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Anais Vionet Sep 21
This actual poet writes me silly poems.
He's there and I can't explain it.
A lifetime of experience and things lived I only imagine
and this actual, famous, poet writes me silly poems.

I wonder why me??  Why is he wasting time with me?
This sapient, hopelessly encouraging, ego-boosting poet
who writes me silly poems.

It's confusing.
My mind paints countless canvases of doubt,
like our connection is fragile tissue, perishable suds.
Surely one day I will find him bored and gone.
This actual, famous poet that writes me silly poems.
kind, and encouraging voices are rare and you never know who might see your work.
Then she wondered
Is everyones mind
So confusing with
Those twists and turns
jumble of words and
So complex
Even to it's owner
The girl never knew what love was...

She had only heard people falling in love...

But whether love was an abyss or a deep ocean to fall into...She could understand it not!

Yet when she gazed at the moon his smiling face was all she saw...

When she lazily strolled in her garden...In the hum of the bees she could but hear his excited voice...

And when she sat down to paint her favourite picture... Her hands always unknowingly drew a pair of dreamy eyes...

She couldn't fathom her restlessness on calm nights and her calm on stormy days...

The world she thought had gone mad...

But little did the naive girl know that it was her world that was being carved irrevocably with...

The shape of love!
The first feeling of falling in love is always confusing...Looking back it seems sweet-the innocence and the oblivion of not understanding a universal feeling as love...! No wonder first loves are always special!
He asked about me in the first meeting.
he was so curious to know the whole time, we were talking.
what should I tell, what should I hide?
my life is so confusing it never was a joyride.

being emotional, I end up hurting.
I am not the one who loves flirting.
believe in giving all or nothing
every time it's easy for me to trusting.

failed so many time yet not learning,
As soon as I become comfortable life starts turning.
got ditched so many times still friendly.
Always fall in Pitts more than deadly

Low in confidence, thinking negative.
serve myself for people to take benefit.
knowing yet not doing anything for the betterment
world is moving fast and talk about empowerment.

with all these flaws I still, love myself
those who cheat will pay themself.
I won't change, I never become you.
will always be loyal and to myself true.
Kyle Jul 15
I'm twisted inside.
My emotions are unstable;
And just like my emotions, my choices are also unstable.
It keeps going back and forth.
I'm twisted inside;
And don't know what to do.
It is very confusing.
Jace Joseph May 30
In kindergarten we learn the alphabet,
We color and make terrible art,
And that sharing is caring.

In 1st grade we learned bigger words,
With the worst thing we had to worry about,
Was yet a simple spelling quiz on Friday.

In 5th grade we learn numbers are confusing,
And learn about the planet we live on,
We find out why the moon goes away.

In 6th grade we learn about morals and sorrows,
As we're quickly taught the horrors of our history,
Of all of the pain, torture and lost of life we caused.
Honestly such a jump in what we got taught in school
Mater wouldn't bother if bother didn't mater so if you bother to mater then I will bother with you😊
Zan Apr 23
So many things confusing to me,
we live in a world where no one can fully agree.
I want to get along with everyone,
and just go out and have some fun.
I want to be united with every person,
I want to feel that connection.
I hate being hated and judged,
but similar people end up being smudged.
So I always end up not caring,
cause I don't like sharing.


Why is everyhthing so confusing? How did everything get so diverse?
We try so hard to be like other people, but why don't we try being ourselves.
ari Mar 3
oh dear
    it seems that i've
lost track of time again
              the days are far and few between
    oh dear, oh dear
                       the minutes have melted together
          so have the hours
                                 i see no difference between
                    a week
                                     a month
                                                          or a year
it is all slow
                       i'm aging yet i feel
                                                       just like i did yesterday
           my watch must be broken
what is time? why are we stuck here? who are you? how did you get here? how did i get here?
rea chfor m eand ** pei mho me
i havenev erwa ntedy oum ore
y ou rreflec tioninm y mirr or
s o surreal ire member you rt ouch
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