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The other may be taller -
The other may be older -
The other may be more,
but that doesn't mean
that you are any less -
S/he loving you? All that
means that s/he sees more
so much more, in you too
so stop questioning the love
and just love, love them to death,
and so much more so beyond.
The Sun only knows how to shine
Furiously, intensely so and so
Why would that version of love
and loving be wrong?
The Earth only knows how to dance
to the tune of set and rise,
It revolves, all her life, around
her lover, spinning around him, her star
And, yet, to each other, that is
more than enough that they give
that they take from, to, one another
to them that is love, to them
that is living, that is life.
Bryce 7d
I am showing you how *** works in one way
I cannot help but think, speak, dream,
Holding life as a box of chocolates
and wanting badly to poison the dog

the bugging, nagging, aching thing
the ballbusting nature of loneliness
of solitation
"salutations, sweet girl
I am one of the many males."

We don't pick our breakfasts
We have to fight for them
because we ate a crabapple
with our balanced scripture
Now we're Mars' Barred.

I want to touch the vessel that holds you
I want to touch it gently, molding it as clay
your cheeks, rosy, adobe,
the same red as the old
Your eyes the colors of amber before it was made
The subtle breath of turquoise
The diamond-speckled rings
I want to be the emptiness that gives you form
I want to be the innate human function
I want to kiss you because you are ***
and you are *** that speaks.

I want to kiss your soul,
I want to feel your light
because the aesthetic of you:
A Cole Thomas in the gallery
Rhapsody in Blue, the love theme
A swan in the early autumn, seeking herself
in the reflections on the pond

I want to be the *** back
The spoken voice that gave you chills
the same way you shiver on a lonely night,
staring at the enumerate stars, lining up into couples
via perspective parsecs dancing across your eyes
and pulling each follicle closer, closer--

Darling the high likelihood is that we will pass each other by
I will wave goodbye to ***, pay my tab,
stumble outside
Maybe watch you disappear
listen to Adagio as the engine begins to explode
Knowing this will all happen again until it doesn't.
I built these walls in
The shape of mountains
With rivers on the inside
Settled with gardens, lush
That I dug and watered
Myself - climb, hike it thus
And you'll be surprised
That it's a much better trek
Than wrecking foundation
Destroying battlements,
These walls were not made
To keep out but to see
Who wishes to peek in
And find and know and
Maybe even care for and
Love me, so much more
Of what's within is just a
Town willing to be lived in
A heart just afraid to be
Stepped on but willing still
To be held, beat for and
In time, bloom and build
And climb some more,
It's just here, I'm just here
Waiting for any curious hiker
Waiting for a mountain high thrill
Of a kind of love affair, or -
I'm not picky at all -
A great kind of friendship true
Maybe though see what's within?
Destiny M Oct 9
I’m more than just a pretty face ,
a pretty body,
a pretty taste
I’m a soul you can’t erase
I’m style
I’m grace
you can’t replace me
Let’s face it I grew on your heart
We’re almost never apart
Shooting for the stars just to land in front of one, maybe I found the one, maybe you’re my number 1..
Arcassin B Oct 6
By Arcassin Burnham

2012 was a promising year full of hopefuls.
These days nobody recognize the things that make us faithful.
To *** I mean,people always wanna find a ****** reason.
To do unnecessary things and make it a horrible season.

Questionable outcomes to a tragedy or a devastation.
the future might be holding up everything at it's extintion.
Slow hours of the day you wonder if you might just die.
Let's hope that happens at an old age without the erge to pry.

I got what you want , I got what you need,
I could give you knowledge if you know how to use it to survive,
Materials we flaunt, we no longer need,
For the end of days will be coming pretty soon , save some lives.

You fought a little longer my friend,
It's all worth it in the end,
You got your whole life ahead of you,
What we had in the past is way over due,
You fought a little longer my friend,
It's all worth it in the end,
You got your whole life ahead of you,
What we had in the past is way over due.


Follow the light for directions,
At a North star from shining bright through a Lord that'll never give up on you even in your lightest or your darkest of darkest of days where the pains may come then slowly
Fade away into nothingness like a slow motion fall to Oblivion and agony as I would see while vasting in my broken dreams with a sight for sore eyes and friend that I need
In this life, nobody knows what I need,
A banana seed that never grows,
Times get hard as common as my body shows,
I wanna be great just like the nba players that  get endorsements but not have my
Soul taken,
Difficult times call for difficult measures weather or not you have it
Good or not,
Theres nothing powerful than *** and love and family but as I see it,
Have to learn to tie those knots,

This life is new to me and I am learning to enjoy the moments. There have been many first times just this year. I now understand what it means to love at first sight. Loving unconditionally has been taught from watching my children love their mates. There are new fights that are being fought. No not with hands as we grow those fights are done away with. The fight for another day is with in me.
While many other things are on constant repeat. There are many new experiences that are being had. Today was the first day that I believe my sister finally tried to understand me. People sometimes paint you to be the person that they think that you are. Or who they want you to be. When I listen to people tell me who I am. What kind of person have always been and it is laughable. It is more than strange that people can know you all of your life and know nothing about you. I have been told that, “you only let people get so close.” This might be true but if I do it should say a lot to you. Trust is earned and never just given.
If I push you away it is because you put me in the situation to. New dreams and heart beats warm my inner being. My mind-set is different. Before I wanted you to know that I am there for you and would put myself to the side to provide. I never looked for anything in return. That mind-set has changed. I can no longer give my all to everyone. I have learned to replenish myself no other human can do that for me.
I am not returning calls that I don’t want to make. I will no longer participate in events to show others that I care. I will not lack sleep to benefit someone that does not deserve my attention. If I delete you I am not interested in knowing that you are offended. You earned your deletion and I hope that you do well. With these small first's I can’t wait to see what more is to come.
As we age we change and as long as the changes are good embrace them
Seanathon Oct 2
You think I fear you?
Glorious dusk
And the turning of night from the clear of day?

My dawn arises with a hush
And with a quiet whisper there I find
Amidst the new light narrow way

Afraid of you, I’m not today
Not today
O’ Glorious dusk

For the winds of change
Pick steadily up
And blow you like the chaff away  

Afraid of you, I’m not today
Not today
O’ Glorious dusk

My fears the light has whisked away
Far away from every fright
I fear no glorious dusk today
Dusk Today, Dusk Today
Lydia Oct 2
Everytime we say we goodbye
I wish I would have kissed you one more time
To both of my boys
Isaac Sep 30
The more work done today,
the more exciting tomorrow is.
Written 1 October 2018
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