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c Aug 10
There's just something romantic about cornfields and 3am
Maybe it’s just the optimist inside of me
But the stars are shining so bright tonight, don’t you think?
They are so bright, the sky is so clear,
and I can feel your hand pressed against my side,
attached like a name
Maybe you’re afraid of the cold too

It was cloudy, the light on the edge of the horizon
Polluting the stars, they weren’t that bright
I feel you pull my body away from me
It’s so strange to feel warm, to feel anything
You embrace the cold

I cannot save you anymore than I can avoid becoming
The same sky I stare at

The breeze dances across my stomach as you bring me closer
Eyes staring into a cold sky
As you listen to me ramble on
About where the big dipper should be
If the stars were bright enough to see it
c Jul 2020
She belongs to the streets.
They’ve been calling her name
Since the day that he left
Stubs her toe on the curb
As she attempts to fly off
Into the traffic, with no second glance.
c Jun 2020
Reach down and wrap me in celestial bodies
I imagine the warmth of stars,
Standing under a blanket of constellations
Fireflies dance on my fingertips
As if stellar incarnate
This interstellar silence surrounds me
And for the first time in a while
The universe is okay
I am not okay now but I will be
c Jun 2020
I have been falling in love
With finding distraction
In every person I meet
Wasting time is all I seem to do well

I am running out
Of time to waste
And I’m not sure
I can distract myself
Any longer
c May 2020
The last time that you kissed me
There was poison on your tongue
If you ever start to miss me
I hope you know
That I’m long gone
To the boy who is nowhere near worth dying for. I hope it tasted good going down.
c May 2020
The way you didn’t kiss me
at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

The way you kissed me
at the bottom of my sense of self.

The way I had your fingerprints on my thighs for 2 weeks after you left me.

The way I want you
to leave me wanting again.
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