Jordan 3d
Knowing her ways
Feeling her blunt highs
And wet drinks
He knew that night
She tossed and turned into darkness
See that's what it does
Does what ?
You forget
In here somewhere
8 16 2018

The motion of notion
Our own little ocean
Of life so fast
Whizzing by
Our memories in time

Riddles and fiddles
Dances rhymes and songs
Stories and stories
To be told
All life long

For only there in speaking
Do we carry on
If silent
We are carried away
With an empty never ringing

For how did we ever live
If we are not remembered
Nothing but dusty
Blank pages
That nobody has ever seen
Nor read

For iam here
I feel it
But i dont feel alive
If i cannot remember it
Cannot taste smell or hear it

To look back is an instant
To look now is slow
How do we know
To which grave we go

I crave something more
My emotions and feelings
Once more
No more gray. The rainbows
Please comeback
And bless me with your loving
Rays and waves
What is life
If our heart no longer beats
And we can not feel its warmth
The warming heat of our hearts flame
Dont let it go out
common wisdom

You cant feel the grass with your shoes on
and you cant see the shadows with your eyes closed
maybe the light. just a tid bit
All the thoughts that collect in my mind right now lead to biting... TMI

A phrase sewn into the very fabric of my thoughts and words,
Let's be weird for a second so that I can feel normal,
Its been awhile,
We all know the feeling,
There is a selfish stench that covers the true sincerity of being on the end of a babbling mouth,
Word vomit so I've heard.
A price for the anxiety driven conversation,
That, one, I? you?
Just want to end by revealing that too much has been shared and all of Hell will open to devour the chosen who failed to keep the mouth shut,
Speak it anyways,
Just yesterday I thought about fucking, indeed I did,
How little, how much, how long,
It's not hard to know this moment,
Where a sensation overcomes experience,
The slip,
What a beautiful snipit of what matters,
Taken away,
Becomes some sort of "okay,"
Unless controversy over ego and ego draws a tarnished line of how much I and you know,
I really can only focus on one subject within this,
It took me like 8 times to even begin this one poem,
I kept getting distracted, love, children, being a teacher,
Following tangents of conversations and panicked assumptions, those normal thoughts that see the warning signs of danger,
Light up a cigar and say "fuck it,"
Charging full speed into the unknown,
All of that kept me from drawing a conclusion to why I really wanted to tell anyone that I like biting.
He conocido más hombres
Que monstruos
Y créeme
Los hombres
Son más terroríficos.
Diana Garcia Aug 9
First and foremost I want to apologize to myself.
I’ve hurt myself more than I realize.
My character and heart are no longer things I want to jeopardize.
Secondly, I want to apologize to you.
For ever making you think we were threw.

My soul and brain can’t bear it anymore.
There’s a few more things I’d like to ask
before you walk out the door.
Did you ever love me, what was it all for?
You’ve hurt me so much but you’re still the only one I adore.
Just want you to finish mending my heart, it’s still sore.
You’ve always had the final piece to my puzzle,
you’re the only person I’ve ever fallen asleep on while we cuddle.
Something about you that feels like home.
I wish I could carry your scent
where ever I may roam.
All this fighting hurts the dome.

Ok yeah, you did what you did
& I said what I said.
At the end of the night you’re the only man I want in my bed.
Can’t even imagine myself giving some other guy head.
I’d much sooner fill my head with lead, I’d rather be dead.
Or go lesbian, compared to you all men are fucking embryon.

But I digress, I’m sorry you know how I get
When I’m under stress.
I’m sorry we let things become such a mess.
Before I’m through,
I needed to apologize to you
For letting our ghosts linger,
I’m sorry our present is haunted
But you’re all I’ve ever wanted..
What I say?
He looks like the younger brother of Kurt Russel or the singer from incubus...
EastWind Aug 5
We all loose somebody,
and somebody has to go,
if only I knew it will be you,

catch another glance at your face,
I don care if you want me to repeat your name,
over and over, i would.

Just one glance would've been enough,
I just couldn't look at your face because I'll see
the pain.

If only I knew you'd be the one gone.
my grandmother died yesterday, I couldn't look at her, and now i regret it, Rest in peace, Grandma.
EastWind Aug 5
loves the girl,
she's sweet, caring,
and smart.
everybody loves he girl they see,
the one who's polite, and free.
everybody loves what they see,
when everything just seem to fit perfectly.

but there's still someone who sees things
what ever you do,
they'll hate you,
saying things,
but maybe they're just being honest too,
maybe you'll just have to be you.
wow, that sucks.
lotusflower5 Aug 4
I barely even know

We've only ever shared
one word.

I don't know what
it is about you
that interests

but I can't seem to
get you off my

I replay our
short moments
over and over
until I can't even
remember them any-
Seanathon Aug 3
My heart aches for home

For the untitled song

For the awkward communications which are yet to come

For the hiss of the radiator

And the warmth between walls

There's a pain in my chest

And it reverberates slow

Like the pounding sound of my favorite lofo song
Real. True. Am I.
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