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Ronin 6d
are the everything
causing me to be

did it
it is all
your fault

forever damaged
full of hate
all for
She was flawed, completely; but not in the way she though.

She was flawed in the way an artist ruins a white canvas with a beautifully colored sunset.

she was damaged, in the way the night sky is broken by the dawn
At times she had confidence and at times she felt as if she was a scrap of something used up
Hereshecomes Sep 25
I hide my lacerating dreams
maps form then fall.
Little fingers tangle neurons
tugging at timid gazes and lore.

I plant thorns on your mouth
pretend it to be a rose .
Your shadow passes
a neophyte’s ashes blowing in the wind.

I build a pyre for each encounter
stripping my body fictitious sins.
I turn my back to the heat
a stranger devouring her soul.

Invisible now, I step out
consecrated tombs stand where I once stood.
I stare at prophetic torture fields
and listen to the howling of memory.

I scatter words to thaw out the void
love letters inscribed in blood.
They settle on a crater or two
A still born silence and frozen sap.

But cascading noise drown these verses
made from doubt in silk threads.
Lean sentences gone terribly wrong
On the beaten road to hell.
c Sep 23
Mr. Spider
You’ve caught me in your web again
I’m sorry I haven’t learned
From past mistakes

It’s my own fault
That my wings are damaged

I have a passion
For flying into things too fast
Susana Sep 11
As a cookie
I crumble, easily
As an orange
Squeeze me , tears will shed
As the deep blue sea
Tranquil, yet slowly damaged
Ginger R Sep 5
Darling child,  take off your blinds and see
Perfect child,  look at all the things you could be
Worried child,  you don't need to hold your future yet
Broken child,  please take the knife away from your skin
Lost child,  take my hand we can find a way
Damaged child,  I swear everything will be ok
You might not be a child but they'll still always treat you that way
Teenagers aren't children. They're becoming adults and if you treat them like a child they won't grow up
The sale sign is up
And so are my feet
I know I'll be here for a while
I've stamped a discount sticker on my forehead
It's more a dare than a warning
Take me home for half the retail price
There's a few scratches and scuffs
A bit rough around the edges
There's been wearing and tearing
Parts missing
It says so right here on the box
Just so happens I've also lost the lock
That came with it
So you see
It's a little defected
But instead of being rejected
I won't tell a soul
That you stole a glance at me
Sitting on the sale rack
And thought you could rip off the 'special' tag
Never letting anyone know
That you got me
No refunds
But you can palm me off
As a full price defect
Regift it
No one will know
i feel as though my body is no longer mine
a stranger in my own home

a b a n d o n e d * and *b r o k e n

isn't it funny how the one place i'm supposed to feel safest
is the one that does the most  d a m a g e
hey guys hope you like this one, its been one of the hardest poems i have had to write simply because its one of the most honest poems i've written in a while. please let me know what your thoughts are, your feedback is always appreciated
She bleeds because she loves
She loves because she bleeds
In a crowd, she cannot find the one
To fulfill all her needs
The resilience’s of the human soul
Has now faded to black
And all they see when they look at her
Are sad eyes pain and lack
Her heart is torn and battered
Her eyes jaded and red
She hunted by words spoken
When she was five and bled
The blood flow never stopped
She never found the cure
Since then she has been searching
Somewhere for something more
She bleeds because she loves
She loves because she bleeds
When will her prince ride in someday
And fulfill all her needs
But will she let him in
Before it is too late
Or will she be consumed
By turmoil rage and hate
Khadro Jama Jun 11
I stayed after you hurt me
I stayed after you stopped talking to me
dealt with your BS.
I kept loving you,
even though you'd lie to my face.
While ******* your side *****,
trying to tell me shes just a friend.
I kept believing you regardless
Until I stopped caring.
You broke my heart
You broke my soul &
left me shattered.
I can't trust anyone to love me
I thought you'd be mine forever & after.
You were my love
My better half.
My best friend.
My husband.
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