Shakespeare was always fond of tragedies.
From the star-crossed lovers of Verona,
Romeo and Juliet,
to the revenge-stricken prince of Denmark, Hamlet.
Sometimes I wonder
if he was the author of our fate,
for our love has slowly become a tragedy.


Isabella Rossi Sep 2016

I do not want to talk

You turned me into an ash tray

One that is smaller than you,

But has been put to more use

I am overflowing with carcinogenic filth


Now I see you are more,

Far more than an ash tray

You’re the whole apothecary

While you drown your worries

Mine fill me up

Just another tap from another’s cigarette

The ash piles up

Onto the mountain, without a fuss

I have lost the desire to dine

And whine

With you

Oh sweet and true apothecary, I worry about you

Cheyenne Sep 2016

Hello, Romeo
Tip-toe, So slow
Bellow from below
Slay foe, Must go
Can't know of love though
Death glow
Such woe
You go, solo
Oh no!
Follow with fatal blow
End Show

Isabella Terry Aug 2016

This is the story of my Juliet;

Of her Montague and his Capulet.

Roses smell sweet with no care of their name,

But with “Montague”, this just isn’t the same.

As a cruel joke, fate bonded their hearts,

For fate knew too well that they’d be torn apart;

Torn apart like the brawling in the public square,

Where Montagues and Capulets disagreed there.

I am the one whom Romeo loved,

Before he’d first seen his Capulet dove.

It happened quite fast, and inside the year,

We were something akin to the three musketeers.

We knew if the secretive lovers were caught,

They’d both be destroyed; impaled on the spot.

So I covered for them, and I helped them along,

And I did my best to sing over their song.

I witnessed the wedding, the friar’s compliance

In hopes that the families would form an alliance.

And while I had my doubts, I kept my lips sealed;

I allowed them to hope the tooth fairy was real.

Soon after that, I was with Romeo and his friend,

When Tybalt came along and caused Mercutio’s end.

I ran after Romeo, begging “Please! Use your head!”

But it was to no avail, and soon Tybalt was dead.

So Romeo was banished, and I sat with his wife;

I comforted her as she wept of her strife.

She was almost alright, but fate slipped on its gloves,

And she was betrothed to a man she couldn’t love.

Three times, I convinced her to put down her knife;

“You can do this, Capulet, don’t you take your own life!”

I spoke with the friar, and he had not a clue,

Till I formed a plan and a mysterious brew.

I sent a letter to Romeo, warning him of her sleep,

And so Juliet drank into slumber most deep.

Two days went past, then I felt my heart stop-

My letter had been returned, and Romeo’s address dropped.

I tripped a few times as I sprinted towards her grave,

All the while howling out Romeo’s name.

I leapt across ditches, I dashed around trees,

And I fount Montague, fallen to his knees.

“She is pure beauty, even in her death,”

Said Romeo as he took his last breath.

I lunged, and I screamed until my throat bled,

But bleed as I might, Romeo was now dead.

Juliet yawned, and it turned into a cry,

As the sight of his body burned into her eyes.

I stood up, hands shaking, and reached out to my friend,

But I knew this was a wound my soft words couldn’t mend.

“Juliet, don’t,” I pleaded weakly.

She shook her head sadly, said “I’m sorry, Rosaline.”

I held her small frame, and I felt her depart,

As she drove her own blade into her broken heart.

Montagues and Capulets sat together that day,

And they mourned their children and regretted their hate.

I stood up, though it pained me, and they looked distressed

At Juliet’s blood that soaked through my dress.

“This is your fault!” I yelled hoarsely at the lords.

“You ran your own children through with your swords!

If you are so noble, ordained from above,

How could you destroy their lives and their love!?”

“Don’t you dare let their sacrifices end in vain!

They were my friends, and they died so you’d change!

I hope you make peace, because your bigotry

Took Romeo and Juliet away from me!”

So it was, that the families have since lived in harmony,

But that is something that now hardly matters to me.

A rose by any name would still smell as sweet,

But if “Montague” was different…

This would not be a tragedy…

Peter Balkus Jul 2016

When I'm kissing her,
Romeo wakes up
taking out the dagger
from dead Juliet's heart,
making her alive.

