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He may swallow your sins,
                               but if he spits

there's hell to pay...
Amanda May 3
They say "You gotta pay to play"    
Finding that's too true
******* ten ways from Sunday
No clue what I should do

Learning I can't maintain
I WAS in control
Overestimated brain
Habit swallowing me whole

Panic stricken voice
Gait leading to and fro
Haunted by one foolish choice
This agony I owe

I made the bed I am lying in
It's time to say goodnight
Afraid of darkness growing within
Bring myself to turn out the light

Cause and effect
It is simple and plain
Repeat the  same mistake once more
Is it really a mistake
If already made before?
You can't make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it it's no longer a mistake.
i follow my heartbeats
they say you will lose
do not ever feel
with hope near

i ask the rays
when the sun says
morning on its ways

why do the roses smile?
why do the birds sign?
a deathless harmony

the life deserves to pay
every good to make it happy
, feel with funny

and the frustrate will say
surely at his fear

hate you, you carry
smile which will shine

all the world you sign
do not lose your hope, everyday comes with great hope
seldom Apr 7
what is love?
is it small
or is it big?
is it red
or is it yellow?
is it daily life
or the dying stars
at night?
is it pure joy
is it a hallucination?
something our minds form
something that doesn't
is it something we
have to pay for?
something so ****
that when it comes along
everyone is disappointed
isn't it just
a heartbreak when
you least expect it?
is it actually pain?
love is overrated
love is underrated
depends on how
your life's been going
it gives you
life and death
take your pick
which is worse?
Copyright. Elissar Mustapha
"is it just a heartbreak when you least expect it" is probably, til this day, my favourite line i have ever come up with.
Maja Mar 28
Everything comes at a price,
but it’s not always the one buying
that will have to pay
People do bad things without having bad things done to them. Instead, other people suffer because of the actions of other people.
Life is fair, to some more than others.
Zack Ripley Feb 26
It pays to stay informed
But you have to pay to stay informed.
Because the more you know,
The more you grow.
Albuna Mar 6
Jeah you will pay for your bills
No darling dont be afraid !
Cause someone named "Karma" is watching you anyways ...
Jeah Darling Karma is watching…
JB Scotsman Jan 13
August 12th,
Clear sunny day.
All seemed good,
But there was death to pay.

I dove into a perfect blue pool.
My skin refreshed by the cool.
My mind at peace.
I always felt that way in water.
But there was death to pay.

I laid there cold and ashen gray.
Because there was death to pay.

Many days have passed since then,
Somehow I cheated death my friend.
I live in wonder everyday,
Thankful that my bill was paid.
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
Oh, the things I've done in the dark of day
What's happened is expensive
But I'll never pay
At least not with money
This will cost me one whole soul
The reality is, this will cost me my soul
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