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Kitt Dec 2020
one: "mom"

crossing the line she had drawn in the sand
cussing me out from holding my hand
these rules and lies all she made up
her chalice of fire scorching my cup

rue the day she came to know
the silent demon hid in my soul
pushing memories out of the way
and succumb to a chasm of arid dismay

two: "rules"

forget the burning in your *****
forget the cursed mine of coins
forget the lashings from her lips
forget the sinner b'twixt my hips

eyes that sting when open too long
voice that scratches when given song
bodies that itch for cursed delights
heart that relates pleasure and fright

three: "Mary"

blessed are they that feel the burn
holy is she that ignores the yearn
but what should she get for crossing her thighs?
not honor nor respect, but labor and sighs

'sainthood becomes her,' the elders all say
'so honest! so pure! and see just how fair!'
whilst only yesterday they'd cursed the *****
remanded to outcast; covered no more.
Savio Fonseca Dec 2020
I shall paint, your Portrait Tonight.
As U unwrap, your Fashion.
To picture, your Beautiful Soul.
With all it's Freedom and Passion.
Lips I shall paint, in Rosy Pink
and Eyes, in Lightish Blue.
Coz when U smile at Me...Darling.
I'm lost in the Universe, with U.
I shall sharpen, all your Curves.
Hope My Eyes, don't go Blind.
Coz seeing your Beauty, My Love.
Even a Saint, will lose His Mind.
Soon My Masterpiece, will be ready.
So Don't fall off to Sleep.
We can Romance all Night.....Honey.
The Memories, We both can Keep.
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Path appeared
As he walked on the path
The walk was smooth
Till the path turned into two paths
One lead to his wife
The other to his girl friend
He was now confused
It took him time to decide
The wife and the girl friend got worried
Set out in search of him
Path appeared
As they walked on their path
Both reached
The common path
Where he stood confused
Reality came to the fore
They both stripped him of his clothes
He sits naked there till date
He declared him a saint
He has now many women followers
Shows them door to heaven
No body dares to touch the saint
Politicians and police touch his feet
He shows them the path
Path appears
As they walk on the path
Horrid actions
Lives lived for lives
Hapless people living
Caved in throats
With words unspoken.
Hurting era of
Lost desire;
Hateful speakers,
Smoldering fires;
Storms that threaten,
Not just the weather;
People that won't work together.
Hate and anger
Running free-
and twisting me.
In this world
That speaks of doom,
Living, trapped, inside our rooms;
Every day, the news gone bad-
Needling us,
To make us mad;
A thousand things,
The disaster
In which we are participating.
I cant unsee
Or deny
These things, events
That make me cry-
But I wont give in,
And thusly lie;
That its all ok,
Everything is fine.
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
He has strived to survive
He is keeping himself alive
He knows his responsibilities
He is bringing life stability
They preach him salvation
Many die of starvation
Cyclic is the nature of the Creation
There is no final destination
Gloomy pictures he stops to paint
He refuses to be a saint
Norman Crane Aug 2020
Rip the saintly halo
From above your hallowed brow
To see how it obscured
A deep satanic vow
As through your skull are sprouted
                   Two twisted bony horns:
A rose no more disgracing
A beautiful stem of thorns
Elias J Davidson Jul 2020
Who dares invade my hallowed bounds?

It is Saint Cecilia's Bane
quavering and crotcheting
his mammon-hymns in vain!

God's weighted ear
he cannot imitate:
spilled lilies strew the floor,
roses wither in the dry chalice
tucked away under his desk.

He said:
"I can't be your Daddy,"
to tell me my mind,
taking me aside to
chide me for my
freshly-ravished soul.

Cecilia, I consecrate that place and day to you!
July 2020.
(Contre qui, Rose, avec-vous
adopté ces épines?)
Zhell Jun 2020
You know I'm not a saint
But I can make you pray
So get down on your knees
And give a reason
Why I should pray?
Saint or sinner,
One and the same.
If u prayed for me,
I'd pray for u.
If u said you forgive me,
Id say "I've already forgiven u"
If u say u love me
I'd say" I love you too".
If u miss me
  I'd ask "miss me like you're scared to meet a ghost?"
Love is a ghost, elusive at most - Johnny Quidink
Love is like a ghost, elusive at most - johnny quidink
Nidhi Apr 2020
the Devil punishes the ones who do evil
that doesn't make him evil
would that make him a saint
for punishing the ones who do wrong on Earth
is the Devil really a devil
or is the Devil a saint
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