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Hello Poetry raises money by advertising to passing readers like yourself.
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Anya 2d
When I was but a child
To litter seemed a scandelous crime
As we were taking a walk one day
I vowed
That I’d bring
My plastic grabby tool out
And clean it all up
We got home
Milk and cookies
Was all it to took
For me to forget
A couple of years later
I saw a piece of plastic in our yard
I picked it up
Brought it home
And disposed of it
Feeling great about myself
The year after my brother happened to have a park cleanup
At his school
I had time
So I thought,
Why not?
I came along
Used funky tools
Counted each piece I picked up
Feeling good about myself
Then I went home
To eat some cookies
The next time I saw a piece of trash,
I acknowledged there wasn’t anything much I would do about it
After that I stopped noticing all together

They instill the knowledge in kids
That littering is bad
But just words
Are words
Until we put in a team effort
Rather than acknowledging others will do it for us
Or that it’s too hopeless
Nothing will ever get done
toni 3d
if you don't fit
into a space
it's okay
you'll find your place
not everybody
is made the same
and if you don't know yet
you will someday
we wrote poems for kids in poetry club the other day so i wanted to share.. i don't usually write poetry like this so it was something different
Let's just laugh and be jolly
we'll drink until we can't
realizing our own folly
an alcoholic forward slant

The kids we'll have when older
we'll never know we shan't
alcohol made us bolder
and took off your mama's pants

Long after we got married
and had a couple more
our compulsions slow, unhurried
not really, keeping score

They may ask us in our old age
"Momma, Pappa , how did I get to be?"
well my little prince/princess
your dad/mom, gave alcohol
too me
Whooo hoo, not happened here, butt, I can imagine ;D
Steve Page Sep 7
The forest of legs swayed in the moving shadows beneath the chatter over head, each threatening to block our path and crush our attempt to get to the first fallen crisps of the party season, which as yet laid undisturbed.

We weaved and advanced as fast as their legs allowed, eager to scavenge the waiting bounty before they were trampled underfoot by the oblivious adults who were intent on a seasonal ritual of their own that went on high over our heads.

We emerged unscathed at the edge of the forest and raced across the open parquet to the cover of the drapped, white topped trestle tables catching our breaths and crunching our snatched crisps planning our next move toward the plateau above.

Our scout had reported rich pickings, but when we looked around, seeking signs of our brave advance party, we could find no trace beyond a half eaten volovant and what might have been regurgitated mushroom. We shook our heads in despair at their folly. Every kid knows to stick to crisps and to processed meats, avoiding anything that might contain vegetables. We saw an open French window just beyond the trestles and heard plaintive heaves that had a distinct 6 year old strain.

We checked each other's resolve and saw on each other's faces that we believed our mission was more important than any one stomach. With a maturity that would have surprised our parents, we pushed the plight of our friend to the back of our minds and focused on the task at hand.

We each reached up with practiced stealth, taking only a second to check the food on offer and with a speed bred into us by the curse of older siblings, we each grabbed our prize.

Acknowledging the hazards of the return journey we devoured the meat at hand and with hyena grins savoured our just rewards. While our fallen friend heaved once more, we saluted one another: the season had started better than any of us could have hoped.
With thanks to Poetry Journal for the inspiration. And, yes, I acknowledge it's not poetic.  But it was fun to write.
When I rebelled
On a huge scale
For the first time

I learnt a lesson

What authority wants
Authority gets.
Read my poem Had I Let Go? For the description of why.
Michael Sep 7
To me you are my world,
My only reason for existence.
But you seem so unhappy,
Is there something I’m missing?
Do you have what you need?
If not then tell me, I will listen.
Do you need more love?
More than is given?
Do you need a helping hand?
Or are you strong and Indipendant?
Do you need more support?
Or is that already given?
Do you need space?
Or is too much the issue?
When I see you hurting,
I need you to tell me something.
To me you are my world,
Far more than just my children.
It hurts me to see them in pain. As a parent there is nothing worse than seeing your children hurting
Reaper Sep 3
As I slip a drop under my tongue
The floor beneath me starts to melt
Like a painting left in the rain
My existence starts to fade
And panic starts to set in
As my grip on reality loosens

