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I want to sink
My teeth in deep
A pomegranate gush
You could be
Sweeter than honey
I could be
Satiated by this flesh

gnasche (n.) the intense desire to bite deeply into the forearm of someone you love
Mark Wanless Oct 2021
the conquered waits
chooses time and place
to bite the hand
Pseudonymous S Jun 2021



Not sure what else to do at 4:50am.
Leocardo Reis Jun 2021
During the time
in between
my two most recent mosquito bites,
we had met
and you had left.
I pensively trace over
the brim of the
first mosquito bite of the year,
Mark Wanless Apr 2021
the cold winter bite
i am tracking the prey close
bear killed i shall ****
The bloodsuckers of the night
Invaded my abode
And with their unsterilized pipe
Draw my blood
******* the life
Out of my viens
Injecting death
Into the stream
And in my pain
I fight back
Taaah! A clap, a slap
But it ends in my pain
For the invaders escaped
Making a mockery of my counter-attack

In the dark
Upon the couch
When my head
Her rest do seek
Then came their scout
And huuuummmm goes my drum
This is worst than a bite
For insomnia do invite
Another alien to my home

So with teary eyes
And shivering bones
With lost appetite
And a sour taste in my mouth
A body feeble and frail
Went I to see a doctor
In the heat of my body
Hot like a dozen furnaces
Went I to the clinic
But my testimony was not enough
To convince the doctor
That the invaders have left a stranger
In my blood stream
A parasite feeding on my life
So the lab man I must see
For the foreigner must be identified

Home I went and back I came
To see the doctor
But I have thought what to do
To these foreigners
Both the invaders and the aliens
For my health and my rest
Are worth more than gold
And now sitting before the doctor
Wandering what they must have found
Hoping it’s not going to be grave
“Malaria parasite”
“Yes malaria” the invaders left it in your blood stream

Home I went from the doctor
Armed with arthemether,  lumefatrin and paracetamol
To fight this war
Raging in my world
Still I wonder
What do I do?
To end it all
Once and for all
For the invaders
Still hide within my walls
In my wardrobe and in my clothes
Under my bed and in the closet
In water left uncovered
And the ***** pool outside my home
In the gutters and uncut lawn
They seem to be everywhere

The “wipers” could not **** them
They seem to make them strong
For everytime they bounced back
More angry and fierce
No! one more pain, one more bite
And my senses returned
I have heard of ITN
Insecticide Treated Net
Convinced I was of just one try
At last I found my warrior
To defeat these aliens and invaders of my world
Oh! How I love this net….
Gleefully I crawl under the net
To take my sweet beautiful rest
And no more of these alien care
And my war against mosquito won
And malaria defeated from the source
Prevention and better than cure.
Alicia Moore Jan 2021
She carries bruises in her grasp,
Like a plague she cannot unclasp.

The bruises hurt as much as heartbreak;
A piercing bite        
from a              
S R Mats Dec 2020
In the garden of delight
At the eve of dusky-night
-Twilight holds no grudge

The brush had been light
You had seen him in his flight
-Lights dimmed, everything buzzed

Hoping that he'd soon light
You hoped he'd light on you
-Before a shark bite you get a nudge

Ah, tender kisses on the skin
Are just a prelude to the sting.
-Blood smudged
Betty Dec 2020
Winters bite

has teeth of ice and steel

polished sharp when chill winds blow

burnished white by gently drifting snow
Shannon Apr 2016
Here's this marble heart to give you
Sculpted by the schoolyard scrapes
And kitchens grapes
Fed one by one
Cool and sweet beneath my tongue.
A wooden heart that's held inside
These metal ribs to catch my sighs-
And when I feel the need to flee
I'll kick start this rusted knee.
Inside this ancient Chinese vase
Is my very lovely face.
Valuable to only me-
Filled with cracks that you can't see.
My fingers long, the wedding band
For I married sugar sand
My hair is heaps of fireflies
Who whisper sweet their bedroom lies
And you will take me by the thread
That pulls me back into the bed?
And you will take your time to paint
Straight lines that divide the saint?
And you will watch my crippled frame
See Monet inside my pain?
I'll open up the garden skies
To meet him where the trestles rise.
For I have met a man today
This time, I may not run away.
In my outstretched redwood palm
Fate has left me coins and calm.
Bite, my lover, as they quiver-
The lips that kiss you,
Bite the giver.

Sahn 4/13/16
Thank you for spending some time here.
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