I walked passed the park today
You where between the trees as they sway
It was a day dream, my imagination
A tear shed in my eye to this realization

This whole town now tainted
Memories of you everywhere, all dated
Home now feels hollow missing you
I have to leave to somewhere new

I have to find home again
I have to find you
It's you, it's meant to be you, it will always be you
Serena 5d
One day, someone will come into your life and change everything

He will love you as soon as he sees you, because you are beautiful

He will love you when he gets to know you, because you are wonderful

And he will love you even more so when you give yourself to him, because you are beyond what words could describe

One day you will discover each other

You will love him when you see him

You will love him when you get to know him

And you will love him even more so when he gives himself to you, because he is beyond what words could describe

You will love and you will be loved, and all these minor love affairs that seem so important to you now, won’t even matter when you meet him.

One day

I promise
Do you feel destined to read this?
Everything is destined! Isn't it?
Some may disagree with me now,
To be very frank,
I was one of you!
Not believing it, But,
Yes, let's question the destiny!

If everything around you leads to your destiny!
what is your purpose of living the life?
Do you have a choice in this so called "destiny"?
Are you actually living your life?

For instance, If the Almighty God already knew
Adam&Eve gonna eat the apple anyway without a clue
Even though they were asked not to
Also if he knew what Satan gonna do

why would he allow them to eat in the first place?
why didn't he stop Satan, poisoning eve's mind?
why didn't he show, the so called god's grace?
Are they destined to get curse, How do we find?

Can you choose your birth?
Your parents? your death?
Is there anything of your choice on this earth?
We choose what we become, right? Take a deep breath!

Does our choices become our destiny?
Or is it our destiny making a choice for us?
Is death, our final destiny?
Isn't deciding if we've lived long enough a fuss?

Are we actually doing everything on our own?
If yes, Where do the destiny stands?
If no, Why are we being judged?
We were born
In the same date

Beside that, we share,
The same qualification
The same place to stay

Destiny made
All this difference
I am Blue
She is Red

I hear, they said
Blue belongs to her
Red belongs to him
We have nothing to say
Genre: Observational
Theme: Destiny
Yule Aug 8
'You are my star, but we all reach that point in life that we no longer wish into one.'

Moving forward to a year, I trace upon the letter I wrote for you.

With the smile on my face, I look up the night sky.  I am reminded of how your eyes shine brightly at the scene, and the mole beneath your eye resembles so much of the dots laid up high.

I let out a big sigh. How different it is by this time...

I realized now that we are two of the same; two bright stars. Glowing and burning embers on their own.

We're both coexisting to shine, though we cannot meet for one of us fell for the other too deep already.

A falling star, I cried to you; a shooting star.

How can our stars align? Our paths and distance don’t comply. Far and far across galaxies. You blinded me by that sight. My light cannot compare to yours.

My dearest, you shot too high up the skies to live on your dreams.

And mine just remained being one.

Veemz Aug 6
one day, our love will come to an end
And if we stay together we will have to pretend
We will fake our love and it will cause us pain
Our minds will not be able to handle and we will go insane
I care about you and want you to have a happy life
But I’m all honesty I don’t see you becoming my wife
You and I are different people with different paths
And if I could I would change the past
Change it so that I spent more time on me
And not worry about monogamy
My strongest desire became my ultimate demise
And it’s only cause I couldnt see it in your eyes
One day I will leave you and pursue what was meant for me
But for right now I will push off my destiny
Ashari Ty Aug 4
Hello, Anxiety!
How's Depression going?
Have you met my old friend Insecurity?
I would like to talk more about Self Doubt but

I really have no time to stop by
I have to get moving
Can't stop, won't stop
Rush rush rush

I have a date with Destiny, sweetheart.
Society says tears of a man shows weakness,
That the warrior can no longer fight with honor.

He lost his ability to fight with his sword,
Unable to show aggressiveness in battles.

Sorrow from lost love is a justified defense,
Agony by the torturing whip breaks the man.

Resistance from not crying drains stamina,
A war all men lose by the hardships in life.
The struggle isn’t a walk in the park,
But winning the war doesn’t require a miracle.

Saying this operation requires tough skills,
Describing talents you don’t possess.

Referring it as a suicide mission,
Stating that you will never recover.

That the quest will lead to self-grief,
Causing continuous days of misery.

You were called up for deployment,
Whether the critics like it or not.

It is a duty to take on your assignment,
Fighting for the right to success.

Because if you don’t battle in the conflict,
You will be eaten by regret your entire life.
When people insist a goal is farfetched,
Decisiveness prompts the will to excel.

Self-encouragement is on a mission,
Battling criticism by trying to succeed.

The world is in a destructive war,
Attacking on every side to beat success.

Engaging risks that can harm potential,
As threats by civilization conspires talent.

Struggling with enthusiasm to win glory,
Sparring the enemy through self-dignity.

Applying discipline to an opposed cause,
Desire for victory duels with a sharp sword.

The ambitious purpose can defeat the odds,
Not surrendering for diligence of passions.
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