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remembered to the birth of time
held to nothing but the play of life

remembered to the warm of day cradled to the skin
no talk of living only laughter and joy
on the lip of adventure and discovery

remembered to the excitement of friendship
created to the star and hero on the sword of imagination
neath the flight of a dream

remembered to the glow of nurture
breathed to the skip and run of little feet on earths foothold
as the close of a hug to the beat of love
holds charge on the heat of a body not being
to that there you could be found by the hide of seek

remembered to the belt of a star to eve
as you make the first move on the kiss of sunlight
and touch soul to the flesh of sleeps fade
into the light of nights close

remembered to the rush of blood desire
thru the pound of a vein slipping its teeth
across the make of your naked pure

remembered to the sip of a body
thru the arc of a rainbows melt
as the ray of charge bursts open on the blister of sun
and drips to the earth of ground through the light of dust

remembered to the burn of life
held tight to the hunt of scent
gifting a rise on the black of slow heat
as the pelt of wolves prime escapes
to the prey on a red white snow

remembered to the last of kings and queens
answered to the truth of gravity
swept over the infinite mind on the lift of light
to the hand that one be hold
ibkreator Oct 14
the wave of thought calls life
to the memory of a body in heat yet to forgot
dis charges its stigmatic pulse across the
surface of inequity and settlement

we are the spoilt ones spelt in the river of renewal
repute and delivered to the lot of time
as purse of mercy be re acquainted to divine
and the lesser more offers soul in service off hand
to near the miss of a drawn out sand
Cross Boundry Oct 12
It hurts.
Your burn me from
But somehow
I find I simply
you and that heat.
          Though it aches,  
                   Nothing can complete
And somehow
I find I simply
how much it hurts.
If you wish to have me
                       hurt me
Always at your service, angel.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 30
I dreamt of lighter fluid
As desert rain

Stricken against the wind

Building into a phosphorus

A smiling inferno
In the fast lane

Hot cinder rims
Giving joyride the third degree

With fiscal intentions
Of burning this

Right off the map
This mountain pass is an important link from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
I don’t know the names of your children and can’t recall your husband’s face outside of the fact that he has a square jaw and like me he is not classically beautiful
My tongue remembers the spaces between each of your teeth and the distance between your breast and navel is near that of your earlobe and collar bone
Please forgive me for never being able to imagine you conventional a woman who keeps house and walks a family dog before putting kids to bed
I remember the heat of your fingertips and your eyes unblinking wild that summer we jumped fences to explore the intimacy of our friendship
I saw your skin glistening under water moon-drenched and held the small of your back in my palm my heartbeat felt in every part of me
Lips stained mouthfuls of dirt cheap wine sediment on our tongues swirling toward the bottom as we pulled air from each other’s lungs
WIP - would love feedback
If one could sell feelings inside of glass bottles,
I would spend the excess fat in my bank account
buying the hit of humidity which encases us both
immediately after flying into a warmer climate.
This would be a highly reckless purchase, however,
as the very purpose of such suffocation pleasure
is only a by-product of our time spent together
cooling off in hotel sanctuaries, museum air-con
and the shade of a hilltop tree within a cemetery;
none of which could ever be contained
in the bottle.
Poem #15 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'. A poem for someone special - and travel
Savio Fonseca Sep 19
Love is a Word that has,
a Million Meanings.
It just needs Two Hearts,
with never ending Feelings.
Love is like a Beauty Contest,
the Heart will Judge and Choose.
Love is like a Game of Finals,
U really don't want to Lose.
Love is like a Band-Aid,
Healing your wounds that Bleed.
Love is found One in a Million,
Luck is all U Need.
Love is a Fidelity Test,
tempting U to Cheat,
But if U get caught,
U will surely feel the Heat.
Dante Rocío Sep 10
It is sharpening crimson steel in a knife as of that, with it fingers softly bleed like care and rise as a shuttered peach in
a sturdy piece of scarlet, paid in heed.

Your foreboding onthou my skin is no more truly nor less rigid unplugging of violin strings out of a guttural chords into a straight morbid fire, and a pain structure
hardens, straightens,
embeds them forever into every light’s riddance, this trial mended.
Welcomed fireflies in a
solstice. bonfire. forest. [stygian].

Love, my dearest Love, if your ever evanescent body or voice even exists:
if I ever dare to greet in my tears music it only may be to bleed with you in one common fluid, to have my ribs torn gently by
each your promise barely for my hand’s taking,
endure time to have my truer form by you,
a sensation, clad in lilac velvet that goes
under the name of “Paper Airplane” by
my thoughts.

To keep.
More than as rain we always are.

A child picked up a solitary chalk and sketching protruded some things by that hand & sight, some sun with injustice drawn, that elders’ words and acts
have not put up.

Some of the chalk simply lays everyday crushed.
With no human passage, luggage.
No matter how hard I’ll come to cry
Never shall I reject my waters.
My Love, you who kiss me further and further
Without lips or anything to align,
I wish for you to never earn a step or body,
And to marry my sand-sea plaited follies.
Be veritable Garden Song.
Emir Sep 10
I am invisible,
no one can see me
with a giant mass overhead
blinding vision.
riding into it's direction
grasp on reality begins to fade
the past behind you is forgotten
a lost memory
beams of light take over
becoming skyscrapers and airplanes
sweat falling into the eyes
temperature of skin burning up
her light cuffs you by the throat
dragging you forward to discover unknowns
whether it be the inside of your mind
or the weather around you
I see beads of water jumping upward from grass
tires leaving their signature on concrete
but her light erases every piece of evidence
she flickers a lighter and sets fire
to wet grass from the day before
and to the markings left made from wet tires
is her purpose only to erase?
she erases my mind to think. she erases my vision to see. she erases my comfort I rather lie in than to be in her presence.
Thinking about the beaming light of the sun when I have rode my bike.
Brian Yule Sep 9
Sultry days
Lustrous beads
Drip from hanging papaya
Glistening like
Amber teardrop earrings
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