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Jenish 4d
for a fresh fragrance
the tender petal bearing -
pang of her life time
old willow May 12
Sitting by my desk, I asked.
Intoxicated by unwillingness,
there was bitter down my cold body.
On the desk, there was a petal,
there was no telling where it came from.
Myka Apr 27
and so each petal fell
one by one
until none was left

why do flowers bloom
only to wither
in the end?
I've read somewhere sometime ago that 20 is the age you start losing friends and I'm scared. I don't have many to lose.
Flower petals shed like a waxing crescent

Crisp and clear scents of honey

Prance along the edges of the horizon

Such correlation, like a swirling torpedo

Disturbs the flow of alluring fragrances

A slight twist and a **** of consciousness

Brings back the emotions of every petal

Every drop of nectar, every droplet of honey

So sweet and tender, just like your smile

So vulnerable and fragile, just like your smile
Tori Schall Nov 2019
Take it slow,
Love will come to you,
not the other way around.

But what is love, really?
Is it the summer breeze,
or the winter snowstorm?

It is, perhaps, merely an abstract idea?
A fragile sakura petal in the wind
landing in the palm of your hand,
fleeting, delicate, there for only a short time.

Or is it the passage of time?
Where there once was pleasantries,
slowly breaking in the feel of another body
until you associate touch with love.

And yet I still wonder,
What is love?
Is it text message breakups?
cold words that jump from your phone to your mind,
and fester and rot until someone tells you
that you are worth more than him?

But I don't think it's that at all.
I think love is merely a concept,
an emotion that is not truly there.
It is everything and nothing.
Love conquers all,
but others fall because of it.

So, If I had the choice,
from what I've seen,
I would never love.

I would just exist.
Because that is what I was made to do,
and I doubt anyone could ever love me anyway.
Anastasia Oct 2019
Gold doesn't mean anything
Compared to you
Get rid of shiny things
And start anew
Gold can't compare
to your sapphire eyes
Over and over
too many tries
To get your love
Even gold isn't enough
to replace your touch
Golden roses
can't replace
your petal soft lips
So close
Almost touching my fingertips
Gold doesn't mean anything
compared to your silky skin
Please don't run away
Just let me in
All the gold in the world
Could never buy my love for you
Tiger Striped Sep 2019
at the tips of my fingers
and in the palms of my hands
on the backs of my eyelids, where sleep should be
between fanciful flower petals, dead since long ago
upon the fabric of my dress, where your hand met my waist
within books and doors slammed shut, a restless cacophony
from falling rain, polluted by quixotic aspiration
under the breath swept from my mouth, in a
prayer that i am not in love with you
Anastasia Aug 2019
there isn't a star
brighter than you
a rose
than your lips
a cloud
than my heart when
you look at me
there isn't a place
that we could go
that could take my eyes
off you
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
“Did you witness her rise from the cold, wet earth? Did you watch as her petals unfold? Did you see the way the dew drops glistened like diamonds on her red-blood petals? Did you hear the whispers of her mind, heart and soul diffusing and infusing in fragrance carried around?"
She rose from underground, free from darkness and ready to spread love
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