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Oceans blue and waters deep;
adventure hides while i seek.
Vast clean space that doesn't age-
Yet, ever changing as a wave.
The world is out for me to find,
full of nature’s undefined.
The world, she calls and beckons me-
persuading me gently out to sea.
Gabriel burnS Sep 11
parallax movement of the clouds
beneath the dome of now departing summer
my eyes kept anchor till it tore
and so my wish was written
into the cloud, the vessel of my message
before I bid it farewell and let it go
a bottle in the sea whose lips
caress your shores


Фоново движение на облаците
Под купола на отпътуващото лято
Очите ми държаха котва, но се скъса
И тъй желанието мое бе написано
По облака, съда на моето послание
Преди се сбогувам и да го пусна
Бутилка във морето чиито устни
Милват твойте брегове
"Пътуване", translated into Bulgarian
Ashley Kaye Jul 7
fresh white sails
clean air of possibility
f r e e
undoubtedly as

I cast another anchor
into the vastness of blue
tethered by that which I
cling to.
There is joy in the ebb, the shore
but the choosing
is what kills the air;
stifles my sails

I can hear the ocean beneath my feet
I can see the distant horizon

They say “set you sights”
But what if I’ve lost
the looking glass?
Another ocean poem and I’m not even on vacation... Sunday July 7, 2019
mind is a wound scroll,
unwinding won't reveal it;
inward journey could!
I did this
I let the monster in
I let the demons win
I am pain
Void of gain
Leave me
Hate me
Loathe me
****** me


If I deserve life
Then Monster wouldn't have touched me
Monster would have let me be

light it

But instead
I am dead
Monster is merciful master of misery
How lucky

light it up




what's that?

A ship in the night?
Did it hear my wet cry?
It sails back
Back to the sunrise
Back to me
Don't ****** my pain
Don't ****** my misery
Let it be
Let it be
Let them be
Let them see

I need
A break
To just be

I didn't do this
All monsters come in
And sometimes
They will win
But only the battles
Never the wars
YOU own this ship
This voyage is YOURS

If I'm to survive
I'll stay in MY ship
I won't drown again
On this night, I live
light it up
And one was seen
Setting sail across the sea
Miles and miles of landscape
One thousand, and one escapes  
to ignite our breeze
With patience,
and altruism...
The gold sustaining in our ebb and flow
The moon enters you in an effort to glow
winter led you here
But in your voice spring appears
nothing more, than to be grateful
for such a jewel in a crown of thorns
Inspired by some of my favorite lines by
M-E, and also by the admiration I have for refugees
Tony Tweedy Apr 1
Offshore breeze of more bluster than steady.
Drawing white tips to waves of an emerald tinge.
White crested green seas surrounding.
Hands clenched to rail covered by misty spray.
Rolling and pitching immunized by the visions before young eyes.
Sky of pristine blue with radiant white wisps of cloud.
Horizons unending even where blue and green meet.
Two seals at play in the tossing waves.
Glistening grey bodies ducking and diving beneath breaker.
The prow through frothing ocean, pushing aside waves with ease.
Carving on steadily through liquid green and white anger of sea.
To the starboard horizon a darkening shape.
Bands of cotton stitched atop.
Drawing now noticeably ever nearer.
Almost by magic the horizons shape appears,
wind gives way to breeze.
Waters now at ease taking on more familiar and everyday hues.
White shapes astride the shore with tones that hint and suggest.
Now ever nearer becoming buildings and the buildings a city.
All the while the stitched cotton band reshaped to form clouds.
Blanketing perfectly the mountain called Table-Top.
Young eyes still locked in wonder, hands still holding rail.
Now docked along quayside, vast cityscape beyond.
Table-Top with cloth as backdrop.
About 3 hours of time compressed. Remembered vividly... retold unjustly.
gabrielle Jan 21
I am a traveler ;
traveling the galaxies.

I am a voyager ;
voyaging a million miles to you.

I am a traveler ;
traveling the impossibilities.

I am a voyager ;
voyaging the unbearable journey
of loving me too.
a voyager
too long in travel
too impossible of stepping on my destination
too dark for the means of loving me too

i would still love it
if the journey, is still not loving me
Poetic T Jan 21
A cradle of no laughter,
               the silence crawls on
                            Every sheet.

Where there was fondness of
blue pools filled with stars.
           Now black holes
                       Of desperation
Collapse within the weight of self.

The cradle is voidless in our
   Sunken voyage of silence.
       I look upon the stars
            And you became a supernova.
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