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c 16h
Moscato smile
Curl your lips
And curl your toes
Liquid dusk in a dusty glass
The lines between forgetting the reason
And forgetting the person
Are blurred
I pour another glass anyway
2d · 142
One Year
c 2d
I miss you sometimes
And it’s not that I don’t miss you other times
It’s just that
I freeze and I see you
And I hear your laugh
And I hear you call my name
And it takes everything in me
To not run to you
Because I know that you aren’t here anymore

The years go by faster the older I get
Can you let me know if I’m wasting precious time in advance?
I wish I could time travel but the seconds are still slipping past my fingertips before I can hold them.

I think it’s a blessing to find you in other people.
But you are not other people.
I’m sorry I wasn’t there.
I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye.
I’m sorry I can’t change the past.
I’m sorry.
It’s been one year since my grandpa passed away.
c 2d
I’ve always been one to enjoy the burn
But this
This is a new level
Of salt in the wound

You are cold to the touch
Leaving blisters
Where you grab my wrist
And pin me down

The longer you stay
The longer I scream
Until the pain is numb
And I do not feel enough
To need you to leave

You burn me anyway
Jul 14 · 210
Ice Boy
c Jul 14
Ice Boy
You’re not so cold to the touch
When your lips are on mine
And your heartbeat’s a rush

Ice Boy
Is this the thing that you planned?
Do you sharpen your blades
While I melt in your hand?

Ice Boy
My heart sinks like a stone
I thought that I could chase you
But I’m just cold and alone
Jun 26 · 209
Déjà Vu
c Jun 26
I am addicted to deja vu
In the form of
And goodbyes
And thinking I’ve found love

And hey, you seem so familiar.
Have I seen you somewhere before?
Jun 19 · 265
After a June Storm
c Jun 19
Jumping into puddles
And jumping into love
Both leave me so muddled
And I just can’t get enough

But mud belongs in puddles
And flower petals fall
This “he loves me, he loves me not”
Will surely end it all
Jun 9 · 366
Too Hard
c Jun 9
I am afraid of lots of things
But mostly of myself
Because I love
Too hard
And I fall
Too hard
And I hit the ground
Too hard
I’m not sure I can get up this time
Jun 9 · 148
Indian Summer
c Jun 9
I think loving you is like
Indian summer
So warm
And beautiful
And gone so quickly
You do not cherish
The sunlight hours
But kiss me hello
When I am falling asleep
Beneath the stars
I do not know what to call us
Jun 5 · 614
Love Me Hard
c Jun 5
Please do not tell me
You love me
Because that scares me so much more
Than loving you
Ever could
Jun 3 · 241
Ticket to Happiness
c Jun 3
My soul is flying
I am an adrenaline ******
High on the excitement
Of being alive
I am in love
With this wild ride
Called living
May 30 · 116
c May 30
I am impatient with information
I flip to the back of a book
To preview the ending
I don’t like surprises
I read the plot for a movie
Before I ever see it
Just so I always know
Exactly what comes next
You cannot read people like a book
And there’s no plot guide
For relationships
But I always try to spot the end
Before it’s near
May 28 · 89
Rocks & Grudges
c May 28
I have a rock
With my name on it
And one for my father
And one for my brother
And one for each of the boys
Who broke me

They are grudges I carry with me
Heavy in my pockets
One step away  
From the cement blocks
Tied to my feet

Someday I will throw these grudges
As far as my body will allow
In hopes that they land in water
Less shallow
Than the names on the rocks
May 24 · 237
Like My Father
c May 24
You call me a heartbreaker
I say-
Like father
Like daughter
You get good at breaking hearts
When yours is broken
By the one who gave it to you
May 19 · 206
Dear Poets
c May 19
Does riding home
Without a seatbelt
(Left unbuckled on purpose)
Count as a suicide attempt?

