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Spriha Kant Oct 8
Imbibing books is far more easier than imbibing humans.
Jessica Oct 3
The cipher knows what to say
He decodes us all of our days
Sitting in a dark room eating poisonous mushrooms
And remembering a virtue
that he lost
But he never misplaces the key
The one that opens all things
And in the place of empathy he has costs and pay outs
He smokes a pack a day of lies
And tears he never appears to cry
But in the blackness of his heart
He careens into the white walls of the populace
He sees a thousand patterns
In place of moral standards
And who needs common decency
When you leave your window open
Terra Levez Sep 21
"Forever," you say
And we walk through the door
So I love you forever
And then a little more
Bullet Sep 15
I’ve been smoking a lot more
I’ve been drinking a lot less
Which is better or worse
******* how about you mind your own business
Serendipity Sep 10
She stood at the edge of a deep rock
leashed to the side of the sea
with foam biting at her feet
and waves barking at her.

She breathes a salt stenched air
and watches its jaws open
only to see a sailor
rotting between its teeth.

She swallows air whole,
call it courage or stupidity
but she takes a step towards it.

Now the hound named
became full
once more.
rgz Sep 7
Here I sit, encompassed,
The sun doesn't rise;
For me, it is no bliss;

A red sky is taken as warning,
a danger,
not known for what it is;

Forerunner to growth;
A path to the skies;
A bridge to a clear blue stream,

Still, I sit; a pale stranger;
Hope in disguise,
With an ashtray full of dreams.
wow I wrote something down for once

A gloomy heart can emit evil device,
A darken mind can shut  godly advice,
We can not rise above the boundaries of our hearts,
Our mindset becomes the reasons for our acts.

When our mind is bonded with viciousness,
We will lack peace and happiness,
We will walk our ways without brightness,
And our hearts will dealign from our consciousness.

In darkness our lives lacks resolution,
And it will wave our thoughts to suspension,
We may even traverse  to an anonymous destination,
Which can sink us into the pool of depression.

Our key to knowledge is in our brightness,
But how can we find it in darkness?
Our thoughts have darken our counsel,
We must come to light until we excel.

Darkness has created vacuum for suffering,
And it has left us behind without resolving,
Then we realized we reside in peril and destruction,
And the steps we have taken have caused so much confusion.
Knowledge is power
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