who will be our sinatra?
who will be our angelou?
who will be our hawking?
who will be our lennon and mccartney?

who will be our ghandi?
who will be our barlet and mcgarry ?
who will be our da vinci?
what part will you play?
There is no gold for the best deeds,
Sometimes, a thank you isn’t even present.

We commit virtue because it’s right,
Not for a very special prize.

There are no points for entering heaven,
Just strive to be a good person every day.

It starts with small gratitude,
Like helping the needy across the street.

Making a difference based on selflessness,
Not for earning a seat into paradise.
We crossed the pedestrian Lane
Our Lives got Entangled
I Noticed a Red String Appeared
And Our Hearts were slowly Shackled
Limits are not an option,
Battling to complete a mission.

Throwing away the cane,
As I sprint to the finish line.

The curse of mental illnesses won’t weaken me,
Medical impairments will not slow me down.

With too many priorities to achieve,
There is no room for any fragility.

Complexity will always surround the cause,
But reason will always prevail against defects.

No disability will ever hold me back,
As I fight a war opposing disorders.
Destiny awaits all.
Each one.
Whomever enters
Through life's sacred gates,
Has an appointment
With destiny.
She'll not be hindered
Or prevented by anyone.
May all find their way safely
To that sacred path,
Designed especially for them.
As age is realized, destiny becomes more of a factor
We wonder when the Dawn
may finally grace the dark seas of the Night;

an endless abyss within which celestial beings of ethereal stardust align in
mapping Our lifelines
to places untrodden,
with disjointed souls
and weary, locked hearts.

the world hushes to a lull
in honour to the intricate crosses of Fates high above lands
  adorned by silver brilliance of the moon

I wish I too
could be asleep the thousands that are
unbeknownst of what roads their lives are strung to

I stay awake in angst
wondering if right now
I were brought any closer to You
the You I know naught but as a distant, unclaspable figment in my mind
promised in some past life of mine
the reminiscence of that fated coalescence
living heatedly within as a vague restlessness
Oh I wonder where exactly is Us mapped in the constellation I see above me...
Devised before the moment of birth,
A blueprint was created by God.

A chain of events that will take place,
Designing a predestined future that shall occur.

These trends are all part of the plan,
Setting up a test built upon virtue.

The pattern consists of many barriers,
A journey one must complete for glory.

The trail will provide two dictions,
Providing an exam based on faith.

A road which offers darkness,
And a route that provides light.

The almighty already knows your choice,
Foreseeing the quest that’s already predicted.
Your twisted heart

Things fall into place.  
Wait long enough for love to arrive and things fall into place.
Brick by brick, fountains are made.
Building a future of titanium before the grave.
Happy days are back again.
Make no mistake.
I am happy when it rains,
But I live in the rain, so that is ok.

Meteors may crash into Earth,
And once more I shall rip up out of the dirt.
You cannot predict the weather; never mind the change.
Things remain and in time we are rearranged.
Through all the hurt I will continue.
Nothing remains when we are through,
But the ripple effect of who we were;
Changing worlds.  I will find her.

Thanks for the memories; gone to never.
Nevertheless, always more to give.
A true bond is never severed.
I am just a boy who wants love to live.
All things change and this new day,
They will continue their affairs until they are grey and replaced.
The list of rejections grows with age,
Until you’re nothing to see;
Live it your way, or hide away.

Natural selection; self-inspection.
Show your true face and become replaced
And replicated and reproduced,
Until the mold is in ruins,
And there is nothing left of you.
Inside I just feel used.

Leave them to their searches.
Adultery deserves it.
Younger version, fading wishes.
This love you claim is covered in stitches.
This twisted mess of a head began with pain,
And that is how this will end;
But faces change, as we age and the mind continues.
Back at the beginning, only time to spend.
The mind grows, until it goes;
It flexes and becomes a new place for sorrow.

No matter what you may do or say,
Still the love remains.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

I’m breathing oxygen into my bones.
How can I help myself, when I cannot love alone?
Bubbles flow through every wire;
Microbubbles flow through every vein.
I need to breathe your love into my heart,
So I can feel alive once again.

Broken thoughts wait to be repaired
And understood,
Until they appear in your view.
Waiting on a memory to come into focus;
Do I whisper or shout a prayer?
I would make my destiny appear to be in my hands,
If I only knew…

All I see are random images.
Random pictures, random memories,
Written down like a crossword clue;
I breathe out my thoughts, as I breathe in you.
A wish to improve us in this moment in time;
I’m breathing in oxygen.  I’m breathing out life.

I’m just breathing oxygen;
I’m breathing oxygen…
Still searching for new memories, I hope I am still alive in your eyes.
Chasing my future, when I am so weak; I have never seen my optimum.
I’m breathing life into my day; I’m floating into the light.
Up through the water currents, I am rising with the sea;
My heads bursts through the barrier and I can, at last, breathe.

If breathing is all that I can do,
Then I will breathe for you too, if you need me to.
If love is all that I can give,
Then I hope my love helps you to once more breathe.
Let me breathe into you the oxygen you need,
To love this life that we live.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Blissfulness has hit a brick wall,
Colliding against the barriers of hardships.

Unable to discover the joys in life,
As despair kills all of the pleasure.

Cause is misplaced by unanswered questions,
Replacing purpose with unjustified critique.

Lying in a pool filled with misery,
With motivation at a standstill.

That rut puts us in a downward spiral,
But we can certainly stand again.

In order to conquer the slump,
We must lift ourselves up from the water.
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