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Loyal 6d
I'll think I swear I'll sink to the bottom
I think I swear
I'll go down deep a 200 pound weight
I think I swear
I'll think I'll never make it back up
I think I'll say I'll sing
get your head out of the blues
get your head out of the blues
swim hard ashore, darling
swim hard ashore, darling

There’s a lighthouse; blinking hope
From the horizon,
Beckoning on you to come home

get your head out of the ocean-darkness
the morning shall tear to pieces this hold
just get your head out... swim into hope
you’ll embrace...
Poetic T Sep 29
I drag you from ya bed,
              tie you up in

night terrors that are alive.

Razor wire gags, that give you
               that Cheshire cat smile.

As tears touch cold metal..

You'll never use your mouth again,

    to verse disrespect to me
            or those closet to my family tree.

          I haven't the patience..

For you lack lustre mummers..

This is message to those who think
                      they can smile in my direction.

Words have consequences.

    "yo wake up,

                   "What the hell you doing in my room,

"you ready to smile,
Bhill Sep 28
As the chilled breeze wisps across my covered face
I think about the life I've led and wonder
I wonder if somewhere along the path I wronged anyone
Anyone that crossed that path
Anyone that bid me hello or goodbye
Anyone that could have or should have made a difference

Not at all sure why this particular moment and this particular wispy wind has brought such thoughts to my senses
All I know is that thinking so deeply gives birth to the heightened awareness of my faults and weaknesses
What to do
What to do

Brian Hill - 2019 # 244
Let your deep thinking begin...
What will you find?
Poetic T Sep 27
My hello's
           were never enough to
you coming to me...

But my goodbyes kept you
                      for that lingering
taste of what you didn't want.

But in the end I never answered
                                the door.

(knock, knock)
       my heart is with holding its number.

The lines dead, Ill never say hi, goodbye...

                 that moments...….

But I have peace of conscious,
                   peace of mind..
      now your not in my thoughts.
esridersi Sep 26
who knew hello from the blue
could redden me so softly --
just steal three thoughts from you
I’m     colored, *** and lofty
jerelii Sep 23
Remember the days when we collide and subside
It took me so long to nerve wrack my neck
Wide open to my cylindrical taste of the magnesium
Turning round and round
Tuning in to the bass sound of love
The power of initiating wondrous kind of words
Split in gaze the night of tambourine
Simply pass the compass of the mazing map
Of its journey.
If you build a wall,
I’ll build a door,
I’ll knock until it opens,
And hope it never closes.
Does it feel like nothing?
The underdog from cream of the crop
To the basis of the loser
Open your eyes
The crops will grow and sell
Under the dog is the dirt
The foundation
The giver
Prop the desired in essence
And give life to life of desirability
The source of what we want
Is the loss we give no credit
Lost Soul Sep 19
I wanted to thank you all for reading, commenting and enjoying my poems. This site mean the absolute world to me. A year ago ago today, I was told to deal with my metal illness myself. I decided to sign up for this website Hello Poetry. I sent in a crabby poem (My Friend Fear) and within hours I was accepted. I then wrote Depression is my Soulmate ( on my mothers birthday.... Happy Birthday Mom) That was the first poem I wrote just for this site. I thought it was too sad and went to delete it. To my surprise it trended and had so many amazing comment. Now that poem is at 8.5k views! Although that sad depressed little girl had no idea how worse things would get. You all helped me build myself back up.
Through my eating disorder or suicide note you all have given me so much love and support. Thank you!!
I cant forget "It" I wrote that while having a panic attack outside of a store that my mind wouldnt let me go in. To have that poem reach so many people makes me tear up ...just thank you.

I couldn't write this without mentioning the greatest part of my Hello Poetry experience.
I met my rock, my other half, my favorite person, my bestest of friends.... Jules
You will here this whole speech all over again because its soon our one year anniversary too. Thank you Hello Poetry for letting me met the best person I've ever known. I couldn't have survived last year without all of you... thank you!!!
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