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I want to be fit,
but ****
I love

I want to be ripped
but ****
that donut
is so delicious.

I want to be cut
but I love the
pizza hut.

I want to be ****
but the Chinese
buffet just gets me.

I want to be healthy
and if it wasn’t for
junk food
I would be.

I got the gym **** down
it is the food that hurts me.
You tuck me in any time I lie down because you want to make sure I’m comfy.
I know you love me, because you show me in every little, big, thing you do.
You don’t do the things you do as a cloak for manipulation, to prove to me that I’m so lucky. You’re not doing anything just to convince me.
You’ve changed my ideology of the word “healthy” when it comes to sharing and showing love.
Forgive yourself
We all get let down sometimes
Maybe you let someone else down
Maybe they let you down, too.
Hand in hand with uncommunicated expectations.

And it doesn’t have to be one person’s fault.
I think about you
And most of the time all I can do is smile
Please stay right here
Even if it's just for a little while

Please don't let my exaggerations
Push you too far away
I'm trying to keep you right here
But I'm not yet brave enough to say

You're smile is contagious you know
And your arms now feel like home
Your lips feel like pillows so soft and warm
Your body is one I wish I'd always known

I'm not so sure what normal is
When it comes down to relationships and you
Please forgive me when I've gone too far
Someone whose healthy for me, I'm not quite use to

Bare with me as I navigate
This new adventure with my heart
Trust me when I say I want this to work
Take my hand, let's give this a fresh start
love me no matter where I am
love me when I don't have it figured out, when you aren't ready
love me when I'm anxious, when I'm mean
love me because love is not timing and it is not circumstantial
I love you because it doesn't hurt
I love you because nothing scares you
I love you because you dug up the pieces of me I wanted to bury
I love you because I'll never have to ask you to love me too
he came into my world unexpected
took my hand in his
& finally he satisfied my desperate need
of cσℓℓι∂ιηg sтαя∂υsт
he proceeded to fill my soul with love
I once was running out of

I will always remember
sitting on my balcony watching
εαcн ρнαsε σғ тнε ᎷᎧᎧᏁ
transpire in ink on your arm
worshipping the moon
speaking to it about you. ☾⋆
Stephanie May 6
of all the vibrant colors
yellow had been invisible to me
all the other had gone withered
but yellow breathe back life into thee
and I, a sunflower with a brown center
had never noticed the yellow in me
I am shining in the amidst of lonely winter!
my petals have endured strong winds
now I can see, I am stronger than ever,
no extreme weather shall defeat me;
for I am not just a flower
I am a mighty sunflower, I will not wither.
Proverbs 31:25
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