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Bluebird Oct 10
So you took a bite out of your gun
Spit out the bullet and broke your teeth trying to chew the metal
You bared your teeth; twisted and shattered
But the threat was clear and your smile was sharp
Even if your canines weren't

And I know what you were trying to say
I felt your breath on my ear
And I heard you clearly when you promised me a taste
And I wondered if you were gonna break your teeth on me next
I wondered if you really were as terrible as you wanted me to believe
Or if you were just hiding
Another from my notebook. Cannot for the life of me remember the context.
Bluebird Oct 10
i swallowed the oil
took a bite out of the flames
my mouth full of fire
and i spat it back out
burned you instead of myself
and grinned while both our lips turned black
Wrote this when my country locked down in spring and just found it while looking through a notebook
Pockets Aug 28
We are fish in an aquarium
Swimming all around
We live our lives in circles
Screaming to get out
We all are different colors
We all have different backgrounds
But this tank that we’re trapped in
Makes us all the same now

The manna that rains from heaven
Makes us fight like thieves
Some of us eat our children
Some of us starve in the street
The bigger fish are greedy
They never skip a meal
The little fish band together
And decide who they will ****

One day we will bite the hand that feeds us
When we get fed up with this life
We’re tired of being performers
For the master’s prying eye
We would rather starve than go on living  
this kind of lie
That if we keep on swimming
Then everything will be alright
Ginger R Aug 8
Do you know
How I turn my fingers down
How hard can my nails
Bite my flesh

Just hold it there
Imagine what it's like
To slice open-

There's blood
Blood is hard to hide

You're right in front of me
You're telling me you can't see
See me?

There's a scab on my wrist
There's a scab on each wrist
Maybe I deserve this
Why can't you see this

It's not healthy
It is wrong
I'm wrong

So Clearly I deserve this?

Can't you see me
You ask me how I'm doing
"That's great"

You walk away

If I clench my fists tight enough
My nails
Bite my flesh
(it's my second poem with a bad word :O)
Sam Aug 6
i must teach you not to bite me though i never taught you how to bite in the first place. weird.
Giovanna Jul 23
Is it wrong to be happy when in pain?
No efforts ‘to be’ go in vain.
When you know what the mighty holds for you,
it is the best thing to do.
It’s just that the pain feels so real.
Misery is in the open air site,
and happiness is like all the treasure locked inside.
All the words hurt more than a bite.
What weighs upon when I smile, is not delight.
why does sadness feel more real?
Katherine Jul 7
Your devotion has no bite, and I
Need it, love like war, love like a hunt,
Love like the end of the world.
Ruheen Jul 1
Don't let the bed bugs bite...
Even though they're crawling
All over you.

Don't let the raindrops win...
Even though they're
Surrounding you.

Don't let the windows shine...
Even though they can
Always see you.

Don't let the bed bugs bite...
Because even when you're
Holding your pillow tight...

They still come and snuggle up by your side.
...figure it out. I'm going to sleep
Ruheen May 30
I don't bite...
These days
I don't even bark.

No bite, no bark, nothing.

Being tired tires you.


I got nothing to bite.
Exam week. Ugh.
Today I learned
that starving bees
will bite plants
to force them to bloom
faster, produce the pollen
the bee needs
so desperately

"Genius" bees
"clever" bees
bees who are
finding ways
to survive-
so what if they
damage a little leaf?

All I can think about
is if, like a bee,
you bit me
because you
were hungry
I know it's actually great news for bees! Just thoughts I can't shake
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