Anika Nelson Oct 14

I lived in your forested eyes
before my blue oceanic eyes even knew the beauty
ones pupils could hold .
You were the love
I longed and hoped for,
my fairy tale was you.
We were just stuck in the wrong part of our timelines.
A single moment that would never allow our fairy tale
to have a mystical ending.

I left your forested eyes,
knowing every pattern surrounding your iris.
I love you.
Why cant I tell you now?
I'm too late.

Maybe it wasn't meant to be...

It's spiraling into the core of my brain.
I want to cry for help,
but you're my only medication.
I dial the ambulance,
but it goes to a voicemail with a familiar voice.

I lost the best thing I had ever known.
I'm sorry.

Nienke Sep 23

here the flock of my poems
about everything i see
i write to release my soul
unleash me from reality

Amma Oct 7

I doubt in every word I wrote.
I doubt in myself, in my thoughts.

They say,
To write a book is to see the hidden beauty behind the souls.

But blindness took a part of me
And the souls crave to be free

The day I decided to write, is the day I realized how much things I lost. I was trying to be me looking for something unique.

, but in the end
I’m a writer looking for nothing.

sweet sugar Oct 7

Hello again, my old soul
I thought you were long gone
Left me exposed and naked here alone
But I guess here we go again
Tomorrow might not be the same

Hello again, my old friend
I did not think I would ever see you
I've been walking in the dark for a while
Something must have gotten into me to willing to run these miles

Hello again, my old blood
You were indeed already home
Smiling at our reflection
Laughing at my action
Said this sweet painting is just an illusion

Hello again, my old flesh
You said I was wrong
Holding on too strong
Jumping in too fast
Lust will not last

Lure Pot Oct 5

Hello, beauty of the earth
You are mother of sloth
You make it nicely
Don’t reply timely
That’s why I can't talk to you happily.

You got off quickly
But don’t get up early
I want to know you daily
Like I miss you truly
Cause you are so sweet and lovely.

Don't get mad
And don’t be sad
Here was my dad
And little bro lad
You need to chill like seriously.

Oh I’m so sorry
No need to worry
Okay tell me hurry
We’re going to get marry?
Sigh, not really no...
I’ve to stop talking to you permanently!

Really, you don't want talk to me anymore?
Are you alright and sure?
Hey, are you going to close the door?
Ah, it’s too rude and poor…

Victoria Oct 4

Is anyone out there
I'm trapped in a crazy world
Social media has taken control
Will you like my status?
Will you follow me?
Will you retweet this?
Will someone just be my real friend
Because at the end of this life
What the hell do I need a like for
I don't need 1m followers
I need connection
Attention that is more that 1's and 0's
Contact that is more than a poke on fb
I need a conversation face to face

Yusof Asnan Oct 2

Ages of writer's block,
Unmotivated of ever being productive,
Witty lines became depressing,
Every word seems so boring as ever.

A new start was all that was needed,
A shove from the back for it to begin,
Its been a while since ive got this feeling,
More longer that i could remember.

October is the creativity month,
The hype is really living up to its name,
And so here i write for the first day,
And all i could say is; Hello there Inktober!


Amma Sep 27

She told me a hidden story.
A story tells a secret about life.

I was trying to understand the whole concept
, but it was complex and tricky.

I was wondering

How can I understand the secret of life without understanding the meaning of life?

She left a message says
don’t try to understand the life
Try to explore the hidden story inside of you to make your life meaningful.

the sea of marching madness
each face a life
a heartbeat
each one with a different beat
a purpose
a hope
under the surface
a light
a darkness
each smile
each wave
goodbye, hello
next thing you know
a smile gone
the heartbeat breaks
air unmoved
no nothing quakes
it was a face
a life
a beat erased
each beat is beat.

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