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GaryFairy Nov 2021
red                                                 blue
reptiles                                          reptiles
w­hite russian                               ****** mary
          puritan pride                               puritan pride          
freemason                                     freemason
where the good, old days at?   where the odd. good days at?
conspiracy                                   conspiracy
deep fake                                      deep fake
trump has a wooden leg           biden has a wooden leg
aliens                                           aliens
wars                                              wars
chi­na                                            china
abortion                                     abortion
manifest destiny                         manifest destiny
lobbyists                                     lobbyists
fox                                                 nbc­

sovereign citizen version
get the hell out of america!
your title makes no sense
if you're a citizen of the world, then move to that world
who do you think you are? God or something?

(as it appears on https://www.merriam-webster(no lie)
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sov·​er·​eign | \ ˈsä-v(ə-)rən
, -vərn also ˈsə- \
variants: or less commonly sovran
Definition of sovereign
(Entry 1 of 2)
1a : one possessing or held to possess supreme political power or sovereignty
b : one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere
c : an acknowledged leader : arbiter
2 : any of various gold coins of the United Kingdom
sovereign adjective
sov·​er·​eign | \ ˈsä-v(ə-)rən
, -vərn also ˈsə- \
variants: or less commonly sovran
Definition of sovereign (Entry 2 of 2)
1a : superlative in quality
b : of the most exalted kind : supreme sovereign virtue
c : having generalized curative powers a sovereign remedy
d : of an unqualified nature : unmitigated sovereign contempt
e : having undisputed ascendancy : paramount
2a : possessed of supreme power a sovereign ruler
b : unlimited in extent : absolute
c : enjoying autonomy : independent sovereign states
3 : relating to, characteristic of, or befitting a supreme ruler : royal a sovereign right
I hope this makes no sense to anyone, that would mean i am batshit crazy
Like wind that buffets lofty trees
And breaks what’s loose and dry
The trials that bring us to our knees
Will cleanse us by and by

And like the winter snows that fall
To grant the earth a rest
The colder times that come for all
Will help renew our best

Like dusky eve and dawn so bright
Give cycles to our sphere
So let your dark give way to light
Let hope oppose your fear

Let rhythms flow and guide your way
In yielding - you will find
Both strength and joy in every day
Both wealth and peace of mind
This is Prosperity Poem 132 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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This poem is about following the natural rhythms and cycles of life, and thus allowing more flow into each day.

Our planet has cycles of dark and light, and seasons that come and go.  We can learn from these patterns.
Sillo Anderson Oct 2021
It was a rainy morning
8:12AM, a cup of tea and my favorite cooked greens. I felt the cold breeze of simplicity hit me, carefree doubts left to be and I smiled at how peaceful one can be. While Yaksta enlightened me with the truth about ambition.
If only I had the birds and lizard and even the bees to talk to, then surely I would not have an inch of complain about perfection. But I was contented in that moment. My very own fairy tale without magic had happened and I saw clouds go. But what I couldn’t deny, was that I was once unsure of ever being this calm about my failures, or even my minor downfalls. But I was !
And I was ready to trade it all for days like this over and over again.
But that possibility would only be real with me. And I needed not to loose faith that I am capable of making life as beautiful as today
There wasn’t any sugar coated words, nor exaggerated thoughts. Just a simple wow at how this day started and a thank you to the one who gave it.
For once I saw the need for the cobweb above my door, even the dust that blew upon my porch had made me less angry at myself.
And the scratches on my door felt so tranquil without a need to be.
And for once I wasn’t building fantasies or dreams in my head, just embracing everything as it was.
And I loved that so much.
I even wanted to cry, but that was old school, so I held it in and smiled.
If I was to be great. If I am to be great, I’m sure I will always run back home here when I get scared.
Back here, where cobwebs made less the fear of being sad, here where the dust had more in it than just being messy.
Maybe with another cup of tea. If the kettle wished to cooperate.
I Am happy. And I thank you.
basil Oct 2021
i make these lists in my head
of my ideal partner
and i know that it's not fair or healthy
but i do it anyway

they have to wear jewelry and have their ears pierced
it would be good if they had a sense of anarchy
love of reading is a must, and they'd better read my suggestions
i want someone with a pretty voice
to read me poetry and sing duets with me in the car
speaking of, i'd like them to have a car
because i believe in the inherent romance of the passenger seat
i would steal the aux cord and blast the playlist that they made me

