Awtumn 1d
She's cold to the touch,
But leaves fire in her wake.
And though he's warm,
He has eyes like ice.

They say opposites attract,
And these two seem wildly different,
But they're similar in the way
That destruction is their pasts.

She keeps to herself,
Allows her fire to burn her,
Because it hurts her so much
To know she's burned others.

And he has similar fears.
Afraid to hurt the ones he loves.
He pushes them away,
So his cold heart doesn't freeze theirs.

They could love each other endlessly,
Be exactly what the other needs,
But fears and doubt get in the way,
So for now they're just friends.
The Snowman

The Snowman stands there day and night;
His arms are outstretched to welcome all to the house.
He was created by a dream of him coming to life.
One day he will fade away, but he is not yet gone into the clouds.

When all becomes bright once more and the sun continuously shines,
The Snowman, unfortunately, will no longer be alive;
But he makes us smile because of what could be.
He could fly with us through the air, if we truly believe.

His carrot nose and coal for eyes,
Brings a smile to our faces as we build him a smile.
His arms are sticks, because of the stick men we have seen.
We had fun building him; there was enough snow to have built three.

We gave him a hat to keep him warm;
A scarf was placed around his neck as well.
The pieces of coal we used, to give his coat some buttons.
He looks to be in good health.

But nothing lasts and one day he will melt away.
We have only just created him, so we do not think about that time…
Maybe he will be able to stay.
He waves at us through the window as we close the curtains at night.
We wave him goodbye, before going to bed; he is now out of sight.
But he is still on our minds and as we close our eyes;
He is happy being outside.
Staring off into the distance;
What does he think of as he stands there beneath the full moon light?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
The Trapper

Through the deepest snow, I somehow carry myself forward.
In a biting cold wind that blows me back.
No other sound to be heard.
I have to find an animal to put in my knapsack.

With boots of old, made from a fallen foe.
The bear that once roared so loudly; roars no more.
At ten foot tall, he shrank my heart,
But the spear struck and he crashed down to the floor.
A cloud of ice burst up from all around his empty life;
This sorry sight is no longer the dreaded claw.

The darkness surrounds me; the burning fire my only companion.
Alone I travel, without rest, until the end of the campaign.

No dreams of peace, no calming presence,
Just hardship and cold ale; death is my only witness.
He follows my trail of footsteps, left behind to fade,
As the ice falls down upon me from all around;
This place is an ice sheet…I cannot let it be my grave.

The snow buries the landscape and erases all the memories.
This fairy tale image; half covered trees and lost wishes,
Of long forgotten beasts and long forgotten times.
All are left behind to rot, without record or witness.

No soul has passed through here in a thousand years.
No humanity to be found within a thousand miles;
As wolves howl in the distance, to spread their fear,
A sound in the air from the wings of an unseen flier.

The flies appear from nowhere to feed upon the animal;
It no longer has the will to have any desire.
No feelings at all, all meat stripped from the bones;
The body found by accident, as I fell through a hole in the snow.

This hidden bear cave, beneath the foot.
My bed for this night only; death is kept back, for once.
He cannot take me tonight; maybe tomorrow he will succeed,
For I am endlessly betwixt and in between,
The shivers that will end me and the rotten luck!
That leaves me to exist, as one of the living.

No future dreams; no hope of finding sanity.
I see ghosts in the shadows; they are haunting me
And as I finally collapse to my knees,
Before the giant that I must pass.
I pray for some guidance through the mountain;
A secret tunnel, perhaps?
Or maybe there will be a way to be carried upon high,
By angel wings; allow me to fly.

But the journey I take is along the hardest of ways
And I either keep on moving forwards on the trail of my prey,
Or I resign to this living and prepare myself to die.
A trapper’s life is to hunt the stalking beast;
It moves in the shadows, so I must too.
If I am to survive…first I must find something to eat.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Tristan 7d
A little star that shines its flare so bright
My eyes do falter o'er the sapphire peaks
I wonder could it be a satellite
My heart so swells as I release a shriek

A midnight sun's rays dance with my descent
Down jacket shields me, all except my eyes
Even the mood abases his crescent
Façade of white now veils the evening sky

Oasis filled with melted water drip
Reality of water levels low
The buckets filled, I just try not to trip
Hallo to all the beauty down below

I hope that you can get a sense of life
So far away from all your daily strife
I wrote this while spending time up on the icefields of Alaska. Along side being a sonnet, this poem is also acrostic ;)
Annie Jun 8
I have a heart of stone
I love you but I'm not in love with you

I adore the way you stare
But I can't be yours, no matter what you do

I see desperation
I see more than what you show

We could have been lovers
But in a different time, with our high and lows

You and me
We could mean something together

I don't want to lie to you
But I want to be lonely forever

I have been looking around
For my life to have an impact

If I wasn't down for darkness
I could have worshipped you infact

Though —no matter where you go
You'll always be mine

Even if I am not keeping you
You're my Norse realm, all nine
As I lay here watching you sleep
Looking so peaceful
All my mind can think of is how beautiful you are
When we get together it's nothing but fire and ice
I am fire
You are ice
We make an intriguing pair
I fight for the right to bare my soul to you
You fight to keep all these walls up
Don't you get it?
I am the one that is patient enough to break down your insecurities
and melt away all your fears
Shield you from all the pain
Sacrifice it all just for you to understand how strong our bond is
The power to sooth your aching heart and chip away at the walls you've grown so comfortably accustome to
But how can I?
When all you do is ice me out
With my bare hands I'll take it down brick by brick. That's how much you mean to me.
sara Jun 6
I can live without you.
In fact, I might be happy to
sit and eat ice cream all alone,
basking in a sunlit dawn-
a wonderland for one.
Short and sweet

was listening to Edit Piath when I wrote this

stopdoopy Jun 6
Sometimes you just got to go out

and get what you love,

and right now?

I love me some mother fucking ice cream
old poem, really wanted ice cream
R May 30
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.

I say the world will end in a rush.
The moment you vanish in dash.
Amanda May 26
Pain a reminder of all I have lost
A thousand pieces of myself I cannot replace
In their place grows steady frost
Inside is ice and empty space
Sometimes it feeks like all the good parts of me have frozen and now I am numb and cold inside.
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