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Out of truth,
You started wildfires across my heart.
The noxious fumes choke me.
I'm blinded,
But dance in the flames as we persist.
Samantha Dietz Nov 2020
Aerosmith on vinyl
Your hand on my throat
Listen to Toys In The Attic
I'll be your toy, Make me choke
Kiss me ever so softly
While your lips tell me jokes
Send chills down my spine
When I smell your cologne

Show me your favorite songs
Tell me your crazy stories
I want to know who you are
I just want you to adore me
Look through my eyes to my soul
Hands all over my body
Steal the air from my lungs
I swear you're killing me softly
Monday, November 23rd, 2020
Terra Levez Nov 2020
Goodness is like a pill
Its the cure to all the suffering

But you choke when you swallow it
lua Nov 2020
take them
the words i long to speak
that lodge in my throat
these words of mine
take them out
so i can breathe.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Hope you choke on words
Lies you spit so easily
Crammed down your own throat
Just a touch of violence for you to spice things up haha
Ken Pepiton Nov 2020
Your duty is to learn...
what exactly can never happen.
Mine is to prove that could.

Waiting for results,
patiently possessing all the commercial good sense
being made on TV and YouTube, ignoring Tweets.

Finished Lex & E. Weinstein
Finished A World Lit Only By Fire-
puddled & splashed through pundit
performances of guessing,
this election, 2020,
the respirited story conspiracy, this is all the breathers,
mouth breathers
nose breathers, nose-in-mouth-out breathers,
rare mouth-in-nose-out breathers, rare
possible… one in eight billion is consistent
with inspiring research, to prove
is commonly considered odd - almost meditation,
but each breath holding real human spirit
influencing the entire ocean of opinions,
see, wipe the beading perspiration,
whew, we are
the conspiracy, this is us, breathing one
breathable bubble, in the sea of all knowns,
we breathe knowing,
were we all to breathe at once,
here is plenty of air,

why are you choking?
Sneeze behind your mask. Humor, not a rant, a silly grin when I imagine information flowing in laminar waves, till it hits the flats and spreads out. Powder River is in some spots a mile wide and one hand deep.

Throw a ring of salt
To protect us from your faults

Hey! Hey! Get down and accept your fate
If your praying to god than you
know its too late

I hope you choke
Choke on your words
Choke on your *******
Choke on your bile that you call the truth
Just choke!

The devil you know smiles in your face
The devil you know awaits for you
At the end of this race..

I hope you choke
Choke on your words
Choke on your *******
Choke on your bile that you call the truth
Just choke!

Hey! Hey! Get down with the ******
Those vultures fly among
Where our corpses should lie..

I hope you choke...

I hope you choke...
This is a song I wrote.
Andrew Layman Oct 2020
A man without a country
husband without a home
man with many secrets
human that is unknown.

My name can't be recalled
used up, broken, lifeless
dead inside
to everything that life is.
Kamilla Jun 2020
I Plutonium, and you Cyanide
Both poisonous at touch
Yet, we each longed for a taste
I dreamt deadly dreams,
Of sweet Cyanide,
Bubbling up my skin
Rising up towards my neck
And my only thought was,
How pleasant
And you
You would speak highly of Plutonium
Admiring it’s properties
Knowledgeable of the damage it could cause
But, not aware enough to care
Eventually, we both met the same demise
Choked out,
Plutonium and Cyanide
TheWitheredSoul Apr 2020
Its not what our bodies lose when we die, its entirely the only thing that we risk when we choose to fall in love.

Love may be bright and beautiful but its also the one thing that can make everything ugly and broke. Kingdoms Men and all of creation bleeds before the surreal feeling of love.
Not all heartless/soulless people were born soulless/heartless,.
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