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Poetoftheway Jan 20

traveled cross country,
wrestling with extended
celebration and an
unexpected death;
the body maladjusts,
only to be disrupted
when time zones reset,
hard a-heels upon return,
packing up again for a
sacred pilgrimage
to a summer place
of sheltering, where poems
grow and dangle like participles
from local fruit farms, one
need only pluck and taste,
attach your moniker
and then feed them to the
joggers & walkers running past

send them all on their voyages,
hopefully protected from
travel disorientation and the
cycle of rebirth

with luck, bits and pieces of me
will accompany said word whispers,
them shreds and shards
requiring healing,
or just pruning,  
exiting old words,
fresh fruit berries,
roadside acquisitions  to b
carry me stained & strained
& happy new travels o‘er
this fruited plain
unknown Nov 2023
When I met you, it felt like a dream come true,
Finally met the coffee that’s my kind of brew,
The type of someone who’s my style,
In tea, you’re my chamomile.

Entering your ship was the best,
I can feel my heart finally at rest,
Watching the sea looked serene and still,
See with you, that’s how my soul feels.

The waves became unpredictable,
Accurate leeward was impossible,
Some parts of you were locked in the fo’c’sle,
Hence, I must learn how to drive this vessel.

Captain, without you the ship isn’t stable,
You’re safe inside while me outside, struggle,
You have your priorities, I don’t want to interfere,
But I just you’ll be with me ‘til the storm clears.

Maybe it’s not safe being with you,
Entering your ship wasn’t the right thing to do,
My decision is still clouded with fear,
Should I just jump or stay with you here?
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2023
The path we step
Might be narrow
Yet set
Our minds
That worth the ride

Basically the soles
Of the shoes know
Where we’ve been

Look at them
For future references
Genre: Inspirational
Theme:  A voyage of the great unknown
When I embarked on my voyage
I got infatuated by your charm
And thought you were my final destination
But slowly, when I came closer to you 
You made me realize that 
You're just another harbor to rest for a while
In this indefinite journey, which has no end..!
Frannie Sep 2022
Sometimes the journey feels too long, too hard or too risky, but in our toughest moments we find impossible, incredible and unimaginable strength!  Trust that you will make it through! Always remember that light can only shine its brightest in the darkest of nights. Storms are temporary but strength can last forever 🤍.
Kelly Mistry Sep 2021
Completion...of a step

What does it mean to be done
Is there such a thing?

Sometimes the moment of doneness passes by
Revealed only in hindsight

Savor the moments
Of completion
Being done

Even if only of this step

The best laid plans can always go awry
So celebrate along the way

Celebrate the effort
The intention
The support you receive

Doneness as you expected may never come to pass
If it does
You will more concretely see
                                                    all the steps it took to get there

Either way
We all benefit
From celebrating milestones
All the steps along the way

Whether that means dreaming an idea
Or completing a voyage
Across a sea

I don't mind how
many times I'm
going to bid you
goodnight tonight.
But no matter
how many time,
I'd still keep
saying it, telling
you goodnight.
Because you'll
always have a
good night.
Darky starry
night leaning
on her
shoulder, singing
sweet songs
through the back
of thee ear
along with
the bird night.
Lullaby for
a princess. It's
me and you
tonight locked
in affection,
(departure) is
evil, wish it's
a lifetime
Pathos. In mine
heart I hold
you close. Thy love
grew a shield-tree
upon the surface
of mine heart,
under which I
abide and its
fruit indemnity
and gratify me.
Sometimes I
wonder how
beauty heaven
is having bestowed
His angel
unto the earth and
that angel I have found, and is
you my girl.
Existence is an ocean."

The body is a vessel, this life is a sea.

God brings the winds that fill its sails,

But it's captain is only me.

Other ships may come and fire against us

My crew may plot a mutiny,

If succeed they do, and if I lose

My ship goes down with me.

No one else will tell me how,

Or why, or what, or when.

Till the sea swallows us up,

And it's waters birth us anew.

Till I say good bye, the final time,

And sail those seas again.
Melody Dec 2020
Your solitude;
Is about the
only souvenir
I can claim,
From our one way voyage.
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I took a walk through the trees to find myself in the forest.
I left myself there and continued on with my voyage.
I came to a meadow just as lost as I had started.
I meant myself there but forgot as I Departed.
I knew I could find myself high up on the hill.
I stood upon the cliff but realized that I had fell.
I took a stroll on down deep in to the valley.
I descended to the river to find myself there drowning.
I had no strength to pull myself from the trouble of the Stream.
I floated on further out toward the deep blue sea.
I camped through the night saw myself within a dream.
I awoke in the morning alone with out me.
I came to the understanding that I was just myself.
We boarded the boat and sail on out on through the swells.
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