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Ileana Amara Jul 1
love is the way
of the brave &
of the fools.

07.01.21.| which one are you?
Jason May 7
When one's life has hit rock bottom
At the ripe old age of nineteen
When the apple of life has gone rotten
And hopeful plans wither to faded dreams

When one's confidence is shot
And one's hope has slowly waned
When one's faith in love is all but lost
And one's self-esteem's been drained

When one's spent their life to overcome
The pain of losing their one true one
When one's reached out to touch only ice
To be judged and rejected once, twice, thrice

When one's messages are deleted unread
And pictures cannot fill the hole in one's heart
When the only chance to hear your voice is in one's head
One begins the onerous process of falling apart

When healing has begun and the dull throb doesn't beat one jaded
When the sunlight breaks the clouds for the first time in dark ages
When the black hole ***** a little less and the stars aren't so faded
One will still be here waiting to hear an answer sought by fools and sages

Some things you just never get over,
Even after all the stages of grief, and all the healing,
The simplest things can still smack you right out of your body,
A phone ringing, for example, why am I still waiting for that call?

© 05/07/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
****** fools
Foolishness is in your blood
No way in sight, I regret
To remove it
Would genetic engineering ever do it?
A popular figure on social media
Sings paeans on Indian forefathers
They knew of God particle over thousands years
God is in every particle
Our religion tells us
Problem is we don't admit it
Until foreigners tell us
What is God?
What is particle?
Have you ever understood these?
Don't equate God with physicality
And a particle made of God
Know the difference between
The Creator and the created
Know God getting meditated
Know particle studying
Scientific literature
For scientists when it
Comes to explain and predict
Planetary motion
Sun, Moon, Earth...
Are particles
When it comes to
Structure of matter and fundamentals
Atoms, electrons, protons, Higgs Boson...
Are particles
There are particles within particles
There are elementary particles
Within which no particles
Quarks, Leptons, Bosons types of elementary particles
Of Bosons, Higgs Boson one such particle
Predicted by Peter Higgs sixty years ago
It took long fifty years
Of strenuous thinking and efforts
Besides billions of dollars
To detect and confirm its existence
A Nobel laureate, Lederman
Wrote a book on it in 1990 with the title
"******* PARTICLE"
Poking fun how difficult it was to detect it
Publishers are shrewd people
They made the title of the book fascinating and fashionable
So that wildly it sells
It is their business
But many scientists do grudge it
They are against this nickname
As Higgs Boson has nothing to do with God
Peter Higgs himself is an atheist
This is just for your brief
There's no dearth of ****** fools
And majority inclined to be fooled!
Chad Young Jan 24
Wisdom has always ruled the cosmos.
No sword is sharper than wisdom.
Good intentions cannot simply come forward,
Or progress sideways,
But must be placed with correct x,y, & z coordinates.
Not only that, but it must be met with a receptive person
for wisdom's fruit is sincerity, kindness, and tact.
What comes forward otherwise is met by fools.
All undertakings depend not on "wise-dumb" but wisdom.
How many a silence left a seed unnourished and how much has speaking killed the seed.
How many an act has made me a fool.
How many an act has made me a child of God.
How few an act has made me seem wise beyond my years.
Tony Tweedy Jan 15
Over countless months by design,
a great firework he did make,
Constructed from lies and deceits,
and by turning all truths to fake.

Honest men of morals that believe,
that truth by righteousness will always win out,
By established rules and ethic as tools,
seek to quell the falsehoods shout.

They believe the pyrotechnician,
a fool of doubtful mind.
For they cannot see the plan he holds,
hidden by deceit of such evils kind.

Divided is the great citadel,
where once truth had walked without fear or care,
To become the protected sanctuary,
to the lies that now thrive in there.

He buys the time for his plan,
that has not altered not one bit.
While good men go on as before,
thinking they have hold of it.

All of this by his design,
since from too many days ago.
He has cast you all as characters,
in this his fatal show.

When martial law is imposed,
by the power you afford him still.
Remember that you had the chance to choose,
for truth's flag to fly steady upon the hill.
I hope for the worlds sake that I am wrong.
Written on the 14th of January after claims he doesn't support violence.... another lie.
William Marr Dec 2020
noticing the sky has raised its eyebrows
and darkened its face
the shadows stop
their singing and dancing
and vanish
without a trace

leaving the dark ***** business
to poets and fools
to explore
and expose
Eva Sep 2020
A fool’s worst fear is the one of people understanding him
How many people in the world despise themselves?
How many pretend not to?
A fool’s brain doesn’t work the same as others do
Very obviously a fool’s brain is too close to a fool’s heart
And if you think love is a battlefield, now you must wonder how a fool must feel
Banging, screaming on doors and beds
Self loathing is apparently free in his head
Small oddities in this world, like you and me
Our fears have no name, like you and me
Voice cracks, tears fall, nose sniffles yet our mouths stay closed
Why’s that broken one?
Wilkes Arnold Aug 2020
It is in a way a pure kind of love
A fool's love, tho one which asks for nothing
That cures minds of reason and self coveting
Along with any other rational tools disposed of

I crave it sometimes, I'm ashamed to say
A heart that holds another so dear
It'd beat on my chest in hopes to be nearer,
Trapped in a cage for a crime, framed by the seconds passing away

Indifference, apathy, a shoulder so cold
A normal fool's heart would immediately know
That unrequited love cares little for its throes,
But my heart reaches out for its hand to hold
It doesn't seem right but it seemed good enough to share
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