When I stop kissing her,
Romeo stabs himself,
dying, losing blood,
and beautiful Juliet
comes straight back to death.

xie Jul 2016

The sun shined
His bright glory gleaming
Smile costs more than a dime
He’s glorious shine beaming

And there’s the moon
who silence the night
to declare the sun’s doom
and keeps the love out of sight

sun and moon,
Romeo and Juliet
a story made by fate
a love that ended soon

nobody knew the story behind
how the sun suffered and died
for the moon to live and breathe
and for everyday to repeat

They were worlds apart
But not even the universe
Can forbid their love to start
And their love to disperse

But on one fateful night
Power was given for them to meet
A moment without fright
Leaving the problems on their feet

The rest of the world watched in awe
how the moon gets kisses
by the sun that she misses
the day of eclipse winning the love they fought


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Kapil Dutta Jun 2016


Two years ago in time
Seventeen of age, twenty seven of mind
On this blue planet sewn with heart breaks,
Blood pouring like it’s red wine
Took birth a love story
Another one of cupid’s crimes.

Ten days to meet
Twenty to plant the seed
Forty, and they had their first fight
This is not a story of love at first sight.

Oh Romeo, do you remember
The day when you pulled her closer
To comfort your lonely heart
Signed an agreement with the devil that night
Which would tear your life apart

And now here we stand, reading your memorial.
Contemplating everything that went bleak.
You knew the outcome of this journey
Even before your feelings learned to speak.

It’s a dangerous equation,
When LHS does not equal RHS
The mathematics of life starts to collapse
Like an imbalanced swing abandoned by the kids

All you need is to be cared
To be a priority in someone’s life
I understand, little brother
But you cannot demand love as you like

Oh Romeo, I do empathize
You suffered from PTSD, I do realize
From when depression molested your feelings
And left you naked on the streets, bleeding

But you were the captain of your sail
You drove the Titanic to the bottom
With the ocean so deep,
It made her love for you rotten.

Her emotions were like
the wings of a butterfly.
They would flutter restlessly
from dawn to dusk.

Our conversations felt like
a trip to some remote hill station.
The view was pretty,
with a few crests
and countless troughs,
but I fell sick of the constant motion.

Oh Romeo, she did love you
After all, you felt like returning home
But love fades over time,
just like the memory of this poem.


Just another sad love poem acknowledging the day we started talking.
Maria Etre May 2016

You dot the i's
and call yourself  
modern day romeo
coming to sweep me off my feet
coming to zap my heart
with lightening bolts
of awareness
awareness of you

Yet you never once
told me a poem
melted my heart with haiku's
or moved me with impossibilities

Never once has it occurred to you
that capulets and montagues don't click
because you always had your way
you're a modern day romeo
full of narcissistic poison
melting off your logic
revealing every chiseled muscle
that you think
will make your Juliets

Oh romeo, romeo
where for art thou?
Show these modern newbies
the ways of articulation
the ways of seducing without the flesh
the ways of making eyes glow

oh romeo,
where for art thou
for the romance
I seek
is long

Cameron Boyd May 2016

Maybe read the Author Note first

I won’t be your Romeo,
in fact I refuse to be.
I’m not what's best for you,
I’m not what's best for me.

I refuse to be your princess,
because even I can see
you’re not what's best for you,
you're not what's be for me.

You won't end up my Juliette
I don't want you to
I don’t want a perfect girl
You’re just right being you.

I don't want a knight in shining armour;
I can wield a sword on my own.
I'm not looking for love,
you're just better than being alone

I won’t be your king,

I can’t be your queen.

But together...

\                                                    //
You will never be my Romeo.     At least we'll be something.

So this is written with two readers in mine, one male and one female, with the "\\" signalling the males part, and the "//" signalling the females part. Near the end you will see "\\//" - this is meant to be read as both people speaking together. The next line may be confusing, but if you know how to express two people saying different lines over one another at the same time in writing please let me know! Yes, the last line(s) are to be imagined as walking on each other. Thank you.
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