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Beckie Davies Jun 10
Shame is a man that I know well
He lingers near my bedroom doorway
Watching me undress
Scanning my movements
He documents my every transgression
So when the time is right
My guilt can be displayed
Shame is cunning that way

Shame is a woman that I cannot relate to
She calls me a ****
Woman attacking woman
Mocking the concept of sisterhood
Spitting on the idea of love
Destroying the human in all of us

Shame is an infectious disease
That I caught as a child
Deadly, contagious
Telling me lies, brutally outrageous
Like I am ugly and worthless
Like I am not enough
Shame is a toxic addiction
That we should all try to give up
shame is cunning that way
Dominique Jun 3
shaving dry to set a spark
rub in soap and ride it out
the fingers are so clumsy but
talent brags foam up the mouth

is it the youthful face, or dress  
that clings like foil around the waist?
not self-awareness, but contempt
the true enlightened prophet makes

morality like marbles,
shining silly and misguided;  
never falling out of love, but  
finding better ways to hide it
love me love me love me

*could someone help me change the 4th line of the 1st stanza to make it mean the same thing but sound better? I want the gist of it to be that I boast about abilities despite being deeply insecure about whether they're good enough... you get it*
Ken Pepiton May 19
Here, re think the name that may not be spoken,
in light
of the curse brought
by knowing evil, and good, especially,
in this little light of mine, which I vowed, as a child
to not allow the accuser to quench,
AI nada gonna put it out.
My duty is to fight and **** to keep it bright.
I'll be a warrior under god.

But then the darkness of the pledge,
to the flag, {I am six-years old, *******, allegiance?} locked in,
duty bound... endure the contest, and laugh off the fear of dying.

- look out my window, watch that black lizard
- doing pushups, signaling in my peripheral vision
- listen, does it look like that lizard is showing off
- strutting its blue belly as hook-up bait?

Not t'me.
I think he's singing in lizard pitch my ears notice,
but my senses lack the filters to sing along,

lizard songs, no fear, no roadrunners or cats near,
and it is a fine day to be cold blooded,
running on the rocks,
running on the sun.
Singing lizard loud,
All that's done been done is done,
all that ain't, ain't
ain't it wonderful,
what may be?
that is that lizard's song
as he run along, stopping every few feet to dance,
I swear, for sheer lizard level joy.
So, it ain't mea culpa, things just don't stay miserable here any more...
Hidden Colour Mar 23
You enter my threshold,
We conversate,
A moment of connection, a moment of the yesterday days,
The moment passes as you pull your gaze away from mine.

We ****,
Not make love, not having ***,
Simply **** !

All I wanted was intimacy,
To be held and loved,

All I got was detachment
Aloof and distance

Disappointment clinging to the straps of my bra as I pull them on
Shame stained on my knicker as they slide back up

Heavy is my heart
Desperate is my soul
Deflated is my spirit

You leave, and take a part of me once more
Brumous Apr 22
Never to speak
in front
of an audience;
fearing to breathe
with the
curtains falling
as I cry
in shame
I had a presentation; Honestly, I just want to curl up in a ball and die;
Palpebra Apr 22
on my bed
as I lay
with images in my head
of him in me, on me
my wrists tied, my heart free
heavy breathing
souls seething
so much passion
******* in every fashion
I let all these thoughts
guide me to places
where pleasure can be brought
with mere bites and traces
as I set a rhythm so profound
taking myself till I'm left astound
all I see is him, all I hear is him
and then as our hips stop
it's time for our lips to lock
only for me to open my eyes
and realize
all of this is nothing but lies
him, me and us
created by my mind
only for me to find
me all by myself and lonely
making me feel oh so guilty
filling me up with so much shame
this wildness I try to tame
in vain
in vain
because now I know that
my touch will get too much
over and over again
over and over again.
LC Apr 20
my eyes were downcast,
never meeting my reflection,
my body shrunk into itself
when shame embraced me.

I straightened my shoulders,
and shame got out of the way.
I kept my arms out, forming a bubble
that shame could never, ever break.

and once I did that,
I greeted the mirror,
and my reflection smiled
for the first time.
#escapril day 19!
My Dear Poet Apr 20
I’m sorry
for the little hidden things
I’m sorry
for the secrecy and shame
I’m sorry
for waking up too late
I’m sorry
for not prophesying the pain

I’m sorry
for this apology
I’m not sure how this can heal me
by hurting you with ‘sorry’ again
Raven Feels Apr 13
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, what is worse than shame? HUMILIATION:\

rumors fly up in the high

in the above in my ears in my skies

get my squirms of death into the rays of the red dies

and the humiliate in the tides

shed the tears in silence I fear they collide

with looks of disgust and shame they rise upon my eyes

just like an equivalence of the delves of the deep

from them of a cut to dig drips and swallow grief

arise arose arosen awake awoke awoken

trap me unnoticed and leave me broken in the heart swollen

fed on lies unspoken surrounding in the field

am I a prisoner in hell or even better in Tolkien???

I craved and carved the woods into a shade of a pink that I need

till you put the greed and stole in brief with no feels

want me dead then demand I alive to up come

burning and whipping regrets of the twos with the fives

if I not to remember wrong

counting stars and fleeing out just all in an empty round about

MoonFlow Apr 13
The Ummah is sweltering with the heat of sins and immodesty.
When will it transfer into an oasis of humanity?
When will there be a loving bond like one between the Ansaar and Muhajireen?
When shall shamelessness be shunned away?
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