Witnessing imperfection at it strongest,
Seeing a contestant battle to be on top.

Observing dignity abandon principles,
Using the sword of honor for greediness.

Stabbing others to get ahead,
Putting one’s desires before righteousness.

I am also a sinner committing disloyalty,
As a flawed man living with human ambition.

When betrayal creeps up on the mind,
We must remind ourselves to stay faithful.

Dedicating our quest to a virtuous reason,
Or else evil destroys the meaningfulness of cause.

Her hair is a crown of golden brown,
her skin was kissed by the Sun at birth.
Her eyes would swallow you,
dragged to the depths of her being.

The skin in which she is wrapped,
a canvas of pure silk.
Surely, it was woven by Angels,
as they wept knowing that one day...
This piece of art would leave the Heavens.
Fall from grace to walk among us.

I gazed upon her and knew foreign Beauty.
The way she moved, mesmerized me...
Like a river running through the wild,
untamed and yet kept.

I find myself looking towards the Sun...
Hoping to catch a glimpse,
of the Sun-Kissed Beauty.

as i slowly let go of your hand
and grip onto my own
i know this is where
i am destined to be

Time to become the strong girl I know I can become // love always

Proclamation of hate is intense,
Powered through raw emotions.

By expressing this noun,
Many statements are being spoken.

Negativity is declared with strength,
Stating resentment at high levels.

Hatred presents ill will with passion,
Representing feelings beyond disapproval.

One word can change a sentence completely,
So use caution with each stated terminology.

amina a 3d

where do they go
when i erase my words
that just weren't
meant to be here

where do i go
when i hide
my self
that, what if,
was not meant
to be here

While crossing this street,
Vehicles prevented me from walking,
Unable to reach the other side.

Loved ones tried to open a path,
Holding my hand while facing fears,
But I resisted with self-dignity.

Pursuing the intersection to advance,
Determined to seek the route on my own,
Needing to find the destination freely.

Aware of all the hardships on the road,
Willing to seek out the necessary advice,
But must travel independently to claim glory.

Jobira 6d

As such man as wise,
wouldn't dig his own grave.
But if does,
for he knows at the end,
what his price is;
in which, on the edges of darkness,
he be sure not to attend
for even love was never brave;
Not certainly,
  anyone came back-
  from beyond-
  out of the grave,
  out of the dark, not even
  out of shock or
  out of the dead.
Therefore, with this wisdom,
shall he live wisely.

Written date unknown

@jobiranyc (9/16/2017)

A lost treasure from a dusty and newly discovered notebook, I am posting with few edits.

Pain is usually a warning sign,
Telling you damage is being inflicted.

When cause unleashes agony,
Torment tends to have purpose.

Struggling with ambition up that cliff,
Striving for success to reach the top.

Recognizing the obstacles of the hill,
As reason provokes the will against anguish.

Commitment is the source of meaningful pain,
Battling the resistance for a special prize.

HeartCore Sep 14

I wish the stars would fall
To know this isn't just a wish.
To know that I'm alive
Conquering the world.

Bringing the sky to you.

I'd be a ruler,
I'd be a king
You'd  be my guide,
you'd be my priestess

Above the king
The religion of my world.

And when the stars fall.
I know,
I'll be with you,
For eternity to come.

Robert Sep 12

First love is a weird thing
People say it's very important
That it is pure, innocent and honest
I remember my first love
We were both young and stupid
I thought it was destiny
But we never really were together
And when we parted ways
I thought I should be sad
But I wasn't feeling anything
I don't fall in love easily now
But when I think about my first love
And I can't even remember her face
I realize that it wasn't important at all

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