Get the sudden feeling that I
I'd be as at home in earth as on
Because I get home to no messages
Which means no one knows me and the
ones who know me must barely care
I get the sudden feeling that half
the reason I have for living
ultimately isn't there

She lies to her mother about me.
A passing train drowns me in its noise.
I make her sweat from every hole.
Her hair and the whole unit
Reeks of cigarettes.
Sunlight shines down upon us
Glaring at the sex.
Glaring at our sins.
Her phone rings.
Its her mother.
Asks her to go home,
And she lies to her about me.

Sam D 5d

Surreal attraction and a maddening obsession
Unfolding that mixture along with penalties
Toxic environment of love and passion
Bringing an unwarranted pragmatism
Signature of that merited guilt, sparks
Protecting her realistic breaths
Escaping from her wined ones
Her last plea to keep us alive, eternally
I looked into her eyes, longingly
An only urge of reaching the surface..

Unknown tracing of my caresses
On an absent sense of her lips
It sure has happened, my lover
A raw sort of death, I think
A severe need of a refresh
Unable to touch her flesh
Reality's trap surrounding slowly
Carbonated silences spreading
As our souls erode
No particles of peace
Demise of a quaint immortality..

We're going under, ultimately
From crimson to carmine, circulating
Hearts are bleeding colors, profusely
Only for you..
Only for me..
Maybe with a perchance
In a distant future
They’ll delve us up
Only to find
Our spirits yet intertwined..

The catch
With people like me
Is that our strangeness
Forces us to remain as
To everyone around us.

You make me hungry
Let me try again

We sat and watched
Walked and touched
Stood and kissed

I promise I do more than just sweat

Oh I wanted to apologize
For breaking your stuff
For being flakey
For the way the universe spun our destinies in an inexplicable, individual intersection rather than a permanent, parallel path.

AND I wanted to thank you
For all the funny videos
For being my crash course
For your thoughts, your consistent focus, your dependability in a GOD FORSAKEN world at the times I needed clarity and all I could see was the back of the lenses made to help me see farther

Tell me, does this sound like a goodbye?

Let's just be genuine like we always are

I dig you.

I don't want to be the one to bury you.
I know a good amount of your scars and I don't want my name on one of them.

Not one

So before we do this,
before we commit
to this perishable product and it's ever approaching expiration date.

Let's be genuine like we always are

Tell me it won't hurt. Tell me you can take it. Tell me... The truth?
Is that what I want?

I thought I wanted the truth. Now I only want it if it's not what I expect.


is that what I'm trying to say?

I'm a sucker for surprises
I mean
Aren't we all?
Don't we all
Need a good shock to the system every now and then?
And that's all you've ever been to me

So you'll tell me what I want to hear and call it the truth, harboring ulterior motives.
And I'll buy into it and call it acceptable, thinking, "things have changed" "it's different now" "this can work"
You can make a man lie to himself so easily, you know that?

Not really

What is it?

You make me hungry
Let me try again


Not again

Budhino 7d

The heights,
Same coffee
Same lighters.  
Tell me
Are you a fighter?
In a crowded train
Or the empty street.

2 a.m.
Eyes close or open.
The lights,
Or the city you never know.
The foul smells,
Garbage cans,
Humans swears.  

No flower to be seen
Old tall trees,
Grey leaves.
Your hood or mine,
It's all the same.

Eleni 7d

It was spring time, my love
I waited for you down by the river
Where the ripples caressed the sun's beams and daisies flooded the bank with their sweet aroma.

And my eyes met yours
Like stars in the midnight sky
And me your astronomer
Looking through the kaleidoscope of Life.

Your hands swept my messy hair aside-
A gentle breeze from your passionate mouth: and the reincarnation was complete.
Your pillowy lips were as if they belonged to Eros.

It was summer time, my friend
Under surreal sunsets we sat
The fireflies danced like bright lanterns
into the humid, hot night.

Under boughs of evergreen
I saw that there were these ivory roses
That were slowly turning fuchsia
Towards the end of the solstice.

It was autumn, stranger.
And the birdsong was muted.
The sky was closing its doors.
And with it our infatuation.

The day was cold, gray and dreary.
My teardrops were scarlet,
Pouring on to pure white roses-
And they were blood-stained.

The days grew short and dark.
And with them I lost my love.

This love,
Ugly and grotesque .
With all of its fangs and wings bared,
Best kept behind locked doors.
Lest it devours everything around it.
A monstrous love.
And it has made monsters out of you
And me.

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