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I don't want to
forget any fragment
of your memory
Even when
I don't love you anymore.
I want it to stay as
A wish,
I wanted to be my destiny.
A happiness,
Once I Cherished.
A Pain,
That I overcome,
A path of blighting,
I should never walk in.
I struggle to convey the pulsing fear
that this life of mine may end
before I get the chance to flee to my destiny
Not much of a poem I suppose, just how I’ve been feeling as of lately
Andreas Simic Jun 17
Lined up like soldiers

you stand tall and straight at attention

like them you guard humanity

by providing for us

through your shade and ever presence

sometimes in your dress of leaves

other times dormant, asleep but not

though no matter the season or the reason

whether as a heat source or inspiration

as a haven for insects or resting place for birds

the livelihood for a wood pecker or mushrooms

you’re there waiting to fulfill your destiny

Despite man’s insatiable hunger

to mow you down like blades of grass

yet it is the oxygen you provide

which allows us to live another day

the irony of it all

even for the tall

Andreas Simic©
Tricia Ong Jun 13
Have you ever wondered about the odds?
How our fates intertwine-
In this vast and troubled world?

Could it be destiny?
Perhaps it was written in the stars,
Ages or even eons ago,
That we were bound to meet,
That we would fall in love,
That you and I, would grow apart,
And you would eventually leave.

But I will never forget,
That midsummer’s night,
When the breeze smelled like your cologne,
And with every breath I took,
I was breathing you in,

The stars, how they shined so brightly,
And the fact, that I couldn’t stop myself from staring at your eyes,
Because they were more beautiful,
Then the rest of the universe combined.
Om Ggai Jun 11
Chasing dream and living life are the only things I can partake
Misery and misfortunes followed by heartache
Who am I to give you advise, my friend
Death is the ultimate destiny which we can’t change
life lessons
rk May 5
under the velvet darkness
of those summer nights
you held me close to you
like a sacred song

rumi once said
that lovers do not finally meet
somewhere along the way
they are inside each other
all along

is that why your name
reawakened a fire in my blood
the moments our lips touched?
your kisses sweet
like the first new moon in the sky

i drank the honey from your lips
and realised how blind i'd been
to ever look for love
when you had lived inside me
in every lifetime.
- i wonder when you gaze at the stars, do they still sing my name?
Jordan Ray May 4
I can't say that I'm sorry,
Or wish that I'd written a different story,
The stars may not align,
But at least we can say we tried

I don't see you knocking at my door,
You must be slightly jaded or massively bored,
I hear no voices at all,
Just a whisper of what we used to call


I walked straight into your town,
Before the dust had a chance to settle down,
You never voiced your concerns,
But had enough air in your lungs to hurt

This must have just been some game,
For months now it hasn't quite been the same,
You fade the more that I blink,
Is this what I am destined to think

of "Love"...
Mathieu Apr 19
Eponymous, insidious indifference.
Towers before fates road, exquisite.
Beckoning the soul to a fork.
A question.

A man can break who he used to be?
Or will he be? Until he breaks.
Ponder at the fork, day passes day.
From end to end, the requiem,
sings and rings, like a lovely dream
But beautiful things.
Like destiny.
Its crescendos extinguish.

Try though, he does to see both roads.
To sense and see the masquerade.
No map to guide.
No stars to follow.
No end to see,
Through his glass shadow.
Live for the moment, live for the future.
It doesn't matter, if you don't decide to live.
I'm still hunting for hints that we were meant to be.
I'm still sticking to stubbornness and calling it Destiny.
Our lovers' meeting was not a silly, coincidental thing,
but a truth as simple as the name my mother gifted me;
picture Paradise - I am its spring.
So flow down,
take a sip,
baptise this significance!
And leave your doubts on your lips;
they're mine to take

Copyright © 2022 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
I believe in fate, serendipity, destiny and kismet connections because I'm such a hopeless romantic and I just realised that our names' meanings are connected too so, this feels significant to me.

(P.S. you can follow me on instagram, if you'd like to @sykmusings ♡)
Am I even here? I walk throughout and feel so empty. I try so hard to do what is right and even my best attempts are failures. Life never let me down gently. My closest friends betray me and my efforts rarely see any reward.

I am assured that it is not what I do that assures that you love me. I have a standard inside that I cannot even reach. I wake up everyday and try again. Every day I sincerly try. I swear I see the other side but I never get any closer to it.

I am so desperate inside to please you. I am so desperate inside that someone see's me. I have faith and a hope that one day I will see what it is that you see in me. That I find this value or worth that led you to die for me.

You say that you walk beside me and that you have prepared a place for me. I am so eager to be there where I feel welcome and I can forget this suffering. I need you here please dont leave me. I cannot overcome the storm you sent unless you walk with me.

I dont mean to be dramatic or complain or come across as ungrateful for all the blessings you have given me. I just want to be with you in the place with no tears. I want to live and I want to be better than I have ever been before. I want to fish with you on crystal shores. Belong to something greater than me.

Finding strength through failure.
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