Heavy pouring rain
That almost drowned me inside
Did not seem too bad when you first said

The next few days went fast and taunting,
Who was that man that left me hoping?

Strong destructive winds
That almost blew me away
Did not seem too bad when you stopped by again
And thats how I got to know your name.

The next few days had left me dreaming,
When will I see him once again?

No longer grey
The clouds made the sky look calming
And life was kind to me
And so was he.

The next few days went slow and gentle,
How did I not know I needed him before?

Sun is shining bright
We are sitting, leaving no space apart
Our hands are locked together
We hope that this will last forever.

The next few days have been so strange,
Whats wrong with him? Are things not going well?

The rain and wind have all came back
But this time not for me.
He let them take him far away
And did not stop to say

The next few days left me confused,
Why didn't he tell me? I thought things were good...

As it turns out he needed help
But I was preoccupied with my life at hand.
I sat in silence waiting,
For him to come home to me.
But days went by and he stayed gone.

And I could not stop thinking of that first "Hello".
Mike D 3d
You had me at goodbye
though it didn’t buy us anything good
an oxymoron
I’m the moronic asshole
give me some Oxys!
I know the path it leads
but at least I’ll be lead
not aimlessly wandering
otherwise pull the trigger
give me that lead instead

A fool, I thought you loved me
but you just lived me
lived with me
a partner in my home
No, even that is too much
A ghost of faded memories
an echo in the past
I couldn’t let go

And so,
here we are
didn’t go far
Seems the farther we go the closer we get
makes no sense
but nothing with you does
Common sense
or any sensitivity and feelings
Forget feelings
feels more like a fling
but yet it’s still more

I don’t know what love is
but I know it isn’t this
Start pushing you away
but when you’re gone
I start to miss
Your menacing grin
Those deep brown eyes
Like I could dive right in and swim
In your clutches for all time

I know this isn’t right
It’s left, you left, we fight
we scream and shout
Don’t shut up when we should
instead more buttons we press
like a game show we’re on
The loser is the one who flips
and it doesn’t take us very long
Blue lights filling up the sky
A glow we know so well
dive into the bottom of the well
farther down and down we go
turning blue; about to burst
Sudden reverse as the top blew
the steam whistle screams it’s song
Uncontrollable and hostile
Might as well do something wrong
provoke, instigate be a combative punk
puking on your shoes
a fucking joke
wasted junk
Just like this relationship
That’s a laugh
We don’t relate
We fuck and hate
But if that’s all it ever was
and that’s all it ever will be
I’ll buy up every cent of it
and I’ll gladly pay the fee
Written: February 21, 2018

All rights reserved.
Star BG 5d
to the self judgements  and lack of compassion
that plagues the mind.  
to ego ruling the self that blocks truth from surfacing
disallowing the heart song to come through.

to the light in everyone the sparkling essence too often hidden.
to the spirit ready to run free in a field of life.
to awakening to being rebirth inside a Divine life connected to all things.
HELLO, to love.
Inspired by Haritha Seby a gifted poetThanks
it's something new this time
or at least it always is.

maybe it's just the same thing
with a blanket wrapped around its head
hiding in the dark corners of my mind.

i am scared to pull the blanket away
afraid of what my mind hides from me.

i want you to do it for me
but i don't know how to explain this something
that i can't even name.
Kafi arsha beet Gaye
Na Jane ab woh kaise hoge
Wakt ki sari kadvi baate
Chup-chup k sahete hoge
Ab bhi bhege barish Mai
Bin chatree k chalte hoge
Mujhse bichad k kafi wakt ho Gaye
Na Jane ab woh kisise ladte hoge
Kafi arsha beet Gaye
Na Jane ab woh kaise hoge
Na Jane ab woh kaise hoge
Park k bench Mai baith k
Woh bate kaise hoge
Tuition k classes Mai
Woh mulakate kaise hoge
Kafi arsha beet Gaye
Ba Jane ab woh kaise hoge
Hi De Feb 16
I'm sick right now....and no one's beside me...
but everyone's poem keep me company...
Kelly Feb 11
I heard you in the night.
I saw you in the light.
I took comfort in you,
But who are you?
I have written to you,
Asking, "who are you?"
"Who am I?"
"Why wont you answer me!?"
I have learned your name,
We have talked,
We have cried.
Why are you ignoring me?
I love you!
Answer me!
I need inspiration,
Please help me find them!
I write to them more when i need them, asking
"Where did you go?"
"Why did you leave me?"
They never answer,
but I know they read the letters,
I know they can hear me,
Please come back,
You are all I have!
Please come out,
I need you,
I miss you.
sunprincess Feb 9
Someone said you granted wishes
Well if you actually do
And you plan on giving me one or two
Could I please use just one
Whenever you deem possible

Well anyway here's my wish
and it's for a poet friend
I wish, I wish, I wish
I wish for David's poem to trend

Do whatever you can HP computer
and Thank You so, so much!
"Make It Happen"
A fabulous poem by -David
solfang Feb 7
it has been a while.

it has been a while,
since emotions
start flowing.

it has been a while,
that sadness has
not called and asked
about my feelings.

it has been a while,
since my fingers
tapped to the
beats of my anger.

it has been a while
since I had a good day;
and it's today.
Minus the tiredness, it has been a great feeling these past few weeks.
Sabes el rojo se te ve bien
color carmesi sangre,
tengo un sentimiento criminal
sed de cazador
frio y calculador.

Sabes que puedo matar por ti
matarte a besos,
porfavor no me provoques
tengo los bolsillo llenos de azucar
y la sonrisa de vil cretino
pero cariño sabes que te cuido.

Matar por ti si me lo pides,
acabar con un beso,
llevarte entre mis dedosque me mates
que te mato hasta que nos atrape
el sentimiento
yo escondo nuestro secreto.

Oh! es que soy un psicopata
sacale filo al cuchillo,
no tienes que hacer nada,
solo dame la mirada de picardilla
lo tengo bajo control,
dicen que cuando amas te puedes
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