Mims 3d

breaks are not giving up

rest Is not giving up

It Is understanding priorities

It Is understanding some things are better left alone

It Is understanding If you cannot deal with It
You can forget It

you can destroy It

You can leave It
And never look back

so take a break
light a candle get some tea

I'm letting go of you
just like you're letting go of me
and It feels healthy

seeing you won't matter

because I will feel nothing

I will say nothing
do nothing
because It's just you
and I'm just me
and us without the expectations that we build to try and form a better reality
twist and bend an image that was never really there

what we were

what we could've been
does not concern me anymore

some things I will never know

and I've let them go

all of them

Because you could spend a lifetime writing an apology and it still wouldn't be enough for me.

you could spend years listing off all the people you've ever known and eons explaining everything you've ever said to them and I still would complain you do not tell me things.

you could give me every piece
dissect your brain and bleed all over me
and I would still claim you didn't trust me.

I am never satisfied
because the truth is

I am falling so quickly into who I want to be it leaves no space for any of this.

I am more then neutral
I am content
I am happy

They are so hard to contain,
How each one was produced,
In each of the kidney beans,
Not the pulses I talk about,
Kidney beans in a man.

Should be enough experienced,
Exceeding her expectations I will be,
Xeroxing people will be my love,
Yet they will fail each and every time.

My HP Poem #1685
©Atul Kaushal

The only place I get to text is where she doesn't reply , does that place even exist as she has blocked me out ?the only place left for her to block me is here , and I say go and  do it . I don't like you anymore I cry out loud ! I don't like you anymore but all I know is without a head or tail of knowing about poems I'm here to extend a hand for friendship which she doesn't know .....so I say go ahead with the flow and with a blow knock me out on the floor .

I know I can't write poems as sadly my heart is blocked or rather clogged!!
Mims Nov 2017

In a way I do not love, that I remind myself of the boys smoking ciggerettes outside of the stripmall. But also, in a way, I do.

I heard coughing is good for getting six packs.......and making it hard to walk up stairs
Shouldn't romanticize ciggerettes...they take lives I hear..
But I have always loved how they tasted...
They remind me of you...

since becoming housed here since this year
july first two thousand and seventeen,
   tubby more precise where
with thee missus, amidst bucolic environs,
   (one could don underwear

Schwenksville, Pennsylvania  
   trees abundant with leaves of grass spare
zip cone: one nine four seven three,
   this resident doth not find queer

disproportionate amount of time,
   he spends never to overhear
the mostly soundproof walls
   inside apartment b44 assigned midyear,

one bedroom living social space
   gives ample opportunity to assess linear
ratcheting asper elderly folks inch along
   chronological space/time continuum
   fragile as jasperware  

many experience diminution
   of vital sensory organs, and oft time cannot hear
even without television blasting away,
   no doubt harboring anticipatory anxiey sans,

   grim reaper's unannounced visit they fear
their non verbal body language
   (when aye espy and stride-rite past,
   an old lady or man riding shot gun

   securely strapped in wheel chair,
   shuffling back where buffalo used to roam,
   or trudging to common
   all purpose gathering place)

   speaks volumes analogous to a frightened deer
when caught blindsided
   within bright lights of an automobile 'ere
unsure which way to go, and dashing out in the thick
   of evening rush hour traffic,

   lacking notion, the figurative coast not clear
subsequently doe ting bucks killed, where birds of prey
   thence loftily circle gracefully  
   gliding within upper atmospheric air

upon scrutinizing what doth appear
as a hollowed out existence induces me to de clear
to maximize utilizing each precious moment 'ere
before each major metaphorical cog and gear
frankly zaps, this dude looks like a lady,

   cuz ah ma longish bedraggled
   hydrogen peroxide tinted hair
me haint give a rats ass
   what rumor mongers relish, and behind me back jeer

Since old people lack for purposefulness tis unlike to leer
that one day (fast as snap of fingers),
   lack of being ambulatory t'will be near
and upon limitation in physical functionality,
   aye aim to app pear
motivated to partake of mental exercises
   just sitting on me rear.

