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vanessa marie Aug 24
Wasn’t it just yesterday
I learned to ride a bike?
Or felt the grass between my toes
As I flew my rainbow kite.

Those days so quickly turned to nights
Spent with the boy next door,
Stolen cigarettes and first kisses
A bottle spinning on the floor.

Suddenly I had moved away
No longer a little girl,
Started a career and found a lover
Said yes to his grandmother’s pearl.

With his green eyes and my brown curls
Out came a baby of our own,
And since that day I can’t believe
Just how fast she’s grown.

Now each night before bed
I’ll tell a story I’ve made up
And then I poke her belly and say,
Please try to never grow up.
Ikimi Festus Aug 17
To my dear, stupid young men of my named generation, do you need anyone to tell you all that ours is the “me-me” self-centred generation of “lazy, titled narcissists”?.️
So Self-interest, self-absorption, self-indulgence, self-inflating”.
In all of human history to come, it will haunt us forever for the worshiping of that insolent calf called "Self".
Countless times I have heard these things from older men saying that our generation is on the verge of destruction and collapse, and the men and kids of today are growing up in a deserted land of temptation, immorality and trends, more horrific than ever in history.
Our said generations - be it generations Y, Z or blah blah blah, millennials -
are destined to become sad little ego bubbles and whine,
if we haven't already,
We believe that there are no moral boundaries that should stop us from achieving our goals,
ha really?.
We are ruled by trends and lustful pleasure, and we cherish this illusive cage called civilization.
Morals as we know is rapidly disappearing- and we can't afford to let it go, ha the price no one can bear.
Don't be fooled by the pretty things in life—often, the things that glitter are not as valuable as they seem.
We have sold our life many times, just to enjoy been looked outside,
No matter how Golden the tombs it shall envelop worms, providing a cozy home for all of mankind long last.
If we had been as wise as bold to stand for the true and righteous, I would not have needed to write this letter.
Indeed, There are only four things that are always true in life – social progress, change, evolution, and uncertainty.
Dogs will return to his *****, as sows return to moors,
The bandaged fingers of burnt fools will at the end return to fire;
Someday will we atone for our sins.
Believe it or not.
nvinn fonia Aug 11
brad pitt young pics
brad pitt young pics
I'm sick of burying my friends.

I'm sick of saying that I'm sick of burying my friends.

I'm sick of planning ******* candle light vigils.

I'm sick of funerals, sick of grief, sick of the hole in my chest that keeps getting bigger.

We are so young. How are so many of us already dead? Why is it that every few months, someone that I love leaves this Earth?

It's not fair.

I'm sick of saying it's not fair.

I'm sick of "I wish i got to see you under better circumstances, but I missed you." I'm sick of crying. I'm sick of watching friends and parents and spouses and children cry. I'm sick of reminiscing on stories and looking at photos from lifetimes ago, when things were simple and we were happy.

I'm sick of "they'll always be with you."

I'm sick of "they live on through us."

I wish they'd just live.
To applauding of the stars
the pleasing sight of God
  Mesmerising were the words spoken on
    to have loved, to have once been in love.

To as a Queen; ruling my heart
she—black beauty, as the blanket dark of
  night; filled in angel’s stars.
   Mystic dust, upon the early virtue of time.
     To have loved so young.

To have tasted a fruit of passion
  minor still, but a major experience
   That which is in present, a memory entangled
    in my dreams. I’m restless,—

As my lips quiver of a then long before
  Longing presently; ‘verly for more
   As so—how could I ever forget...
          forget the first I kissed a girl!
Kassan Jahmal Jul 20
My love, Our love,
chaos in calm whispers,
burning, yearning of that not.
A ringing bell, a belly full of butterflies,
both are only sombre, only as so holy to me.

My love, Our love,
tears young, the will not of our own,
The resting dreams of future; though the past brittle,
only a piece of the present held in the moment.

My love, Our love,
a force of the stars, a state of their decay,
Marvellous beauty implodes on itself,
so as I—prideful filled till death.
A man still a wreck, still a child,
****** to he's emotions; those first to be

My love, Our Love,
tornado of words, hurricane of emotions,
I'm but a tree by the secrets of love
in their winds.
Summer's spring—my heart skips a beat
in the heat of the moment.

My love, Our love,
wild, free as wings stretched out to the skies,
A tender goodbye, by the end of the night.
Sweet lullaby; a resounding sound.
Orchestra of our love.

My love, Our love—Us.
Jack Jun 8
As the river flows,
Little leaf sailing alone,
wishing to find a place to grow,

careful sweetie, row slowly,
adventure of the unknown awaits,
journey creating memories,
enjoy the sun kissing with clouds,
dancing stars with the moon at night
let the wind stream pave your path
calm breeze greet with a smile,
stormy sky will subside,
take care,
everything will be alright,
and you'll fine too,

Young Ones.
Leah Carr Apr 30
Keep holding it together and keep holding on
You need to survive, you need to stay strong
It doesn't matter that you want to give up the fight
For no-one but you is going to be the light

Keep holding on and keep holding it together
You need to walk on, no matter the weather
It doesn't matter if you don't think you'll make it through
Because at the end of the day, the only person the change this,
is you
this is where all the secrets are held
in the smell of yesterday's rain in the air
in the dark, and in that pool
in the little moonlight patch falling on my bed
with the window open and the air cool
and the night young and wild and a fool
midnight in a college dorm room
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