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We broke up 2 years ago
well, you did,

and since then I must tell you
I think about you all the time

To me, it doesn't feel it has
passed a single day
this wound still feels
fresh like it was yesterday.
Melody Mann May 24
Manifest a reality worthy of your being,
Appreciate the cosmos aligning within.
Harley Hucof Apr 29
Life is all entertainment , just like a psychedelic theater, our thoughts and breath whisper reality into creation.
I roam in and out my worldless kingdom
Freedom's reserved for the wild and untamed.
For who cares to know, we could fly our way out as falcons , or swim our way in as whales. It will never really matter because it's all entertainment , while we patiently wait for the emanations.
Expectations emerge from preconceived notions and blocks the transmissions entitled to all sentient beings.
Like a collective prophet and a magnet , we learn to filter the commands to percieve the matrix. Finally to redefine and recreate a convenient  path that is real.
Our thoughts and breath whisper reality into creation, i chose my fun as transmutation, life is recreational.

Words Of Harfouchism
Annika Apr 11
I wish you had proved me wrong
Deep within my conciousness
I floated

Opening every door I came across
All of the forseen options
like chess moves

Knowing all of this, I'm too in-tune
I manifested this outcome
Without even wanting to

Thats the hidden side of being concious
You manifest what you think

I was thinking of you

Now the challenge is to grow
Ken Pepiton Apr 4
Dreaming is not the same as wishing it's true

saying love is love is all a mind may do,
peace, however,
peace, any mind can chose to make,
this is true;
or as they say,
what the hell.


Now, for me, PKD is more long term distracting
than Lovecraft or King, but tiny tastes,
like Zappa, on the spectrum,

ever re verb reverb yoweee I see we
to go a tad past last time we all sang


boop boopee do.

This is the effect of a life lived in this one body,
for as long as I can imagine,
and I am learning, it ain't this good for losers,
who never learn to change the **** game.

Score. God, I love the future.
If you read, I write, it is a reflex
Melody Mann Apr 1
An epiphany manifests in the wake of her devotion,
Celestial hymns strumming in her mind's silence,
Eternal melodies paving a path to beyond,
Transcending mortality,
Relinquishing the shackles of karma,
She escapes samsara.
Alice Mar 31
there is a time and a place in which I am entirely and completely loved. in which my demons have been quieted and my mornings are soft. I will be safe. I will love and be loved without questioning.
I will create my own paradise.
I will repeat this truth until it is my reality
little lion Jan 30
I will be worthy of the
same love
that I bestow onto others.

I will harbor the
same strength
that I give to others.

I will feel the
same joy
that I manifest for others.

but until that day,
I will wipe the
same tears,
dry the
same eyes,
bear the
same burden,
and carry on.
Allow the rhythm
Relax in rest
Breathe in renewal
To stay at your best

Release the weight
Just let it go
Waves of renewal
Come as you slow

Your life is not
A speedy race
Renewal won’t come
At a frantic pace

There’s time for action
And a time to renew
Take time for renewal
In all that you do
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The time of the winter solstice is a time of renewal (in the northern hemisphere).  Worldwide, it's a time to pause and reflect, and take time to rest.  The winter and the new year are good times to choose what your priorities are.

There is a time for action and a time to renew, so take time for renewal in all that you do.  The rhythms of life will help you stay at your best.
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
Light, energy
Physical concepts
Babas exploit them
For their spirituality
To manifest
Aspiring greatest!
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