this own lee bro' thar of yars
   dashed analogously graced
on par how a marathon runner raced
to Macbook Pro laptop computer post haste

soon as he goat back
   to his domicile nestled and encased
in the bucolic, democratic,
   and fantastic spit non defaced

woodland partially hydrogenated oils baste
surrounding Highland Manor Apartment our ace
in the hole, whence he i.e. mice elf
   (Matty Mouse) with threads of gratitude laced

within a feeble attempt
   to burble, cobble, fiddle, easy as gravy,
   an insrutable letter placed
in the output queue

   soon as all
   the typo O graphical errors erased
and, though struggle to convey love
   for such an endearing older sister,

   which digitally squawking,
   aye did not cut and paste
boot doth admit to allowing,
   a saucy bit of small potatoes sayest

   in ma trademark (truemark)
   stuffing of fluffernutter (that taste)
   (courtesy of flaky Tony the corny tiger),
   which gimmerish aims to waste

juiced spare moments,
   and tubby direct, earnest and frank
lemme communicate without resorting
   to caginess,

   but free roaming thoughts to thank
ye and Rich for welcoming a small group
   of family and friends
   to your Woodbury, New Jersey abode,
   somewhat near Redbank
to relish the salad days of times gone by,
   when as kids,
   we tricked each other with a harmless prank

such as hiding a fuzzy wuzzy Willie,
   or scaring the other
   with the molded Creepy People that doth rank
as laughably innocent, these topsy turvy times,

   when faith no more
   eroded cameraderie
   among fellow Americans to tank
especially as the world wide web

   iz going to fill in the BLANK
thus moments to share
   a tasty repast did help me to crank
out this artichoked gibberish,
   which when placed
   atop pyramid of cranberries sank.
as didst this heart of darkness
   within soul asylum
   of papa and momma genes
to two beautiful young women
   re: daughters, whose absence

   felt as gloomy fiends
similar to the Ogre encountered,
   when goose that laid golden egg stolen
   by Jack of beanstalk
   of story book fame as a cash cow means.

alternate title – A bona er fide dog day afternoon delight.

A mere half dozen vowels
constitute the English language
Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay
Consonants comprise the majority
(sans remaining twenty) Ta Deum,
whereby both in tandem allow, enable
and provide avast combination donning brooks at bay
ample lettered permutations

offer opportunities, where methinks
mother tongue avails allows, enables
and provides thyself
tubby spell as sigh arrange passions linkedin to create, evoke
and generate plenti of romantic expressions to convey
an amorous, bedazzling conception

describing erotic, graphic, and iconic sexual propensities
this cobbler, dabbler, and fiddler
(no, not on the roof) doth display
his penchant, lament and bent infatuation
with these twenty-six symbols
that cunt hen ewe to evolve,
and breed vernacular words to reflect from an eBay
definitions apropos to the present, which
Uber state farm quixotic oeuvre,

and matchless kindling intercourse serves as foreplay
for this heterosexual ma reed male caressing,
finessing, and integrating
expressions of speech oft times spurs
(what might seem as noun sense),
I ponder the peccadilloes of being gay
yet quickly reroute sexual predilections
albeit rolling in the hay,

whence this dis straw t fellow
conjures affinity, comity and excitability
latent within the consanguinity
of bossy verbs assaying boisterously
an interjection tubby top dog capstone amidst kennel
of barking canines couching with another similar subject
each with their body electric

nestled upon a davenport faux pas inlay
in conjunction with another
four legged friend, the direct object
particularly eyed iz a bitch in heat, who whiz okay
to buffer end an un pro noun
sub bull underdog species, who feels passé
with coital faw paw play

though averse to insult shaggy scoobie doo,
whose bark a role overture willingly
doth goad her to doggy paddle
while she woofs down remnants of  
picnic tourists left littered
while Lady and the tramp head toward the quay
Pier ring for private sloop to hump per dink,
then ejaculate hoo ray
afore slyly cagily approaching bag of tricks
see sexual exploits today.

Mims Oct 2017

Part of me wants to be in love
So badly
But the rest of me
Knows I shouldn't do

I can't
Right now
all around me
People are twisted up into other people
Everyone's in love
With someone else
And that just isn't me

I will not give you flowers

I can't do that
I don't know how

but I will give you loyalty

I'm young
And I have time
And I can be alone for a while

I need to be alone for a while
I'm existing by myself
And I've learned to enjoy my own company
So get those false promises away from me

For now.

Give me a while,
I have been known to be weak.
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