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I fell
Mind first
Into the churning water

I saw
My darkest dreams
And my sweetest nightmares
Look for yourself in the ocean waves. It is both horrifying and beautiful at the same time.
Ju Temo 1d
I never knew the pretty sky was so indifferent
So blue and so blank
Standing there without a response.
Surrounding me as it just watches on
As my head is weighed down
As my shoulders become heavy
As my knees want to hit the ground

Nothing is working.
The problems just stack on
Its books are piling on
Showing me that it can.
The distribution isn’t even
Doesn’t matter.
My back not sure if it will give out
Perhaps, just waiting for the right time
To truly become another future
With a wishful past.

A hand to alleviate it wouldn’t come
A wishful thinking of a story
A movie that would get blistered by real life
I’m already getting burned under its sun
Beating on without a care
Quickly chafing off the careful wrapping
Around how it was supposed to go
Preserving the candy that shouldn’t get *****

On this day, it got exposed to the true air
It cracked under the pressure
The lines show the map of the world
In your mouth,
It’s ready to break a tooth

A lean against the wall
Trying to hold my body up
Against the weight of my thoughts
As they swirl becoming poison
Sticking to the sides of my mind
Within this tornado
The sun shines on.

The breeze flutters the leaves beautifully
Showing all the sides of its colors
It reaches my face coolly
Washing over my thoughts
Increasing the turbulence
The starker the contrasts of green and blue
The blunter the world reveals itself to be.

Not a single cloud passing by up above
Empty eyed as it looks on
Keeping cool as everything collapses
Hands restless trying to catch all falling
It’s slipping through my fingers
Too quick to grasp and hold.

To give up is an option that comes up.
A whisper infiltrating with the sweet air.
To shut my eyes
And un-focus my gaze
But I’m surrounded by multiple paths
All escapes paved with yellow flowers
Each and every pretty without promises
Petals covering every space
Not showing any holes in the ground
Until I’ve already fallen in
Wanting to turn back.

From inside the well
Or from the sidewalk
The sky looks the same
Coded with a thousand cliffs
Unable to decipher their meaning
Constantly shifting as the time comes
What seemed so stable
Becomes all blurry in a glance.

To exert a force in my arms
And hold my body up
Against this pressing weight.
I let out a breath that traveled miles
Pushing away my thoughts for now
I stand up off the rail
And try another time.

Not a single cloud passing by up above
The world remains colorfully calm
And the sun makes the leaves greener
A few seagulls fly by overhead
The challenges weigh down on my back
While the pretty sky seems bluer
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting. All other poems can be seen at:
Put my loneliness into a bottle
And toss it into the dark waves
Someone is bound to
Find it in the light
And pick it up
Beaches are the haven of melancholy thoughts
the trees are reaching
clawing for you
ready to embrace
trees whisper their welcome
trees whisper your worth
they can’t wait until you’re theirs
in their clutching arms
the waiting is killing them
burning their very soul
ebbing at their patience
taking its deadly toll
you know you want to come
to this quiet place  
where dreams run wild
possibilities are pondered
and tomorrow seems way off yonder
so come
they’re waiting for you
leaves fall like rain
dancing in the wind
cover yourself
make a cloak of them
then run
let the leaves trail behind you
let them fall off
let them go
you don’t have to hold onto things forever
Don’t take literally, look below the surface.
Nada Oct 7
you say you love me
but i‘m suffering from melancholy
so tell me, why can’t you see?
feels like i‘m drowning in the sea
you keep calling me lovely
yet you‘ll never love me for me
because i‘ll never be
never be who you want me to be
Fenchurch Oct 7
i can't handle it anymore.
the tears. the constant worry, regret, misery.
i am so weak.
i can't control the sobs that escape at the smallest mishap.
i can't handle it anymore.
the what ifs. the self doubt, skepticism, hesitation.
i am so sad.
i can't restrain the thoughts that cloud over my every judgment.
i can't handle it anymore.
i don't want to feel anymore.
Jason Adriel Oct 6
that night
the night we walked side by side
feels very far away
like a distant light
hand in hand
Vredeburg laid quiet

the street band

remembering it feels very lonely.
Débijonne Oct 5
The nostalgia's been annihilating.
My heart hasn't stopped longing, my chest palpitating,
upon coming across old songs and movies
which remind me of good times of the past.
But in a way, I kind of understand.
I've always been scared of the future—
for I never see myself in them.
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