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Long across the grains
Watching the hills float
Screaming till he faints
A droplet in his throat

Straight shooting arrows
Vaporized his proud entity
Raising both arms in sorrow
He cried his eyes empty

An attempt to beg forgiveness
Fell on his knees and rose
When hope struck the witness
On a lost mirage long across
one day sleep in a coffin
one day lie on the bottom
drink ***** eat pump
will go to far countries

sleep in the stuffy where air zero
sleep in solid and solid ground
spaces where clouds of dust live
go where I'm dead again

ah coffin cute coffin i see yours
your skeletons I see your smiles dancing
I see your zeros and see your heat
created by stuffiness due to the cold of the dead

So cold body like ice
Need some warmth
Could use some body heat
A blanket will just not do
It's to dam cold
My teeth are chattering
My knees are shaking
Not made for winter
Want to hibernate
That would be so nice
Wake up to 90 degrees
Not a wish that can come true
So bring me some body heat
Cuddle up drink some coffee
Let's hibernate till our bodies
Are at least above freezing
Fine bring me a electric blanket
That will have to do
I'm tired of this cold
Body like ice
Need to warm my soul
© Jennifer Delong 12/6/18
Brynn S Dec 2
Manufactured moans
My stomach turns to stones
I cannot feel, how I used to is a flare
Each second after I am left
Left to something odd; my mind
My mind can’t place or displace
Everything evaporates
Not much is left to salvage
The rubble vibrates
Turning into winged creatures
They escape through my mouth
It’s over
The aches and pains,
the cold shiver running down your back,
the sweating and heat,
despite your skin feeling like ice.
The headaches and tiredness,
no will to do a thing,
appetite lost,
disturbing fever dreams.
Ugh, being sick is the worst.
Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been sick with the flu. Definitely not my best poem, but I wanted to write something while I feel a bit better.
The smoke prowls
around your cherry lips.
I fuel the flame
as I grip your hips.
Knock me down
with a passionate kiss.
This tar ridden
dystopian bliss.

A black dress dormant;
dead on the floor.
Scalded my skin;
begging for more.
Your eye shadow gaze;
the front of the war.
Your hair pulled back;
this you adore.

Dig your nails through my skin;
I’ve longed to feel you burn within.
I’ve died to know how you’ve been;
but now I feel that I’ve been missed.
Whisper words
with a gentle grin.
As moonlight shines;
the fire begins.
Burning passion under the moonlit hour.
Tell me, what's love?
You seem to me,
able to enter
the infinite.
You seem to me,
able to find
absolutes.       >>just fine<<

That's ******* boring.

Love, perfectly fit for broadcast.
When some, like us, are out on our ***.
So. Define love.
Because my love is pain, thankfully,
but you manage to sing it so sweet.
So. Love and peace?

For me, love is heat.

And if the heat is missing,
are you asking me?
That Love's placation.
And placation, I'm learning,
isn't my driving force.
MarvelMe Nov 6
Fire fire fire fire
I have to reach higher
Can't stand still any longer

My heart cries out to leave
Can't keep my cards under my sleeve
My dreams can't fulfill themselves
It's time to be myself

No more depression
No more anger
No more resentment
No more hate

Nothing but fire
Fire so hot
You can feel it through my words
Fire so hot
You can feel it through my thoughts
Fire so hot
You can feel it through your seat
Fire so hot
Turns cool a/c too 100 degrees
Fire so hot
It burns through pain
Fire so hot
It cuts through sorrows
Fire so hot
It rushes to tomorrow
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