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Y Rada Jun 21
I must have touched the heavens today
It weeps for me as I remember you.
Sturdy mask hides a broken spirit
Numb heart embraces a crippled soul.
How many seasons do you have there?
I only have two: sadness and emptiness.
I cannot count from one until eternity
I just let my tears enumerate it for me.
They say prayers move jagged mountains
The pills don’t make me fold my hands.
I gained experiences in life but I lost you
How long will I wait to see you again?
Three six five days and counting…

Today is my mother's first year death anniversary. The death of parents is a wound that will never heal.
Alec Llaneta May 30
As you drink, may your spirits be lifted  
An ode to a life lived and yet, to live
A toast to the day that has passed and for tomorrow to come
Eloisa May 27
Help me forget my dark thoughts.
Even just for now.
Be my calm,
my cloak in this dimness
I’m confined in.
Calm the storm that runs
through my veins.
Be the breeze that hugs my soul.
Fey May 27
night has befallen your eyes agleam,
iris casting shadows on those unseen -
falling, falling deep; darling, dearest
my gaze will catch you from the darkest pits - you
crestfallen, asleep - weaping on the tower's peak.

© fey (27/05/22)
Havran May 5
"This is the terrible risk when you come  to know love
and then find yourself having lost it.
There's now a void that refuses to be filled."
Shane Lee May 5
I read a poem of loss:
The loss of a sibling, a child,
a friend.
I shed a tear and thought to myself,
What a beautiful poem.
And then,
Like an alarm went off,
The realization that
I had been reading it,
Up and down,
Over and over again,
For hours,
And a single tear turned into a waterfall.

Then the thought crossed my mind -
This is what poetry is:
Beautifully ugly.


"Gathering Moonlight" by Donall Dempsey
I read this poem and just felt an extreme attachment to it. I really didn't realize how affected I was by it until my fiancé hugged me and asked if I was alright. I was so moved by it. Point being, I truly feel like this is what poetry is supposed to be. Having a reaction that you don't even realize you've had.
Thank you for a beautifully written poem.
Sorry, I went on a tangent lol
I hope you enjoy (:
© Shane Lee
mica Apr 22
let’s drift apart as quickly as we got along
like the waves across the shore
it is but a fleeting moment
leaving nothing but a dampened sand
to remind that we have met once in a lifetime
met a friend just to become strangers…
Bella Isaacs Apr 21
I deserve better than empty days
And empty nights, and the empty gaze
Of an empty screen, and my words
My words, my word, hounding me
Like they hounded you, the birds
That knew no better than to fly free
And sing a tune they thought you'd hear
And find sweet. How I tossed teaspoon
After tablespoon of honey, cinnamon, and cumin
Thinking I was a pretty picture, not the loon
I know looking back from the mirror, fuming
Unjustly at you for not seeing ever
This woman who lost herself as she'd persevere
And sever her pride. But it was I, forever,
Who blocked my ears and bound my eyes, to revere
Nothing of any reality or love, an empty chamber
In which my broken voice reverberates, a dying ember,
"Love me, J--, love me?", though my heart knows
That this was not the place to ask or look
My heart cried after I did not listen to her throes,
"This man isn't even a chapter in your book."
Now, I'm just angry at myself, but I need to remember, in the grand scheme of things, I'm still a child, and one should never be wrathful to a child.
thyreez-thy Apr 21
"I can wait" I said, meaning it genuinely
unbeknownst to  what it would be costing me
they say love takes time, and that patience is a virtue
with how long its taken us, how much of this is true?

Did I smother you? are you even afraid to lie?
does the truth eat you up? tell me are their other guys?
Your silence speaks wonders, I wouldn't even fret
at the fact you lost feelings or had just as many regrets

Maybe I'm being too forward, you must be busy right?
Yet I have my doubts, thinking every single night
I promised to be faithful, I promised to be true
and I blindly trust you, although I've never even met you

Heaven has a plan, I know this is our test
and if we succeed we'll give each other our best
I hope this is true, I wouldn't want our first fight to be our last
hey.. can't we talk this out and go back to the past?

Regardless I'm waiting, weather in good favor or in vain
Nothing can faze me, weather you still love me or bring me pain
I'm ready when you are, just tell me the truth you coward
you can talk about it anytime, yo still remember the password?
A poem on a current predicament
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