By Arcassin Burnham

Every aspect of what reality doesn't have to end up in flames,
Lying to ourselves about what we really want in life and what it could gain,
You might ace the test , you might new car, but what do you think is real,
Simulations been proven in time , over and over , as long we know we'll be fine,
Let go of the past mistakes,
Let go of earth as it breaks,
In the mind,
The shell will crumble from behind,
The skull where it is too divine,
Guess it's where I'm headed,
If it's a good direction,
Can't ruin my sessions,
If I sleep better maybe it'll blossom,
Talking about the pineal,
The flames still burn without any
By Arcassin Burnham

No more time to waste down here,
For these country roads have life,
Let no one make you a bitch,
It's a dog eat doggy world you'd miss,

Sublime melodies keep me afloat,
Bet you didn't know you have a glow,
Make it move through your body as it
If it suits your ego then it will show,

Don't be no one new.
Do what's right, whats right for you.
Hold back the feelings of self guilt that
We infuse in the night.
Don't be no one new.
Do what's right, whats right for you.
Hold back the feelings of self guilt that
We infuse in the night.

Not A Big fan of love anymore,
You give your all and they walk out
Of the door,
Then they expect you to post all on
Social media,
Pour out your feelings then make sure that they deleted ya',

Life in its prime is meaningless and
Full of lies,
I wanna see with my third eye,
Fear and corruption might have you
Thinking it's over,
But all you have to do is connect
With the most high,

Don't be no one new.
Do what's right, whats right for you.
Hold back the feelings of self guilt that
We infuse in the night.
Don't be no one new.
Do what's right, whats right for you.
Hold back the feelings of self guilt that
We infuse in the night.
Nayana Nair Mar 14
I sat on the stairs
long after they stopped shouting.
As the shout and anger
made room for themselves
in our lives.
As muted cries
became muted sighs.
I would look at the sky
and see no stars,
but only the tears
that pooled my eyes.
For long, a portion of time
got stuck in my heart
to remind of how lonely a child could be
in spite of having all.
Mystic Ink Mar 10
After an eye contact
A new story begins

Eye  uses,
A Universal  language
One feels
One  believes
One connects

Without a voice
Eyes speak.
Genre: Love
Theme: Universal language
Eye on life
Eye is here
Eye of me
Eye of you
Eye can see
Eye can be
Eye I am
Eye can
Eye is true
Eye can see you
Eye of blue
Eye can't lie
Eye is true
No eyes
Can't see
Eye is done
Eye will laugh
Eye hope you do

© Jennifer Delong 3/7/18
Sometimes it’s much better to turn a blind eye
for the sake of peace if we can understand why.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Shreekant Dhuri Apr 2016
Death strode tall
On his midnight stroll
Ticking names off
His unfurled scroll.

Met a man pious
Deep in solemn prayer
Calling for Salvation
To the Father up there.

Met a woman old
Singing chants and hymns
Pleading for Moksha
From this life of sin.

Met a boy kneeling
His head bowed low.
Praying for Jannah,
If He should grant him so.

Death reaped them all
Torn from blood and bone.
Took away their souls
And kept them for his own.

Met the small girl,
Her gaze reaching his.
"Any last prayer?" asked Death.
"Before I plant my kiss."

"Just tell me if the lad
Mine eyes, now his,"
"Will there be," She asked,
"A smile on his lips?"

Death turned away,
From the girl and her soul.
For her name had faded,
From the scribblings on his scroll.
The poem is a message to promote organ donation.
Umi Feb 23
The sky above me, closed in as the dark, ominous yet fascinating rainclouds have driven near, gathering together in a council.
As it begins to drizzle, soft, warm and little raindrops, fall in
line, gently, carelessly hitting the earth, moistening it in their line.
Once in a while, as the rain gains its strengh, hitting the ground below with more speed and roughlessness in their action,
Rays of the purest light, sent by the sun as it shines above the darkening sky, a sensation for ones optic nerv, a sensation for the eye,
make it through and let this scene shine further more.
Graceful drops, carrried and distorted by the majestic wind,
Create a lovely melody on my window, as they one by one fly into it.
Now as the soil is fertilised, life will surely grow from the sunlight.
Alike the raindrops are carried by the wind, my mind engages with this scene, lets me fall in love with this beautiful earth.
A little rain shall not be the cause of sadness, as it truly is a reminder of the moments of love wich it makes easier to determine.
So I keep my gaze out of the window and enjoy the weather
Until then, the sky clears up and the sun shines again.

~ Umi
Forget my
Ill love
Boring message

Eating crumpets
A falling of stars

Run from
The fork

And sign
My plastered

It is
To the eye

Maybe the sight
I cannot deceive
Pretends to be lost

With weight
Has fallen
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