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I had a dream of an angel
She was waving her wings to fly
But in a minute she stopped and started to cry
She looked so tired
and i really felt sorry for her
made me wondering
she might lost her direction
I went straight up to her and talked to her,
Please sit down and take your breath i said
Can you fly? Me asking her.
I don't really even think i can she said.
I said no, no you know the way.
You know where you have to be.
You came from the sky and you will come back to the sky.
But you choose, land and stay down the ground or raise and fly again.
It's all about you.
Either way live or die.
Bullet 2d
Generations coming back to the mind
Generating a boomerang of distant memories
Time is funny looking at its range
Ancestors timeline
Would it look like us birds tweeting
Or is it a long line of light
Narrow hall near the end is the
Knowledge we now nothing about

I've had dreams, I've had visions, I've had voices
Talk with me
Tell all the names of family
Will you promise to carry it down
N' their beliefs or our we growing trees defoliating

I'm forgotten but who can remember the long line
Of destiny
The heart of this name is pumped in the grounds
Of Italy
Its broken it literally separated between the hair lines

Family cursed traveled across spectrums of different DNA
The Miranda Curse cuts close to the head
Curls very nice
Until 21 hits n' you soon realize
Hair line cutting back
Head scratching
Theres no time to relax
I'm traveling lands till I meet this entity
Tell it I'm beating it by entering its reality
Either that or family cursed within its destiny
Miranda mirrors its image migrating its migraines
To my mind
But whats in its mind is also in mines
Miranda and I please don't mind it
My hair line is starting to go just like the rest of my family on my moms side.
Always had my hair long sucks growing up honestly.
George 4d
Forgiveness is expected,
so it happens.
Something else lingers,
the residue.
Like a deep cut on your knee,
which hurt when you were a child,
healed a long time ago.
Now a fading but permanent line.
No words can describe what is felt,
it is best not to try.
It is the good,
the bad,
everything you are.
You take that line on your knee,
everything else unnamed,
accept that it is imperfectly you.
Be the better person now,
so no one else need forgive you,
and shall remember only love.
there’s a twinkle
little star
Will my footsteps lead me there?
The world’s spread out before
colourful carpet under
my feet, my say.
I am
the queen of my road,
I choose
the paths I wander...

little star,
twinkle more
I put my young hands
in that light of yours
Sing to me
the map of Life
Show me the trail
I will to live.

- RW. All rights reserved.
First published on Allpoetry.
Sanny 6d
I'm totally unprepared for what's to come..

"It's best for us to break up".

A decision neither of us could stand for.

The love is obvious while hearing each other cry in silence for hours.

"We'll talk face to face tomorrow".

Words that can make a day feel like eternity.

I dread, yet long to see him.

The traces of tears from yesterday still shows on my face.

Will tomorrow make them even more visible?

I can't predict the outcome, at all.

Not knowing is draining..

Not knowing if he'll hold me in his arms ever again..

Not knowing if I'll feel his lips against mine again..

Not knowing if he'll ever be my partner again..

Not knowing if he ever was?

I guess my destiny will point me in the right direction.

While standing on tomorrow's crossroads.
Life is a game,
Made for all.
Each moment is its level,
Step up to rise above of all.

We found,
In war who we are,
In love who we can be.
Both hurt us,
But shape our destiny.

Win or live,
Run or crawl,
Make it to the end,
The Almighty is with you all.

Rinse your eyes,
See beyond these skies.
Leave down your worries,
Fly high,
And feel the paradise.

Listen to the mind,
But follow your heart.
Because life will go on,
No matter you lived it
Or just survive.
Haters gonna hate,players gonna play.live your life man.. Good luck!
Jo Swan Oct 4
Alone I sail across the formidable sea,
Many men have drowned in this stormy weather!
Will the waves devour me to my death?
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

My mind is fatigued by feeling of doubts
As my body has fought many hours to survive
And navigate the dinghy in search of land-
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

Shivering silently in the darkness
My spirit crushed by the ravenous rain!
Should I surrender to the sea of pain?
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

In the brink of suffering and strife,
I realise I am powerless against nature-
Only heaven can bless me with the breath of life.
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

In the chaos, I made a personal prayer
And felt my soul submit to a serene state
As I ask the Lord to decide my fate-
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

For the first time in my vulnerable state-
I felt the love of the Lord embrace my spirit
And all the fears and doubts dissipate –
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?

I realise life should move in a motion
Where love tames the wild weather of life
And relinquish all dark emotions-
So the force of the Wind of Destiny can awake!

With this new knowledge,
My spirit renews with vibrant vigour
As the truth of life finally been acknowledge
The force of the Wind of Destiny has awaken!

The sun wakes up from her sleep
The waves gently rocks the sail boat
The cloud calms down from her weep.
The force of the Wind of Destiny has awaken!

I feel my spirit soar
Like seagulls roaming across the sky
For I finally tasted the joy of God’s grace.
The force of the Wind of Destiny has awaken!

What lands shall be discovered?
I do not know what tomorrow will behold
Only courage and determination it will be uncovered
The force of the Wind of Destiny has awaken!

Staring sentimentally at the Sunrise
I feel the fiery breaths of the wind
Blowing my sail boat across the vast ocean.
Where will the Wind of Destiny lead me?
George Oct 4
We acquire as we go along.

We believe we are our own thoughts and ideas, entirely of our own creation.  We are not.

These belong to everyone we knew between then and now.  A fortress of collected memories.

I do not know where anyone is now or if they are troubled by illness, death or sorrow.  I could find out.

The flesh begins to now fail.

It does not change those memories, each one like a star shinning on us from an unknown galaxy.  Its legacy that lives long after the flesh is gone, seeping into the buildings, roads and the fabric of the world around us.
Still trying to figure out where the truth lies.
Deep Beneath me or up in the sky,
Wherever it lies it must find a way out,
And open to the crowd.
You are looking at me from a distance,
Trying to develop a thought about me,
Believe me you cannot until you come and witness,
The horrors that I have faced ,
The Devil's that I have clinched,
Or possibly the devil that I have become.
I can be the soldier, I can be the warrior ,I can be the game
But wait a minute, I think I have the power to change the game.
We may not together come to an end, but separated we may die as "just" friends.
You have been with me not for a long time,
but I think it is enough to call you mine.
I won't say you are the end to my journey, but you are the companion to the end,
The end has to come and it will come.
If Living with the Legend, I may  climb the sky
And call it an achievement, that will make me climb.
But if I am living with human like me, even a jump in the sky.
It would  not make me, but it will drive me to the farthest end.
I want to be smart enough to be called a human,
But also fool enough to not be a legend.
Going by the basics I am still a kid,
But by the age I'm old enough to be called a teen.
I have began like a kid but would end like a hero one day.
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