the trip we planned
has turned to ****
now that the roads
are slopped with soup
No ice, just a ******* mess of salt and cinders
a thin sheet of ice
on a windshield
beach glass green
in the morning light

a frosted vase
in milky seafoam
red roses proudly
piled upwards

you can’t see out of
and doors
that won’t lock tight

eyes that see
and a haze over
my mind’s eye that
prevents any of it
from registering

reality reduced to
coffee and bread
aches in feet and
crumpled tissue paper promises
to be kind to myself
to not be so sad
so needy
so weak
so tired
so fogged

this part of my life
(the current present that has
continued on for years)
is the purgatory between
the past
and the future
so i spend my days
banging on the glass and
screaming for purpose
and nights letting slippery
tears freeze over
and crystallize on my pillow

if i could fix myself
don’t you know i
would have by now?

if i could make up
my mind do you think
i would still be here?

hurt me
but please don’t
tell me i can do this

if i could do this don’t you
think i would have?
copyright 1/8/19 by b. e. mccomb
ice flow
in river
there milt
on milk
island but
that gilt
below steal
bridge was
back flow
and rip
down quarter
as German
maniple wouldn't
impede this
on the
canal in
the junction
jonni inferno Mar 2017
no stone so hard
as this wounded heart
no eye so blind
to her beauty
nor ear so deaf
to her sylvan voice
ice and stone
mine only choice
what shall i be ?

ice and stone
impassive face
indifferent tone
unfeeling heart
of ice and stone
till the day
winter comes

no night so dark
no pain so deep
no outward sign
for her to see

what shall i be ?

ice and stone
till winter comes
to take me home
no night so dark
no pain so sweet
when winter comes
to set me free...
Joren Jan 9
Does it bother you
What I'm proposing
Feeling numb
My thoughts I'm freezing

I dont need to leave
I just need a break
I'll be back by tomorrow
And pretend things are great

I hide it away
Under the ice
I'm taking a break
Not taking my life

I'm just explaining
The path I have chosen
I think id feel better
If my thoughts were frozen

It's not forever
It's like temporary death
I just hit pause and
Its so cold I see my breath
Frozen is about just hitting pause on emotions and taking a mental health break, whether it be a break from a relationship, socializing, etc. I'll eventually put this one as spoken track on YouTube
Dominique Jan 4
Crackle underfoot
Slide, scrape, shoot
A lover's paper flesh
Like dewey drops on mesh
Ribbons lightly round the boot

Burning in the cold
Push your passion, mold
Carve it into your skin
Nudge the feral within
Listen to your wings unfold

Fly in beaten leather
You and I, together
Never running away
Let the fairytale stay
A romance frozen now forever.
I want to commit to ice skating this year! I'm in love.
Anya Jan 2
A groan
A moan
Head ready to burst
Pickkkkk it upppp, yessssshhh
The traitorous voice hisses within
Pikkkkk it up and alllll your worrrrries are gonnnnneeeeee
I try-TRY to resist
Six is more than enough!
This vicious cycle cannot continue!

Too late
I’m binging on another tub of ice cream for another hour of Netflix
And another splitting headache coming right up
Özcan Sh Dec 2018
Her beautiful eyes
Sparkled through the night  
The look she gave me
Melted my icy heart.
Marsha Dec 2018
her eyes are beautiful,
but the coldest
I have ever seen.
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