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Man Apr 1
on the wall
hung a clock
melting in the day's ire
running toward the ground,
it ran fast sometimes
and occasionally
mind numbingly sluggish

in the washbasin
the rags i wore
soaked in a soapy stillwater
waiting for the wash
that these tired hands
must do

these blemished hands
how they hurt
strained from work
like the oil stains
on his shirt
they are worn
they are torn
and are without comforting
though his resolve is strong
his will is weak
from the havoc wreaked
from a life of low pay
struggling to live
week to week
knowing you deserve better
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
I am not wordly wise
I often pay a price
World values wordly wise
Rest are cut down to size
I am not worldly wise
I often pay a price
My conscience does analyse
Tells me only be wise
Even if you pay a price
O Lord make me wise
With capacity to pay every price
Till I die to rise
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
We have imperfections
That is clear to see
There are many subjects
On which opinions disagree

Find ourselves butting stubborn heads
Perhaps the reason why
Is we are both Tauruses
The bull of the zodiac signs

All mixed in conversation
We smile then we glower
One moment words honey sweet
Next sentences sour

But though we sometimes fight
Would not ever trade
In for a different dad
Hope you feel the same

And asking me to change ways
Is only because you care
Wish I could take my habits off
Like clothing I wear

When you look disappointed
Pains me inside
It feels like you don't notice
How hard I tried

It is not easy to make you proud
With the life I live
No matter how you disapprove
Still find a way to forgive

When I was younger remember on drives
You would always stop to get us ice cream
Spoiled me to the point that if not
I would throw a fit and scream

Looking at my younger self
Shake my head and laugh
Wishing I had realized from the start
How fast it flies
This short life we have

When I needed breaks from school
You would allow me to play hookey
Knew staying home one day wouldn't hurt
I would sleep in and chill in my hoodie

When I searched for guidance
Every topic open
Most supportive parents in the world
Inappropriate and outspoken

You may not behave like other dads
More than one occasion forgot
Picking me up from volleyball practice
Hour late pulled in the parking lot

But I would not ask you to change a thing
Love you just the way you are
Drinking out a Mason jar

I am lucky I get to call you my father
Might have your fair share of flaws
When it comes to being there for me
Deserve a round of applause

I know if ever needing to seek help
To turn to you without hesitation
Genorosity is unconditional
Beyond all reciprocation

I will not get the chance to pay you back
Think we both know that is true
Best I can do is say "Thank you for everything"
And strive to one day be like you
This one's for you Dad
Poetic T Oct 2020
Cursing like they diamond but
they don't even cut glass..
   Holding wraps of cash, but the top and
bottom be 50's but the rest is the monopoly
that they can't even pay...

They are burning rubber on the expense,
  but they rented, they dent...  
          Paying back on the record company.
You sold 50 thousand but you owe
                                                   a hundred grand.

They ain't going to shoot out you knee caps,
         there just going to gang-**** your voice..
Thinking you original, swallow that pride,
you one of there cash cows,  
           they milking you, can you say Moo!!!
******* around making the milk sour.

They'll just pressure bolt you
lobotomized, on the industry you either overdose,
             or working at KFC..  

Think you had grills now sold off to pay
the rent, the only thing you can afford is
a tin foil grill and you only cooking,
                                                 is burgers...

"Hi sir can I take your order,
Aaron E Sep 2020
We've been given the antennae,
to alert the nearest node in the wave,
with just a calorie of effort.
That's the gift that gives us leverage.

Lifting up to surf the edge,
the valleys fold into the blaze.
A simple word can move the sled,
as time eclipses our transgression

We could travel peaks and valleys
to conclusion for forever,
never once aligning neatly
(*** - for - tat)
with our impressions,


We'd soon subside to find
a signal blinking in the night,
to heave it's burden on our tides,
and help to push us through the next one.

Remember that the signals always there.
It's always pulsing in the echoes.
Surfing waves beneath our vision.
Just remember we can lift it.

When you need it sound a siren.
Float the message to the surface.
All the lessons here can serve us
in a quest to make a difference.
Sharon Miedema Jul 2020
Being understanding kind and nice does not always pay.
Telling yourself over and and over: They must be having a hard day.
Life is unkind and people don't mind.

Usually most people really don't mind unless it's about what they can do.
Life is so unkind and people most of the time are too.
And it makes no sense what they say to me about how they care when a duck dies.
But when a young person becomes homeless nobody cries.
Yet they tell me they think every life is so precious but some people are always fighting.
Trying to do the right thing.

But it doesn't pay.
It's just another hard and terrible day.
Where you have no control and love is impossible to find.
Life is unkind and people don't really mind.
When you've seen it you will find and you can feel it when you see it.
When you've known it and how it can hit.

So then maybe you can understand.
But then it kills you when you give someone a hand.
Because you know in the end you'll have to let go.
You can't, you can't save everybody.
Some people are born to always feel lonely.

Being understanding kind and nice does not always pay.
Telling yourself over and and over: They must be having a hard day.
Life is unkind and people don't mind.

Trying to be understanding and kind.
But nobody seems to understand it is what you'll find.
Loving, understanding, caring, always daring to fight so hard.
For the people you care for, don't fall apart and together try some more.

Holy sea of waves that we're running into.
Holy sea, uncontrollable, terribly hard, incredibly magical, fresh, pretty salty and blue!
It doesn't always pay.
But play.
Play in the water, hold each other.
In the water.
Play in the waves...
Poetic T May 2020
He may swallow your sins,
                               but if he spits

there's hell to pay...
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
They say "You gotta pay to play"    
Finding that's too true
******* ten ways from Sunday
No clue what I should do

Learning I can't maintain
I WAS in control
Overestimated brain
Habit swallowing me whole

Panic stricken voice
Gait leading to and fro
Haunted by one foolish choice
This agony I owe

I made the bed I am lying in
It's time to say goodnight
Afraid of darkness growing within
Bring myself to turn out the light

Cause and effect
It is simple and plain
Repeat the  same mistake once more
Is it really a mistake
If already made before?
You can't make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it it's no longer a mistake.
i follow my heartbeats
they say you will lose
do not ever feel
with hope near

i ask the rays
when the sun says
morning on its ways

why do the roses smile?
why do the birds sign?
a deathless harmony

the life deserves to pay
every good to make it happy
, feel with funny

and the frustrate will say
surely at his fear

hate you, you carry
smile which will shine

all the world you sign
do not lose your hope, everyday comes with great hope
poisoned elixir Apr 2020
what is love?
is it small
or is it big?
is it red
or is it yellow?
is it daily life
or the dying stars
at night?
is it pure joy
is it a hallucination?
something our minds form
something that doesn't
is it something we
have to pay for?
something so ****
that when it comes along
everyone is disappointed
isn't it just
a heartbreak when
you least expect it?
is it actually pain?
love is overrated
love is underrated
depends on how
your life's been going
it gives you
life and death
take your pick
which is worse?
Copyright. Elissar Mustapha
"is it just a heartbreak when you least expect it" is probably, til this day, my favourite line i have ever come up with.
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