I see only darkness for a time
And left with only my dark deep thoughts
As I try claw my way back to consciousness
I sink deeper into psychosis

Until my vision is regained
And am reborn into a world
Completely new and stunning
Static shapes now twist and turn
Around the fragility that is my ever-changing perception

Words are thought but cannot be spoken
Like an imperceptible creature holding your tongue
Your inner voice has the power here
Dare not feed it with negativity
Less you learn the true nature of the sorrow
You can inflict upon yourself

Jeff S Aug 25
now let's convene a table
about the best mamma-mug and idle
steak knives from a wedding never better severed
in m'acrimonious divorce. let's

chit-chat about the diaper pail of
politics and the shit that children under 2 have a
disgusting habit of bringing
to the fetid stir
of middle-somethings—

let's this and that, and on, and oh! you first!
and I can't agree more! and should we
have another pour?—yes, yes, yes, let's
do!—and hey, I have something
prescient to say...

—but why start now?
another pour, another kid, another pail,
another fetid downpour of adulting—
to hell with revelations on the lam.
Stella Aug 23
This is for all you parents out there.
You say that you hate hypocrites,
But go look in a mirror and see the real hypocrites.
Maybe you will see the real reason why we,
The kids,
Hate your rule over us.
You tell us to do things,
Then you don’t do them yourself.
You tell us not to lie
But what are the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Clause?
You tell us not to curse,
But guess where I learned
Most all the ones I know.
You tell us to never tell you no,
Yet that's all y’all seem to say to us.
You tell us no dessert before dinner,
Yet you get to eat brownies all day long?
You always have the exact same excuses,
“I’m older than you”
“I can do what I want”
“You don’t understand”
Well you want to know what?
That doesn’t matter.
All it did was teach me to be like you,
A hypocrite.
Yeah, this is for me. Not everyone, I speak for myself and myself only. I hope you liked it, thanks for reading.
Amanda Aug 21
Two kids blinded by love
Wracked with anxiety and fear
Finding comfort in kisses and understanding
Loving each other until free teardrops cleared

Stumbling through life in a fog
Hoping to make sense out of it
Alive with new wonder, bravery
Lightweight, carefree, taking hit after hit

Simple and easy was our world
Crave those first months spent with you
I am shaking off these memories
Hands cut from mistakes I tried to undo

Find myself visiting the past often
I belong in the present
Legs too heavy to lift at all
This burden of pain greatest yet

With you by my side I was courageous
Believed I could trust you to guide
Guard my heart, keep it safe
Not crush with secrets then hide

I loved you despite obvious flaws
Because you were not like all the rest
Vulnerable enough to show emotion
Humour that coaxed laughter out of my chest

Didn't care that you never took life seriously
That you wasted our money
Overlooked countless self-centered mistakes
For one stroke, the sky again seemed sunny

Understood why your words were riddled with lies
You were lost but not to blame
Your role models taught you to keep issues hidden
As you grew older you did the same

Wanted you to confide in me
Treat me in the manner I treated you
I told you every detail of my world
You didn't desire to share with me too

You really were my best friend, it is true
You claimed that I was yours
I have trouble believing that fact
Kept shutting me out, locking doors

Acted like I was dumb enough
To buy the bullshit you'd sell
In reality caved because you never would
Gave in so we wouldn't fight and yell

Aside from manipulative games and lies
(Plus an awful addiction of course)
You were perfection, warming at night
Creating bliss, you were the only source

Never thought I would leave you alone
Did not think I could handle the misery
I also was sure you'd never take it that far
You did, and I finally broke completely

Had no choice but bid you farewell
Down to my last resort
Could not comprehend how you could love someone
Play with their heart, take and distort

Guess you were too fucked up from the start
I was too blinded by love to see
Because feelings were pure and real
Even if they were the single true thing

I will always remember us with fondness
Overflowing love, couldn't have been richer
Little moments stick out to me the most
Still smile when I come across your picture

Two kids grinning, madly in love
Happily clinging to each other's hips
Not sure if I will ever feel that way again
Nothing compares to magic of your lips

Should have known it would not last
You were too amazing to be true
We were young foolish kids who didn't know better
Had nothing but our hearts to lose
If there's nothing to lose then there's everything to gain
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