Asking for a friend
Who lost control of the wheel
May 17 · 258
Toxic Jock Syndrome
c May 17
I’m not an object
And I am tired
Of always being played
May 16 · 100
Radio Silence
c May 16
I’m waiting
For a three word echo
But all I hear
Is radio silence
And my ears are ringing
Like the heavy air
Before a thunderstorm
May 13 · 1.3k
I don’t like it
c May 13
I don’t like
The way
I put all of myself
Into every single thing
I set my mind to

And that included
Loving you
And that included
Burning my bridges
And that included
Wondering why I let myself burn in the process
I don’t like the way I don’t mean anything to you
c May 13
1.  I lie when I say I Love You

1b. Maybe it’s because I’m a compulsive liar or maybe it’s because I add a big DON’T in the middle, but either way, I lied

2. you are a dying star folding in on itself and I cannot support the cold dead core you're going to leave behind

3. your tongue tastes like espresso and caffeine makes my heart beat way too fast

4. you say "maybe" too much and act like its a promise waiting to be broken

5. I am SO GOOD at loosing sleep! Over you! Because of you!

6. you have never cried in front of me

7. you have really good music taste and I don't want my favorite playlist to ruin me when you leave

8. I once read that indecision is the present form of regret. you can't make up your mind and I'm starting to think that's a sign

9. you drink to get drunk and I drink what tastes good. now my throat is burning and I’m not sure if it’s from the words stuck inside it or the whiskey in your kiss.

May 8 · 207
c May 8
The longer I stand
At the edge of the cliff
I cannot tell
If the sign reads
May 4 · 137
Ocean Girl
c May 4
I am not

               E       G
          C                  I
     O                           R

I wished for when I
Was buried
In the sand
May 3 · 501
Love like Raindrops
c May 3
I am enamored
With the idea
Of being in love

Not the kind of love
Where I say
I love you
And let you meet my family
Or maybe exactly that kind of love
A love like raindrops?
That, as fast as I run away from it
I cannot escape it

I want never ending night skies
But I’m obsessed with sunshine
Especially when it’s raining
Am I my own paradox of eternal delights?
If I am, I think I’m doing a good job of
Whatever this is, for once

I really really like holding on to the past
At this point, my wall is choking
On movie tickets and pictures
But I keep thumbtacks
By my bed anyway
Just in case I need to remember something new
That I didn’t forget in the short walk
From desk to window

It’s not being sentimental, I think
It’s being “sometimes I forget who I am so how do I know I won’t forget how happy feels or how my best friends laugh like sunshine?”

But let’s call it sentimental because
I have a real love-hate relationship with labels

I am the least organized person I know
But I’m constantly labeling people
It’s touch and go, this metaphorical game of tag
Friend, lover, enemy, acquaintance
These labels aren’t permanent
The fingerprints on my skin wash off like chalk in a rainstorm

And let me tell you
I am enamoured with rainstorms
Because when I don’t have an umbrella
They seem to feel a hell of a lot like love
Apr 30 · 2.4k
c Apr 30
Tell me
What’s your endgame plan?
You snap your fingers
And I melt in your hand
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
I wish I
Could rescue us
Avengers Endgame was so good!
Apr 30 · 239
c Apr 30
I do not believe
In the idea of love
You are too far gone
Apr 27 · 144
Growing Up
c Apr 27
Growing up
Is nothing
Like they said
It would be

