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"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered to him

"One day,
I surely will,"
He replied

And so I smiled
And turned around,
"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered again—
But now to myself
Pizacas23 May 9
Watching as the rain pouring
While hoping you will look back
At what we had

And you will realize
How stupid what you
did To let it end.
The wounds from thy past
Don't let agony last
Though it wont be that fast
Someday you'll still surpass
Will, whilst,
Flower and stem.
Will you forgive me,
For who I am?

Dark, gray,
Wandering stray.
Will you join me,
On my quest today?

Clouds of dust,
In a busy day.
Hope we'll meet again,
My very own someday.
I wrote this for someone special, after we got complicated and separated. Our feelings for each other got complicated too and so we'll wait what'll happen next.
Nolan Willett Apr 27
I keep a notebook,
For when I have ideas,
Someday I’ll write them.
MerlieJ Apr 23
I've drank all my tea,
not quite finished my ****,
but I bathe in the sun all day long.
I keep my mind off of time,
and dream times on my side,
hoping to hear a sweet song.
Somday it will come, and the song
will be sung.
All my wine drunken up like the tea.

Everyday is like magic here,
lost in wonderland...
Fields of gold..
castles made of sand
Elly Apr 12
I just hope that someday, someone will wipe all your tears away. Someone who will make you feel okay again, make you feel like you’ve never been lost at all. Someone who will hug you and all your broken pieces. Someone who will accept you, your past, and who you are right now. Someone who will understand where you’re coming from. Someone who will love you wholeheartedly and your flaws will never be a burden. Someone who understands, someone who will never leave you especially when you’re at your battlefield every midnight. Someone who listens, someone who you can share your thoughts with. Someone who will look at you like you’re his/her world. Someone who will appreciate you, who is proud of you. And lastly someone who you can be with at the end of the aisle exchanging your vows.
Euphrosyne Apr 1
Someday we'll be okay
Because someday will be our day
Some say after all the struggles we've been on they know we'll both stay
So someday it'll be so much okay

Someday, you'll be mine
Laying by my side,
Fighting each others war
After that fights we'll soar.

Your love please don't give it away
Because someday I'll show you the love you deserve everyday.
Someday we'll be exchanging words
That someday I'll be yours.

Someday I'd like to say
It's so much better with you everyday
Because your the love that I don't need to throw away,
I know people ignored you and stayed away
So I'm here keeping you anyway.
Don't you worry my sweety you'll never be castaway.

And just like the Hispanics say
(incluso la gente bloquea mi camino)
Even people block my way
(Te amare todos los dias)
I'll love you everyday
When we get to that someday.
Maybe someday we'll be our day.
Zack Ripley May 2019
Soon, it will be time for you to take the stage.
You'll be born and your parents life will never be the same. Someday soon, you'll start to grow and grow and grow.
And even though they'll be excited,
sometimes you might hear them say they wish time would slow. There will be many questions you want answers to.
"Are we there yet?" "Why is the sky blue?"
Sometimes, they may not be able to tell you.
Someday, you'll want to rebel;
do things they tell you not to just to make them scream and yell. Someday, you'll tell them you hate them after having a fight.
The next day, you'll tell them you love them
by the time they tuck you in at night.
But it's important you know no matter what they say,
no matter what you do, your parents will always love you.
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