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Mikaela L Oct 15
The ship's rocking on a blue sea,
It's one, two, three starts,
They're shining bright,
Just for me,
The wind, delighted by my vessel, dances,
Its hands, tightly around the simple maid,
She turned into a princess and left me,
Or, I left her,
As I swam underneath my ship,
I said,"Bon Voyage,"
And, at the top of my lungs,
I sang.

They both left,
Now they live with the starts,
I see them,
Bright as daylight.
I was just another voyage
in his
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Hope Latoza Jul 12
i would have agreed to ernest hemingway when he said that one should never go on trips with anyone one does not love, but i said otherwise starting that moment i met you. if you do not love me at the time that we've decided to go on a trip together, then lay on your back, watch me drive and drive you crazy. i'd be your chauffeur, since i am a professional driver i'd keep in mind how safe you should be with me, through the longest ride of your life i'd try hard enough to bring you delight as i fold down the roof of our cabriolet. the cold breezy wind would hit your smooth face, thus windy it would make your hair sway along with it. i'll let you feel macrocosm and hope that you'd know that my love for you is nature-like, we'd grow, then find peace with each other and if destructions hit us, we will heal afterwards we'd find our way back to each other's arm.

i am the one to maneuver the ship we'll use on our sojourn in this fantasy, with high hopes that someday we'd have our longest voyage but we are together evermore. i'd like to be your high-grade licensed mariner until our ship ends sail; but as we embark on this new journey, pardon me for i will wish upon all the heavenly bodies above us. i'd whisper to them if that's what i have to do just to make you love me. i am not certain if you'd swing your body along with the wave of the open sea, so i as your captain, i'd move you back and forth, to oscillate you like a pendulum enjoying the moment. and so, i'll dance with you until my sea-like love for you, be reciprocated with your ocean-like one.

but if us will never happen, tell me. on our way, i am fully aware that we will encounter an iceberg that may cause our ship to sink, or a limestone rock that would cause us to trip–make us stumble and fall on our knees. when our trip ends, that is the time we can say if you love me or you still don't. for a moment, i'll kiss you passionately if you would let me. and i'll drive you back home, so you could finally rest after our tiresome travel. maybe, it came too foolish to travel with someone you don't love, but isn't it where all of it starts? isn't there this need to explore just to find out? if you change your mind, call me. when you find out that you already love me, hit me up. we'll fuel this love, until our end and until the day all the machines be disconnected from our bodies. because my love for you is endless, and my heart hopes that this journey of lifetime would make you love me as well.
Timmy Shanti Apr 12
we came from space
to space we shall return
to join the void
and the stars that burn

our endless lust
for wand'ring the unknown
our utmost joy
when (safe and sound) we're home

our sense of wonder
taking baby steps
our first endeavours
in this world and the next

from space we came
to space shall we return
to cross the void
and watch new stars get born
12 iv 2020
ad astra per aspera
Bhill Feb 21
the whole intention of life is to get through it
there is no instruction manual
there is no easy way to explain it to someone
you are conceived and you die
your journey is not predetermined
your voyage can be altered
your trip around the sun is your own unique ordeal
put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride...!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 52
How’s your ride been?
Bhill Feb 2
Of course, masterpieces of the mind, require sensationalism
Returning to the womb to re-visit the beginning
This journey is one extraordinarily odd voyage
Can it be achieved

Brian Hill - 2020 # 33
Take yourself back to the beginning.
Start fresh...
Anais Nov 2019
I sail to a world
Created by my
and paint the waves
with images
of dolphins in
the sea

I sail upon those
seas, those wrapped
in cotton and dreams,
and seek the voyage
to the Bermuda Triangle,
to Atlantis, to the seas.

I sail in my ship,
Mighty and grey,
Find it decaying and
sinking away,
Find the seas becoming
charcoal, find the skies
melting away,
Find my innocence
ripped from my hands

I sail no more,
simply sulk behind
a desk, find my
childhood tucked
Find my ship sunken,
Find my dreamland
fading away.
Cameron Williams Oct 2019
Oceans blue and waters deep;
adventure hides while i seek.
Vast clean space that doesn't age-
Yet, ever changing as a wave.
The world is out for me to find,
full of nature’s undefined.
The world, she calls and beckons me-
persuading me gently out to sea.
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