I want to go everywhere
at the same time

In madness enthralled
deliberately unaware of the end

Awful and sweet
take me on a spree

Don’t ask if I’m tired
say how much more

D  i s c overing
Qualia and the Causal-explanatory Approach
In a day like Today
Today is Infinite
E x p a n s i o n

Ikigai(Japanese)-  "A reason for living [being alive]; a meaning for [to] life; what [something that] makes life worth living; a raison d'etre"
Alyalyna Jan 11

I’d love to pour out all of my anger
Tell the whole world who you’ve been dating lately
Tell the whole world who you’ve been cheating on baby
In what filthy things you’ve been participating
Should I remind you I embraced you daily
And now you’re acting shady
And kind of shocking and maybe
I intercourse with a wrong person
But I was
Completely into our friendship
Indeed, I loved you
You said I ruined it
I say you ruined me
I helped you out a thousand times
Now will you help me out of all this shit
Who’s now a piece of crap
Who’s now to blame
Why didn’t you tell everything?
You’re struggling now for your fame
That’s why you’re so late
With all your blames
And when your so called diva moment comes down
You’re gonna understand how much you were wrong

Life Jan 8

Oh dear,
you spoil me
I wanna kiss you
but I don't wanna test my gag reflexes.

No matter how hard I try to hate you,
I always end up loving you more than ever.

Onomatopiyya Jan 6

Just as bad
As it is
Ugly as
It seems to be

The last time
She kept on failing
Also galling
It hurts so bad

The rain was her lover
The best she had
Too bad
Now it's only a was

The love
It's still there
Will always be
Now and forever

Explanation wasn't needed
There's faith and more
So much more
Than just a mother nature

Ashley C Jan 6

What a beautiful day
The sun making you more the beauty to look at
so please don't stray

Will you hold my hand? ­
I wanna feel this beauty that the sun has stowed me
you are very grand ­

You blossom like a flower I would say is pretty in my back yard
sure that flower may not be the prettiest to society
but it's here and it's gained my regard

Your lips look soft
but will they actually feel soft against mine?
You make my mind feel like a loft

No more worries are in my head
plenty of space for the warm happiness
I can sleep in complete bliss with the thought of you in my bed

But I guess were not there yet
You sit next to me in this vast field
not breaking a sweat

My heart pounds as I see you laugh
Smile that pretty smile of yours
Would you mind giving me your love, half?

You talk about the girl you love
I wish I can talk about the you that I love
You say she's like a beautiful dove

I wonder what I'm like to you
can I be a beautiful dove too?
maybe I'm the boy, without you, who's always blue

Her leaving your tongue is stinging
like the needle piercing through my fabric
Maybe the feeling of you wringing my arm

Just thinking the same beautiful thoughts of you
for now it's all I need
to see you too

But the truth is
I'll need more than just thinking of you and seeing you
I'll want your touch
your lips
your eyes
your heart

But here we are again
a beautiful day
But what did I gain?

Maybe just more pain

I don't know if this is the best, probably messy, but I like it, and maybe there are some people who like it.
Polka Jan 4

an inside joke
we both share
i cant make it
because you aren't there.

i rlly reccommend watching "the shape of water" it's gr8
Polka Jan 3

will get
nothing but
suffering in
this universe here

eyes see
what you see
and it isn't
very pretty, mate

see tens
of thousands
of birds chirping
to protect themselves

you see
it too, yes,
you see no use
in preventing this

see, my friend
things always turn dark

i was thinking about syllables
Divine Dao Dec 2017

Dear friend. It's been long since we were bundled together in that maddening untied knot of emotions. And I'm really glad that this furioso fabuloso exposition came to an and. So ~ I and you would never fall again in a blank hole of that miserable, unforgivable and crazy behaviour, tearing words and tears on the verge of reasoning. I loved you. And that should suffice.

Yours truly,
Music lover

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