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Is it support you need to succeed
Or just left to fail and bleed to get there
One day it will come
Mighty power more powerful than the sun
If you dont believe its a shame
Life could be one big game
A poem which just came to mind
Oh to taste your love.
Oh to feel your warmth.

My bones break as I struggle to carry a persistent weight.
Pounds on my back, increase with each breath, every step I take.
I haven’t tried to bury my past and I fear its too late
I fear its going to last.
Can I be lifted to heaven?
Is it me or the baggage Im burying?
The bride of Christ but is it me or the pain you’re marrying?
Do you love me now? How could you?
Ive been mourning for years, no use pushing down tears.
The earth still turns, but Im still here.
Comic seas adjourned to please
Whistling clean, the utmost love for thee
Sapping on dead shores of prosperity
Only to announce how grand faith can be.

The cherished dreams float abundantly
To reach distances far fetched from eternities.
An absolution to be seen
Bonding loosely, amongst known realities.

Aloft only by despair of being lost in true capacity
To reach assurance meeting assumptions
Too peculiar for the seasons of love.
It rumbles and roars
The rage I harbor in my bones
Unsung song of contention
Bitter and bilious in my mouth
Because when I tried to speak,
nobody was listening

Boundries of consent are drawn at home
And maintained before being extended
To a world where Xanthippe is a slur
Between giving up a career and giving in to a creep
There isn't much of an option

Shame is the best weapon after fear
In the arsenal of patriarchy
Ammo of choice for its sari draped agents
To keep young women in line lest they
Sprout a tongue or mind of their own

Decades of silence has fed the fire of rage
Licking and moulding my contours
Till I turn into Jael yielding pen
Refusing to be a collateral any longer, ready
To nail Sisera, with or without a Barak to celebrate
Samlouie Oct 29
Shame! What it is.
Unlike guilt, makes your soul wilt,
unlike guilt, shame focuses on blame!
Your experience?
No repentance,
no contrition,
no sincere abolition,
all about condemnation!
You ask yourself,
Would you leave if you knew me,
Would you scold me?,
or Would you hold me while I shake uncontrollably?!
A cycle of pain,
ruptures and fissures,
There’s no space!
Instead a race to hide,
not to confide.
Keeping secrets,
keeping pain,
Being broken,
being shamed.
Disgracing your nation,
Facing temptation,
Experiencing alienation.
Cultures clashing,
teeth gnashing,
what it is!
Pyrrha Oct 29
There is an uncomfortable stillness in my mind
When my eyes you bind
You've attached them to you
As if you tied a knot between us
I frantically try to unravel all the tangles
I get so mad when wherever I go there you are
When I turn a corner
When I enter a room
Anywhere my thoughts may bloom
You are always in the way

You prevent me from all the things I want to say
My limbs are numbed and I can't move
You are to blame for this humiliation
How dare you make me feel this way?
You no longer deserve this power over me
So I revoke your control and take back my will
Instead of removing myself by untangling the mess you've made
I'll snip the strings that trap me
Free at last from that fraying pain
I'll leave you to tangle up in those strings like chains of shame
She lays along her porch
In clothes of comfort
Enclosed in comforts
A modest house
A ancestral skill
A family purring in peace
Yet I’d only want a piece
Of her
None of all that other
Such a western reality
Is rooted in my mentality
To see her behind a glass
As children gawk and gasp
give me a word
i will give you my world
let me down
you will be downed
felt with shame
if you gain
humanity and blood in
runs or you loose
something at your chest
called the heart
the man needs faith
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