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Out there thousands of many miles away another country Is Angel who watches over me who every day
Sends messages that are so much a comfort to me messages that carried me through some of my worst day of griefing
An Angel who has become my true friend no question
about It, this Angel saved my life by hearing my cry from afar
Who sent a message to me and changed my life forever an Angel that has bought back light to my
once darkening
An Angel who heard my cry from afar an Angel who has become my friend
with a lead bullet dancing in my head
i’ll send the petals flying
onto the tombstone where which i lay
with shriveled lilacs dying.

dormant my figure shall wait
under the snows of winter’s rage
beneath the dirt i lay.

i will turn from flesh and bone into
daffodils and daisies.
the amelioration of my corpse will be left forgotten.

down here within my coffin
i will be left
my flowers shall bloom
and my body will be no more than petals plucked by a lovesick fool
Desire Jan 17
We must become far more than what the system wants us to be.
We are surpassing standards our peers have failed to reach.
We are achieving goals and making it to places
    our ancestors once dreamed.
We are living the wildest dreams of those before us.
We are going to places not even some of
    our parents have been to or seen.
Who are you becoming?
With the weight of responsibility of trying to secure a future for one's family, with the pressures of progressing and "making it" in life, there are those who are fighting and pushing forward! While people sit back, comfortably, living crowded and messy lives, and living from check to check, there's a people focused on marching ahead... In no way am I replacing faith with "success" but there's a difference in doing what you can and trusting the process from remaining comfortable in circumstances that weren't meant to be permanent in the first place!
Flora Jan 17
I've felt scared,
I've felt left out,
There are days that I rather stay home and not go out,
But there is a light that never goes out within me,
With all of my internal wars,
I know that I can always climb out of the pit,
That I shoveled myself into before,
and I'll do it all again to find myself again,
Because there is a light within everyone that never goes out,
Don't doubt,
Because I know about all of the mountains that I'll cross,
Once I get out,
Because I've felt strong,
I've felt present and I know that I can overcome and become,
Because if I don't I'll succumb,
and I know that I'll become the,
Warrior that life makes everyone become.
There is a Light that Never Goes Out// I know that its been a while
Ciel Jan 14
Carpe noctem.
Seize the night.
Make it your own.
i hear my name
slither off their tongues
about the kind of person
i've become
they speak of me
as if they know me
yet they haven't
spoken to me

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
JARC Dec 2018
And so Grim stole you, like the tic stole the tok.
My unfulfilling heart will always mock.
You always tried to be my rock.
I beg, I beg you grim, please turn back the clock.
Patience runs as thick as my frozen heart.
Now, tears fall like snow
Body and soul must go-
go below the rock.
In loving memory,
Madison Greene Nov 2018
I am still learning how to fill the gaps of the pieces you took when you left
all of the skin you traced knows it will never feel you again
and I like to believe your fingers are aching and your stomach hurts remembering the loss of me
I hope you make something worthy of all your regret
I bet it hurts to know you'll never know the girl that I'm becoming
Thursday Nov 2018
Stuck in the vortex
Of thinking you know everything
But knowing nothing
Guess we're all Hipsters?
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