gently breezing
by my face
you dance upon
the morning sky,

patterned lace,
I watch
as it just passes by,

but he is just
so beautiful,
he entrances
every eye,

a lovely little
floating wisp
in the form
of butterfly,

on the air
so clean an crisp,
I wave a hand
but no goodbye

an not a single grieving tear
not a tear for me to cry,

as I know
I will definitely
see you again
one day.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk just thinking. About someone who died awhile back. Love you all. Trying to see work consumed by life tho ;/ lol muah muah x ❤❤❤

You looked into my eyes today
And the mottled world turned clear,
As crisp as the sun's first-light ray,
And the ray evaporated fear.

My ears pierced with no sound at all,
My body set alight by your gaze,
A whizzing white noise waterfall,
A million flickers, a northern-light haze.

You looked into my eyes today;
The dull gravity lifted from my bones,
A breathless, weightless moment's stay
As I swam in those green jasper stones.

For the briefest of moments,
All was good in the world,
I immersed in total engrossments,
My mouth corners helplessly furled.

You looked me alive in the lift today,
I think you saw you did, true,
And when I stood in your view's way,
I think I thought I looked you alive too.

We see what we want to see, but I think I saw right.

It's always in focus,
everything you do.
when lids drop
there's thankful clapping for the highs,
and for the sunshine
from your eyes.

Jobira 7d

You're eyes are so cold,
You are bitter for lost ways.
Live to love one day

Patience  is a virtue.  Like a song said, "You live, you learn!"
ZulMohdRais Jun 15

You are so fine
With those gorgeous eyes
And those sweet pure lips that shines
With those nice chest meat no so high

I dare not stare to your eyes
Since it spark desire in my heart
I dare not say any lies
Its really burning me far inside

Please do no depart
Or fly elsewhere
Be within my heart
And please stay there

Lord - if only I could be as wise as I am witty
Within as much enjoyment as I measure my melancholy,
Another thousand years of things have I to proclaim to you.
For in such a reason my mind lags along
Wanting you here inside of me to say them to.
But alas, aren’t you so far away now even as you hear me?
And what is such wisdom to a foolish heart anyway?
Yet I sing not a melody of broken spirit,
I sing of you, you who teach me daily – of fortitude
Blended with tender qualities which make you such a precious thing.
The kindest of protectors whose passive courage holds up
More than I could ever hope to overcome.
With little wit and in my truest form I must say to you,
Is it possible that you forged me out of some mistaken being?
For I feel as though I must be your total opposite.
For if I was made of the same cut as you, perhaps
I could know you more.

“Even the great oak can be cut into smaller and smaller segments.
But did not each part once live as the whole?
Is that not what we are?
What cut would you be if you were not cut from me?
What sap runs through my trunk that does not runneth into your bud?
I myself watch as you flower into your abundance.
But even the smallest of trees, the Dogwood, its leaf does bleed
Upon the whitest satin tenderness in display of my earthly sacrifice.
Think upon yourself like this:
Even upon the creation of the earth, it appears as if the lands are separate.
Were they not once a shared shore, similar to your soul.
I laid them out postulate by the great ocean’s force.
Yet is it not also true that what appears as two great separate
Bodies above the surface,
Are they not actually joined together underneath the abyss?
Neither ocean nor any rift could ever separate what roots below.
So I can hardly do it now.
To thee and thine art, which is at my root,
They are the object
Of which these acts of mine are directed.
Indeed, do I not interfere with your every project?
You rise and you go to sleep with me on your brain.”

My heavenly father - your mastery is but a sweet interference.
And if by your interference I manage to conduce any
Segment of happiness to you,
May they all be the proof of my affections of thee.
May all my inquiries become just one, one holding your honor,
Your conduct and your truth and your regard for my every direct step.
Movements measured within my desires with your assistance and assurance
Of those things that support all life.
Do you hear my declarations?

With the warmness of his hand on my shoulder with my eyes closed
Focusing on the light within me - I listen and then I know,

“Dear one, one day we will again return from another delicious walk of your deliverance.
A walk that we will tread upon a thousand years all over again.
Here in my garden I will watch as you
Swing your arms walking within my covenant with you.
Should we pass the great oak tree cut into pieces we will ponder
The us that once laid there.
We will count the rings that measured the years that
Bear witness of the time we were separated.
I will have you always beside me, as I do with all of my children.
For hours and hours we will share in the wonders of each others' council.
I will look back on your art form, and I will admire you for it!
Every trinket that you have ever given me has within it my equaling force.
If for no other reason than for the art form that I inspired in you.
Just always try to remember that I walk hand in hand with you
In this life or in any other.
One ring around another in a never ending circle of life.
Be like the mightiest of Oaks,
Grow tall so that you can be seen by all.
All the while reaching higher and higher toward my skies.”

I seem to be either always in or near to a state of meditation.  I sincerely hope that you can see the truth I am giving you in everything that I write.

staring contest in public transport
and the stranger’s eyes
were her passport
passed the check at customs
crossed the borders of an impulse
I was hers and she was mine
until the next stop

my coffee daydreams
mad with jealousy
because reality was you
standing right in front of me

their eyes met in the train car:
Alan Crilley May 26

Skin was made of milk,
vocal chords of silk.
Eyes were of rhinestone,
but the bones were just bone.

And I swear
I could feel
his touch
every time
he would
look at me.

Shofi Ahmed May 20

It streamed down only eye to eye
from the one all seeing yet the unseen
couldn't be closer yet couldn't be far.
Every star on the go
gazes down in between the two.

Off the Mars, off the Neptune
tucked away off all the planets
but down to the earth it dropped.

Every angel in the heavens' shore
has heard of the lore.
It’s spot on, mesmerising beautiful.
Far from the blue harbour sky
hunky dory is delights to the eyes
the stunner is made to measure.

Like a tear in the corner of the eye
diagonally weighed down
with 360-degree open looking sky.
Close within a fingertip comes the Moon
still is a sea ahead of the flow untouchable!

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