i want to love someone who loves things
who loves to love things
almost as much as i do

they have to love art, and it would be a plus if they made some
because i can't draw for sh*t, but i can look at paintings until i die
i want to go to art museums with them and symphonies and plays
we can sit in the cheapest seats and throw pennies instead of roses

god, i want someone with strong hands
that can hold me and i will just know that they want to
i want to love someone with dyed hair
so i can sit with them between my legs as i reapply the color
and have stains on my fingers for weeks
i want a poet, because i want to be immortalized
in raw phrases in a moleskin journal

but i just haven't met this person yet
i don't know if i ever will
****, not me trying to manifest my soulmate <//3

Wealth is not just money
Tis only a small slice
The prosperity pie
I won’t deny
Is flavored by being nice

Of all the traits you show
I can be quite concise
The quality
That matters to me
Is simply that you’re nice

We can build prosperity
At quite a tiny price
If we all chip in
And from within
React by being nice

Share your life with others
And never think twice
About your choice
Of a loving voice
And choosing to be nice
This is Prosperity Poem 131 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
You can sign up for free weekly delivery of poems at Prosperity Poems (.com)

Just be nice.  It's easy to do.  Being nice can build wealth and prosperity in your life and in the world.  

You've felt the impact when someone is not nice to you, and you've experienced the uplift when someone does show kindness and care about you personally.

It's a big world, and we have different habits, hobbies, politics, nationalities, religions, views, and beliefs, but we can still be nice!
Karijinbba Sep 2021
Spirit soaring
not just flying by
my own sky
bit shy yet bloom fully
with pride in petals few
freedom beauty
before the fall
Enter mine eye
apeacing, kind
bubbly as champagne
willow it's all right
on this mirror wall
a note by and by
yours or only mine.
La rose magnifique.
trust exults
of love's rose in bloom
Miss Fit Sep 2021
It's in the beautiful target
Of a calculated smile
Thoughts of a rose
Stemmed by thorns
Beautiful mistakes...  
Giving birth to dreams
Distorted realities manifesting grace

Miss Fit⚓
Ashanti Sep 2021
Stress doesn't come from life I comes from your thoughts. Have you ever seen a person in a worst situation than you happier than ever? And it makes you think if that was me I would go crazy. The difference between you and that person is that person is making the best of it in life it depends on how you react to trials. A negative reaction gets a negative outcome a positive reaction gets a positive outcome. It's all about your mindset in life before you work out you have had to have your mindset on it either from the day before are when you got up. Sometimes you may think if I had more I would be more content truth is all the money in the world can't make you happy if you're not at peace with yourself. Its not about where you are it's where your going.
Have the mindset of a winner you didn't lose you ran out of time you didn't take a loss you learned lesson
Karijinbba Sep 2021
Our ideas are bullet proof
they can't be shot nor destroyed
our ideas eject upwards like fireworks from special volcanic places releasing pressure creating new places in nature and being magnetic with our treasures found we manifest
our true nature with lovers imaginations;
for in love and war all is valid,
if love is the means the beginning
and the end.
There's no room for shyness
maybe a bit self consciousness
and we never feel pressured..

Sometimes after the honey moon
the groom becomes shy
with the brides implossive ideas.

And who knows what the loss
if we can't decifer it nor read
its melancholic kinesis
radiance timely.
I surrender only to true love.
By An- Karijinbba.
Tamara Lynn Sep 2021
To be conscious 
Isn't material
Or something tangible
But rather something ethereal
A fleeting idea of what's real
Intruding on the illusion
That we have all the solutions

Can't explain why
But I'm humbled to see through these eyes
Our echoing cry in the corner of the skies
Reminds me that
The shear gravity
Of just being
Is staggering

We exist in the blink of an eye
What a concept to be alive
To perceive is to conceive
In this moment its the beginning
Of the rest of your life

We are not immortalized
Our fate is demise
To no surprise
We fantasize to calm our cries
But its truly profound
That in the end
Never again will there be a sound

There's peace in that fact
That time isn't able to backtrack
What was meant to happen has passed
It couldn't last, but alas

This is precisely why the weight of being
Holds an astounding amount of meaning
Just by being alive, we're faced with many burdens that we can't fully comprehend, but that's why we need to allow ourselves joy while we're here for the little time that we have. Life can be as fulfilling as we make it. That's the message I'm trying to convey in the most realistic way.
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