So I turned my body
into a bleeding canvas.

I painted myself red.

I drew pretty rivers,
on my arms,
mountains and hills,
on my stomach,
and forest fire,
on my thighs.

Everything poured,
out of me,
until, I turned to nothing,
until, I faded into the dark.
elaine Jul 21
A sudden wave of destruction hit the center of town,
blowing over century old walls and damaging  ancient artifacts.
This hurricane was so unexpected none of the towns folk knew what to do, they searched high and low for a stable place to lay. Safety  lost among the waves.  

Closure never came that night and neither did sleep.
You had damaged my will to live.
Leaving me isolated in a world with overflowing oceans of despair,
residence always wondering the same,
will I ever leave this horrid island?
Yusof Asnan Aug 10
You can't begin
to imagine
the feeling
of cultivating
the love
and trust
of the

She Writes Aug 9
I hide pieces of myself
Wrapped up in a bow
Anything so you can’t see
The broken me underneath

My sender forgot to mark me
Handle with care
I’ve been damaged
Lost in transit

When I finally arrive
At your feet
I hope you  can look past the cracks
And cherish my pieces
If a lover is what you need
Then a stranger I'll be
Love has made my heart bleed
One too many times to be set free
Now it is decreed
My heart stays with me

Promises deceive us
We confuse love with lust
Comfort for trust
While true love gets lost
We think it's what we want most
Then when it breaks we pay the cost

We are all strangers to love
We don't know her anymore
Her patience, endurance and forgiveness
We confuse with weakness
We want to force her into our relationships
While she can't be so tightly gripped

But we don't know that
Because we don't take the time
To get to know her
Instead we make up fantasies
Of what we want her to be
Of what we think Love should be

So if a lover is what you need
Then a stranger I'll be
Because you are a stranger to love
And falling for the wrong thing
Has left me too damaged
To risk it again
xak Jul 16
you are everything
you are everything good
and sweet
you are everything i deserved
but not anymore.
i am not what you deserve
you deserve more
than a damaged girl
that can’t quite
get over
a boy that has tried
to destroy her
Tøast Jul 15
Well, I lost myself in your bedsheets
but I beat myself up when I ran away.
you know that I adore you,
but I've never loved myself.

So how could a daisy ever survive a hurricane?
this storm in my mind is too much,
an unstable anomaly.
sweeping away happiness and leaving a scar across the landscape.

Well, I'm too unstable to ever be any good for you,
so please just find someone that has a paradise in their mind,
leave me in this dust land I live in,
dry mouth and burning lungs,
but my heart will always fly with the birds.
A fresh and new awakening
I have released from my inner glow
A personality recipe with added seasoning
A new taste for the me that no one knows
such an untried cookie
a new dish to present beauty in untried ways
I present in my soul's kitchen
as I live out each and every newer day.
So, come to my Restaurant and order up a dish
You shall be glad you tried my "soul's Glow"
For a taste of my tasteful new menu
One that shall surpass even the most stubborn of soul tastes
A worthwhile soup from me to you.
Visit today
or any time you like
My Soul's Kitchen is hot on the world's scene
Don't "knock my recipes until you've tried them"
You might miss out on a new award-winning bowl
Of my tasty new signature restaurant feature
In each hearty bowl.
nim Jun 12
could not stand
your strength; my
glassy veins
could not stand
being unhurt; my
damaged brain,
without knowing
what's good,
couldn't stand
learned yet,
what it means to
feel like i'm real in this
vile, horror circle of life
galloping through our
time, wasting time,
following time,
timing time,
feeling time, but
making our thoughts
to still remain
but my damaged
brain, not knowing what
is good, can never learn
how to feel good
how to feel real
how to feel
how to be
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