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when she entered in the cafe,
stillness was consuming
every movement
in the room,
including her
lost smile, quite face, warm tea,

was waiting
in the dark void corner
suddenly their eyes met
his eyes swept over her
her eyes lingered over his
   leaving airs of mystery
without a trace
at the end of a long war
was waiting
when she entered with another man
Inspired from a Russian movie "17 seconds of Spring"  a love story that happened during the second war.
After laying me on the bed
His agents were on the task
I was taken to the Cath Lab
My heart was thoroughly investigated
His agents told Him there's no sin inside
He made His considered opinion
He declared me the winner
He had a word of caution for me
You have undergone bypass in the past
Your heart falls in sensitive class
Strictly follow your regimen
Take all necessary precautions
Lay aside all your fears
There's no sin inside you dear
Yet you don't qualify for my heavenly Kingdom
I need to cast you further on the anvil
Making you first a better human
You stay on this planet
Till further decision, further orders
O Lord I bow before You
I am grateful for this decision
I shall abide by Your every order, every decision!
If you hear the insatiable whispers of your calling
beckoning you forward,
within the dark depths
of sleepless attempts at slumber-
If it keeps you staring up at the ceiling
long past the dawn
with threatening thoughts
which only the pawns of failure spawn-
then use the fuel of the pursuers whom
came before you,
coupled with your own unique integrity,
and drive,
to bring into being that which you cannot go a day without thinking about.
Believe in Yourself
as much
as you believe in your Hell
for You will be dead a long time-
do not dawdle.
Your Muse chooses You
as much as You choose your Muse.
You owe it the nobility of pursuit
in exchange for the simple comfort
which the essence of being offered a way out of meaninglessness direction brings.
(This is the gift all Muses present you with.
It is symbiosis in its most poetic form.)
You cannot prevent your Muse choosing You,
no more than your Muse can prevent
You from not pursuing it
with all the tenacious ambition it deserves.
So love and cherish your Muse as it were your mother,
along with all the hopeful dreams it brings with it.
It chose you for a reason.
What happens
When u finally
Put all the pieces together

When every question
has found it's answers
When all you need do
is ask,
to receive

And yet still
in the end
Nothing can be made other
than as it is to be.
I've met so many people,
Seen so many faces
Yet here I am
Sitting by the tree
All alone,
Often Pondering
What life would have been?
Had I not cut off
People who reminded me of
Simpler and happier times,
Singing together
To the tunes that barely rhymed,
Had I not cut off
The things that always seemed so real,
And some feelings that I tried to conceal.
But here I am
Learning to be happy,
Even if it seems sloppy
Maybe God's watching over me,
As I walk along my path carefree
Maybe I was playing with my sanity,
Just by sleeping in the arms of destiny.
Will I be happy about being selfish?
Or is treading the longer path towards gratitude something I'd relish?
the silky blonde hair,
the ocean blue eyes.
the effortless smile he put on my face,
it was too good to be true.

i knew i loved him
and i thought he loved me too.
but sometimes worlds don’t collide
and destiny changes course.
i met my soulmate, but he didnt.
The waves crawl in from a far horizon,
Through the azure ocean of Time,
With an air of danger and of beauty,
They roll on closer to where the rocks lie.

Little do they know of their fate,
of how they draw nearer with every breath
Towards the rocks, which are their graves,
of how they roll onward towards their deaths.

Likewise, we trek across the seas,
across a seemingly endless plain,
We crawl, we walk, we, blundering, run,
unaware of the inevitable pain.

From beyond the horizon, we sweep to the shore,
rising glorious in fleeting majesty,
Before, without warning, we crash to the rocks,
Succumbing to merciless destiny.
Caage Gaber Sep 22
Every day, every second seems to come so slowly
Why though are my flashbacks so swift
Why are there parts so unusually smoky
Why is my life on a quick drift

Time is slowly and sharply skewing in my head
Why can't I contain each moment?
Why am I not dreadfully dead?
Why did I end up becoming a poet?

This reality is bound by the laws of ticking time
Why do I have to follow its rules?
Why must I advance to and through the prime?
Why shouldn't I steal back my time's jewels?
One superpower I always wish I had. Time manipulation. To be honest, though I'd probably disobey all the rules set in Back to the Future. I'd probably make a flash mistake and create a flash point (#Flashrefrence)
Nida Fazli translations

Apni Marzi se
by Nida Fazli Shayari
translated by Mandakini Bhattacherya and Michael R. Burch

This journey was not of my making;
As the winds blow, I’m blown along ...
Time and dust are my ancient companions;
Who knows where I’m bound or belong?

Original Poem:

Apni Marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain,
Rukh hawaaon ka jidhar ka hai udhar ke hum hain.
Waqt ke saath mitti ka safar sadiyon se,
Kisko maaloom kahan ke hain kidhar ke hum hain.

by Nida Fazli
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I was unable to relate
the state
of my heart to her,
while she failed to infer
the nuances
of my silences.

Every Day and in Every Direction
by Nida Fazli
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Everywhere and in every direction we see innumerable people:
each man a victim of his own loneliness, reticence and silences.
From dawn to dusk men carry enormous burdens:
all preparing graves for their soon-to-be corpses.
Each day a man lives, the same day he dies.
Each new day requires the same old patience.
In every direction there are roads for him to roam,
but in every direction, men victimize men.
Every day a man dies many deaths only to resurrect from his ashes.
Each new day presents new challenges.
Life's destiny is not fixed, but a series of journeys:
thus, till his last breath, a man remains restless.

by Nida Fazli
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

It was my fate to entangle and sink myself
because I am a boat and my ocean lies within.
―Nida Fazli, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

You were impossible to forget once you were gone:
hell, I remembered you most when I tried to forget you!
―Nida Fazli, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Don't squander these pearls:
such baubles may ornament sleepless nights!
―Nida Fazli, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

The world is like a deck of cards on a gambling table:
some of us are bound to loose while others cash in.
―Nida Fazli, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

There is a proper protocol for everything in this world:
when visiting gardens never force butterflies to vacate their flowers!
―Nida Fazli, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Since I lack the courage to commit suicide,
I have elected to bother people with my life a bit longer.
―Nida Fazli, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Keywords/Tags: Urdu, translation, translations, love, heart, state, life, death, destiny, fate, breath, mrburdu
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