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If your brown eyes because of my longing would weep,
it would leave on your soul black traces of mud,
I would fly like a hungry bird, I could not sleep,
from my blue eyes, the sad tears would grow in a flood.

If your palm would look again after my warm body
among the grass that is crushed under horse hooves,
the crystal of the night's skyline would give up its hobby,
on a curved field it would show you its moves.

If your ears would miss my voice in the summer breeze,
on the gravel of the path, among the crystalline rain,
you would hear the wind screaming among the trees,
your heart would beat faster, to relieve you from the pain.

If your lips would be kissed by my tear surprisingly shaped,
you would think that you are at a date in the sky's empire,
from the house of soul, even the verbs would have been escaped,
the vows would no longer burn like an intense fire.

But wait! An angel comes and your spirit will lighten up
in a world where things don't get old and die anymore,
to lure up beginnings that crowns our love, it'll be a new start-up
for us to be two stars uniting their destinies like before.
Anticipating the absolute worst.
Needing to escape the situation.
Xanax isn’t a pure solution.
Isolation becomes worse with time.
Everything seems out of control.
Taming abnormal fear by recognition.
Yoga is very a therapeutic approach.
An acrostic poem.
Keyan R 2d
Awaiting in the dark
So dark I cannot see
I am stuck trying to find
My own destiny,

They see me from within
My family or friends
Someone who had passed away
Is who have come to see me today
It’s really truly odd

The task is written that’s ahead
I want to see the future but
I should just use my head
I feel the dread,
It’s just beneath my feet

This change is just an opportunity
This chance to seek amends
That shot is full of lead
My kin that had passed away
I know that they are dead

They are gone and yet I’m strung
I’m struggling and it’s immense
The pressure feels intense
I asked to meet up sooner
I wanted to cancel before

I am told by others as they consumer
They take the information it’s highlighted in red
The information is read
The facts that are of feeling
Is a path to route instead

I said I wouldn’t chance it
I’d rather let it pass and
I didn’t want to be like a water faucet
The water is always,
about ploughing my head through the wall instead of walking through the door food away to the right
perhaps you simply confusing your way with mine
but you don't care to listen
                                                                            only to talk
Oh the path I chose
to walk In life, a path
of constant change all
those years through
Fears finally shedding
so many tears for my lady Helen who
Is sadly no longer with
me, 23rd Dec 2017 she
passed away
So now I walk a very different path through
life trying to find a
reason why I'm still
here and my wife Helen
no longer
Can'tfind a reason to justify no matter how search my conscious through the good and bad of life of all I've seen to been and done, so guess
I'll never find the truth perhaps this was the
way It was meant to
And I must continue on
my pathway of my life
just see to where It leads
maybe the answer's that
I seek, lays someway on
the way on a pathway I've
not yet walked
We all have to walk a pathway through life to find our true destiny our purpose
Her tongue was silent, and her lips were still;
She lay on a flowery bed, pale and chill.
Her eyes were closed, by her was a rose;
A girl of whom I could no more boast.
The snow was pelting, in the still of night;
The wind was roaring, whilst her soul took flight.
The thunder rumbling, the lightning sparkling –
Revealing her face placid, unwailing.
I could not leave her, and the night dragged on;
I heard my soul sighing – my love was gone.
Everyone has a Light
Inside them.
And everyone has some darkness too
But you were born to make
the world brighter,
so why not be
More like you.
Be yourself yo. Everyone else is taken
-forgot who said that^^ (but the poem is mine)
What if you meet
Your soulmate
At 11th hour

Feel the pain
Genre: Dark
Theme: When nothing matters
Maybe we weren't destined to be together
Maybe it wasn't my destiny to put an engagement ring around your ring finger
It wasn't my destiny to solve your problems
It wasn't your destiny to love me
Or holding hands with me

But maybe

I was destined to protect your relationship
Putting your bonds inside my shield
Support both of you and your lovers target
With a big smile and no regrets
Then let go whenever I'm ready

Because Aurelia, my dear
I will find a heart to land safely
And I mean my words
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