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Void 1d
All this hate, and the regret
Even the anger and torment
All of these feelings I don't get, because I bury them deep inside

All of the times
I should have lashed out
All of the pain and tears have dried out
All of these feelings I don't get, they haunt me

While all of this time-
On the inside
I'm screaming
To be let out
Void 1d
I can't find the words today...
If I speak, no one will believe me
They never did, anyways
So I put my heart on display
But my mind is slipping
My soul is aching
And I just want them to listen to me
I want somebody to believe me
Just because my condition isn't physical, doesn't mean it isn't real
Mental illness infects the mind and body
Some people are too ignorant to understand
ShyAnne 1d
Save me and **** me
Hurt me and heal me
So priceless yet so tasteless
Why is this love
They tell me it's emotion
Others say action
Attitude and beliefs
Love is affection they say
Do they really know
Does anyone
To love
To live
To even breathe
It's all so hollow without a reason
I mean think
Really think
Can you honestly say that you know
This world is turning and no one cares
It's moving and breathing
But they don't notice
My questions fill my brain
Of what
Why, how, when
Tell me this
When was the last time you said
I love you and meant it
Or have you once said
I would live for you
Because dying is to easy
When I say I love you
I say it with every fiber
Every amount of my being
I would live for you
Because that's the challenge
Dying is not the point of living
Dying is the end of it
Where they remember you
Only for a short while
Then you are just Earth
Beneath their feet
Walked on
A vessel no more
Only dust
So tell me
Do you truly know the meaning
To love
To live
To breathe
Without, we are meaningless
Honestly though... Can anyone answer that? Am I the only one who thinks this way?
ShyAnne 1d
I'm an animal
A puppet on a string
They control me
And I don't feel a thing
They think that they own me
I'm a monkey in a cage
And they can't distract me
From the war that has been waged
I'm envious of their freedom
My mind fills with rage
I'm sick and claustrophobic
my skin is turning green
My head is spinning
They ignore my scream
A sharp piece of wire
Sticking out from the weave
I push to my wrists
And I start to bleed
My blood turns to embers as my skin turns to ash
My soul leaks away
Forgetting it's past
No real death here
It's all to soon
No freedom should come
From forging your tomb
For this is only a dream
Bestowed upon me by the moon
Oh how I long for an opening
A way out of this mess
A pill or savior
Comes to take my stress
My hair is falling out
My bones begin to show
Starving for a familiar face
Someone that I know
But all that they tell me
It'll be over soon
Lay down and rest love
They whistle me a tune
All of these beautiful lies fill my head
A pretty whisper wakes up the dead
This is only a prism dream
Dressed under a grey screen
Those bright eyes can't stay hopeful
A star plummeting to the ground
They fight with me using actions ever hurtful
But this is only a dream
I feel as though this one speaks for itself
Zygos 3d
The thought of death, self inflicted or natural,
can hit you with such dedication.

Like a forest eaten by the spark of a match,
it travels to your brain.

Until it's all you can breathe or hear
and see.
Until you beg to be alive and
understand what that means.
i slipped off my blood stained underwear
i stepped in the hot shower and tried to scrub every part of you off me
every inch you touched
but i still felt what you stole from me
My soul is afraid
Of when love used to be dangerous,
When home was not synonymous with protection,
And when I wasn't safe
Even from myself.
Memories contuse my heart
And leave bitter embers on my brain.
I wonder when I will be able to let go
Of a past that should not hold so much power
Over a future I've worked so hard for.
As I slowly they creep in my head from my stomach that is full
Of high calorie items
Not that I have an eating disorder
But this is why I watch what I eat before I go to bed
As these things creep in my head as a sleep
The night is full of terrors and it’s dark
My mind races and sodas my imagination
Causing me to have nightmares and night terrors
Because I did not check before I reck my self
Is there a Lay asleep  paralyzed in fear
Want to wake up screaming
Before I die in my sleep of these terrors
I struggle to sleep I have insomnia
I cannot sleep
I just cannot sleep
For the creeping in my head from my stomach below
Torment me why does the stomach is full or empty
Neither is good.
As i scream from the night terrors
In my sleep I wonder why my breath smells and my mouth is dry I want to get a drink in To me
Not to get drunk but what the whistle
Then I realize that it’s time to get up for breakfast
I have one yet again
This battle of the night terrors
The dreams of hell and the dreams of Sicilian mafia
The dreams There aren’t really dreams.
Don’t let the tormenters win
Don’t let the rapists win or the child molesters win
By killing yourself

Don’t let the terrorists win
Let the enemy win
By killing your self

Don’t let the flashbacks win
The emotions
Or nightmares win
By killing yourself
I have too many idiots to prove against to go and do something stupid and reckless
Anne Feb 25
last night you touched me
and it made me cry.

my damp cheeks baffled you.
your stare was one of terror,
one of guilt.

my love,
it is only me.
my corpse is the evil one.

you unraveled your hand,
mine for the taking .
I wanted it,
a safe place.
I refused.

you kept it there,
open invitation,
just in case.

you sang me songs til'
my lips could curve again.
you stroked my hair,
crumbling to dust
between your fingertips.

i wish i could be better,
for you,
for us both.

in my dreams,
i can be her.
i am your soft place to land,
somewhere to call home.

in your arms,
i am only human.
tiny and decaying,
a crybaby through and through.

last night you touched me,
and i found myself trapped
within that frigid august.
underneath those mint sheets,
underneath him.

i need to you to believe
that your crybaby,
is more than just
a sad song to sing.
i need you.

dimmer every second,
the light behind my eyes
still smoulders everyday.
for your sake,
i will fan its fire for evermore.

tears may freeze this winter,
but i vow to be your blanket someday.
trauma is a funny thing
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