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Amrin 36m
Some day!
Someday I will catch the sun
Slay the stars
And sail ashore

Someday I will fly so high
Flaunt your love
And free the sighs!

Someday I will un-cage my heart
Call your phone
And calm your soul

Someday I will dance on my toes
Dread no more
And daunt no more

Someday! There will be some day
I'll laugh out loud
And it won't be a lie!
jǫrð Feb 27
The youth will leave my face
and you'll have left this place
Many moons before

And I'll still walk your shores
Looking for a light in
Every young soul high on caesious waves
The History: Is the future and the world to come when you take your exodus and I'm left to wonder and wander on my own again.
Grey Jan 22
One day, you'll whisper sweet nothings in my ear
and I'll fall asleep to your soft lullabies
of stardust skipping stones and rainbow oceans.

One day,  I'll tell you that your eyes
remind me of the universe
and that you shine brighter than the most dazzling star.

One day, I'll reveal that I ask for you whenever I wish on the sun
and that when our fingers brush against each other,
it feels like the entire world smiles.

One day, I'll wake up from this nightmare
only to roll over and see you curled up next to me.

But as I finger the cold sheets beside my lone body,
I know that today is not the day.
A name follows you-
Even when you’re made anew.
Neither can you leave your face,
Or entirely forget your birthplace;
We must have done some misdeed,
In a past life, indeed,
Because we’re of a lower caste,
Doomed iconoclasts,
Fighting for nothing,
And eternally suffering.
And when we’ve had enough of it,
Enough of being misfits,
When we realize it was designed this way,
And that there is no “someday”,
Then we’ll venture six feet underground,
To tear a heaven down.
Akira Dec 2020
Gusto ko nga masanag sama sa bulan,
sa ilawom sa langit nga gabii nagadan-ag ako.
Nahibal-an nako nga kini nga mga pangandoy matuman sa dili madugay.
Gihangyo ko nga kini nga mga pangandoy dili magpadayon ingon usa ka damgo.

Usa ako ka buhi nga tawo nga adunay katuyoan
alang sa matag gagmay nga mga butang nga akong nakita mao ang katahum.
Aron makab-ot ang akong katuyoan ang akong gipunting,
Akong atubangon kini nga mga hagit nga maisugon.

Akong kuptan og maayo
ug dili igsapayan kung unsa ang gihunahuna sa katilingban.
Basta nagbuhat ako og maayo,
Hatagan ra ko sila og kindat.

Kay nahibal-an ko nga makab-ot ko ang akong mga katuyoan someday,
Malipayon ako sa bisan unsang paagi.
This is a Bisaya version of my poem SOMEDAY.
I think I should do this because the old Bisaya language is slowly fading or forgotten.

PS for me this is the most romantic language ever!!
chang cosido Sep 2020
Someday doesn't mean reassurance -
a pocket for small , frail hopes.
Someday means someday will arrive.

Make her a dress.
With your own two hands.
Out of nothing and everything.

When someday comes,
make her beautiful
for yourself.
Left Foot Poet Jan 2020
how I know we will make love someday / primal2

whatever you think of overwhelming distance,
thick black lined international boundaries,
no Westerly wind, snow binding, winter blinding, can forbid
the innate desired connectivity, the eye locking messaging,
the shared shards of losses cumulative, that we alone can relieve/repair

I will travel by jetliner, car, to unpack you from snowdrifts,
write quatrains upon your eyes, elegies on your lips,
epic poems using every body space possess-able, asking for nothing
in return, for living is hard enough, no need for quid pro quo bargaining

do not ask what am I to you, resist classification, place me not,
no slot, no rowed field, under closed eyes remember, recall,
better the butter of love and loss, which I’ll take and also leave,
summer spreads and relishes kitchen canned for next year’s winter

did you know, of course not, my name is Mordecai,^ the same who,
was Vizier to Darius and Xerxes I, meaning pure myrrh and
master of languages, but this is not the time/place, my secrets two,
to give away, and yet forbear, you may ask questions that no sensible human answers


but I have, and will do so again, against all odds, we will
compose original numbers, all prime, all natural occurring,
divisible, yes, but  only by the number itself and the number 1,
a number that answers:

the equation, the prime ideal,
why only 1 + 1 equals:

primal 2

it takes one to create two
no truth login Sep 2020
someday we’ll meet/(the agenda)

in the flesh,
touch elbows,
staying masked
investigate each other’s

rock ‘n roll

no need
to start falling
in love

with you.

we been there,
we done that.

everybody knows,
old news!

p.s. yes babe, that’s the truth
ce-walalang Aug 2020
today i will

…do nothing but
scroll mindlessly
to your recently played
hoping to get connection

today i will

…do nothing but
travel the world
through the window of this room
hoping to get inspiration

today i will

…do nothing but
type words
hoping to find the write one

today i will

…do nothing but
stare at the ceiling
and never leave this bed,

i would celebrate
the day i did nothing.
for any given 'someday'
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