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Thinking about you between meetings,
Between meals, between showers,
Between random scrolling on the internet,
Makes me giddy and profoundly safe.

Lately may have been hectic,
Crowded of thoughts and uncertainties.
Thinking about you solely,
Does not ease any of it truthfully
But choosing you among those things, does.

Remembering why we even started
How you make me feel enough and heard
How I can still picture vividly the first time you kissed me and how it smells
In hopes that the feelings and memories
won’t be slowly slipping away.

Those full infinitives
In the future are not what I am after all
From then on ‘til now
That’s what really matters.
After n years of not writing.. posted something again.

Thank you, J.
Healer May 18
Failure a ruthless painter
splatters my soul with its tainted brush,
Staining the fabric of my hope,
Shredding the canva of  my ambition.
Eroding the castle/ fortress of my desires, it washes away the footprints of progress.
I am left stranded in bottomless sea of missed opportunity
collecting the shattered pieces of my expectations.
Healer May 16
I never noticed that my heartbeat was so beautiful,
In the solitude of my evening,
I discovered this delight,

As my heart played a symphony of treat,
Lub dub Lub dub Lub dub
In this melodious Serenity, I found myself wrapped in my own embrace.

It was today, I came to know that
The pulsing of my bounded soul, the cadence of my fading heart,
Is my harmony to myself, my whisper of peace.
Note to the reader: Embrace your inner symphony and find harmony in life's beautiful beats.
Mark Wanless Apr 17
i don't write i flow
i know not what am doing
just i say hello
Healer Feb 16
My failures are the loudest silence,
I have ever sat with
snipes Feb 5
I think you dropped this
Oh well here you go
I feel like you need this
so here treat it is as my hello
Cherish it as my last word

the feeling of love may only last
for a swift moment and the pain
may be as remarkable as your
internal paint chips peeling but
your foundation is beautiful
live these days to come, dream
these sleepy nightmares away
become who you find you are
die in the name of forever
transition into something
so remarkable that happiness
is no longer a noun, it’ll be
your new name from now on
Healer Feb 4
Maybe it will hurt a little less,
If I agree that yes I am a mess.
You say I don't know how to behave,
Be the perfect daughter for you to showcase.
Dad, I am not perfect and certainly not brave.
Mom, You live in hollow society and break my soul for your society.
Why must I die every day? my dreams sacrificed in every way
So that you can have your rules sailed and kingdoms to hail.
You say the biggest honor you did to me by giving me life
I must adhere to your command like a puppet, eat the meal, and compromise.
But did it occur to you that your words are sharper than the knife,
And the long list of expectations is dimming my light.
Healer Jan 29
She is Red, bleeding in oceanic blues
Scattered in life's spectrum with different hues
You may know her but she doesn't belong to one definition.
Healer Jan 18
Maybe the fact that I am a human,
that this very moment could be my last
makes living more beautiful.
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