I love her
More than
Any day

And when
The morning ‘morrow
I’ll sing
This song
Once more…
Again, again,
Always more -  
And always,
Always more

Again, again,
Always more -  
And always,
Always more…
We had almost all, but you wanted more,
that you will be faithful, to me, you swore ...
But all the promises in this world are in vain,
they are just repeating, like in the song refrain ...
All what you left is your painting on my wall,
there is no more a sign - trace about you after all ...
I will try not to, I will try, not to shed the tears
and the time will pass away, with it also years ...
Yes, I will try to fall into the another romance,
you will be on my blocked list, my ignorance ...
I do not wish you no more, to be on my mind,
with another girl happiness I will try to find ...
It was
more than
just a shared
Ask me if I care
As you play your ignore me game
Ask me if I hurt
when I see you online
acting like you don't know me
when I posted my gift
as usual you pretend it's not there
when you wanted me
you only wanted to play your selfish game
taking what you wanted out of me
not caring how I felt
not caring how Id hurt
when you decided you wanted no more
Leaving me here without a care
If only people really knew
how selfish you are
how mean you are
How you played me
all these long 5 years
just to go on to fuck someone else
cause your not a man your a game
who needs to be turned off
and told to fuck off
Fuck off
© Jennifer Delong
Nylee Apr 11
The more it hurts
The more I smile
because the smile has the power
To make it useless
Lou Vaughn Apr 11
Every day, I am convinced I couldn't be any more in love with him, but I will be...
Next week, tomorrow, even minutes from now.
I used to feel as if love was contained solely within my heart, but not with him;
With him, I am BECOMING love...
with my entire being.
“There will always be more...”
she said with a smile.
“But before that -
Let’s celebrate this small victory a while!”
Sometimes it is really nice to enjoy a win even if you know there are still miles to go...like making through 9 days in a row of poem writing but having over half the month left! :)
Amanda Apr 8
I already gave
You a thousand chances yet
You still want one more
You shouldn't need that many chances, if you were going to fix the problem you would have done it a long time ago. Besides, I am with someone who would do anything to make me happy now, and you are not capable of giving me the one thing i need to be satisfied. I guess some things never change.
Amanda Mar 31
I can't take the pressure and stress
Year after year, mess after mess
Giving less than my best, in constant distress
I'm looking for a relationship not just sex
I search for someone who isn't impressed
By checks and material objects
Who would rather talk in person not on the phone or text
I'm going to give up now unless
Silence is broken, it's not so I guess
I have to get used to this loneliness
I feel ill if I talk to myself for too long
So instead I fill the silence with song
If you are Mr. Right why are you always wrong?
I guess it is time for us to move on
Watching you break while I remain strong
Stomping your feelings but you walked upon
My feelings first, now it's dawn
I'm wrapped in the memory of how it feels to belong
Alone so I grow clingy, wish I knew how to prolong
This relationship til someone new comes along
I am too needy, you're too withdrawn
If it could have worked I wouldn't be singing this song
We need to let go, no point holding on
The love we took for granted is already gone.

If happiness finds a way to your door
That knock I hope you will not ignore
I am rooting for you to win and succeed
I may be what you want but not who you need.

I look into your eyes, I know we were meant to be
We weren't meant to stay together, that's the catch you see
I was made for you, and you for me
For who we were during those moments, not infinity
Our love wasn't a mirage because it was temporary
We grew into two new human beings
Who could never decide so we'd disagree
I no longer call you baby
I'm not the same girl you fell for anymore
That foolish child walked out the door
We wish we could be who we were before
Two teenagers excited to learn and explore
Our issues were easy to ignore
We left them to rot on the bathroom floor
We didn't notice now we both are transformed
All the way down inside our cores
Hopelessness has my heart sore
Love is not supposed to feel like a chore
We hate the one we used to adore
We can't make eachother happy, what we try for?
I love you but I realized I need something more.

I love this one, I feel like I had a lot of killer lines. What do you think?
Angelina Mar 31
a feeling i am used to
constant yelling and tortures going through my head, it makes my chest numb.
your words you whisper in my ear when she turns away,
the way you're using me for own pleasure sake.
when i ask you if you love me ,and the feeling crawls against my skin,
when you walk out of that door.
I'm tired of being used.
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