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selina 5h
i find it stupid that we were taught
two negatives cancel out to be a positive
do two wrongs ever cancel out to be a right?

ages ago, i made two stupid mistakes
hooking up with you in the gallery and losing your number
but i bet you're doing just fine

it's been three years, counting the first
and it's depressing to think about but
my memories have started to fade with time

i can't remember the tilt of your smile
the curves of your dimples or the lilt of your accent
if your hometown was cambridge, quincy, or boston

i can't recall the feeling of your fingers woven through mine
or the warmth of your body pressed against mine
or the way my heart raced from your words

so i'll tuck away whatever's left of the good times
into a little chamber in my heart
let it simmer and boil and wait

until the day we find each other again
i'll keeping looking back and thinking
i'll keep looking back until i realize again

english is a strange language
red is a mesmerizing color
my guitar sounds better when you play it

two past events cancel out to form the present
only one of the two mistakes previously mentioned was stupid
and the night i said i love you, i meant it
My ancient Lancelot.
*Love is patient love is kind,
it kept no record
of wrong doing piling high."
Reminiscing my first poet, sigh;
sweet cane dust sprinkled
on a table's body inch by inch.
Tracings followed little food
reduced to crumbs
Saving hunger and thirst
for the last dance, Knight sought.
True lovers lost and found.
Come lovers unrequited long
find a new dancing floor
dance till the end of love.
I've saved the last dance
for an ancient true Knight
sought long and by and by.
A lifetime I've traveled hard
fed by my lover's light in eye.
It's time, see me renewed
in my new Hindu Knight's light
and sigh.
By Karijinbba
for so long I traveled in the ghost
of my knight's love in eye.
(Rddpc-Rk/ RddBba.)
I stand alone young in heart
for a dance on a final castle floor.
Kezz 5d
Intertwining souls
Immaterial and immature
Navigating each other’s boundaries,
coasts and shores.

Redefining what’s commonly referred to as
Requiring understanding and flexibility
Requiring both strength and vulnerability.

Weakness is courage,
when teetering the tightrope
of romantic and platonic.
Insecurity and traumas,
also balance on it.
If and when you fall off,
it is into the chasm.
where balance is no longer required
and perfection is no longer desired.

The fear of letting go.
to tie up loose ends.
The irony of falling,
In a bid to ascend…
D CoLe May 20
If you look into my heart,you will cry
the rainbow rays that escape from
cracks in my heart fade when you get too close.
   the walls of my heart are stained in black and white,holding back the voiceless brilliance buried deep.
I guess I was bruised by by the world
but the scars I have, I adore
to show that I showed up for the fight.

Sindi May 13
If she turned around
Started to walk away in a straight line
Would she reach the end of the world?
Would she?

If she reached the end of the world
It would be announced to the rest of the world
Would it be the end of the world?
Would it?

She jumps off and into space
Space a space to think
Turn back and walk in a straight line
Until she would be back to where she started
Daksh May 9
Close the door
throw in the card; kept the cozy blanket

When was the last time you felt this way?
Many years ago, she said

She said, she is on a journey, that might show her
what she actually wants

Faith; In the night, yet she holds
me close
calls me her door

pass through me

I don't know where she's headed
Cold; Her legs I felt from the heavy blanket
I make her feel young

Just let me know
when you pass through that door
I'll wave a goodbye
and let you go
tenielle Apr 30
dreaming of your embrace,
blind to the sight
of the inevitable burns
you have been cursed with
through my touch.

we love like the sun
and the moon.
a beautifully
hopeful love;
a despicably
fruitless fate.
we knew it would burn
Opal Wood Apr 17
Little Opal
With her big blue eyes
Her contagious laugh
The way she loved
Never one day thought
She'd be considering
In her own twenties
Ending in a coffin
Taking her own life
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