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vanitas Jul 10
I shall, in the name of mine fairest,
Oh, Juliet, sweetest and rarest
With a love so divine,
I promise we will be always be
Thy eyes like lilac lies,
For which a man nearly dies
Peter Balkus May 29
Romeo didn't die,
he lives in me.
He loves his Juliet
as much as I love thee.
nabeelah May 6
My love
Is like a dove
That just broke its wings.
My heart sounds like a vulture when it sings.
My heart is heavy,
Which makes me unsteady.
My heart was not ready
For this wicked love.
And that is why my dove…
Remains black!
Sha May 4
An abrupt turn at the corner and the sudden change of weather from warm to monsoon marks the new chapter. He did not do that to spite her. It was just the right time to close the book he's never gonna buy. After all, her lashes, her silence, his laughter is another's. The rainbow that is meant to confetti her smile is hidden in a different cloud. The sun is still golden. The letters are still there. His name is still Romeo. But you are not Juliet.
Audra Apr 27
If I be fair Juliet,
Then pray him be my Romeo
Yet aline the stars
To give our love a chance.

Let him be my suitor
And thence I will be only his.
Forbear the thought of his being a knave,
But I would feign it not be true.

He would be my Romeo
If fate loved us ever so.
I would that you may say the words
For I don’t think I may.
The poems starting with “The Same He:” are all connected (as you may have guessed). I’m not sure how I feel about this one, but I tried the Shakespearean English thing and probably won’t do it again.
unnamed Mar 9
The most important person in my life,
When there is darkness you are my light.
Always there for me, even through our strife.
Keeping me warm, all through the night.
You are my everything, my future bride.
Bringing happiness into my soul.
No more bleak and miserable days,
As long as you are by my side.
Without you my life would not be whole.
You are my forever and always.
e J Feb 22
Our story is like that of Romeo and Juliet
Love that's star crossed and forbidden
Never meant to both be in the same place at once
Driving us both slowly insane to the point of self destruction  
But you're not Romeo nor am I Juliet
Not separated by ones name but ones life
Slowly going in different directions
Until were as distant as a memory
But none of this matters in the present
We'll try and try till the bitter end
Because we love each other
That's why it's called star crossed love
This is based off a past relationship. I actually wrote this in 2015
Hannah Reber Feb 17
Padded Paws
Quirky Smile
Tip Tapping Claws
Skipping Fool
Knotted Fur
Jumping Attention
Everything Else A Blur
Funny Puppy
Extension of Love
Beyond Enough
Love I Hold
For The
Megan Parson Feb 14
With a letter to my love,
Flies away my pet dove,
Unbiased by what it contains,
Or by the ink blots and stains,
Concerned only of her kin,
Lest she be doomed to a bin.

So is my lover and I,
As we stare up at the night sky,
No wall nor vault can keep us apart,
Live only to love, until you depart.

Live for me, you may say,
But not one day will I lay,
Alone sans your sweet embrace,
I, your steps shall retrace,
And live and love you till eternity,
Ends its days of bliss serenity.
Envisaging lovers in the 18th Century. Hope we all find our Romeos and Juliets, Happy Valentine's Day !!
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