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You’ll find gold if you dig deep enough in my eyes.
Eyes are the gateway to the soul..
Wanderer Jan 25
Bad love will hurt you
it will crush you into tiny pieces
make you into someone
you don't even recognize
it'll bring you to your wits end
you will bleed out all your love
trying to give them everything, anything
just so you feel loved back

but healthy love will heal you
make you feel complete
and capable
Eno Jan 10
I remember the days
                 I used to wake up
                          And beg the ceiling to
                                           Fall down on me.

Now when I wake
             I beg the world
                      That I may have more days
                                      To talk to the ceiling.
Toni Jan 10
There’s nothing quite like

Strong arms that shield you

And pull you in tight

To make it feel true.
It’s been a long time, but these feelings are so familiar.
The mist often lifts in the presence of the sun
The same way my heart does, and the way I hold air in my lungs
You seem to make the dark days feel light
And when my eyes catch yours there is nothing better in sight
You make my pulse quicken when you touch my skin
Now I know how Henry felt when he looked at Anne Boleyn
Trust now that what I say to you is true
Due to our time together I've reached a break through
You really are all that I need
You coarse through my veins, so not to lose you, I choose not to bleed
They think I'm rich
They think I'm wealthy
They think I'm a saint
That I'm healthy
They think that they know
What it means to be me
Oh no
No they don't understand me
Not at all

They think I'm lost
They think I'm drifting
They think I've no cause
That I'm sinking
They think that they can see
What it means to be me
But they can't even see me
Oh no
No they don't understand me
Not at all
Not at all
Max Dec 2018
Whisky I love,
It gives me that feeling
Of being old and wise.

The cigar I
Makes me feel
Happy, calm and in control.

I wouldn't call it unhealthy
If you do it now and then
And if it makes you happy.
Sometimes I like to drink my whisky and smoke a little good cigar... and I hate it when people say It's bad for me! Look at churchill, he lived a long life.
Donna Nov 2018
Bowl of weetabix
Topped with spoonful of sugar
Warms a Winters Night
My fav cereal, Dean just made me a bowl ,  Yums ***
Upon everything don’t you forget to laugh and have good times.
Be happy
I think I truly found what love was with him
all my friends still believe he was just a way for me to pass the time
just someone to be there to entertain me
but he was real love
healthy love
not infatuation or obsession
but truly caring about someone
being willing to help them
in any way they need
but knowing the limitations
of a young relationship
I don't regret any moment I spent with him
any time or love I gave him
because he deserved it all
and now that its over
I know that I can find love again
because it would be impossible for me
to forget what it felt like
to have his love
to have his eyes on me
I know that feeling will come around again
for both of us
and it's okay if we aren't there for each other till the end
because we were there for each other
when we were what each of us needed most
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