wake up to a life full of fake lies and empty promises
how did it end up like this after all the truth and love
what happened to all the love that died
half way in between death and life
where do we go after we are gone
hell or heaven
wake up to crying souls and dying hope
how can it end like this

Wyatt Jun 13
900 poems
and hundreds to know them,
it’s always been a pleasure.
I shed all of my soul,
heart harder than coal
and these are my only measures.
What is to come?
I asked this question before,
it’s like asking if tomorrow
will bring forth the sun.
Still that question of the past
finds it's way into my present.
The pen sticks closer to me
but it feels like such abuse.
Life is a constant attack,
it’s a journey for a fact
in a world that lacks the truth.
I write about demons,
they’re in you and me
and the only difference
is that I can see them.
Nowhere closer than before,
but at least I’m not bored
after sharing every piece of me
through my expression of words.
Can’t say what comes next,
but I hope I can stay
and I hope you will still read.
Now it’s 901,
but hey who’s counting?
I’ve broken the 900 mark. As of June 13th, 2018 I have published my 901st poem on Hello Poetry. It’s something I hold very close to me, it’s definitely something I’ve grown proud of. My words often hurt me, but they also bring a lot of healing. I mourn with my words, but I also express every single inch of my being through them. Thank you all for reading. Here’s to 900 more!
Helena Jun 11
There is no
sweeter innocence
than the distress
by the gentle rythm
of your torture
There is no cleaner
sound than the words
pouring out of your
There are no lines between us tonight
no lines in between
(purity and sin)
Joshua Nai Jun 11
You should never hate yourself.
You should never sit in a crowded room and feel lonely.
You should never feel abandoned in a group of friends.
You should never change yourself because of other people's opinions.
You should never think you are not enough.
Please don't hate yourself.
Please don't feel lonely.
Please don't feel like an outcast.
Please be yourself.
Please, you are enough.
If you ever think no one loves you,
just know that the King of kings, the Lord of lords, loves you so much.
But I know sometimes you will feel this way.
I understand, but maybe I don't.
Just, please.
Don't hurt yourself.
In any way.
Well, you should never ever feel these way.
love yourself and stay true!
Joshua Nai Jun 11
What you give, you will receive.
You give hatred to another, hatred would come back.
You give love, love would be given back to you.
It works in such mysterious ways, this system.
You give hatred to God, you still get love back...
I love that...
eventually though, it would not end well if you just keep hating on God.
Nope. It will not end well.....not well at all...
nawke Jun 10
removing the crutch and being here
slowing down all the best-laid plans
seeing the lusty life had none as such
grabbing has turned a soul untouched
prisoner of a rusty heart, I confess as much
Re-acquaint my heart
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