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Mirror, mirror
Laced in fear
Dictate my life I'm meant to steer
Consequence in wine and beer
Seek a journey I can't be near
My thoughts of glass
Are limber and shattered
With the sledgehammer of past
To be crushed and mentally scattered
I found the pieces
I put them together
I struggle to remember it forever
The pains of my action
The results of my distraction
The screams of my endeavor
To serve my mindless faction
Draft me
An architectural blueprint
To serve my life in death
And live as a hollow mint
I've done the job
To be ached as sin
To hold the weapon of man
And peel the thought like skin
As a cover of wrong and thought of different
I shoot my thoughts of new and inherent
To be on the winning side and walk away the crow
Is to peck the skin of the dying and reap what I sow
The second half of my military poetry.
I grew up in a family that fought for causes they were paid the believe in. To put that kind of admittance into words in beyond me.
It's more than the struggle
There's pain beyond the weapon in arms
Where it stems from
The scorn of the homeland
There you find the source of your fear
What made you run
Is what taught you to stand your ground
To remember what made you strong
Is to forget what makes you weak
And to live with the heart of a defender
Is to die with the mind of a pretender
To defy the suffering you see every day
Is to remember to scorn that made you who you are
From the source, a man in pain
With the tears of denial
Scared of the status
And enrolled in the abandoned
Take life with paycheck
And live with the chosen's suffering
Every day
And tomorrow
You drink
To remember the cause that was lost in sorrow
The first half of my military poetry.
Brave like a soldier,
lead like a president,
secretive as the government,
act like a princess.

this is what they expect,
this is what they want,
but why can't we..

smile like you,
laugh like me,
care for you,
and you defend me.

Live fully,
love like we are in the end,
of life,
falling down the cliff,
we maybe dying,
but at least we are,
who we really are.
Even if you end without fame, Without a picture that would be in history books, we lived while being ourselves.
Kada 6d
Break downs happen before a break through.

There's always a rainbow after a rainy day!<3
My aptitude was a farce
An inadequate measure
"To be a poet" some time ago
My high percent sell my heart as sure
That this was meant to be
But with my time dwindling so
I see it not as blatantly as it be
But rather chance of mistaken identity

I am no poet
But a man with temporary troubles
A canvas to convey it
And thoughts popped in drifting bubbles
My perception is my rival
Changing my life as I follow through it
Making it harder to face my denial
As I splinter off of this conduit

My words are a sham
The meaning in them is hollow
Even I can not follow
What I write to define me as who I am
"A change in career, perhaps"
Another mindless change from fear
An accident made from confusion
Another wound I see as only a contusion

I don't agree with myself
My definition of a poet
To lock myself in rhythmic testimony
And charge myself for it
I say no more
I abandon the tradition of my rhyme
I have no stories to tell
"I've run out of inspiration"

Am I excused?
It doesn't feel genuine
I won't want to hassle you
Brief over me and dismiss me as fodder
A ticking clock in the form of text
Is this the journey?
The life of a poet, drowned in confusion and uncertainty
Am I destined to live without knowing who I should be?
Is this for me?
Or have I seen all there is for me?
Jaded skies in uncertainty
I am a number in forcibly
What I deem my constitutionality
A judgement I decide as worthy of personality

"Am I a poet?"
It says I am.
I can think I'm one.
A poetaster, a lyricist, a bard.
But literature be damned, I'm destined to live as I am.
A poet or not, this is the life I've sought.
Whether I like it or not, I'll give it all I've got.
Life changes. I can understand that. But I'm worried that I've stopped writing poems, and instead just try to "churn them out". I'm not feeling inspired anymore, it feels like a self-obligation. I don't want to leave this website with sub-par writings, but I feel like I can always do better. Even when I give it my all, I'm not sure if it's all I can give. And I want that to change.
Kada Oct 5
She cares for those more than herself
She wipes the tears of others as if they were her own
Without hesitation she takes on the battles of many.

They are left untouched but she isn't.
Her bruises and scares represent those she protected because she's an empath.
Every feeling and emotion surges through her body
like a cut to the wrist
and a blow to the chest.

The moment they disappear so will she.

All superheros don't wear capes.
Cat Lynn Oct 3
T - Thank you...
H - Hello...
I - I love you...
N - Nothings Wrong...
G - Good Advice...
S - So Sorry...

We all have a list... this is just mine... so what is your list of "THINGS" you wish you could say...? but don't have the time or the courage to say?...
I have this list on me... to remind my self to never be afraid to say these things when I have the chance to... because little do I know how God can use it to bless and encourage a brother and sister in Christ... or to soften a heart of those who are lost and hurting.

Thank You - Let me show my deep-hearted gratitude of all the things you say and do that touches my soul

Hello - Let me show you that I have taken notice you... and I want to focus on you and who you are and what you're going through. Let me greet you with a smile to try to make your day brighter

I love you - Let me release these emotions to show how much I truly care, that you have invaded my thoughts, my prayers, and my concerns. Let me confess what you are to me.

Nothings Wrong - Let me hide away my troubles... so I don't become a burden... or let me be honest and believe in my words that everything is indeed fine... I'm not trying to lie!!

Good Advice - Let me try to help, allow me to counsel you during this time. Let me please be a blessing... Let me provide wisdom. Let me help guide you. I care too much to see you walk away

So Sorry -  Let you show the deep regret I feel deep down, the regret that tears me in half. Accept my many apologies... knowing that I mean them.. they are more than just words... I realize my mistakes and failures...
Diana Garcia Sep 28
Missing you as much as I do
Starting to premeditate all the ways I could drop a clue
In your presence is when I felt my loveliest
Tried to replace you cause now I’m at my loneliest.
Can’t forget how much you want me to get better
Your pep talks couldn’t have gotten me any more wetter

Lately I haven’t been able to sleep
Compared to you everyone just seems so bleak
I toss and turn and don’t realize it’s getting late
Can’t even bring myself to masturbate
I get aggravated cause I can’t get you out of my head
Especially when I picture that other girl on your bed

Then I remember all the childish things I did
Don’t want to let history repeat itself, god forbid
Our friendship might not ever be the same
But for that only I’m not the only one to blame
Why did you have to move on so fast
When you led me to think what we shared was something that could last
I’ve never wanted to try so hard
I wanted to be the only and last girl you brought to the yard.

Can’t seem to end this poem
My hearts pounding and all I can think is
“I can’t wait to show him”
You say my company isn’t something you’re missing
Can’t stop the tears as I watch the videos of us kissing
I captured a moment where you said
Those three words that put my insecurity to bed
Here we go again
Anya Sep 28
One thing
I love about this
is that
it's free
You're free
to write as you please
You're free
to comment as you please
There's plenty of room
for self introspection
And everyone here is either
like minded
or has an interesting
perspective to
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