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I killed a finche, I don't know why
But perhaps a finche was meant to die
Although his wings were grown to fly
Maybe wings don't touch the sky
Brett Jul 15
Look at the city from above
See how the towers of power
Cast shadow to the rabble
Cowering below

All these fields, stained dry, rusted brown
Gathered crowds are a ghost town
Disillusioned mental state of mass confusion
Factory made man

This free prison is a stretch of highway
With roads determined and paved
Two directions
Places you will never go, and the place you were always headed
Timmy Shanti Jul 15
today i fina try again
and it don't mean you ain't my friend
i'm moving on, i'm moving past
the things i thought would always last

to say i'm scared is to understate
do have this feeling that i'm tempting fate
but bold i go and deep i dive
to find my soul is still alive

i spread my wings and off i fly
i fina live before i die
embrace my spirit, up my game
rekindle my forsaken flame

today i fina start anew
unlearn again all that i knew
i dare to dream, i dare to do
try and keep up - i dare you
July 15
Bang on the middle of summer.
Wills would have been proud.
I felt hatred deep through my veins,
It burnt my skin
Planting the seed of vengeance
‘How dare you’
Your words flashed in my mind.
You tear open my wounds
With your pitiful words,
You **** me every time,
You breathe my name.
You confess your love,
That chokes me every night.
You’re the poison that I ingested,
Voluntarily, naïve little thing.
You strangle me with your words,
Stifling the smothered screams.
You gnash my skin
With your ****** teeth,
You tear open my insecurities,
Piece my piece I pay the price
Of surrendering to the devil.
You call me lovingly,
‘Little pet’,
You expect me to swallow your lies,
The shackles of your tribulations.
You whisper sweet nothings,
Of how I’ll ‘join the great majority’,
And you’ll hunt again,
A prey to torture,
A sacrifice.
How can I let you?
You broke my soul,
Tarnished my body,
For your sickening self;
You reduced me to ashes
For what?
I wait for you to return.
You’re asleep,
Are you tired from inflicting torture?
Oh how sad, aren’t you the victim here.
I sneak up to your lithe form,
You breathe my name,
Is it a silent prayer, darling?
I plunged the knife deep into your heart,
The *****, he doesn’t feel.
Your eyes open, you’re shocked,
You didn’t expect betrayal.
The predator, soaked in blood,
Calls out again, the last time,
Losing his breath, sweating profusely.
‘Die, pet’
Nice retraction, right?
The Hunter dies pleading the hunted,
Ragged breath, such music to my ears.
You die, a meaningless death,
You succumb to that knife you use to ****,
**** the others, **** me.
You die, a sobbing mess,
Too cold for life.
So I looked at the gods
And I look to the universe.
Where I begged for answers over and over again.

All to ask why you entered my life.
At this place, at this time.
When I was not ready to give love another chance.

You graced my world like a soundless crash.
Without warning I felt everything.
Suddenly you were here.

And I wish I didn't meet you,
At least not here, not now.
While I am in pieces within my fragments.

But when I look at your eyes.
Despite my world feeling like its towards its conclusion.
Everything feels like it makes sense.

That all the things I've lost
And all the things I've been deprived of
I had my answer after all.

And I curse the heavens and the gods once more.
I cry out at the universe looming over me.
Again I asked why.

But there were no answers to be found.
There was no point in asking the eternal vastness.
You were here.

No time, there was no space.
My psyche always broken into tiny shards.
There was nothing I could do to prevent the way.

You simply waltz into my life.
No sound, no way of telling.
I did not want to fall in love.

And in a last ditch attempt.
To throw away everything, hubris and all.
I try not to look back.

I asked the gods, the heavens, the universe.
Why here? Why now?

And with a cruel smile from the universe, all the answers I kept looking for simply faded away from me.

I am left with you, the thought of you.

Still no answers to be found except...

say sike right now 🧍
SiouxF Jul 7
Finally liberated from the chains of narcissism,
Nothing can hold me back now,
Rising from the ashes,
Surfacing from the bottom of the deepest darkest lake,
Escaping from the depths of despair,
Once lost,
Now free,
Free to fly as a bird,
Lo behold anyone holding me back now
As I soar to my destiny,
As I celebrate my freedom,
As I embrace my liberation.
Brett Jul 1
Forever falling
Through the open hearts of outstretched arms
Tunnel vision of the past
Paves the roads ahead
The off-ramps of destiny are untamed, forgotten, and overgrown
No safety awaits me, and
There is no shelter under the roof of a broken home
Storms chase me, but
In thunderclouds I drown out the world
Weary of only the weather
Inside his own reflection
SiouxF Jun 13
The unknown
Is worse
Than reality.

So embrace the fear,
Throw caution to the winds,
Have courage,
Faith and
Then set sail in the direction of your fear,
For that...
Is where your destiny awaits!
Having realised an earlier poem of mine, Fear II, had the complete opposite meaning of what I intended, I was inspired to pen the above.
Raven Feels May 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things can get weirder than ever---and I like it<3

welcome to the nation savor

a whole new destiny like a cinnamon flavor

although some rainy a bit abnormal to my harbors

yet that blond charm made it hard to delete from my markers

everybody wants to swim

in a world to bond and have a friend a twin

afraid if I was about to miss the rocking riff

I don't know if I can handle yellow anymore so stiff

                                                         ­                   ------ravenfeels
Rama Krsna May 15
lurking behind
that nervous but sensual laugh
hides an exotic goddess
pretending to be
a die-hard feminist

was it the regimen of a demanding mother?
was is it the separation from your misunderstood motherland?
is it the distance from your chosen lover?
or simply sadness from an unrequited love?

toss away the jin guo
and let the river flow.....
for this world to see
the true guan yin
rising within you

© 2021
guan yin : goddess of  love and compassion
jin guo:a hair pin worn  by. women
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