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b Jul 3
i fixate on a point down the road while
the story you tell turns into rocks
the tires of your three coloured car
trample over. i despise my need for safety
and i despise how i despise your recklessness.

whoever steers the ship that is my
thoughts and beliefs has been driving
a long time, he is tired but his
grip is firm.
i feel like a hack today
Nina Jun 17
I hope that one day,
you will fall for me.
because right now ,
i'm so deeply in love with you.
Nina Jun 14
One day,
I wouldn't be hurt.
One day,
I'll get over you.
One day,
I'll find somebody new.
One day,
I'll be happy.

One day..
Maybe just not today
He wore her thoughts and She wore his words,and together they were poetry
No one in the world is really here forever to stay
as they all have to eventually depart someday.
We should then look forward without any regret
and not bear in mind anything we wish to forget.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Perhaps someday we could've worked.

And maybe

That day was not today.
Or maybe we couldn't have worked at all. Who's to say?
Sagarika Das May 18
It's been months and it's has been a year,
The day had been beautiful when I met you there.

It's isn't a single thing that I remember,
But thousand little things that you did I became part of.

It wasn't just your smile that I saw,
It was the laughter you shared to brighten up others.

It wasn't just the songs you had sing I heard,
But also the lyrics that I couldn't decipher.

It wasn't just the care I always loved,
It was also all the little flaw you had.

It wasn't just your charm that you had,
But all the things that had made what you were.

But it has been a year and months,
And I  wish that we meet again.

If there's a someday that we meet again,
I want to have one day we can be us again.

One day where I won't be shy again,
One day where you won't hold back again.

One day where I don't have to pretend again,
One day where you'll have courage again.

One day where I'll write you a poetry,
One day where you'll sing songs again.

One day where it'll be just you and me again,
One day where we wouldn't care about a forever again.

But it has been a year and months again,
And I wish we have a someday we can meet again.
Caleb Nathan May 14
i got a
full o’
wet concrete
leakin’ out
my ears


they say,
“you got
pavement head!”

i say,
i’ve got a
finger painting
for those
influential souls
to carve in
their initials
the year
maybe even
a smiley face

and be remembered
for an eternity
plus 10

that is,
once my

Indigo May 3
I am not the girl
That you would find on the cover of a magazine
I am not the girl
That guys try to get attention from
I am not the girl
That makes guys get butterflies
Whenever she smiles or looks at them
I am not that girl
I am the girl
That smiles at everyone that she meets
I am the girl
That can’t wear heels
Because she still trips over things
That aren’t even there
While wearing Vans and Converse
I am the girl
That likes to dance and sing off key
Even though everyone is watching
I am the girl
That gets flustered and acts awkward
When she is around a person that she likes
I am that girl
I am still the girl
That sometimes
Deals with having
Low self-esteem
I am still the girl
That secretly wishes
For a guy to call her
I am still the girl
That sometimes cries
When she is alone
I am that girl
I am still the girl
That will someday find
A guy who likes her for her
I am still the girl
That tries to make everyone smile
But I am still the girl
That will someday
Change the world
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