Just hold on baby girl Pooh Bear,
I am here as your guardian angel,
None more other than you I love,
Xerox my love and give it to me,
Easier than me you can't love anyone,
Drive you to ecstasy I will for sure.

Not fearing the future anymore,
Or not fearing their judgement.

Mighty love will take us to our port,
On the port of satisfaction we'll land,
Roam as much you want in my heart,
Exceed my expectations always you do.

My HP Poem #1678
©Atul Kaushal

You lit a fire underneath my frozen heart.
The ice began to melt, my heart became warm to you.
The kind of warmth you had longed for.
But the flame never stopped, it burned.
It turned my heart a brittle black, a mistake you tried to fix.
But at the slightest touch it turned to ash, and beat no more for your words and affections.

Nylee 6d

It is alright
when I'm alone in my room
with all the dark thoughts
clouding my sight

They will give me company
when everyone leaves me.

I don't need anybody,
I really do not care.
I'm still taking slow breaths
that is good enough, yeah.
Don't expect more.

i crave a love so sweet
it drips down my sinful sinews like syrup;
a love that resonates
within the very four walls of my being

a love so powerful
it bursts open like clogged capillaries;
a love that is more bitter than water
and thicker than blood

i crave a consumptive love
a love that hollows me of myself;
a love that shrieks menacingly;
a love with echoes that reach hell

instead i receive a love
from a dead, immobile thing
an entity with the charm of a housefly
who only wants me because of a ring

G J 6d

I wish these feelings could fade away
in the same way you forgot my voice
over time and distance

Still here
Still miss you
Still want to be with you
Still love you more than you love me.

Still looking for us.
Sarah Nov 3

People tell me life moves on
But everything is in
Time barely moves
I'm stuck standing still

People tell me I'm overreacting
But everything feels
I barely move
I'm stuck carrying it all

People tell me to choose my mood
But everying is so
Everyone stays still
And I'm stuck
I'll never move on

Liz Carlson Nov 2

I want more from this life than the same old patterns.
I'm sick of this drive for success and acknowledgment.
In the end, it doesn't even matter.

I want to feel the earth beneath my feet.
I want to discover all there is.
I want more.

All your words, slowly sucking me in.
Convincing my soul to die.
I give into your lies, that success is the basis of life.
My soul will never die, however.
I will always want more.

Sick of this society sucking my creativity out.
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