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jǫrð Jun 2023
Your cologne
Like a tooth
Penetrates my
Softened skin
The History: Wake up and smell the cologne
Anxiety only makes me sick to my stomach
I don't want to be anxious when it's comes to us
I love the smell of your cologne
I love the sound of your laughter, but not the deep feeling in my guts that tells me you'd one day leave and not look back

Till then I would love to be the woman of your dreams

Anxiety keeps eating me up and I can't tell him, he's the man I love endlessly
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
You smell like a carnival
in some forlorn town or county
I open the door
and smell the fried dough,
the petting zoo, the bumpkin hoods
with too much cologne
looking at you like you was eyeing their girl
wearing his lanky white arm

You smell like cotton candy,
maybe they could only afford a reptile guy,
the lions club and their burgers and hots
you can only purchase with coupons
The backseat of the worst corvette
owned by the greasiest ugly old man
who has a couple more benjamins than his
old lady's last daddy
Samantha Dietz Nov 2020
Aerosmith on vinyl
Your hand on my throat
Listen to Toys In The Attic
I'll be your toy, Make me choke
Kiss me ever so softly
While your lips tell me jokes
Send chills down my spine
When I smell your cologne

Show me your favorite songs
Tell me your crazy stories
I want to know who you are
I just want you to adore me
Look through my eyes to my soul
Hands all over my body
Steal the air from my lungs
I swear you're killing me softly
Monday, November 23rd, 2020
Maria Hernandez Nov 2020
I saw you from a distance
tall, semi muscular,  with dark hair.
An unfamiliar figure
in my mind curiosity is triggered.

Who is this man
with skin so tan.
He wears a black suit,
white shirt, and black tie.
You look like  the kind of guy
any girl would want to have,
the kind of man who has no problem
getting whatever she would want to buy.

My eyes graze you up and down
to every inch of you.
I can see it right through,
you catch my eye and smile.
You look like trouble, one of
the kind Im not afarid to get into.  

As I stand in this cold mysterious dark night
wearing nothing but a silky grey dress,
and matching silver heels,
I wonder where you'll go tonight.
But whoever will see you
I bet will have good night.

In hindsight I spot the black Mercedes,
the night is young,
a long wild night for me awaits.
I step inside the black Mercedes,
to my right I see you
"Hello" with a smile he says.
As a custom I give him a kiss on the cheek and
I take a seat right next to his.

Guess I have the answer to my question,
Tonight your coming with me,
something I definitely didn't foresee.

through the side of my eye
I see the way you look at me.
You spread your legs at the sight of my *******,
you bite your lips as I put on my lipstick,
in your mind im already undressed.

The smell of your cologne makes
my breath quiver,
the thought of wanting to see it, still lingers.
this space between us makes me unease
I want to feel you hold me in your arms
as you put it inside making me weak in the knees.

Take off my clothes
I'll let you have a taste.
I want your tongue's prints
to fill my body trace by trace.

I don't want this night to end,
if you want it badly I can ride your face,
or  I can have you inside my mouth instead.

Its not gonna be a long trip,
only got one chance, might as well
take advantage of every drip.
The car now smell you, me, us

The silence here surpassed by your,
mine, our moan.,
and souvenirs from your cologne.
Ace Jan 2020
confession: every morning, when I first wake up,
I roll over, and start to say,
"Good morning."
but you're not there,
and you're never there.
all I catch is a slight whiff of your cologne,
because I haven't been able to bring myself to wash the sheets,
since you left.
so I start to cry,
every morning.
Maria Etre Dec 2019
The musky smell of cigarette smoke
your cologne
my hair

*The ingredients of my morning's perfume.
c Oct 2019
I’m not afraid of ghosts
But I don’t like the way things linger
Like laughter
Or cologne
Or the feel of your skin on mine
Alek Mielnikow Jul 2019
He proclaims this room as if it’s his throne
Igniting his body with his cologne

He presses the top like a wheel to a stone
Then leaves me behind all cold and alone

by Aleksander Mielnikow (Alek the Poet)
Can you guess which handsome pop ballad British singer I was listening to while writing this?
Makenzie Marie Apr 2019
Your cologne is on my shelf
So at least I don’t have to miss your smell
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