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Kissing you
Is like drinking ice water -
Sending chills through me,
Teasing me with every taste,
Stinging my mouth with each inhale.
Making me crave more -
Like a breath of fresh air.
And gosh I dont want to stop
Because it tastes so **** good
Not too sure how I feel about this, but I wanted to share anyways.
Jo Swan Nov 10
There’s a House made of Ice
Haunted by sinful vice.
Wilting winter flowers
As frozen frost gate towers.
House is cold and empty
With no lustre of glee.

Lost in the fields of snow
Tears echo in sorrow.
Memories of trauma
Sneak behind like cobra.
House is inhumane
As relationships strain.

To those who reside there
Must be fully aware
There’s a secretive curse
In the House made of Ice.

(c) Jo Swan
Oh with my wife so
much more would
I have done, If I could
have only seen what
was coming around
the corner
More times to seaside
would I have taken
her, Helen loved to see
the donkeys, eat ice
cream and dinky
doughnuts by the sea
If I could have only
seen what was coming
around the corner
So many more times
would I have told Helen
how much that I loved
her, so many more times
would I have held Helen
and kissed her, now
knowing what I know I'd
Would never have let go
If only I'd known or seen
what was coming around
the corner
Helen loved dinky doughnuts and Ice cream
donkeys by the sea she never asked much in life for her self, but so generous she was
so loving to all
Alexander Foe Oct 30
When my fingers run cold
With a shade of juniper blue;
Like crusts of frost were on my fingertips
They shiver like gentle ripples in a pool

Toss me a book from the Alcove
And set my world ablaze
Take me to inspired sunsets;
Let me relinquish the icy glaze

As my body chills to the marrow, Let
The powers of our mind forget
The scalding freeze, but instead set
The mind free from all that threat.

Let us read then, in the Alcove,
Hunched in wool blankets,
As we ride from reality’s icy world
Into our fantastical sunset.
I love reading and I love talking about my favorite poems and stories with my friends. Sometimes, it provides the best form of escape from the harsh realities of our world. There are many amazing things in life, but reading leisurely is sometimes the best place I want to be.
Maxim Keyfman Oct 29
to be on a swing
with you together
after so much
after some time
to be on a swing
with you together
after so many
for so many years
to be with you
to be on a swing
and when it snows
when it snows
and when the sun
like a flute
to be with you
swim the world
swim the world
sail on ice
on this fire
only together
to be on a swing
only together
by lantern light

Tehreem Oct 25
The story ends between fire and ice
The destructions happened twice

Fearlessness feeding the thick desire
Withering motions exceeding fire

Cold settled in eyes of night
Witnesses of the raging fight

Ripples moving far and wide
Hunger has no place to hide

Both extremes conjugate in with cries
Their frenzied sounds splitting skies
Cry when your feelings
Are still fresh and pure
Holding them inside
Only taints the waters
The negative feelings
Manifest in tears unshed
If they are not free to fall
They are free to form instead
Into ice, building a shield of frost
To preserve feelings unexpressed
Until there is time to thaw
Or the ice shards will pierce through you
Breaking through your human walls
Aching to be acknowledged
Finding any way out
Through the pains of the body
Or outbursts of the mind
Unsaid feelings will have their say
As if they are an ocean
Contained in a tank  
You cannot keep the tide from coming
erin Oct 22
she was a tundra
the photos were so pretty
but now you miss home
about a glare i still can't escape 2 years later.
zb Oct 22
the air, cold in the bottom of my lungs,
calls me out to face the chill,
let raindrops bless my skin,
gaze up, squinting into the sky,
and feel tiny droplets scatter on my cheeks like freckles

i love rainy, cold weather,
i love letting my sleeves fall down over my hands
i love too-wide smiles and wet toes from splashing
in puddles full of mud and hazy reflections of people i love

i love the shiver down my spine
whenever i step out the door,
walking between school buildings with friends,
laughing as loudly as we can
tucking strands of wet hair behind our ears,
checking everyone's backpacks are closed
to protect english papers and math homework

i breathe deeper in the autumn
because the bite of the cold at the sides of my lungs
gives a high i can't replicate
any other time of year
Jaxey Oct 21
I wish I could freeze my happiness
In little ice cubes
So when I'm having a bad day
I can just pop one in my mouth
And let it melt my worries away.
Let me melt with you
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