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Oh dreams to where I want to be It to there I'm most happy just let the world pass me by whilst lost In dreams of
I'm Sat drinking coffee In a cafe and writing poems about by wife and watching through the window at the world just passing  
In what seems like blink of the eye one blink and It's all gone people rushing everywhere but getting nowhere
Since darling Helen has been gone I've learned to live my dreams It to dreams I escape with her the only place we both now can
To dreams I go with my sweetheart now the place we can be
Eye contact,
Unspoken letters on the lips,
Soft smiles on the faces,
entwined hearts for eternity.

Hussein Dekmak

Poetic T Sep 28
We never see the truth,

             that the world

is but a shadow.

And when we
                see the world for what

it is,

               a form of beauty.

The strengths
             stretch further than the eye

can see..

And we finally see the light hiding in the cracks
eight Sep 16
eye: hi, sky
sky: bye, eye

hit with the sun.
I don't think words are quite able to capture the beauty my eyes see, every time I look at you.
Apoetisonly Sep 9
Let’s start off defenseless

I believe human beings are the greatest  annoyance  existing within this planet
I am no exception

Ending with self awareness
Aseel Sep 9
She was so scary
So calm
She had the night under her eyes
She was so hidden that she could laugh in the middle of a panic attack
Cyan Aug 31
The softest thing,
the sound of

a single
of a dry eye,

that slightest scratching sensation
of your lens against you lids,
reminds you
Why do my eyes want to see you?
When there are there are constellations and mountains and sunsets to look at
Yet my eyes are not satisfied until they find you
With your tired eyes that shut slowly behind the steam from your coffee mug
While the flowers are blooming and valleys are forming and cherry blossom petals are fluttering to the ground
I'm gazing over at you
My back turned to any other sight that could be more fulfilling
What more is there to see after I've spent hours facing you?
Why do my eyes tear when they can't find your face?
I have already found every freckle on your cheeks
Smile and make them dance for me
Let those hidden creases below your cheek bones bend and breath when you let your laugh out
Throw your head back and let those curls take flight
Just be you doing what humans do
Reacting to things as a human being should
As I'm reminded that most things are more worth seeing
Than a basic normal average human being
My eyes widen and whisper to me
"This is the show we came to see"
It's in the eye of the beholder
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