the pain is overbearing like those of a woman in childbirth
society is too numb to see all the people that it hurts
running through the teenagers like a stormy train
focusing on the strongest; ignoring those with pain
the law of large numbers is better applied to chance
than the children of the world: future and present men
ransoming the powerless for popular votes
but among the disobedient; there is but a slim hope

everybody's talking 'bout torches and pitchforks
not enough people notice depression and divorce
cancer eating the youth alive
but nobody seems to notice our cries
isaiah 21:3
Kayla 7d
I wish to succeed in life
I wish to find love
To get married
To have kids
I wish to grow up to be a role model  
For my own kids
That when people say who do you look up to
They will say with the biggest smile my mother
I wish to be the woman my biological mother never was
The mother she never was
The wife she never could be
I wish to find a love that will warm my heart
Love that gives me the feeling
That I am needed  
I wish to succeed in life
clever Jun 9
we can’t play tag with time forever.
it’ll catch us soon.
ty tokyo Jun 4
beneath the playground
something forgotten is safe
a remnant of youth
Poetic T Jun 2
I never see myself as perfect,
           but perfection in my eyes,
           are the smaller footsteps
           that cling to my larger strides.

I'll never see myself as a shadow,
       as my children will always brighten
       the areas that seem dull. They are a beacon
       of resilience, always brightening my days.
Constantine May 31
Need a break from airheads
empty people with empty words
nothingness to fill the void
Melodramatic emotion pumped teenagers
latching onto anything
i hope they find themselves soon enough
Haleigh May 31
with that said,
let's fuck shit up
You want us to lose our minds
because we're just kids
Us kids
have a story
a story beyond Slenderman and Batman.
We live
we breathe
we abide by society,
but no one expects us
to fight back
I'm a 15 year old kid,
but I hold much more than *silence
Constantine May 29
Something about childish love
playing with your hair, holding your hand
makes me feel full again
laying with you in a field
watching clouds
will forever be warmer than anyones insides
Sincerely May 24
Do you ever wonder what your future spouse is doing at this very moment?

I mean.. Given that it’s 12:11 AM on a school night, their cute ass better be sleeping. But... What if they are in a different timezone and it’s 7:11? What if they are just reading a book? Or thinking about their current crush? What if they are working on homework or playing sports? What if they are already in college and stressing over an essay that's due in 12 hours? Do I even know their name yet? Have I ever seen them walking down the street? What do we even have in common?

Or maybe it’s someone I know. Maybe it’s my best friend. Maybe it’s someone that I despise because of their immaturity. What if they hate me? It’s a fascinating thing to ponder over... But what if I never meet them? Maybe I am meant to be with them but I missed a chance or didn’t take an opportunity that would have led me to them. Maybe I’ll die before I ever speak their name.

Maybe.. Just maybe... Things will work out. Maybe I’ll have the life I’ve always wanted. Maybe I’ll have those two kids like I want. Maybe I’ll have those two dogs and one cat. Maybe I’ll have that perfect wedding I’ve always dreamed of... The one out in spring. Where there are polaroids hanging from the fairy-light entangled trees.

Where are you now? I hope you’re doing well. I can’t wait to meet you. I love you.
Up and down  
Around and around
Feels like it never ends
Child’s play

A carnival ride with a secret meaning kids.

Life is like a carousel, without the smiles.

                     With love,
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