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I can’t read these signs
Were they ever there
You won’t look me in the eyes
But why do I care
It’s my mind and my heart
They’re tearing me in two
I’m about to be married
Yet my heart skips for you
I know this isn’t easy
These feelings are confusing
But your come and go attitude
Is feeling abusing
So here we are now
Let’s bring this to the end
And happily ever after
We were never even friends
The Vault Aug 24
Air deeply breathing
Comes in as fall
Another Loving
Crisp cold in the air
Should be just as it

Sentences left open
Never met a wanting
It open just to leave
To inspect for the brain
To fill in or maybe the kind
This is mind fuckery right here Bois.
lake Aug 20
something's not right
what happened last night
i can't recall your name
something's not fine
i don't know why
but i won't play your game

why are you so cryptic
don't you know i'll miss it
why you leaving hints babe
did you mean it this way

puzzle pieces everywhere
scattered pieces here and there
leaving all these breadcrumbs
all over this bedroom
no space in my headroom
assuming you exist still
assuming that it's all real
it's something i can go with
but now i can't control it
now it's out hand
i don't understand it
help me to expand it
Lyla Aug 14
The sky’s there when I look down
When I look up, I see a garden sprouting beneath my feet
I close my eyes
To see what’s real
Because when my eyes open
I see right as left
Left as right
The sea’s pulled by the sun
And the night is day
I wake up to a glowing moon
Sleep to a rising sun
North is south
East is west
How can I
Find what it means
To go the right way
When right is wrong
I’m forever lost in this messed up world
Or am I found
Bella-Lee Aug 9
They just do sometimes.
Whether its not telling me whats wrong,
to just acting so stupid.
The constant feeling of hate,
Then saying that they love me.
Or just in general...
Why? I Don't know...

Sometimes peoples words hums,
A nice little song.
And paints something vivid,
Shows me life's fate.
So people don't you see,
Being not confused is a struggle...
But it helps my words flow...
Let's see how far this goes with one tag
Psychosa Jul 30
Who are Yo u?
Are you the serenity encompassing me?
Or this fleeting feeling drowning me
In my own depths?

Are Yo u these thoughts that
Imprison me,
The Intoxicating Sedative
The paralyzing ecstasy?

Who are Yo u?
Are Yo u the figure lying before me
the being who i dream You to be?

Why do Y o u ebb endlessly thought my
Filling my void
And yet still growing it.
Do Y ou have no mercy?

Who are Yo u?
I know more of Yo u than you yourself know,
are unknown to me.
have you ever been stuck
inside your own mind
it's as if you have locked eyes
with a different conscious in light
or darkness
I can't see
but I have vision
a question
where is silence
I have never wondered
but who
has anybody discovered
the quiet of no thought in mind
w or ds
scattered into l e t t e r s
make me believe
and sink into
a false phantasm
where things lose all meaning to me
I cannot explain this disorienting feeling
an experience left unexperienced everytime
chaos havocing my intellect
two hours have passed.
Maria Nieves Jul 8
3 words can change a person
It’s not a bad thing but sometimes it’s not a good thing
Until you hear it back
Then you can feel the world stop
The idea is confusing
And just risky
Watching my friends get hurt by those 3 words
Those 3 words have destroyed many things
3 simple words
3 quick syllables
Yet it could affect everyone around you
But you said it
3 words
You don’t take it back
...but you do question if they said it back
When you find out if they did
Those 3 words are
Joyful, but horrifying
You're overzealous, while also anxious
Knowing that those 3 words were said aloud
Those 3 words might as well be your death
It could also be the start of something new
Animatronics pretending to be human,
pretending to be animatronics!
They have stolen my rights!
I am no longer human!
I have already been through this!

I should have seen this coming,
They said they come in peace!
It is just like in the movies,
I have already been through this!

We all knew this day was coming,
Because they told us it was coming!
Isla Winters Jun 15
I slipped

I slipped and fell so fast,
It was embarrassing.
You laughed asking if I was okay,
But no I just fall over things.

My biggest fall was for you.

It didn't hurt at first,
I didn't realise it quick,
Until your smile was my world,
Without it, it was sick.

There was a drop.

So fast and low,
My love for you found no bounds,
I didn't think to let you go.

I fell

I fell so fast and deep,
Your eyes suffocating me,
Now I must give what I keep,
Ending love what needed to be free.
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