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One day I'll be strong
Fly across the galaxy
Ride shooting stars in your eyes
To place we can be free

One day we will shed our former skins
Hearts forever intertwined
Then maybe you'd feel your worth
I'd feel love we before couldn't find

One day existing will not be hard
Soul not ever weary or forsaken
No longer will heartache linger in air
Every morning ardent spirit awakens

One day you will confront the shadows
Plaguing darkened mind
Towards the heavens you'll gravitate
Sin's embrace left behind

One day addiction will not imprison us
You will be in my arms where you belong
Hearts will finally be at peace
One day you will be strong

One day...


WE will be stronger!
Written 11-1-18
nanimono Apr 2
Someday we will meet again
In the middle of a crowd
With each other's life
Even that time you're pushing a stroller
I will still warmly greet you
And, I said in my heart:
"I'm always happy for you"
David Bryan Feb 6
someday, I will stop looking at my phone at 3am to check if I have messages from you

to find that there are none and cry myself to sleep

someday, I will stop blaming myself for all our petty fights

and keep thinking how I could become a better lover despite all your hurtful words

someday, I will stop wishing that I was dead

and praying to God to take my life away because of all the pain I feel when I am with you

someday, I will learn to stop explaining myself

and keep begging for us to talk calmly instead of fighting, how you'd always choose the latter without fail

someday, I will have the courage to step away from a love that asks too much but gives too little

to finally be free

maybe tomorrow
Zack Ripley Apr 2022
I can't see the future.
But somehow, I have a feeling that someday, you won't struggle when you have to decide
if you should stay or go.
And that's a day you'll never forget.
Because that's the day you'll realize
that you don't need anybody
to make you feel like somebody.
Zack Ripley Feb 2022
Dear stranger: it's no secret
that times have been hard for everyone.
But you're not everyone, are you?
Maybe you lost someone.
Maybe you lost yourself.
Maybe you've been asked to do more
than you signed up for. Whatever's going on,
I know it may seem like you're losing control. Like you don't have a choice.
However this poem finds you,
I hope you come to find that you DO
have a chance to have a choice.
A chance to raise your voice.
I hope that someday, you accept
that you are worthy of love.
That you stop feeling guilty you survived.
But most of all, I hope that someday,
you wake up and find yourself grateful and happy to be alive
Zack Ripley Jan 2022
Someday, I may start moving on.
I know that's what you'd want.
But I need you to hear me when I say
"I ain't going nowhere."
I may grieve, but I'll never let
the memories leave. I'll never let the music die. And when times get tough,
I'll never forget I have an angel on my side
Zack Ripley Dec 2021
Why am I still standing here
When there is nothing to stand for?
Because I hope someday there will be.
Nat Oct 2021
In nothing but a string of letters and words I'll make you feel something
It might not be great but it'll be something, it's got to be - something new, something novel
But it won't be sad. We all know what sadness is
It won't be happy or beautiful or even ugly because that's all old hat
No funky formatting, or perspective shifts, no careful pronouns
It won't have images or anything
Just words
Objective words with meanings older than the earth,
And no one will ever misunderstand just what I meant when I wrote it
And no one will ever have experienced anything quite like it before
And it'll make someone, somewhere, just once think:
"Whoa, this poetry stuff can be as spiritual as music"

I'll write something like that Someday, I think
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