Pitter patter small feet,
Lush green surrounding,
Trees higher than the atmosphere,
Thinking I'm Tarzan,
River flows elegantly,
Hither and thither,
Staining our pristine clothes,
I used to love that Forest.

A story of my childhood!

As I observe from my slate perch I can't help but wonder
if we're all meant to be old
or if some of us feel this discomfort in grown worlds
because we've passed our expiration date.

idk, nothing really, random ramblings of an unmedicated me

I lay beside
Miss Pinkie
in her bed
in her flat.

It was morning
was vacuuming
in the flat upstairs
footsteps back
and forth.

There was a sliver
of daylight
where her curtains
didn't meet.

I turned over
and gazed
at her sleeping
eyes closed
eyelids like pink

Her mouth open
breathing shallow.

She was old enough
to be my mother
just about.

Her hair
was in a mess
not neat
as it usually was.

We'd made love
a few times in
the late evening
and night
it wasn't hot sex
but it was all right.

She said
she'd entered
a convent
with her cousin
when they were 18
she left
but her
cousin stayed.

Seemed a bit kinky
with an ex-nun
wonder what
the bishop
would say
if he could see
how she lay
I mused.

My mouth was dry
I needed a drink
to wake me up
for real.

She opened
her eyes
and stared at me.

Her hand wandering
back towards me
wanting to feel.


you were too much like the bottom of a bottle
4 am; an hour for the lonely and the searching
my head spinning and body drowning
yet somehow alive enough to dial your number
every ring another bullet in a wound
and your prerecorded voice I knew better than my own
every bit as empty as before
yet somehow I thought you’d make me whole

I'm only sixteen
and yet people say I'm too naive
I'm only sixteen
and yet I know how the world works
I'm only sixteen
and yet all dreams were shattered

people say that i'm too young to understand the world, i like to prove them wrong

a promising Parisian morning.
a comfortable coffee house.
a boy holding open the door despite my insistence for him to go first.
his somewhat playful question accompanied with a scampish smile,
"Are chivalry and strong, female independence unable to coexist?"

no, he didn't offer to buy my drink.
instead, he offered to share a table with me.
he didn't ask for my number.
instead, he asked me what I loved most about Paris.
he didn't ask me to dinner.
instead, he offered to show me the true jewels of the city,
the jewels that couldn't be found in the tourist pamphlets.

I didn't fall for him.
falling implies it was like a wildfire,
expeditiously fast and fervent.

no, this was different.
this happened slowly and surely.
we weren't a beautiful flower
we were a mighty oak
destined to live for eons.

I noticed his kindness before I noticed how the green in his eyes
matched the trees surrounding the Eiffel Tower.
I noticed his immaculate intelligence before I noticed how his hands
fit so perfectly within my own.

we eventually had to part ways.
despite my affirmation that Paris had become home,
I needed to return to my own country.
but I left a part of me in that city.

as I boarded the plane,
I realized that, for me,
home had become a person
and not a place.

a whimsically creative look on some old memories
unnamed 5d

I can’t say there is a word for what we are
I know I was looking through your pictures yesterday
Laughing at how cute you look
Wanting to tell you which ones you look bad in,
And how others do not make you justice.
Kissing you and the non-stop laughs
Make fun of the fact that we are fatties.
Driving to McDonalds at 1 am.
I have a feeling it is going to hurt.
But when I am in your room, on your bed
Not being able to keep our hands off each other.
It is complete bliss.
We have amazing sex, you know it’s true
We take a break and go at it again.
And then you open up about the things you love
Like those nerdy topics of things I do not understand
But, your whole face lights up while you talk.
And you apologize for speaking so much.
Don’t ever apologize again
Don’t ever shut up.
Please keep talking,
Until we meet our end.

Jessica Ore Apr 14

I wore you mothers one piece.

High up on your shoulders,
Exposed to the gods,
They poured out the heavens upon us.

Oh yes, they cried.
Oh yes.

daisyrae Apr 14

let me sip this wine
and go back in time
          to when we were young & free.
running wild
          not much on our minds
         where we could get the next dime
         over each other's bodies
         so they wouldn't see the bruises
         there's more on your mind than drugs
what is this side of you?"
         "it's the side that no one knew
cause life is a blessing
         and we're wasting our youth."

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