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Bhill Sep 16
be astonished by the capable, healthy eyes looking at you
stop hiding behind the facts
facts, that caring is crucial for survival
we must find a way back to caring and supportive actions
what happened to us....?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 255
They say you can be addicted to anything
and therefore you shouldn’t not do it.
Like taking drugs, or drinking alcohol
In moderation, sure, there’s nothing to it.

However, you can’t get addicted to painting
You can’t get addicted to mowing the lawn
You can’t get addicted to being kind
And many things which are not wrong.

I’ve never heard of an addiction to smiling;
An addiction to hugs is not a thing too.
You can’t be too punctual or polite,
Because there are things you cannot get addicted to.

Sure, you can be addicted to eating
But too many veggies can’t be bad for you.
You can’t google “never side effect of board game addiction”
Because there is nothing wrong with certain things you do.

They say you can be addicted to anything.
And I simply say that is not true.
Somethings are never wrong, no matter how much you do them.
That’s the life I want; the things I want to do.
It's been a while...

Anyways, here's a poem I've been working on. Not a finished piece, feel free to share advice in the comments.
For healthy heart
Morning walks for 40 minutes
Evening talks for 30 minutes
Morning has no legs
How it walks
I wonder
Evening has no tongue
How it talks
I wonder
Where are their hearts
I wonder
Howsoever hard I think
I don't understand
It's all nonsensical
Thinking differently
Viewing things from different angles
Make things difficult
Try to be metaphorical
Things may become beautiful
Emulate the morning
Emulate the evening
To keep your heart healthy
Love is water:
life-saving in its clarity,
drowning in its obsession,
home in its depths,
terrifying in its unknowns,
refreshing in its cool and heat,
pausing in its ice,
steeping in its boil,
relaxing in its tranquility,
overwhelming in its tidal waves.
A radiant smile.
She carries through the rainfall.
The best medicine.
I woke up in a world I don't know

For years after my trauma I have taught myself that love is not forced space between
Is not refusing to visit
Is not a message of "I'm avoiding you because I love you"
I slowly learned affection is comfortable, hugs and kisses are small signals that life is okay

Today I woke in a world where that is no longer true
I woke to a world where love means distance
Caring means avoidance
"I love you"s can be measured by the miles you refuse to travel

Today I woke up in a world where my love language has turned war-like
Though I never thought of myself as violent
A hug breaks government mandated barriers
A kiss is now biological warfare

Today I woke up to a world where my love has been labeled terroristic
While my abuse has been labeled loving
I wrote this when the first case of Covid-19 hit my state, while waiting for the conference call to tell us if we were sacrificial or safe.
V C Vaughn Feb 8
Free to Love
Where do I to start, in March 2019 I started a journey.
I wanted to be open to what life had to offer.
I wanted to be healthy.
But the biggest change I wanted to make was to be authentic.
I wanted to speak my truth I wanted to be known for myself.
Not as a wife, mother, teacher, counselor all around fix it women.
Although I am those things I’m so much more.

I’ve spent so much time trying to be what everyone needed,
I’d lost myself.
So, I set out to find me……I never expected to find love.
I’ve found true love the kind that won’t break your heart.
The kind that is not dependent others,
I’ve   learned   to   love   myself.
I have spent my life tapping that feeling down, fearing it was unattainable, unsustainable, unrealistic, unreasonable and disappointing.

I learned at a young age love is painful.
So, to avoid pain I closed and locked that door.
The only love I embraced was the love for my children.
Falling in love with me has opened a whole new world.
I feel as if I’ve been set free.
Free to write, to be brave, to be emotional, to be spiritual, to explore. Free to experience the world.  Free to embrace my wild.

But the freedom I hold closest to my heart is the freedom to love.
Not just myself, but others.
For the first time I’m truly open to love.
That wild, amazing, magical, wonderous, awe inspiring, feeling of love.
I can honestly look at myself and say well done.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Munching on a bowl
of leftover coleslaw;
My jaws feel like they're chewing
12 gumballs all at once.
The slaw from my mouth keeps falling
back to the bowl;
The serving spoon's (heaped)
too large for my mouth.

It's too white to be green and
too orange to be purple,
But (for my tummy)
this bowl of coleslaw
is more yummy than bread.

It feels good to feel good,
good to be healthy.
My food tastes of words
and this poem is crunchy.
Donna May 4
A good night sleep sets
off a good day filled with

I at times suffer insomnia so I good night sleep for me is always so appreciated :)
JuneForever Apr 30
All I want is for you to be free, healthy and whole.
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