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He proclaims this room as if it’s his throne
Igniting his body with his cologne

He presses the top like a wheel to a stone
Then leaves me behind all cold and alone

by Aleksander Mielnikow (Alek the Poet)
Can you guess which handsome pop ballad British singer I was listening to while writing this?
Your cologne is on my shelf
So at least I don’t have to miss your smell
DW Apr 2018
I have my favorite smells
Each filled with sentiment
Or the sensation of joy
I can smell them everyday
and go on without interruption
But the smell
that always catches my attention
Is your smell
You don't know it
But your scent is always in my perception
Your cologne
The shampoo you use
Whatever lotion you use
I can smell it
and suddenly the memories come washing over
I can smell you
and only think about you
with nothing else on my mind
until the smell goes away
in some cases it can be gone within seconds or minutes
But sometimes it lingers
and sometimes I wish it never leaves
sarah Dec 2017
i hated the smell of cologne until i met you
now whenever i get a whiff of it from a passing stranger
i plunge into a deep nostalgia for a time when
i was yours and you were mine
when everything in the world was suddenly fine
How like my father
To turn to religion
Like an heirloom
One of the two things he left me
Faith, and
cassie marie Oct 2017
When I say his name I know what you feel
Like a kaleidoscope of butterflies just erupted in your stomach
The thought of him makes you wanna do flips all around
But you know you can't have him
You know he's not into you
You know he's into someone else
You know you'll never been good enough
But babygirl you just can't get over him can you
You're addicted to all his cologne
You're addicted to the way he talks to you
But he talks to you about the other girls
The girls you will never be
Babygirl trust me he will soon realize how great you are
But for now
You can't get over the way he bites his lip
It helps him focus
You can't get over the way he puts so much effort into his hair
It looks better than yours
You can't get over how blind he is
You almost tell him straight up you like him
But you know he'd just laugh in your face
You just want him to call you his baby girl
But dear theres a reason why they are called crushes
Because the crush your heart when they don't like you back.
I wrote this about my crush and honestly I'm proud of it. I just can't get over anything about him, and I know I'm just not good enough and I have to accept that
Mikaela Oct 2017
My cheek pressed against your chest
Inhaling the cologne across your collarbone
My fingers running through your velvet hair
Your arm wrapped around me just below my ribcage
Pulling me in close
Our breathes in sync
As we fall asleep

- best sleep
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