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you look so much like your mother! oh, you look just like your mom when she was your age! you have your momma’s eyes, her nose, her lips! you and your mom are just like twins, aren’t you!

i look like my mom. my mom doesn’t like the way she looks.

she’s too heavy, the diets don’t work, she can’t lose weight, she doesn’t want to be in pictures, she is uncomfortable in her own skin.

if i look like her, what does that say about me? will i end up in the same boat as her, unhappy and projecting my insecurities?

i look like my mom. my mom doesn’t like the way she looks.
Chloe Sep 15
Eat your shame
It doesn’t go away
like you’re overweight
You need more meat
on your body to hate

She promised to **** him off
in a parking lot
for her drink of choice
She was far too young
for either one
but had nothing left to lose

Swallow your pride
It doesn’t go down easy
Don’t let him see you
cringe in disgust
You need more secrets
to hate yourself for

Cut your skin
This is a bloodshed hymn
Like nothing I’ve written
in a decade or more
I’m doing better
but I know you’re not, kid

Uncomfortable in her skin
unless it was naked
No confidence in
a word she said
unless they were slurred
So she ate her shame
every ******* day
She swallowed her pride
as she ****** him off
It all cut her skin wide open
SiouxF Aug 27
Those insidious beasts
Surreptitiously winding their tendrils
Through every orifice and vacuum,
Through every artery and vein,
Through every thought and word,
Till those two imposters
Guilt and shame
Are so embedded
One knows not where one begins
And the other ends
Lydia Aug 11
it’s the feelings of embarrassment
I have felt this before
now it rearing it’s ugly head again making me feel small
Im the size of an ant inside
people always do this to me
they always say they won’t or that they didn’t mean to
but I think that’s a lie and it’s human nature instead
it’s those small power trips someone gets from putting another down that carry most through life so they themselves don’t feel small too
Man Aug 10
I sit here in silence
No empathy knows my pain
Sit here alone
Reflecting on my shame
And smash
What stares back from the mirror
The glass
Cracks, ****** knuckles and
I S A A C Jul 12
Upon the announcement of my arrival
my ancestors weaved brillant threads to make a quilt for my bed
with steadfast hands, they weaved themselves a plan
who i was to become, what kind of man
upon the days of my arrival
my ancestors fantastically wrapped me up in the quilt of blue and red
this quilt housed me for many seasons
itched me, pinched me, left me cold at night
bit me, tripped me, straggling my rights
the brillant quilt made to protect became my golden cage instead
their plan created my strife
their plan corseted my life
after years spent suffocating in the threads
i decided to break away from the plan
emerging like a little chick out of an egg
i chose to live my life today
still the foundation laid was unscathed
every trigger sent my heart into disarray
independence fortified, return to the egg
the quilt might be itchy, it might be tight
but it is easier than learning how to fly
That’s crazy
to know your intentions are
waiting on the decision(s)
I make- to hopefully fail,
just so you can say -
“I told you so!”
A whisper,
A word not spoken,
A look not given,
A promise is broken.

A small note written,
A thought shoved down,
A text unsent,
A smile hiding a frown.

A wish shoved away,
A hope that's been dashed,
A look strait through you,
Shame faced and abashed.

We all want to help,
We all want to heal,
We all want to be seen,
But what is really real?
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