strong>*her words are where her heart is,
her eyes focused on ahead,
for the delicate petal has lost its stem,
running to find,
running to search,
however nothing seems to be there,
and the petal withers away.
i have always loved the flowers and the birds,
loved the sunlight and the clouds that drift by
i have always loved the way the leaves move
in a breeze and that soft whispering sound they make
yet the tiredness that begun a while ago
remains like a veil over my skin
grey and cold
and as I watch the petals and the twigs that sway
outside the window
there is only a creeping sorrow where there should be joy.
Poetic T Feb 8
When the wolf saw the sheep
             the sheep asked why me,
why not those over there.

The wolf replied I have no need
          of explanation for your worries,
they are short lived as is your breath.

The sheep asked again as the wolfs
         teeth caressed it throat,
Loosing gently it replied.

"Death is a petal on a flower of life,
               and yours has fallen to me,

Kenley Elrod Feb 7
Think of me as a flower.
My petals are slowly falling off.
I haven't gotten much sleep lately.

There goes another petal,
slowly falling to the dirt floor.

All I want, in this little garden I call life,
is love, happiness, and to feel alive again.

Think of me as a flower.

My roots aren't strong enough
to keep me intact anymore.
There goes another petal.

My life is like a flower's,
but my petals are falling off,
and faster this time.

Please, let me feel love,
and let me feel alive,
before the last petal falls.
H Phone Feb 5
Ravished by love or violence, it bleeds.
Amply present in the sun’s morn glow.
Ignition of a candle’s fuse, it burns bright.
Nature’s leaved veins extend in its wake.
Boundless oceans hold it in their foamy arms.
Otherworldly bodies at night, it envelops.
Wind blows through its vibrant petals.

Beauty cannot be captured with one color alone.
It’s a spectrum.
Recently, I was challenged to write a poem about my favourite color, but I'm bad at picking favourites...
Alice Wilde Jan 19
Do peach petal tears stream down her heart?
Drinking sweet nectar from her lips,
My eyes fall upon gold coated truths
Forever pouring from her throat.
One through Five
I sat in my seat,
the ground not yet in reach,
like a petal to the wind we flowed,
never caught on a branch or stuck in a drain--
what a simple life it was....

Six through Eight
One book report, a droplet,
so minor--yet that drop led to the fall,
a fall so great caused by one little drop,
and as one drop may fell a petal,
one drop will lead to rain...

Nine through Eleven
Gusts knock off husks
These flowers grow just to wilt,
Colors fade to guilt--pollen to silt...
While no one may see them bloom
Stalks grow so much they could fill a room...

The time of the season is upon us...
Nothing expected--its all about perspective,
Immense growth, deeply rooted throughout all,
so so tall but not ready to fall,
Its been a long wait but Iḿ ready.
School started out easy, and I may have faltered, but here I am, nearing the end, more ready than I could ever imagine.
Angie S Jan 9
i bloom to your voice
hold me by my stem and
pluck all my petals away
"they love me, they love me not..."
Poetic T Nov 2017
I was a flower with no petals
           but still you saw deeper.

Knowing one day I would blossom.

You were every drop that watered me,
      every ray of luminosity
                            that gazed upon me.

You saw the potential of a flower
                           with no petals..
And knew that given time everything
frankie Oct 2017
weeds now fill the space in my heart where roses once bloomed
the bees no longer give me honey, all the sunflowers that gre from my mind
exterminated by your pesticide
my iris eyes are now petaless, they've all been cried

you killed the flower garden
i am now a wasteland of wilted weeds and broken memories.
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