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Poetic T Sep 25
When I'm down the sun never
seeks the sky.
                          Just a dullness
that hovers  beyond the grasp
              of my need to rise above

my pain...

I only needed that ray to hit upon my

                         I need to not hurt like
before, I cant keep this smile aloft..

It's falling like a shooting star,
   bruised when it hit the ground
             never again found.

   I'm dwindling like the stars caught
                 between the dawn and nightfall.
But never
            a light flickering before its
radiance is just an echo like me..

You'll find me, that star that fell,
        but never wished upon.

Just cold never seen,
               here but missed,
   as I fell from a moment of height
  to a place where I'm low and alone.
LRF Sep 7
One so steady
and constant
as to guide and navigate
to be the source of sighs of relief
at the nightfall
it brings
and the day it
puts to sleep,
a signal to the wild
that it’s time is now,
and a glint of opportunity
to the many
who lay alone
to wish their loneliness away.

Yet, all the time,
a planet in her own right,
spinning and orbiting
in her own habit,
never knowing
how we gaze upon her
with a will
to make her our own.
September, 2020
reyftamayo Aug 16
Pabulusok na ang ginintuang hari
sa dulong kanluran.
rumuronda na ang mga paniki,
nakadapo na ang mga ibon.
tumitili ang mga kuliglig
kasabay ng walang patid na
sagutan ng mga palaka.
ang mga butiki naman ay
humahalik na sa lupa.
malamig na hangin
ang madaramang sumisipol sa pandinig
at pumupukol ng mumunting alikabok
upang ipaalam
ang malambing nitong dampi.
maya-maya lang ay sisibol na
ang nagkikintabang kurap
ng mga mumunting kulisap
sa kalangitan
upang ito'y ilawan hanggang umaga.
Kaput Koala May 17
Souls and bodies scattered through
The universe, and its blues
Yet, within this multiverse of colours
All I saw was you.

Gave it all I had, I
laid my heart out on the table
Hoped you'd stay, I'd hoped you'd listen
So I, can't say I don't regret it now
For there's darkness all around
Swirling in smoky tangles,
While I potato the couch with pringles.

But our passion was just a fever dream
It shined the way this illusion gleamed
There was only your bleeding soul
Was just a trick, locked every door.

There was only the ****** night
The galaxy far beyond,
And the prettiest speckled lights
The day our hearts took flight
Twas the moment we said goodbye
Under the starlit sky.

Somedays we'll laugh remembering the days we cried
Others, we'll cry remembering the days we laughed.
I'm never writing one of these again.
McKenzie M Apr 15
One by one the lights go off,
Slowly burning to black,
The kitchen stove, red with heat,
Stills to a cool whisper,
Before the daylight finishes,
It charms us one last time,
Oranges and plums twist into midnight,
The birds stop chirping,
Their chatter sways to silence as the moon takes its place,
Kids close their eyes,
Leaving another day’s mysteries unlocked,
Phones on top of couches quit buzzing,
Cars’ beaming headlights become fewer,
And fewer
Life becomes a flickering candle
Just blown out
What of nightfall? What of the blanket of midnight that wraps around us all so tightly?
My darling, my love for you is as constant as the rose painted sky.
Amanda Mar 28
Night changes and spins around
Bitter day will follow suit
A purple frosty evening
Turning black as soot
I saw those eyes were catching me in the ball
No words fall out just watch me through it all
Perfect suit like a Ken doll
In the whisper I heard him call
He said to me "Meet me in the nightfall"
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