corpser 6h
There is a slow buzzing sound coming from the next room.
Must be the air conditioning.
Across the damp streets I hear the sound of cats fucking.
It is followed by the low howling of dogs.
I look at tiny windows
And all the lives they hold inside.
All the cheating wives
The abusive fathers
The kings the fools and the thieves of the city.
It bathes in the yellow light of the moon.
I should sleep soon.
I remembered the room next to me
Has been empty for two years now.
corpser May 2016
I drink to all the sleepless nights
We spent talking and laughing.
I drink to all the bad memories
We shared on the streets.
I drink to all the sweet words
Whispered beneath our ears.
I drink to all the changes
Brought by the many seasons.
I drink to the two years
And the wicked lies of love.
I drink for the rain
And the never ending night.
I drink to the memory of you
I drink to the memory of what used to be me.
Afia 6h
A long time ago I walked this path
Its cracks and holes narrate grey tales.
A long time ago I watched this road
While the sun gently poured its gold.
A long time ago I saw the end
When the colours of the winds were not dead.
To my institution,Government College University Lahore, where I made remarkable memories.
When a loved one passes away
You will feel lots of pain
As you continue on with life
The clouds appear with lots of rain
All that is left, are fond memories
Think of the good times that appeared
Remember the lessons that you were taught
And the good cheer shared over the years
Afia 4d
It explains
All childhood gains
The damp soil and people all plain
How easy was it to obtain
Fritter, butter, tea , paratha on a plate
And the gentle smile gone not in vain
Of weak limbs and sight living their tales
A sudden flash and all is blind
A slight whisper and all is behind.
For the love of rain.

उदासियों का एक कारवां लिए फिरती हैं
ये शामें जाने क्यूँ फिर भी तन्हा गुज़रती हैं

Move with
a caravan of melancholy,
Yet the evenings pass on lonely!!

Feeling lonely....
Shaima 5d
my body, a temple,
my faith neglected
my soul a forgotten god, no offerings presented.
your hands shaky,
your mind young,
your love so timid, barely reaching your tongue.
our story begun,
our lives connected,
our souls too distant to comprehend all the reckless.
my body, a temple,
my faith restored,
I won’t let the fire distract me from hope.
corpser 7d
I scoured the pavement for cigarettes. Ive run out and I’ve been itching to smoke.
I found half of a red one and singled it out of a number of cigarette butts.
I kiss on it, on account of my good luck and smoked it. It was pretty damp the thing, but it managed to get some smoke running in the lung.
It was like cock to a nympho.
I loved it.
I turned around and found some spot to enjoy my treat.
The spot I found smelled like piss. And so did the cigarette in my hand.
It had someone else’s piss.
That’s why it was damp I thought.
It had someone else’s piss.
corpser 7d
I have photos of us saved.
I used to remember things perfectly fine
But these days I tend to forget.
I remember them when I look back at the photos.
The photos in the camera roll.
Now you are miles away from me and I terribly miss you so, I long for you in each sunset.
And tomorrow will fast approach and will leave me longing some more
And the next day and the next.
But I will always have these photographs and it will be as if we never parted ways.
And when we meet I will have but a few hours to stare at you and kiss you.
And then I’ll be gone.
But you will be at the heart of me. My jewel of great price.
The sun sets on Ireland,
patchwork fields illuminated by the august light of
abiding memory.

Misty hues spilling
over the mountains,
glimpsed through a mist of tears
fighting not to be shed.

The last sunset
of a brief glimpse of manic happiness
and friendship
and love.

The fields flash by,
each one transforming into a rose-coloured memory,
and a tsunami of melancholy
threatens to knock me down.

Heavy sighs and
knowing looks and
held-back tears and
one last caress of your sun-kissed skin.

The sun sets on Ireland
And opens into a bright new tomorrow.
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