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as I look into your eyes,
I can see an intense desire,
unconsciously you bite your lips,
oh I wanna taste them.
I hate this feeling,
and you come near me,
you lift my chin,
and kissed me intensely.

I pushed you away.

I am not yet ready to play with fire.
Corey 5d
When I was younger I liked to explore the woods,
wade through creeks in my bare feet.
A few times I came across deer drinking,
but more often saw the snakes;
sliding off of rocks into the water, towards me.

One time my dog had bitten me on the arm.
More of a warning than an act of aggression,
but for the weeks that came after i kept distance,
worried that he would get angry again;
whip around towards me a sink into my skin.

As I got older, I became intrigued by teeth pressing down. Whether it be a mark of romance,
or a plea for more during an act of ****,
it became less of a fear of mine;
no snakes or dogs trying to hurt me.

Once I learned to subdue my reservations,
I let any and all things bite me.
Mosquitos, spiders, cats, lovers.
But the one that hurt the most was learning
that there are worse things that bite.
Jedda 7d
Bite me like sun rays in the summer
I’ll show you what it’s like to love the pain
- j
Emma Ottinger Feb 23
In the lows where world wonders could not move me, she certainly did,
who boldly set my jaw, scrubbed my wounds with rosy grit,
and made witty conversation, waiting with me til it was healed:
a friend who knows what it is to sit through a stomach ache alone.

She’s snowfall, crisp as her fashion sense,
seen groovin’ in the streetlight’s beaming glance
Or humble serpent’s scales. Coiled. Condensed.
Gleaming for granted, gleaming nonetheless.
Her just and frigid bite with which she takes the apple is akin to either.

Best served with a smile, her charm’s like the gap in a child’s teeth.
So how can’t it ruffle me to my core to know, even now,
she’s been clocking Insecure Days overtime?

Knowing her, I realized that sunlight is never “golden.”
Gold could never be so kind.
Sun’s rays are a citrus zest, tangy and fresh.
Enriching as the warmth they bring your bones, and playful, too.

But man, I forget how to mean anything in the rare moments I catch her basking.
Dedicated to Alice. It's your day, darlin'.
Sky Feb 15
I hate you.  I want to fight you.
So let our tongues wrestle with our lips at war
And you can give me love bites on my neck
And then I will be defeated, but I won’t tap out.
I’m not enjoying it, I simply don’t want you to stop..
For a friend
mads Feb 13
everyday I ramble
the taste of my words
like blood in my mouth
reminding me
that what I say is unpleasant
that no one cares
the syllables flowing
have no meaning
I watch as eyes divert
hoping to not catch mine
in hopes that I don't open
this contraption of mine
and let noise flow from it
I feel like I talk too much and me continuing to do so would just lead to annoyance
Kale Feb 5
They bumpy
Crunchy chocolate
Chip cookie
Oh how delicious!
With each bite
I die a little inside
Because soon
This moment
Will end
Wrote this for class
Gammar Jan 30
Laying down thinking of how not to think
Of you
Your faint irritating smirk in a cold curve
What to do
Your chewable lips only if I could have
A few
Bites? Kisses? Is it too much to ask tell me then
How to
Step on my heart freeze my feelings become
These dark brown eyes so soft yet deep coffee
Cold brew
Dark eyes are dark with sadness, secrets yet i
See through
Your eyes are meant to sleep soundly baby ill be
The one to
Drink up your darkness, carve your scars on me
Stay true
Let's lose sanity together get drunk in each other
Let's undo
These borders that are barely fighting our heavy breathing
Then redo
This prayer, again and again in an endless dream
Turning to
Reality, it's our first dance the only way I've learned
To carry through
Rowan S Jan 27
It's been long enough now
And enough has been said
Apologies and forgiveness passed back and forth
Like folded middle school notes
Yet here I am

"Ouch, I just bit my cheek."

As I let my rods and cones
Intercept the
Lies and smoke
The electrons radiating from my
Squared, glowing palm

I sigh
And attempt to release stagnant regret
As my mouth fills with the taste
"Whoops, I just hurt my own feelings."
S O P H I E Jan 27
in back alley ways and missed phone calls
i let the world know i couldn't stay
i waved goodbye to the front door
as i walked to the end of the world
i gave my body permission to decay
and gifted my soul to the north
i took a bite out of the sea
and rejoiced it overlayed
the acrid taste the pills left in my mouth
i layed down to take my bow
and woke up in the same place
and i don't know why i woke up.
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