allie Nov 13

just checking in.
how are you?
i'm good.
a lot had changed.
i'm dating a good guy.
he's gives me his sweatshirt
he pays for my food.
i really like him.
his name's ryan.
i like eli as well though.
it's confusing.
have a nice day.

Dovey Oct 24

My feelings and thoughts are running in constant loop
They're mixed up and messy like alphabet soup
and the noodles don't clearly spell out L-I-K-E

Just when I think my head's sorted out and right
The word "love" tries to invade in another bite
Ughh! What the heck is up with me?!

Here's a bit of food for thought:
Do I like you or do I not?
I want others to know you're romantically "mine"
but the problem is I'm not romance inclined..

See, things get confusing when platonic and romantic mash
So, irritated, I throw my bowl in the trash

Gray-aromantic maybe?

I dunno. Maybe QP dating would work. Geez, when did emotions get so confusing and messy? :P

It's been a while since my heart first fluttered for you.
although (I hope) you'll never see these literary lines laid out for sake of my youthful embarrassment being whisked away
I'm here with motives of sincere resolving.
Boxes lined:
|   | beautiful
|   | forgiving
|   | purest heart of red
I assume as usual that my reaches are always non-existent just as any romance thrown my way,
but re-evaluation
and stipulation
are turning my blanks to realizations
        and the pursuit of happiness
your eyes still shine with golden flecks
but the soul embroidered in the lining of your silouhette
shines brighter than most.....
so please stay permanent
and don't let my impulsive writing scare you
Blonde Haired Boy i do adore you.
with open arms of friendship
|x| all of the above
signed sincerely,
lots of love

yeah, it's weird. I honestly don't know what this is besides some of my thoughts thrown at a page. Peace.
Raylene Lu Oct 16

I don't give a shit

The shit doesn't give a smell
The smell doesn't give a cloud
The cloud doesn't give a raindrop
The raindrop doesn't give a splash
The splash doesn't give a ripple
The ripple doesn't give a shiver
The shiver doesn't give a cold
The cold doesn't give a sneeze
The sneeze doesn't give a snot
The snot doesn't give a booger
The booger doesn't give a dirt
The dirt doesn't give a bacteria
The bacteria doesn't give a rod
The rod doesn't give a fish
The fish doesn't give a fin
The fin doesn't give an end
The end doesn't give a death
The death doesn't give a grave
The grave doesn't give a flower
The flower doesn't give a root
The root doesn't give a plant
The plant doesn't give a strawberry
The strawberry doesn't give a seed
The seed doesn't give a sprout
The sprout doesn't give a leaf
The leaf doesn't give a stem
The stem doesn't give a bud
The bud doesn't give a flower
The flower doesn't give a petal
The petal doesn't give a pollen
The pollen doesn't give a nectar
The nectar doesn't give a honey
The honey doesn't give a sugar
The sugar doesn't give a grain
The grain doesn't give a flour
The flour doesn't a bread
The bread doesn't give a toast
The vein doesn't give a blood
The blood doesn't give a heart
The heart doesn't give me up

And I already told you,
I still don't give a damn about it!

Leonila Sep 26

The Thing About Love

The thing about this entity called love
It will consume your every thought
Take control over all of your senses
Seduce your mind until you’re empty
It’s merciless with your entire being
Confuse you until you lose direction
Leave you life- less in a two way street
Sever into pieces your heart and soul
Crush your emotions leave you numb
Poke your eyes out and leave you blind
Make you famished still never satisfied
Leave you empty and so impoverished
Keep your distance from this thing love
Fight it off with a strong soldier’s armor
Saturate yourself with as much repellent
This thing called love will bury you alive
Comes upon you suddenly with revenge
Even if you’re innocent of wrong doings
It visits you without invitation and stays
Love’s stay is not vacation it’s a lifetime
But if you stick around love long enough
Captivates and ravishes, it changes you
You become it’s fanatic enchained slave
Softens all parts of you 'til you are mush
You view life through a new perspective
You see life through rose colored lenses
Everyone is a loving friend and not a foe
You become love’s very crazed advocate
You’re in it’s hold to never let go of it
It makes a true sold out believer of you
In love’s involvement you become love
The thing about this entity called love
Is that is not such a bad thing at all…
So when it comes knocking on your door
Don’t treat it as a vagabond begging for you
Welcome it with open arms for it will make…
Love will make a new creation out of you
That is the thing about this entity called love.


Ginelle Sep 7

the gentle kiss on the lips
the smell of hunger in your breath
the taste of hennessy on your tongue
my fingers tangled in your hair

.  .  .

your lips lingered against my neck
the time stood still;
i glanced into those gleaming, beautiful, chocolate brown eyes

.  .  .

i always wonder,
what if?

i try not to think about it a lot, but talking to you always brings the memories back.
Mims Sep 3

"Why can't you just make sense? I can't figure you out"
It's quite easy really.
But I guess the stars understand more then you do.

Basic space kid

You thought I treated you unkindly
Though I gave my heart to you
My love was real and gentle  
Now my love is gone that's true

It is you that broke our love
Our friendship you refused
I will never forgive you for this

I regret that I forgave you
Letting you feel satisfied
It's you that I hate now
The one I truly despise

I now hate you so deeply
I will never forgive you again
Sadly I love you
Though I hate you
With all my heart

It's hard to explain the feelings I have
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