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Hello hello
Friends, strangers, family
You can be one of these
Or all of them
But hello hello
To a greeting or nothing
I'll still say
Hello hello
I’m two down
And two to go
If you help me
I too will follow
Remember you always
and be forever grateful
be friends
You never know?
What do you say?
When I turn 100
I’ll remember
this poem
and you one day
Will you?
I need
the right
to post
of my
and after
i don’t know who i am
but i hope you understand

i’ve already soared so far
but when asked who you are

how could I answer to them
their question always stems

asking me again, who am i?
i don’t know even about life

sometimes things seem alright
and other times it feels a lie

knocking again they ask,
who are you?
i still don’t know, i tell the truth

but when I looked beyond myself
i saw that the greatest wealth

is seeing within the minute things
noticing the gems that dwell unseen

to take not for granted anything i have
to see the sun shining behind the black  

and now i can certainly answer to
the wisest question, who are you?
Ainsley Apr 18
under the moonlit night again
it's been a long time since
but all of a sudden
just like a flood of oceans
your thoughts flooded inside me
but to half of me they were just emotions
but also another half knows...what those times really meant
i couldn't take control
those tears rollin down
a silent smile
a slow dance all alone
having starry fairy lights stuck up in the sky
then i knew it was you and so will it always be...
sometimes...inside the deepest of your heart you'll know who is the one...the only one
Brendann Apr 7
Do you ever sit and think
About what goes on above?
How something could happen
Within a blink

But it’s not like you can tell
Or see what goes on
Between the stars above
It must be so swell

This begs the question
What IS up there?
What could be looking right back at you?
Do you have a suggestion?

It rattles my brain
Turns my stomach
Pulls at my soul
I can feel the curiosity crawling through my veins

The everlasting void of our galaxy
There’s so much
Yet we know so little
Free Verse
mark soltero Apr 5
starving to lick your wounds
clean and fresh
i really love you
special and divine
it is hard to swallow
what seems to be knives
sometimes we cry
it’s casual *******
painful close and loving relief
your heart beats with mine
the pain that comes with our current residence
unprecedented times
get stronger as we age like wine
pull me with you
all i want is you with i
Mercy Mar 31
Telling a tale of
Our fairy tale
Was my favorite part of us
In the abyss of pain
The warmth was immense
Now after healing
Telling it out is equally
Irrelevant as your relevance in the story
Comes about as brush offs
Am happy
Grateful and thankful that you left
I've grown in thickness of experience
And understanding that wouldn't
Have been so if you were to stay.
Though the pain ain't there more
Once I tell of our tale
Gloom fills my room. Now am asking who are you?
Crazy love hello poetry
Things are bound to go
I'm not who I was years ago
Your mind a mystery
Your thoughts
Brume to me
Man appreciative
Thoughts contemplative
Finish line ahead be gone
As my love turn zero to one
Dreams are certain truth
A heart's desire convolute
A soured down feeling of sundered youth

Your mind a mystery
Your thoughts
Brume to me
Wallflower Mar 29
Good morning,
Good night,
Greetings my friends,
It sounds like a chance
Like a start of something new
even when we're feeling blue
they connect us with strangers
and destroy the unknown dangers
And then "goodbye" is there
to end this whole affair
To leave us in peace
so I could write this piece
I'm just a silly human writing a poetry
who doesn't know how to rhyme- a tree
The end isn't supposed to make sense. It just points out the fact that sometimes being silly and not knowing what to write and how to rhyme doesn't really stop you from it.
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