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Wilkes Arnold Dec 2023
An elephant lays dead between us
Who killed it? Who's to know,
With it lies our broken trust
In ****** puddles and shadow.

I know you killed the elephant.
I put it up on show.
Far from a Romeo,
Far from the love we could have known
Bittersweet, honest conversations
Chocolate and coffee on the side, is this our destination?
My dear as you speak, chills run down my spine
Thoughts of you, turn into butterflies as the moonlight shines

Bread and butter,
Silly little fights
Stay seated at the afterglow my Romeo
Oh! silly little fights end with kisses holding you tight

My chosen one, you're my gorgeous pink skies  
The butter to our bread, as it gets dark  
My hyped dopamine, kissing my birthmark
Up all night, you’re my greatest adventure
Fortune telling, as I dive into your golden clouds
My brown eyes lay out our future
Even if the dream ends, don't wake me up.
Magic armour, aren't you the warrior?

No more suffering, lessons were learned,
Love walls, stakes high, hand in hand, jumping blind  
Hold on to the touch, I’m yours at last
The topic is forever swimming in violet grass

Wake me up every morning to the melody of your voice
Let my heart speak as my tongue wrapped tight
Smiles in between kisses, forever intertwined
Stars look like butterflies, heart's divine

Can't finish my reader
Emotions lost my words
Rosey lips locked, shivers as you look into my eyes
Forever, for eternity, forgotten lies

Love for always, a love that's true.

By Zoulaikha
My envious eye breaks my heart
When Romeo takes Juliet’s hand
in his, studies her eyes like the stars,
Breathes her scent, rich and sweet Jasmine sings
Slowly settles his lips on her
Kisses that Juliet under the moon's watchful eye
While my envious eye breaks my heart
My eyes start to sweat from the hard labor of jealousy
Will ever love, will I ever feel joy, will I ever have what Romeo has?

Romeo’s envious eye breaks his heart
When I hold the delicate flower in my palm
Observing how live courses thought Mother Nature
Breathing in the fresh morning dew
Then gently place my ***** on the grass
Drinking in the warm eye of heaven
While Romeo’s envious eye breaks his heart
For he will never get to live again, to love again
At least for Romeo, he can coldly caress Juliet’s corpse.
Jealous of his love, jealous of my life
cleann98 May 2022
bid me break out from thy wilted willows;
beckon, my reckless abandon allowed;
touch to rouse korre her fearful sorrows;
for thine to err is my own will't enshroud.

shy, ajar curtain, love-performing night;
for thine vows aplain, tacit, unspoken;
thine weary worn feet to wash incontrite;
alas, love: rest unwoed of wheres or when.

not tamed nor swayn, no fam'ly to relent;
no montagues, no capulets, unnamed;
none more days wasted wishing a time bent;
just apollo's sky, ne'er beating hearts blamed.

say, dear romeo, has love now grown stale;
'thout sweet poems and tearful eyes to watch us—

another pretty old one~~ i think i made this even before the pandemic?

the title and the rest of the poem is based on a beautiful soliloquy from act iii scene ii of romeo and juliet. the poem is written in an almost perfect shakespearean sonnet format with the exception of an extra syllable or a failed rhyme at the very end (or the bad iambic pentameter in the second stanza)^

did you know that that particular soliloquy in itself would have been a perfect sonnet if it wasn't for romeo's name that just wouldn't fit the line neatly? ****, if only their names were different huh...

anyway, thank you for reading~~
‪ ‪”Pinch him!” I said.
“As you wish.” she said.

On this morning of the Great Snow,
I thought to myself
‘I am getting old’
and so I laughed out loud.

“Ah, at last, I see that you are!”
he then proclaimed,
while our wee Angus
vanished from the picnic.

“I want to come with you to Alderaan,” he said co-conspiring, and hearing that,
Jove laughed!

“O gentle Romeo, if thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully.”
Vaishanavi Aug 2021
When the time comes,
You may look for Qais in the arms of Laila—
for it’s written- by him, in her name.

Never mind the voice that reasons nor the headlines that argue.
Never mind what the locals tell you.
When the time comes,
You may look for Qais in the arms of Laila.

For it’s written-
his soul rests where his quest ends.

where all of his quests end.

“La Illah, Laila.” (translates to: "no god, but one god")
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
It was a perfect ending to star-crossed tragedy

Like you were Romeo
I was Juliet

The best place to be became the location we left
Goodbye whispered not only to this godforsaken world
...To each other
I think romeo and juliet is my second favorite Shakespeare play as cheesy as it is
Salvador Kent Jan 2021
The feel of the soft sand
On your feet replaced with pebbles.
Uncomfortable, probably therapeutic.
Read me poetry. Recite it from memory
If you like. I'll be your Juliet. Say it's
Our wedding night. That'd be laugh.

There's a town behind us.
Invisible hand. Economics.
It probably matters to some people
But I don't regard money, I'm a poet
Juliet. I look at the sea. I don't
Understand money. All Greek to me.

Socrates. Democracy. Will you ever
Slow down? Ever understand that
The grey sea is not a metaphor for
Your state of mind, it's a trick of the
Light. Calm down Romeo. You're
Not a poet. You're a wreck.

Kiss me Juliet. Whoever you may be.
Dance a slow dance, against pebbles
Instead of sand. I, your Romeo
Will write you a poem against
The grey sea, sky, state of mind.
It's a shame you're so far away.

Will I ever see your face?
You're so far away. Not
Across the sea. Behind
Me. Three hundred kilometres
Away. Makes me want to
Fall asleep. Fall asleep.

Send me a text Juliet.
Answer me. I'm looking
Out to sea. Good 4g.
Town behind me,
I'm not there.

I'm nowhere. Come to me.
End this sick ballad
Before I fall asleep.
Grey sea. All around me.
**** society. Don't let me
Fall asleep. I don't want to fall asleep.
Don't want to see you drift
Into sea like the old Juliets did.
Sick production. Sick. Sick.
The work of a Philistine. The kiss was forced,
Felt like his Juliet was in
Liverpool. Disgusting place
Until you were born Juliet.
Come to me. Recite poetry
By the sea. This is a sad
Ballad, so much self pity.
Let me be with you Juliet.
Let's run far away before
I fall asleep. Oh life without you,
Makes me want to fall asleep.
written on a beach...
the sea is a vast thing.
eva-mae coffey Oct 2020
what was it you saw in her?
so fast, when you claimed to love me?
how could it have been so deep
that you forgot what we had instantly?

you saw her for seconds,
Talked to her for minutes,
then by some strange justification decided
You Loved Her.

I don’t know if it was partly my fault,
pushing you away, but I only pushed you away because I knew how we’d end.
I’ve seen it before, and will see it again.
no loss for you, no heart, no law,
No light breaks through my window anymore.
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