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yasmin 3d
If only we would all cry when we’re sad
Ask for help when we need it
Wave and smile at every stranger
Play and play when we awaken

If only we would understood
that the answer to life is
to never grow up.
I went fishing for intimacy but did not anticipate
this catch
my small sailboat is sideways
yanked by your impulsive and passionate demeanor
will I be capsized?

when you combed your fingers through my hair
when we were camping under a crying moon
I could feel warm feelings swell in my chest for you
like a hot spring that tourists drive hours
to see and bathe in

we are going to a concert tonight
you bought the tickets yesterday and
I brought you a chocolate bar to say
thank you and
I like you
and I cannot wait to be dancing next to you
smiling between guitar riffs and brushing hands
between swift
movements of our hips

it feels so good to know you
to know that I am ending up with you
to know that I don't really know that
but I do know that I am happy to know you
loving in a new way
I'm crying
but my tears are not valid

I'm screaming
but my words are silent

I'm standing
but my existence was absent

because I'm young
I'm young
"you're still young how much can you know"
Blake Sep 28
Somewhere he walks,
with my heart draped over his shoulder on a weightless chain,
This somewhere,
He chuckles while a crow ***** above his precious head,
still feeding it the remains of my wide eyes and betraying tongue.
he walks and chuckles
thinking of his prey.
Kayla Gallant Sep 27
Filthy lies

Spread across

Blank canvases

Young minds


Like milk

Left out in the sun
warped young minds becoming who the world told them to be, So much wasted potential.
Lilian Vector Sep 26
Oh, to be so bold
So young,
With your red,
Hair down
Casted by sunlight,
I wish
I could be you
Oh to be young,
And In love
With life
To you.
Lady Bird Soundtrack for inspiration and the afternoon air.
On the spot writing.
The idea of owning, new, tight, fresh, innocent shoes.


At first, they’re tight but slowly but surely you can make them loos

The concept itself is self explanatory

New Shoes feel so good!

Now, imagine having a new shoe every time you wanted one

Now don’t be greedy, change your shoe when it gets too loose.


Children that are unaware are the easiest prey

My temptations and impulsiveness runs deep in the mind

I saw my neighbors son, licking his lollipop from the corner of my eye at the park

I walk up to him and smile, making sure his parents aren’t looking

I put on a fake mask for him, to step foot in my trap

Once he’s in,

I make sure he’s quiet covering his mouth when he screams

After all, it is playtime and his screaming


I take him to my car and sit him in my lap
Groping every inch of him

6 year old Timmy, is tight, fresh, innocent, and new to this

My blood begins flowing and ultimately causes me to have an *******.

I unzip his pants,

I **** him

His grunts and calls for help


After I finish, I whisper to his innocent ears
“It was fun getting to know you, No one has to know about this. After all, you just came to my house for a playdate”

He responds excitingly,
“I’ll tell mommy about all the new games you taught me! What is this game called?”

I respond frantically,
“I call this game, Simon Says!
You don’t have to tell Mommy, only tell her if she asks”

At 6, Timmy was clueless, this continued for over 6 months

At one point, Samantha, my neighbor, asked her son Timmy to tell her all about my quote on quote “nephews”
he played with

Timmy responded,
“I play with Eric, not his nephews”

Samantha shocked yet hopeful asked
“What exactly does Eric make you play, Timmy?”

“We play Simon Says, Mommy! Sometimes he makes me touch his *****, other times he tells me to bend over for him, but only if he says Simon Says before the action,”


Timmy Said

I know this because at 3 AM
A group of 6 men knocked at my door with guns pointing towards my head

I was convicted and registered as a


A ******* *** OFFENDER

I’m facing 45 years to life in a 12 by 12 room next to old, raunchy, ***** men.

You see

I’m not the Eric the neighbor, I’m Timmy

I’m 19 now and I wrote a poem about you to reflect on how you changed me

I’m mad that you made me this way

But I forgive you
BUT only because I blame myself

For holding it in

For being a dumb kid

For deserving every moment of it

For following your rules

And ultimately for trusting you...

You were 38.
I was 6

Now I’m 19
And you’re 51, serving a life sentence in jail

The Devil comes to us in different ways.
Sometimes in a black draped cloth, beautiful and unforgettable. In my case, in a black t-shirt and in a new, tight, innocent pair of shoes.
I hope you enjoy! I’m nee to this so message me for any corrections
Alice Sep 19
there is a soft emptiness in
my bones
and i still
don't quite know what's supposed to
fill it
but your smile
and laugh
seem to pour into my
hollow chest
too quickly
and take up
too much space
Nylee Sep 17
When I was young
I always thought I'll fly
Fly away from this land
to the sun.

As I grew taller
I realised there is more sea
it is too deep
for me to see.

Still on my foot
not going higher or far
Sitting in the comfort
I keep an eye on the shore.

The waves are taking away
all things I want to achieve
Because I haven't learned yet
how to swim.
BeLoved Sep 16
This **** hurts
I can't feel a thing from my chest down
Please don't send for help
Please don't object
Just let me fall
Let the dark side of the night latch onto my body
Give it room to cover me give it space to surround
For I will either grow accustomed to these
dark currents
Or as the pressure increases in my lungs
I promise I will remember all the nice things for me you have done
All the laughter we shared when we were Young
And how I couldn't tell the difference between your love and the sun
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