Emi 1d
So, Seo
Do I deserve a life
I ask questions
They make me wonder why
You still stick around me
Out a of pity
That may be
I'm just a stupid suicidal girl who has nothing to offer
Emotionally unstable
I;m missing three legs of a table
I can fall down any minute
I'm just a stupid suicidal girl
As fragile as a snowflake
No one questions why my heart aches and breaks
But you
Why do you stick around dumb  me
Who can't stand on her own two feet
I tell you
I'm not worth it
Why haven't you quit
Making sure I don't die
It's for the better
The meaning of this letter
Is to ask you
So, Seo
Riddle me that
So, Seo
Thank you
Me and my friends give each other different names, so if we write something deep or personal or refer to each other, other people don't know who it is. Min-Seo happens to be one of their names.
Meaby Pom Feb 16
Show me you want me to be your man
You can write a list for everything
But for spontaneity there is no plan
It's not a contest he or I cant win
Don't play his game, just take my hand
Not religious, but that boy is a sin
you'll see baby.
I love you;
You drive me mad.
isabel o Feb 6
please don't rip this up,
because this is more than words on a page,
this is a part of my heart,
the start of a rant,
that will end in tangles,
of crossed out words,
and aching fingers.

please don't rip this up,
i love writing,
things for you,
sweet things,
my feelings,
my daydreams,
my everything.

please don't rip this up,
because i worked hard on this,
for you,
for you,
this is for you.

so tell me,
why did you rip my past letters up?
my poster,
my poems,
my... heart?

yet you turn around,
and show me the picture of us,
during that one dance.
you were wearing red and white,
my dress was puffy and sparkled in the light.
we're both laughing,
our smiles shinning.

you keep that photo in your wallet,
but my poems are not enough?
to at least not rip up?
unappreciated love note
We're all crazy
Cause we live our world busy
Loss of understanding
People laugh that why you're confusing
We're shocked that we're alien
Everything you want
People don't realize
By the way
We're all crazy
Forget about others
And let to be happy
Adrian Jan 3
my scent
is confusing
I wear
men's deodorant
grapefruit hairspray
and vanilla lotion
that don't exactly compliment each other
but I don't care
I like the confusion
I'm indecisive
and how I smell
reflects that
Quinntin Bravo Dec 2017

A weird feeling has been growing over me
I’ve never felt so insignificant
I smile as tears roll down my face
My hands shaking
Make it stop
Never knowing how to really feel
allie Nov 2017
just checking in.
how are you?
i'm good.
a lot had changed.
i'm dating a good guy.
he's gives me his sweatshirt
he pays for my food.
i really like him.
his name's ryan.
i like eli as well though.
it's confusing.
have a nice day.
Dovey Oct 2017
My feelings and thoughts are running in constant loop
They're mixed up and messy like alphabet soup
and the noodles don't clearly spell out L-I-K-E

Just when I think my head's sorted out and right
The word "love" tries to invade in another bite
Ughh! What the heck is up with me?!

Here's a bit of food for thought:
Do I like you or do I not?
I want others to know you're romantically "mine"
but the problem is I'm not romance inclined..

See, things get confusing when platonic and romantic mash
So, irritated, I throw my bowl in the trash
Gray-aromantic maybe?

I dunno. Maybe QP dating would work. Geez, when did emotions get so confusing and messy? :P
Hannah Zedaker Oct 2017
It's been a while since my heart first fluttered for you.
although (I hope) you'll never see these literary lines laid out for sake of my youthful embarrassment being whisked away
I'm here with motives of sincere resolving.
Boxes lined:
|   | beautiful
|   | forgiving
|   | purest heart of red
I assume as usual that my reaches are always non-existent just as any romance thrown my way,
but re-evaluation
and stipulation
are turning my blanks to realizations
        and the pursuit of happiness
your eyes still shine with golden flecks
but the soul embroidered in the lining of your silouhette
shines brighter than most.....
so please stay permanent
and don't let my impulsive writing scare you
Blonde Haired Boy i do adore you.
with open arms of friendship
|x| all of the above
signed sincerely,
lots of love
yeah, it's weird. I honestly don't know what this is besides some of my thoughts thrown at a page. Peace.
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