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dailythoughts Nov 23
my worth has been measured to your interest too many times and now I am a nobody
maybe marc Sep 8
is it?
the way in which
we give to each
i've been feeling unsure.

infusing everything on the path,
i've been the rot
you've been the honey.
but when i look for clarity
in silence,
you divulge your interest
(barely louder)
-with a question.

and when you decay towards me
when you use me for your pleasure
and i see the devil in you,
you make me
solely a body.

i mean, what is a future for us?
living alongside,
maybe we'll develop an ******;
but you'll have to want longer,
i to disengage from disavowment.

proximity to omnipresence
only if i stop burying myself,
i want to look into your eyes
and find reciprocity.
been reading and it's been keeping with me,
i'm missing stimulating conversation,
i miss working in a bookstore.

i'm putting words to these doubts,
not because i want them to be real,
but to confront them,
Situation is uncanny uncanny
They yearn for penny penny
They have interest in their estate
They pray they be dead
Once dead they couldn't be fed
Three cheers!
For they could then take their (dead's) share of wine red
No more yearning for penny penny
Situation is then canny canny!
Kashish Aug 12
I am wanting to be wanted
Not by all, at least by someone
But nobody ever keeps me first
The fears I carry, have often held me to shun
I try to feign, I pay no heed
But I espy all the tenuous changes
I try not to get distressed
But I end up getting hurt, knowing people have multiple faces.
Everybody loses interest, as time passes by
Nobody keeps a check on anybody, be it me or you
All are engrossed, I know. I wonder if they lie
I’ve come to realize, everyone becomes someone I once knew.
When I asked you what song reminded you of me,
you sent me one about a love curse—
about loving someone dearly and missing them,
and when I messaged you some joke about it,
not about the love curse but about the language,
wanting to clarify but not wanting to be direct,
you responded in what almost looked like nerves.
Neither of us brought up the love curse,
but you didn’t say anyone else made you think of a love song;
am I reading too much into it?
One of us needs to say something.
Simon Jul 28
I have faith that I can... Ease the suffering of others. When and ONLY when it truly counts! Otherwise, I might as well give up on faith altogether too believe in the nightmarish reality that I'm truly trapped in! Sincerely... Someone who doesn't give a **** about their personal life!
Faith is a countermeasure for failure! It's when you only stop and wonder ("why that is")…? Then you'll pique the interest of why your faith, wasn't really what it seemed to begin with...!
HeyitsAngel May 28
I rather you tell me
You don't want me
Then lead me on
You end up hurting me more
If you don't just say the truth
Let my mind overthink
Let it wonder
Let me question
But please don't
Ask why I am gone
I may seem naive
But I know you don't want me
And that's okay
Please don't say you miss me
I have heard it all before
This why I don't give in too quickly
You never know about people
They lose interest
They no longer want you
Is it something you did
You will never know
All I ask is
Be honest
Even if it may hurt me
I can take it
Hennessy 5260 May 21
Darling love,
If you should ever deem me worthy of your love,
Then I promise,
Cupid wouldn't need his arrows for us.

You're a work of art,
Gentle with your words,
Yet you're actions lure me most,
Blessing hearts like rays of sunshine
Nourishing the growing plants

The time for us is not yet
And I'm not sure when is
But till the hour dawns
I'm content to watch in the shadows

Bask in the warmth of your smiles
Shower you with my attention
Attend every exhibition
Of your life.
Mrs Anybody Apr 1
you just
                   show interest
in me
you are

   don't you?
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