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“eye now know
the how, when, where and the-why,
my Eyes compose this elegy
memories of past and present...
blending into memories of future happenstance”

what is chosen is believed
though the choices are presented -
I choose among the sacrificial burnt offerings  

this, my will is free
though the path is circumscribed, ordained

the bus has a route it follows,
but the speed and timing  governed by
chances made by me
and you
me and random things spliced.and sundered

get on me
get off me
Shofi Ahmed Jul 17
The epitome on the show
is more than a dream turned true.
A timeless beauty stitched on the stone.
The first impression catches the eyeballs
it did for every star in the sky for every age
something remains forever a new Taj Mahal.
Sometimes dancing on the floor  
                I tend to bring it down
Because I feel like I have read
the best poem ever  
                  This is the reason why.

Yet a moment or two passes
after a while, I crave a new one
                                     I wonder why?
My heart murmurs hisses to my ear
          Try reading the beloved's eye!

the poet’s eye is like your eye
yet it sees life’s un-shown
and reflects it for your sight

the poet’s ear is like your ear
but it senses life’s most quiet
to resound so we might hear

the poet’s tongue is like your tongue
yet it speaks what is not spoken
and becomes the voice of truth

the poet’s hand is like your hand
yet when it reaches out
what it touches is the soul

rob kistner © 1987
A 31-year-old contemplation of mine regarding what makes poets different.
myrrh Sep 12
Searching through the fog
Looking for someone... don't know who though
Calling out, but I'm just talking to myself
Like a teenager's Tumblr blog
A girl appears in front of me and I mumble to her
"Are you the one?"
But she grins eerily and begins to walk away
So I chase her, hoping she'll stay
I promise her things; empty words to try and sway
She stops as I run by her side
Glides her finger against the corner of my eye
Brushes her lips against mine
As she says bye and disappears in the blink of an eye
He asked, What's missing?
She replied, Those twinkling eyes...
She missed those eyes which use to touch her soul.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 6
Ambling in a full-moon night
let alone the Moon
I only asked for a star.
Because I wanted
to be in tune
with the half-lit sky.

But none did
stop by me.
Not even the little firefly.

Oh, from nowhere
from the colour black.
Off its sea of different shades
dips out the night.

The Moon in black
was indeed painting in the dark.
Though every star was
keeping a wide-open eye.
But no one wants to tell where.
Before the very blink
of the waxing Moon's eye
where does it scurry away?
Özcan Sh Sep 3
She took my heart from my chest
Played while it screams
Crying till it stop to beat
I don´t understand this
Why you let me feel this damage?  
I know that your fake love
Made me heartless, I say goodbye
With a hidden tear in my eye
My mother taught me
Never to forget to
Smile in bad times.
Décio Aug 29
If you could slide your finger
In the waterline of my eye
Like the sea caresses the coast on a bad day
Make sure it is because I am not crying
For I do not cry, ever
Shofi Ahmed Apr 2017
I only took the moon veiled in my cube
I took her innate water off but not for good.
Now the sun can’t take its eyes
off the blindfolded black moon!
Off this night the sunup is yet to unleash
the dawn, let alone the tucked away noon!
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