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In a world where employers
and broken systems treat you like a number, and you always feel like number 2,
I hope that some day,
someone tells you that you're their number 1, and they become yours too.
I long to see the day when suffering will be no more and freedom would be free, complete, and lasting—
On that day, tears would be a tale of old times;
smile, an everyday thing, and peace, unending.
Something that I wrote for my friends in Myanmar who are suffering
Zack Ripley Sep 8
People need people.
Animals need animals.
But sometimes, we need each other.
And that's Okay.
Because no matter how independent you are,
Someday, we're all going to need
somebody to lean on.
Axion Prelude Nov 2020
As sure as I breathe, I desire you; like the rain desires to fall, like the light desires to shine; I fell for you, and my heart stays warm with days brightened by thoughts of us
Ray Dunn Aug 5
will pursue meaning of life
fear of someday that will end
lose that human element
Axion Prelude Oct 2020
There's nobody else like you; and just like that, when I realized this truth: suddenly, I couldn't find a means to care to look for anyone, or anything else. I knew when I felt it to my core, it resonated within my very bones.
Axion Prelude Dec 2020
It's raining outside. I woke up gently to it tapping on the window; the sound enraptures me, I kept my eyes shut for a time to simply embrace the moment.

It reminded me of "her," I felt that voice in every droplet that touched the glass; like those loving words and fluency with the hearts involved, I even felt it in the way the cold air caressed my skin.

The rain is my peace, my inevitable calm. It brings me a joy like nothing else, and instills a contentment unrivaled by any other nuance.

I sensed that there, because I've come to find: the rain, those feelings, they've always been her
I awake with you, I sleep to you..

Where is my Queen~
Jay M Mar 24
One day
I know not when
I yearn for the dawn to arrive
For the sun to bring forth the day
When I may finally bid this prison farewell
Step through the faded door and then
Finally live, rather than just survive
For the day when I can, at last, say
I have escaped this hell

Regrettably far, far away
There will no longer be the fear
Consuming of a poor dear
Rather release, relief
Free, despite all belief

There will come a day
When all will be at ease
Like a cool, summer breeze
After a day of blistering heat
No more burns upon these aching feet

- Jay M
March 24th, 2021
I've dreamt of you
and now you're here
even when I'm awake
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