Nature leaves you in a better place
Where the sun borns bleak
Disseminated through the day
But dusk lays into the dying gray

I seek ritual to unlearn my demons
Rely on my own strength
Finding no meaning within my reach
Nothing exists forever

Desperate to not last
Every anniversary feels a burden
I will not come through no old age
My youth won't never become an old men

My cracks are under no soul's range
But I see every new crime as a sin fresh
Stare my old-fashioned way of giving way
With ready excuses and proud protected

No child will be left behind
Even when my face is covered with clay
I will be indifferent towards their cry
Still untouched, my apathy remains

I see the windows, and the shadows
But you can bet your life
Behind your laughters, behind your screams
I'm not one of you, I will never go outside

© Lips of Dust

My brother came home
From Marawi today.
He had a bald spot on his head
And he says he’s gonna cut his hair the next morning.
Sixteen of his friends died he says
And that he has killed five men.
He says he feels like he should have killed eleven more
To even it out.
It doesnt feel like home he says to me. Says he doesnt belong here anymore.
I used to hate my brother.
I like him better now.

i miss people i've never met
their imaginary faces stick to my eyes
relationships i could have if i was there
at some point
stuck watching them unfold without me on the t.v.
i miss people i've seen on screens
no flesh and no bones
only heartless machines

i miss places my soles didn't even scrape
taking busses people suffer through every morning
daily routines i'll never have and apartments i can't afford anyway
i miss being in coordinates
kissing the skies on buildings
taller than they come here
geotagging myself where i see myself
not on my bed
tilting nights colliding with my head

Sienna 5d

Loneliness encasing me
And closing all around me
Falling into the depths of great defeat
And no one can hear me
Mistakes being made are those of a weaker mind
And a weaker heart
Or so told in the dark and made into art
Here is the product
Of a time long lost
A battle never defeated and memories not gone
A clock to be heard ticking away
But all silence is remained
A tear receding into below
Yet once was a glow
And learned is the fact
You cannot outrun the past
Hiding in your own cave
The past is the present now made

In time, when your branches reach the touch of sky,
Your roots would already have
Dug its way to hell.
Step lightly.
It only takes one fall.

Banan Jul 17

In my cold vacant room
Amid the dreadfulness
of longing for you
There's me,
and my tale of woe
And the sonnets i wrote for you
And the familiar sense of awe
On my pillow
that smells like you
Mid each throb,
I covet you
As i crawl back
to my gloom
Underneath my sheets
of blue
My soul shivers,
to bide my time with you

Nylee Nov 12

With little time in hand, I know nothing can be undone
This scares me, but extinguishes the fear away of unknown
Melancholy, my everyday anywhere companion
Hiding in shadows, as the sun comes.

The timing is perfect, enough but never enough
Feels are there still between the gaps but numb
I misplaced my heart on,strayed away from the game
Everything is lost, but still nothing has changed.

Room is darker than usual, moon remains hidden
The heartbeats are heard and sudden,
There is no excuse this time
Just few seconds left to create another rhyme.

End is coming nearer, the start is next to it
Life is too much yet incomplete
The journey unstable, I don't look around
Many realisations, lost and found.

Your voice is fresh baked bread.
Your eyes hold oceans I wish to dive into.  
Your lips are soft flower petals.
Wrapped in your arms, I find myself everywhere at once. Connected to the cosmos by your love.

I live off these dreams and reminisces of you.  If all I have left are these memories, then I shall happily spend most of my days with closed eyes.

nim Nov 11

one year has passed
everything changed

but you?
you stayed
the same.

There’s something odd about people with very low standards.
Its like they are almost always never disappointed
So they’re never sad but
At the same time,
In some ways,
They are never truly happy either.
Strange folks with their
Empty four mile stares
Planning the next murder
Inside their heads.

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