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c Sep 18
My body rises in opposition
To doing things in my best interest
It craves poison
Jagged rocks
And people who don’t love me back
Joseph Dec 2018
How shall i proceed? the question lingers on my mind,
To follow my head, or this heart of mine,

Everyone around me says no, its not what is done,
And for me to not follow this yearning, would be anything but fun,

Where do we stand when deciding what to do,
Body, mind and spirit, all having their view,

I for one cannot tell you the answer, what is false and what is true,
Because there is only one who writes your story, and that person is you.
Something's gotta change
A force that will finally break the ice
This glacier that separates us two
Your stare an expert at the art of entice

There's a tenacious guard within me
To which your presence overpowers
Instilling fear yet excitement
Erasing my need to cower

When will you finally decide
To give in to your interest in me
Take the initiative, make your move
Release my inhibitions free
CL Fjell Jul 5
I'm spent
No more lyrics of love and metaphors
The words fell out like mouthfalls
Each rock struck a new poem
Each glistening rainbow a new idea
Each droplet of mist my persistence

I'm spent
I thought it was beautiful to see life
To truly see what it's like to be free
Now I envy the lovestruck fools
Blinded by their individuality
Ironically enveloped in community
Head up *** and foot in mouth

I'm spent
What's the use in giving my thoughts
Everyone either relates or claims false
I'm a liar, a beggar of attention
***** of Babylon I beg on my knees
Waiting for one true prince to pick me
Like that daffodil I pressed in a book
I don't want the prince, or the flower
I want to be alone.
But I hate to be alone.
Darryl M May 8
Before I met you,
I used to have the Great Wall.
But around you, all my walls are Jericho.
They come tumbling down.
It’s a pity, coz I’m standing on the peak of the wall.
But now I’m falling for you.

Hugging you is like letting the genie out of the magic lamp.
I always have three wishes after the hug;
To Love you forever,
To Keep you forever,
And to be kept by your heart forever.

If love was a clothing,
You’d look good in it.
Makeup made in love looks good on you.
Darryl M May 8
I wonder why you brought your lips along,
Knowing too **** well what they’d do to me.
And I ain’t just talking about the ones on your face.

Every time I try to hate on you.
I just relapse.
I get withdrawal symptoms every time I leave your presence.

If cell cages can keep me away from you.
What can keep away this love?
What can keep away your love?
What can keep away my love?

If earthquakes can shape mountains,
What has shaped my heart to be inclined to yours?

Is it your picture that I love?
Is it your reflection on my mirror that I crave?
Is it your texts that I enjoy?
Is it your voice over the phone that I long for?
Is it your smiles that take me to wonderland?
Is it your choice of emoticons that I observe?

Your beauty, the answer.
Your beauty, the question.
The physical, soothes the waves of the tears.
The emotional, soothes the thunders of the heart.

Your beauty ain’t it all.
But your beauty is much.
Beauty doesn’t make you.
Beauty is you.
Beauty in my life, is decorated by you.
Darryl M May 8
If it be your feet that walk,
I feel your steps towards my heart.
My love for you isn’t one size fits all.

These big hearts we carry.
My love, your love, our love,
Is well fitting.
It’s like we’re of the same size,
We’re wearing the same gown of passion.

You’re my flame,
Burning all the woodlands of sorrow.

If it be your voice that sounds,
I hear the echoes of your love.

If Love were an Egg,
My heart would be the nest.
Darryl M May 8
I got myself starring.
Thee has brought me into thy chambers.
I starred with great delight,
For sweet is thy voice.
For thy love is better than wine.

In the darkness of confussion.
A glimpse of thy light is shone on my fertile heart.
A seed of attention is planted,
Watered with joy and happiness.
Dung of eternity is applied,
A vineyard of love is brought forth.

I sleep but my heart waketh,
Thy eyes have overcome me,
This love is strong as death,
Jealousy is cruel as the grave,
All for thee as well deserved.
Author: Qhakazile N. Thabethe
Completed: 27th March 2018
Darryl M May 8
Spotlights of love shine upon you from all fellas.
If mine be blinding, would you fall for me?

I want to be that too good to be true moment in your life.

My thoughts on you are an investment,
But feel like an expense.
I’ve been looking for ways to cut corners.
Your love curved in on all corners.

Patience I don’t have.
But you nourish what my heart withers.

When my feet walk not,
Would you step down on me?
Would you roll down and lay dead my heart?
Or would you be the crutches of my heart,
Step by step, reviving me?

Things grown old are young of death,
But I see your coffin next to mine.
I see a unified tombstone.

If I opened the closet and revealed the skeletons of the heart.
Would it be cremation to my love?
Or would you be an everlasting flame?

Do I love? I don’t know.
But the heart echoes pumps to your love.
Darryl M May 8
You’re on safety and you know the code.
What you made me feel, I fought over.
Now I’m missing the moments.

Unlike a lost bug,
I’ll get off your hair.
Bags all packed, you’ve left.
Silly Life, left me with your memories.

Your heart is like a locked door,
I have the key, but you’ve changed the locks.
A test I shall take,
But you running away, I shall not chase.

Ladies say you play with a guy a little bit to see if he’s serious.
The funny thing is;
That’s how they lose a serious guy.
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