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Elliott G May 9
Glistening snow-white tips
Polished, sanded, draped with
the finest of tapestry silks.
Blessed with splendor, splendid splits
Crevasses, curves both shallow and steep
deep slopes stretching from mountain peaks.

Lustrous caves lurking, smirking as black crows write their prose
nose-deep in the blinding snow, with their ***** little paws.
Puffin, stay wary of blizzards and storms
deafening. Creaking floorboards of ice sheets
slip from beneath its tiny red toes
no edge to cling to, nor air to latch onto with its wings
a red stain left at the bottom of the pit.

Blizzards' lay a new layer of fresh snow
covering the deep scars of warmth
carved into the mounds of ice
splashed with red paint
Stained for millennia to come
Melancholy; the artist behind the painting.

Hollow breaks in serial layers of ice
Seeping black, oozing onto the ocean floor
Not floating, bloating, or staying,

etched into the lining, a thousand silent words
Melting with each new sunrise,
in which ray's they bathe
Wash from meaning

Svetoslav May 2
An Arctic breath of north moves
across the snowy dirt
like a fridge
across a chocolate
ice cream with vanilla

Winter sun lights
over the white shadow of ice
like a microwave heating frozen meals
grief and joy are the two sides
choose favourite
Jade Apr 20
The fire in my soul
has started to die.

It shrinks down
the trellis of my ribs
like sun-burned flower petals;

wanes itself
to but a simmer

until it is
blue in the flames

Fire needs oxygen
to burn


My lungs thin
into icicles

frost congeals
around my chapped

veins freeze over

(and so does this inferno)
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rig Apr 19
                          blood ribbons
                          in a
tree sap
               lemonade –
cliollistic Apr 17
swaying side to side
trapped in this lullaby
frozen in time

the winds are cold as ice
like the fog in the sky
with no end in sight

not feeling fine
but happy
to fly

in this melancholic
state of mind
She dances on the feeble ice
Her moves so precise
A leap for some spice
It's something she feels through her bones
As music and their blending tones
The wind through her hair
She has a spark, a flare
Sliding on the ice without a care
Humming to an unheard tune
In her own beautiful cocoon
The sky a deep maroon
To any disturbance she is immune
She twirls like a top
Moving nonstop
Her hands free in the air
She moves without a care
It was my dream when I was little to become a skater, I still love everything about it.
deadhead Mar 19
flower of the ice
blossoming in the winter
petals in the snow
there she was
pure as ice
i didn't know at first
as she came to serve
by my side
stay safe. always. <3
Payton Mar 1
Night flower blossoming
Beneath the summer sky
Petal parasols unfurling
Throughout June and July

She was born under the moon
Nocturnal butterfly
Pollinated by pale moths
To live one day then die

Moonflower blooms in warmth
Her short season’s end nigh
Shriveling once the frost sets in
And conceding to the ice

Moonblossom rich in scent
A true pleasure to stand by
Her short-lived sweet fragrance
Would all surely vivify
This poem was written in 2020.
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