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What you're discovering now
I've lived that years ago.
Things you thought were impossible
I've seen it a long time coming.
All that was, called crazy,
Now everything's plain stupidity!
Surrounded by futile mind,
Have I become one of them?
Or am I still crazy?
It's been long time now since
I held her even longer since the last time I kissed her sweet lips and even longer since I felt like a
It's been a  long time since I last brushed her hair and even longer since I
made love to her for It
was then I knew I'd become the man In her
The Vault Aug 31
We all make mistakes
We just have to learn from them
And grow
I had spent most of life searching for my one
true love and all time
she was no more than
a street
How cruel life can be
for fate kept us waiting
what seemed like an
eternity In my last days at
school the year was  
I didn't know then this
pretty school girl who
would come down to my school at break times tuck her
skirt Inside
would do handstands up
at the railing around my
class room showing of her loverly legs for all to see many
later she would become
my wife
and she would give birth
to our son this pretty girl who loved to tease how strange life
Is often cruel but sometimes kind and I'm grateful for the school girl
who became my
Johnny walker Jun 25
Sometimes when at the day I sit with my head In my hands
another lonely night begun
nothing but silence only the voices
In my head I hear Helen saying do not forget please remember me but no way could ever forget
the girl who gave me so much a true unforgettable love God how I miss agonising pain deep Inside that just won't go away
but have to
live with this feeling Its not going to go away for when you have true love that person becomes a part of
almost like an extention on one's own life you become as one so when one's dies then half the person Is left to deal with life alone the best of you has
gone never to return
so when people say get over It they either don't understand or have never lost
Those who say get over your loss ethier don't understand or they have never lost
Johnny walker Jun 16
Oh sometimes I feel let down have the sadness
of a clown because I
think I've let myself
For I've not made the most of my life and that Ive ******* up so many
times and feel
just like a
I must admit I'm sometime
feel ashamed and so many times I've let myself go
that I've lived my
life like a sad
For she longer around and I have face the facts that she wont be coming
back and put a smile
back on my
sad clown
Laokos Jun 12
Who I am
Who I am
  Who I am
Who is yet
to be.
Who may look upon me
and wonder how he
could ever look like that
live like that
he may laugh truthfully.
Even knowing
doesn't change who I think
I am now.
I am bound
by the boundless.
I am tethered, somehow, to
each version of myself.
Every iteration.
Every refraction.
     L i g h t
     L  i  g  h  t
     L      i      g      h      t
existing in the most graceful weave
between each of me.
but impermanent.
Influential and free.
Nylee May 23
The perfect has
more than million years to come
Till then let us learn
from all the mistakes we have become
We are far from done
And we already carry this big burden
the heart becomes hollow
you know
the rain will go
down , do
to plant love's wall
people show
the love arrows throw
needs hero
love needs go heart, faith and believe
Lilli Sutton Apr 4
Thinking about silence. Or
learning that my voice doesn’t always need
to fill a room. Somewhere there is always
snow falling. Or coyotes fishing.
It’s like a dream. If I go too long
without looking it might disappear.
And then where would I be.
I want to keep everyone happy and alive
and quiet and soft. It’s like I’m the only one
in the museum. Or I’m always listening
to conversations that weren’t meant for me.
A passive way to hurt. I want to take the afternoons
and twist them until the answers come out.
I want it to make sense to you
in the way it does to me. When I get home
I’ll study the birds that live out west.
I want to already know them when I get there.
I’ve had enough surprises – I want to be a kid again
with a hand full of salamanders. Or digging
in the warm, wet earth for pill-bugs.
Universal memories. We waited hours
for the rain to pass and when the lights came on
we gazed in awe at our reflections.
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