i'm on track.
i'm living for tonight, but i'm breathing for tomorrow
and i'm screaming tonight, but i'll be whispering tomorrow.

Jules D May 20

Tonight is easy, I realize,
and I am relieved.
Tonight the heart is light,
beats a steady rhythm;
tonight the lungs breathe easy,
take in air like it is just that: air,
not water seeking to drown me.
It is fun to write about:
the lack of relapse.
It is fun to reminisce:
the easiness of a smile.

There will be worse nights,
but this night will be separate.
I will give it a space of its own.
Tonight was different; tonight was rare.
Tonight, I think,
was kind.
Tonight was fun.

i haven't written in so long— but oh, here i come with words of joy
rose Apr 27

me and the moon
have a lot in common
we are both alone
yet whole

wrote this under a full moon
Andrew Name Apr 18

after three wildest hours
and forty four raging minutes
sitting up alone
with no witness

how can I quietly sleep
and evade to dream
any thorn-apples, foxholes
mulberry trees

in oddly detailed scenes
and the like sequence of visions
that chase me at will
shredding my precision

I better go somewhere else
but treat me well
when eyes need to rest
electric lights cannot help

so I've burn the cane
tonight on a boggy shore
and pallid fire came
and high above owl roared

last line, the most important one of a poem, was found in a novel of forgotten siberian writer)))

Something is crushing from within,
I know the reason behind but want to deny..
things keep changing
and I am okay with that.

But what do I do if its burning from inside?

And my mind replies - Concentrate on work,
you gotta finish a hell a lot of work by tonight!!

Sarcasm overpowers my heart.
Georgiana S Mar 30

I can feel the scent
of the past agonies
and their bitter taste
to the tenebrous end
in pentagons
of light.

Death feeds on the scent
of every poor on my skin
and their sweet taste,
sinking me within
of white.

All rights reserved.

I'm not asking you to be mine for the rest of our lives. But can you be mine one day at a time, maybe even one night?

Keep in mind.
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