Lillian May Jul 7
it makes me retract
pull away
quickly, urgently, full of fear
like a burnt hand from a flame
my daddy always said
"The burnt hand teaches best"
words I live by too
but my momma tells me not to be afraid
tells me not to let fear rule me
caution will always be the enemy of life
life with meaning anyway
but I don't know how to change my mind
because it went from eager, quixotic thoughts
to fear and what we'd almost call disgust
in a moment my brain derailed my train of thought
changed it's course
and I keep asking the conductor what's wrong, what happened
why my feelings changed, fleeted so fast
he just shrugs apathetically
we're all confused here
my heart is so pathetically delicate I think
so easily frightened
reminiscent of a fawn I imagine in my mind
and it frustrates me
mostly because I didn't used to be like this
and I don't know how to change it back
and it's my own? so why I can't seem to figure out my own inner workings is perplexing
and disgruntling
I guess the best way to describe my mind right now
would be
a confusing, fiery train wreck
just like this poem
*conductor shrugs and so do I*
Elliot Munro Jul 6
Break it
Braving the
Sees me
Repeating cycles of
Toxic masculin
It teases me
Seeping in
Claiming what’s mine
The mind.
Beginning again
A grinning ‘been there’
The light singeing my hairs
As is breaks through the skin
A break in
So break
Break it
Braving the
L Jul 6
Damn you. Establishing a fake, quick-and-easy false sense of connection, closeness, & intimacy. (Who can so easily share such a dark and painful secret. And all the while proceed to practically skip away like some whimsical creature in which you are.)
Take my breath as I see yours also being expelled from your lungs. (Why is it such the effect you have on me and why, oh, why can i so clearly see it on you as well?)
Lord bless me in spite of these impure thoughts & urges within me, as I glance no more than a few half seconds, for it is all my heart can take. (Oh the things i would do to you. Oh the things i would let you do to me)
AD Snail Jun 24
A spark that electrifies within,
It a small shot thrumming in my veins.
Something so small but spreads,
And before I can fully taste it, it fades.

I crave for that spark,
I'm petrified of that spark.

Within me is a spark,
That controls far to much inside,
Having far to much power over me.

A spark enlightens amongst the hollowness of my chest.

The spark can be a light bulb, a guide,
Next it can be a catastrophic explosion, a cycle of dead ends.

Its a flicker of light, that lights within.
Pure light locked in a vessel,
An spark counting down, trapped.
Being a human is an experience in itself, a beautiful but frightening one. Beings such as us are so very complex, and keep making ourselves as such. Power inside of us that can heal but destroy ourselves as well as others, if we allow it.


Sorry us speaking and writing rubbish and nonsense out of free time once more.
When one finds a box of six puppies in the road
would one take five puppies and leave one?
Taking all six is proper human code,
"leave one alone to starve", said none.

I've been left alone and all my loved ones taken away
I have learned to walk alone, but I always stray

We may not compare animals to humans,
but the Romans can compare letters and numbers

A dog and a wolf is compared by us,
but a wolf fights for it's own survival
whilst most dogs sleep in comfort
and are fed by us

The million dollar question is...
why am I the puppy left in the box alone
to fend for myself, for there is none
I don't know if this even makes sense, hopefully soon something will
Vieve A Jun 3
~ 4th May 2017 ~

Violets and Lavender - confusing me hanging up there,
Hard to identify - confusing me hanging up there.

Violets and Lavender - I remember them,
Used to be my favourite - now they ain't worth my time.

Violets and Lavender - oh what regret have I accompanied,
Used to be my companions, now ain't worth my time.

Violets and Lavender - oh what gaze have they stolen,
Feared some might get stolen - so they accompanied them.

Violets and Lavender - confusing me hanging up there,
Hard to identify - confusing me hanging up there.
I am confused at what I've composed here and published
Jaden May 14
this feeling is of a pendulum swinging
side                           to                         side
as if it cannot seem to make up it's mind.
the feeling tends to contradict itself by                                  

dreaming of
self discovery                  
                                       and longing for
                                       self destruction.

thought of not understanding it's truth
has been locked up in the             back
simply because never knowing why is
emotions have never been something that i can easily understand for pretty much as long as i can remember.
Split May 7
I envy those who can say
Their life is like a puzzle.
Each piece confusing
Yet each piece a piece.
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is frustrating.
Love is confusing.
Love is so hard to say,
When you are so used to losing.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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