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Eva Sep 24
A fool’s worst fear is the one of people understanding him
How many people in the world despise themselves?
How many pretend not to?
A fool’s brain doesn’t work the same as others do
Very obviously a fool’s brain is too close to a fool’s heart
And if you think love is a battlefield, now you must wonder how a fool must feel
Banging, screaming on doors and beds
Self loathing is apparently free in his head
Small oddities in this world, like you and me
Our fears have no name, like you and me
Voice cracks, tears fall, nose sniffles yet our mouths stay closed
Why’s that broken one?
Wilkes Arnold Aug 22
It is in a way a pure kind of love
A fool's love, tho one which asks for nothing
That cures minds of reason and self coveting
Along with any other rational tools disposed of

I crave it sometimes, I'm ashamed to say
A heart that holds another so dear
It'd beat on my chest in hopes to be nearer,
Trapped in a cage for a crime, framed by the seconds passing away

Indifference, apathy, a shoulder so cold
A normal fool's heart would immediately know
That unrequited love cares little for its throes,
But my heart reaches out for its hand to hold
It doesn't seem right but it seemed good enough to share
Sha Aug 18
You say we could laugh and be merry tomorrow.
How funny and stupid at the same time.
The world laughed yesterday and cried today,
We cried today so maybe we can laugh next.
written on April's fools
Thera Lance Jun 13
A fool once said
That “there is power and those too weak to seek it”
As he burned upon the pyre of his own foolishness
Blinded by willful ignorance as motherhood,
The primeval weapon of life,
Descended upon him like the sparrow pair
Drive down the hawk
And the mother car gouges
The human hand that grabs at her kittens.

Love carves open fools with
Its power stretching back
To when life first raged against the death
Daring to take the newborn future of the world.
Inspired by Lily from Harry Potter
Of all the wicked forms of man
We're in the worst, uncaring hands;
For I've never seen so many fools
Fail together as they lose their cool.
The universe itself is blowing smoke
As the whole world stumbles, chokes
On the gas we're huffing
The lies, the bluffing
The wind bags breathing hot air-
The misery, day in day out-
All enough to make me shout-
So what?? Like I even care!
Can we just pick a mode that works,
Or let the end come nigh?
I'm tired, I'm done,
This is really not fun
And it makes me want to cry.
So when you ******* are done pretending
That this messed up world is ending
If you could turn the light switch on
And then, very helpfully,
Get the **** gone.
We are those who live
Like there's no tomorrow
Give like there'll be no other
Know each emotion
In its deepest fervour.

When days
Are far gone
And nights long past
Brittle and passionate
Embers still glow within
Hearts refill with
Remembrance and longing:
Two ingredients of
Potent love.

Are we thus
They ask?

We are what we are-
Wise and reckless
Wary and trusting
Free-willing to be
Bound by love
Glorious fools
Of the purest kind.
people say only fools fall for you.
so i guess i’m a fool.
mae Apr 2
"I love you", his message read
and my heart feels like it would burst
but I remember the day
it's April first.
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