How cruel of them
To waste
My Time
Apr 22 · 124
c Apr 22
if I've fought back
(biting my tongue and tasting blood)
with hands bound
and tongue tied
what I could do
with only one hand
behind my back.
Apr 22 · 260
She is Malala
c Apr 22
Bullet-ridden girl
You blink
And time stops
Your life lies before you
In a burning book
And you take it in your hands
So thirsty for knowledge
Apr 21 · 440
c Apr 21
Tonight I burn with a reckless abandon
Both ends in embers
I am choking on my smoke
I’m sorry I’m blunt
I’m sorry I’m numb
I’m sorry I run away
From everything trying to help me
I cannot share my sadness with you.
Apr 16 · 621
c Apr 16
We are bending light
Allowing this
Distorted Reality
To appear somewhat
Normal, almost.
Apr 12 · 258
Slow Down
c Apr 12
I’m trying to
Slow down life
Time on my hands
Heavier than blood
I cannot wash away
The pieces of me
That I’m saving
For tomorrow
Apr 10 · 251
c Apr 10
I’m sorry
So sorry
For all the things I’ve done
And all the things
I’ll ***** up next
But haven’t yet begun
Apr 8 · 1.0k
c Apr 8
I would like
To be called lovely
But the span of my hips
Labels me nice
Apr 8 · 104
A Father’s Love
c Apr 8
I am not alone
My father stands beside me with a shield
His army stands behind

This is how it has been
Is how it shall be

I am not fearless
But I have none to fear

My father pursues those
Who come
In pursuit of me

So I will not fear
For who can stand
Against the Almighty?
Apr 8 · 259
c Apr 8
I only called myself a writer
After I tasted the idea
Of champagne
On your lips
Apr 6 · 220
Give It Time
c Apr 6
We never broke up
We just sort of broke down
I was wearing my shame
Instead of my crown
You spat out the ashes
That tasted like flame
And it hurt cause it burnt
When you said my name
Now there’s time for regret
And moments for tears
The mistakes I made
Will stay with me for years
But you’re nothing royal
No knight sent for me
You’re more like a dragon
You like when I bleed
And though I’m no princess
I’ll keep my head high
Inside I slay dragons
And you’re just a guy.
Apr 4 · 104
Lesson Learned
c Apr 4
They say to put yourself
In someone else’s shoes
But your boots
Couldn’t tell me
Why you left
Apr 3 · 134
c Apr 3
Rumor has it
I miss you
And rumor has it
I want you back
Too bad rumor
Has it wrong
Apr 2 · 284
Technical Difficulties
c Apr 2
You didn’t ask for
Emotional Unabailability
and I didn’t ask
To be left on read
But we both got things
We didn’t ask for
Apr 2 · 109
c Apr 2
I am tired
I’d being the drain
For everyone’s emotions
But my own
Apr 1 · 789
Whiskey Goggles
c Apr 1
It’s not love
But when it’s a little
Or I’m a little
It looks enough
Like love
For me to stay
Mar 27 · 123
choking hazard
c Mar 27
I can't help but feel
like I'm wasting time
with every breath

I can't help but wonder
if time will stop
when I do
am I as forgettable as I feel?
Mar 15 · 140
c Mar 15
My parents thought
I was sick
But I’m just choking
On my words
I’m sick of him
Mar 14 · 400
c Mar 14
I am tired
Of being the ocean
You kiss my lips
Only because they taste
Like salt
You asked me to cry you a river but I gave you the sea
Mar 7 · 1.2k
The End Of The World
c Mar 7
Everything is burning around me
and I miss the way it felt
to lose myself
in you
Mar 6 · 303
c Mar 6
As History falls
Onto his blood strewn path
He meets a Fork In The Road
Between Take
And Be Taken
So instead
He jumps into the Rabbit Hole
To stop Time
And repeat himself
Mar 6 · 174
Fresh Starts
c Mar 6
I saw you watching me
From across the room
So I took a deep breath
And smiled at someone new
Mar 5 · 332
c Mar 5
Sometimes it takes
Hearing your breath
                  o u t
To know that you’ll be okay
Mar 1 · 155
c Mar 1
Your fitted sheet
Never stayed on
Your bed.
I guess
You didn’t like
When things fit.
Mar 1 · 121
c Mar 1
There is so much to lose
You never have nothing
But I guess you can't lose
What you don't know you have
Mar 1 · 217
The Beginning
c Mar 1
I am three
and the grass beneath my feet
is young too
there is wind
and a bird song
and I am happy
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