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L May 28
If you say to me, "I need you", it's not a weakness.
It is a giving.
It is
   a trust in me to know, and I know;
You love me and choose to depend on me.
Because--  you could fetch the cup of water
  yourself, with your strong legs, your long legs, or
You could ask me,
Sitting on the writing desk we put somewhere in the living room.
   Next to the kitchen, my love, next to the kitchen.
(Because when I write, I like to watch you cook)

You could ask me, to reach,
for the cup, with my short legs.
You could ask me because we know, and we know,
You love me and choose to depend on me.

I will reach for the cup. I will reach for the cup because I love you
and I know, I know, when you say you need me,
it is a giving.
jade May 2
there were pizza and grapes on the counter
i couldn't choose which one to eat

i know pizza is bad for me, but i like it
and i know grapes are better for me, but i prefer pizza

so, i went with the pizza.

and now, im hurt.
i dunno if i love or hate this one, but thank you for reading
jigyasa Apr 26
creases streak the mandarin squares
cool crisp paper that reminds me of
the way
you fold your collars right out of the dryer
the way
you tuck loose strands behind my left ear when I'm not looking

"when will you stop folding origami, silly goose,
the window sills are full of these little birds you make."

your inquiry about my little ritual
makes me beam as I know in my heart

I will fold a crane
with the glimmery glory of each sunrise,
the light being as constant in my life
as your love

900 little cranes smile back at me
stephannie Apr 11
step foot and let your heart be empowered.
million colors mixed in one majesty;
like the fleeting faith of a sunflower
and the hope of each petal of daisy.
pure water pours and rushes through the veins,
deep into the soil with wisdom and grace.
voila! a rose's passion fiercely reigns,
along with its thorns that we still embrace.
the caterpillar's wings unraveling
begins the journey of a butterfly.
and marking the start of the one great spring,
the flowers dance in awe without a lie.
as seasons change, withered will flowers be,
but majesty's forever marked in me.
written with my groupmates in literature class,
joy, maria, and rose.

Birthday doesn't only mean aging celebration on earth's surface. But tells how well one has grown wide and bestowed on earth's ground.
Obviously she's  prosperously come from womb. Her birth was full of fortunes, wishing @Kiki Oshinbajo a propitious birthday.
A birthday diluted with protections, peace, and harmony, healthy donkey days. Peaceful  Birthday,  'KIKI'

  #C9fm made up
Belated Birthday Wishes
To Kiki Oshinbajo, daughter of the VP of Nigeria 🇳🇬
low poetry Feb 5
**** self-importance
**** empty words
**** manipulations
**** your overdoses
it's all nothing
if you can’t sleep well

you can be healthy
without even training
you can understand
without words in your head
you can die
without doubts
you can control your life
your body has an implicit knowledge
but you too stupid and lazy to learn it
so do I
time to time
but I will try my best
What do you think? Harsh? Or can be?
Grey Dec 2020
You left a stain
A stain so dark
On my soul
It turned to a mark

And I thought I'd never get it out

I moped and I mourned
I really tried so hard
But I couldn't get you out.

I thought this was it
And I let it alone
Until I realized

I could come up with the perfect remedy.

I love the folks art and their mysteries
So I came up with the perfect solution
To remove you from me:

I'm brighter than before
Almost like we never warred

You no longer affect me.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I want the same medicine force-fed to us to be jammed down your perfectly healthy throat for once
See how you like the taste
Sarah Synk Nov 2020
No matter what happens today,
We all need to stay healthy and strong,
And sing a good old song,
And avoid our wrongs.
Stay happy and healthy
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