unnamed Mar 9
The most important person in my life,
When there is darkness you are my light.
Always there for me, even through our strife.
Keeping me warm, all through the night.
You are my everything, my future bride.
Bringing happiness into my soul.
No more bleak and miserable days,
As long as you are by my side.
Without you my life would not be whole.
You are my forever and always.
e J Feb 22
Our story is like that of Romeo and Juliet
Love that's star crossed and forbidden
Never meant to both be in the same place at once
Driving us both slowly insane to the point of self destruction  
But you're not Romeo nor am I Juliet
Not separated by ones name but ones life
Slowly going in different directions
Until were as distant as a memory
But none of this matters in the present
We'll try and try till the bitter end
Because we love each other
That's why it's called star crossed love
This is based off a past relationship. I actually wrote this in 2015
Hannah Reber Feb 17
Padded Paws
Quirky Smile
Tip Tapping Claws
Skipping Fool
Knotted Fur
Jumping Attention
Everything Else A Blur
Funny Puppy
Extension of Love
Beyond Enough
Love I Hold
For The
Megan Parson Feb 14
With a letter to my love,
Flies away my pet dove,
Unbiased by what it contains,
Or by the ink blots and stains,
Concerned only of her kin,
Lest she be doomed to a bin.

So is my lover and I,
As we stare up at the night sky,
No wall nor vault can keep us apart,
Live only to love, until you depart.

Live for me, you may say,
But not one day will I lay,
Alone sans your sweet embrace,
I, your steps shall retrace,
And live and love you till eternity,
Ends its days of bliss serenity.
Envisaging lovers in the 18th Century. Hope we all find our Romeos and Juliets, Happy Valentine's Day !!
Laura Warner Jan 3
One look was all it took
For my heart to become yours
One smile was all I needed
To know I had found the one worth keeping
Years may have past
But how my love only grows daily
I’m not sure how I can say this
But you are the one I always needed
The one I have always longed for
You were the connecting dots of my broken heart
The only one to really save me.
You are the missing pieces
Of the jumbled puzzle I call my life
You are the light that guides me home
When I’m feeling all alone
For you are my Romeo
My little dream
My life
Kashish Dec 2017
With the promise of being friends forever they parted.
40 years later the will to meet each other started.
All dressed up for the reunion, the tears rolled down.
As the health did not cooperate with the mind.
Then they remembered the party was uptown.
With the moan, they started to breakdown.
Then a flashback appeared.
The laughs, the pranks and the sensations.
One puts on a brave face and break fear.
From the wheelchair he gets up and calls the dear.
Says doesn't matter the disability, the friends will never out wear.
Get up o get up dear.
The one with low eyesight, calls for the car.
Says doesn't matter if I have to go far.
One by one all leave the fright and go with sparkle in their eyes.
40 years later, again under one roof.
The faces have changed but not the emotions.
Everybody remembers the good old days and promises that never failed.
The clown of the class again makes a joke.
The Romeo and Juliet of the class are still poked.
With funny thing in mind, they make a pact again.
This time to not meet but to get buried together as a team.
Abhijit Oct 2017
He stood there staring the red,
red sunset,
and the city with his ocean deep eyes.
The city, to him,
looked like the remnants.
Of an abandoned heart.
And beside, with grace,
Thames teased him, throwing
the sunlight at him.
Dressed in silk, a handsome face.
The kindest one, he stood there with grace.
Stil staring at the city.
"Where are you?", he murmured.
And a teardrop made its way down his face.
He kept staring and waited,
for Her to come.
Now the teardrop sent the sunlight back to Thames.
And thus started the "Quit playing games."
I don't know. The ending seems kinda lame. Doesn't it?
Seema Sep 2017
...so he said
You are the jewel in the crown
Skin so smooth, almond like brown
Teeth white as the winter snow
To you my princess, I kneel to bow

...and she replied**
If I am the jewel in the crown
I belong to a King not you clown
If my skin is smooth and brown
Why do you wag your tail around?
If my teeth is white like snow
So what! Why can't you understand my 'No'
Calling me a princess and bowing is fine
But if you try crossing your flirting line
My slap will turn your face red to shine!
Don't bother me, spoilt creatures,
Else you'll be counting your infinite stitches!
Move away, I am not here for roadside speeches
Else you'll be pushed in the dirty pool of leeches...BEHIND YOU!

Fun write
ST Rossa Sep 2017
You will know no other poet that verses you my beautiful muse,
When the whole planet i gave to you eclipses the comets they choose.
You will know no other arms like mine, my sweet Juliet
For only a Romeo can undresses the sadness of your heavenly soul.

Tell me that you promise to love me and I'll promise to believe in the church,
Tell me that you intend to leave me and I'll intend leave in your search.
Like the light behind the dawn, like the burden behind woes, like the leaves on a mauve and like a larva on a Rose.

So tell me, what would God know of my wounds? What would they know of my cries?
What do I know of this life?
If I have not yet lost it for you.
Mono Sep 2017
Romeo promised to run away with me
to a castle where it was for us only
and I held his hand and started moving
to an empty house I sad waiting
for I was to filled up with lies of true love
that I didn't see he crossed his fingers
and now he fled with Juliet
to an island where they shall meet
so I pulled out my heart and closed my mind
soon after Romeo and Juliet had died
and I was left shattered and dead inside
My romeo has fled...
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