Shofi Ahmed Oct 9

The eye doesn't see itself.
But it can

Lunar Love Sep 30

i'm just a whirlwind
i'm one of the mere walls
which try to surround and get close to you
but i know you can never be contained
not even with the strongest arms
or the toughest heart

you are the eye of the storm
and no matter how calm
or vague you are or seem to be
you are the gusty centerpiece,
the focused target
of everyone revolving around you

i hope you realize you've caused
the best kind of mess
that's all natural
and has left me speechless

because in this storm
of youth
i have found the calm
in you

to j.u.l.:
you can't even be entirely contained in the words which i write about you.


Honey vibes and honey eyes
Were my only compromise.
Now I see through hazel sky's.
Sunset dreams of my inner screams.
We'd live out my emerald schemes.
Photo in live to post the moments that will always survive.
What scares me most in this chemical high
Is that I know your memory will never die.

I could look at him and write poems all day. I hope it stays that way.
Jord Sep 5

A damaged eye contact
Remains temporary, indefinitely.
Laughter just imposes,
My immediate space
Has become unsure,
A deep blue of a blur.

The eldest in a box makes
A handsome excuse.
A hand out of happiness
In the fall.

Pagan Paul Aug 18

When you caught my wandering eye,
love was a small word to hide behind,
an improper play seen through a diaphanous veil.
There was a new star in the sky, a mint room,
still searching for a lost dream.
I sit and watch a world die, and another take its place,
a kaleidoscope colander, as silence has its throat cut
with delicate skeletal lace and a face of porcelain.

A whisper to the zephyrs of second glance
echoing through the histories of the future,
a plea from a roving orb like a mute scream.
Did you hear me talking to the wind
where the wild things grow, recapturing misty joys.
As the Horns of Cernunnos reflect the primal stag
and the cusp of the Moon vibrates a soliloquy,
you caught my wandering eye.

© Pagan Paul (17/08/17)

Dylan Jones Aug 16

Cupid hit me, cupid hit me with precision, eye
Wonder if you look both ways
When you cross my mind

Ma Cherie Aug 12

in worn out
dogmatic truths
to others and our "self"
- we lie
but wouldn't it be
much better still,
to see with each
an every loving "eye"?

Ma Cherie© 2017

Idk lol ; ) just ramblings sorry I've been away life is hectic
sweet sugar Aug 10

Crazy people filled this world
It's hard for me to be bold
Crowded room with nothing to hold
Now I know I'm just a joke

I see you right there in the corner
Looking so beautiful as ever
Our eyes met but never our hearts
People said it's better just to hide

We sometimes forget that the most beautiful things are not made of words
It's how you make other feels what count the most

Her voice resembles soft moonlight in the night sky
The touch of her hair makes you want to fly
If only you and I
But it's only a lie

So what I heard is true
She is the missing part of you
One beautiful boy slip through my heart
Goodbye and I know I'll be alright


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