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If life were a test, what is a passing mark?
– no extra credit for Infinite Jest

HA, the moral of the story, this is the do no more,
listen, learn to teach the trick,

to any who know the secret word, which is, in any language
– too secret to say, in the ears of all
This is an half-hour read to get to the last line, but no 502-503 etc.
Xxav May 17
I’m only 20 years old. Sometimes I forget I have another 50 or so to figure everything out
2. Green tea Arizona is the best flavor but if you disagree I respect your opinion. No matter how wrong it is.
3. No matter how much I hate it I know pizza wouldn’t taste the same without the cheese. I learned years ago that sometimes I will not like every part of something I love.
4. I used to be insecure about my body. Until a girl commented on my chest and I realized she was probably just mad that I had bigger *******
5. When I was 12 I started buying swords off of amazon to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. I packed a bag with canned beans, water, some granola bars that I eventually ate, extra clothes, and a pack of cards on how to survive the zombie apocalypse of course. Too often I prepare for disasters that may never come. But I haven’t died yet so can I guess it can’t be that bad.
6. I have never broken a bone but in their place are the promises I never kept
7. I’m about 5’9. In my Nike boots. I’m more switchblade than katana, but if you push me the wrong way you’re bound to get cut.
8. I grew up a broken dam. A leaking faucet. But I always tightened up. So know that I ain’t no punk. I’m just an emotional *****. And I’ll really rock your ****, teary-eyed and all.
9. I am not depressed because I am not my depression. But we have been roommates for years now. Bro pays no rent but he kinda big so I can’t just kick him out.
10. Some of the skeletons in my closet still breathe to this day. I guess that means they still have some time left.
Charles Chiam May 14
The desire to want more
Has been corrupted
Such desires means much more
Than greed, gluttony, or lust

Is it wrong to demand more efficiency
From those who are supposed to lead us?

Is it too much to ask for more empathy
For those sorely in need of compassion?

Is it a sin to demand for more justice
For victims of hypocritical religious figures?

Is it not our basic human rights
To desire more safety and security?

Why do we judge those who want more
Because they want to share with others?

Why do we belittle those seeking equality
And bitterly challenge them more instead?

Why do we put down passions and talents?
When we need more creativity and imagination?

Why do those who are greedy have their wants satisfied
While the desperate ones have their urgent needs neglected?

We need MORE kindness
We need MORE humanity
We need MORE wisdom

Otherwise, in the end
Only anger and pain
Will grow and reign
Charles Chiam May 14
I want more, and I will lie no more.
Call me greedy; I don't care anymore.

I want more money. Who doesn't?
They are never enough. Never enough.
I am but a **** poor untalented peasant,
I just want to numb myself with more stuff.

With more money, I can buy more books.
The more pages I flipped, I lose myself more.
More money also means more toys that hooks
My inner child - he now knows freedom more.

I want more food. OM NOM NOM FOOD!
I hunger for simple gastronomical richness:
Multiple mint teabags to better calm my mood,
Serve with upsized servings of buttery tastiness.

Yet, even the simplest desires, Need. MONEY!
What's that you say? Learn to have less desires?
Let me write it down on my list; oh that's funny;
This long list, of desires, do you think it expires?

Nay, I say, for all my wants, shall grow evermore!
Lee Aaun Mar 14
your rainbow deserves a better sky
you deserve more
Jason Feb 21
I was a student of her spirit
I was in love with every aspect

I was accepting when she was distant
I was joyous on each return

I was more than a scapegoat
I was more than a back-story

I AM more than just broken pieces
© 01/01/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
John McCafferty Dec 2020
Let us channel and harmonise
We have so much more to show
Multiple stations to awaken
As the universe unfolds
Flow through this vessel
With psalms untold

Led unto the next
Mediate your interpretation
Powerful hours condensed
Truths be told
There are countless plans
But few to hold onto

Clap of our hands
To itemised rules
When we follow on through
Plenty of access to entry
Force isn't always necessary
Just find your tools
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Mark Wanless Dec 2020
does human mind perceive all
can you perceive more than me
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