i used to be as peaceful as the sky
much clearer than crystalized ice
but when you came into my life
i was blinded by great light.
Union of fire and Ice
Divinely of beautiful mystery
Complimenting their vibes
Explore dark to get light
Inside wrong there is some right

Honesty is imperfection
Like a life of Yin and Yang
White soul of dark community, and
Dark soul of white community
With every answer,a question begins
Fire and Ice
Water quenches a life
Fire purifies
Touching our lives
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflection, 2018.
A wind blows softly through moss covered trees,
Branches wrapped warm against the ice-cold rain.

A bird calls out
                            And echos reply.
Atop a hill a skeleton remains of times gone by.

An empty void brings forth an abundance of feelings-
The truest Dharma lies within the soft wet mud.

A fire bursts from sodden wood and a new flame is bourne atop damp moss.

Do not forget the feelings they stir,
Hold the moss close and let it warm you.
Icy frosted glass,
winter sunlight refracting,
tiny rainbows on the sill.

staring out the window.
The birth of a fire
Love, lust, desire

I love you for your attire
There are many things I admire
Like the previous spoken of, fire

It is consumption
Eruption of soul
Unleashment of toll
It is forgiving
And warmth giving when shivering

Some people are the warmth that radiate
This is the fire
They radiate their love
Their lust
Their desire
They radiate their care
with a stare
With attraction you cant bare
They bring you light
Open up the darkness
They give you sight
With a glare of this fire
You weaken but get stronger
Pointless no longer

The birth of ice
The act of being nice
A heart that is cold
"It won't work" can seemingly be foretold
It's a slippery sly girl or guy
Who does nothing but try to survive
A onesided relationship
They try to maintain themselves
Their structure
Even if they pull our your heart strings, break you, or rupture

Some people are the ice
They live to their own word
They will burden you, corrupt,
and construct, and that I am certain
You are their project of benefit
They are a parasite and your they're construction site
They bring about darkness
And take your light
They take your heat and leave you desperate
And emotionally less fit
They do not offer often
And rarely soften
They are hard, and perfect in their eye

Fire and Ice
Desire and Strife
You are my fire
You give me life
Valentines day is just moments away
I think about you most every day
You are my fire
I love you for you, and your attire
Your eyes that melt
And the melting feeling that with you I felt
I ask of you
For I am lucky
If even this poem is sucky
I ask of you
To make this moment fill ever more so
With my love of the one thing that is true
To make this moment fill with fire
Flames of immense desire
I ask of you
To be mine.
To be my fire
Or to be my ice
I love you enough
That either will suffice
Will you bring about dreams that i admire
And outlast time
Take away my struggles
And be...my Valentine?
Valentine #3
What I remember most would have to be
Her eyes
They were fashioned from ice
And their black depths were emptiness.
Ice, black ice.
She wore a gown
One that feather out to a full skirt
Of black iciness.
Her skin was glazed porcelain,
Her hair a platinum nest.
I knew when I first saw her
That coming near her
Would be a fatal mistake
But my sister found her enchanting
And that trance was a murder weapon.
I only remember one other thing about her:
A dragonfly ring the size of a tumor
Soaked in blood, dominating three fingers.
That woman, I suppose,
Was completely built from ice.
This poem appears as part of a collection. Read it in full here: https://medium.com/@briannarduffin/characters-we-see-a0197b3aee01
Ideefixe Feb 9
Bury me under the Kingdom of Snow
Please, say to me this words of vow
So I can sleep under heavy ice
And rest without opening my eyes
Every time I open them baby
I see you, without me
its bitter Feb 7
Check in impatiently
hauling light luggage -
downturned eyes,
bundled fifties,
skull packed with sickly
sugarplum notions

Stiff key-card door and
three hanger closet -
leave your mittens, jacket,
and conscience dangling

cotton-knit sandpaper
no softer than well-trafficked
threadbare tawny-port carpet and
your hands and feet pretend
not to feel it

a bit numbly,
you notice her standing
with glacial stillness
moments away from
the foot of the bed

Two crooked lampshades and
dim headboard lights
close their eyes when
the mattress springs
first compress,
the air tingling
with dustbunny snowflakes

This room is too dark now,
something like snowblind,
but you don't really want to see
do you?

Frostbite when she touches you
and somehow this bed
is more welcoming
than your own

you'll remember her
february fingertips
and hailstone hair,
a sensation of northerly winds
strange how heavy the comforter feels
sprawled across your skin

you envision an ice slab,
see it suffocate
a slow-flowing river,
and your breath quickens
if only because your lungs
have been crushed

then, just before hypothermia,
she leaves,
lights off,
wallet lighter,
you stay whiteknuckled, lightheaded,
half-consumed by a snowdrift,
beneath the duvet -

your tongue sits confused,
having asked for peppermints
and been given ice cubes instead

and when you finally rise,
and thaw your limbs
and try not the slip
on the black ice
she always leaves
by the door,

Try to forget
you paid
hourly rates
and shed your clothes
that you might find warmpth
in a blizzard
Sabrina Feb 6
Wanna know how my lips taste?
Well they are sweet
Like cookie dough
Softer than marshmallows
Salty like caramel
Smooth like gelada
But no matter how they taste,
I just hope you like the
Smell of ice cream 
On my breath
Because my freezer 
Is like a Baskin-Robbins
I love ice cream so much, bye
Your arctic blue eyes
Light my heart on fire
Your cold flames of ice
Burn me
Yet I only feel a slight chill
As my heart erupts into electric blue flames

Your frost-bound lips brush against mine
And my frostbitten heart
But freezes again as they leave
And forms a shell as hard as stone
And as cold as ice

Yet you leave me
Cold and unprotected
The turquoise embers still smoldering
Maybe I should fight ice with ice
But your hypnotizing gaze
Pierces into my soul and ignites it once more

The world bows to my will and power
But do you?
I am invincible from everything
But from your soul of ice
Your cold flames
And your arctic blue eyes
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