angie 2d

the cat purred
to the girl who
sat by the wall
and looked at
the cat, who
stalked away

the car ran
over the cat
and the girl
who had witnessed
did not know
what to do


It was late and he held me
Tender and close
Like a lover, but as a friend
He put his cheek to mine
For what may have been the last
Time. It's what keeps us apart

Too much time
The wrong time
Too early along in time

Oh how I hate time
For it only takes from us
That which we want.

Yet in that one time
It was exactly the opposite.
For that moment i wished
Time would stay.
Alas, he fled, left me alone.
Time ran faster than ever before
Ripping him from my aching arms.

So silly, that time.
Oh how I hate time.

Always seems like it goes too fast or too slow.

Just a week ago,
things were going fine.
The cool late winter air
smelled a bit like pine.
And I loved him so,
but he could not know.
Could it really have been
just a week ago?

In just a week,
I had lost my hope.
I told myself that love hurts,
and that I'd have to cope.
And my knees fell weak
and sadness took its peak.
Could it really have been
in just a week?

Just a week ago,
I hadn't let my feelings show.
Just a week ago,
I didn't want him to know.

And now he knows,
and what's come of it?
Shall it be a date?
Shall it be just a kiss?

Well the time flew by,
and things went as so.
And what's to come of us?
That I do not know.

I do know that I love him,
and I know he loves me so,
and things are much better now
than just a week ago.

originally written 2/26/16

This poem is very short.
I don't want to write TOO much.
If I say too much,
You'll probably lose interest.
People have short attentions spans nowadays.

daisyrae Apr 14

Life is going by too fast
But we don't stop and notice it.
Pay attention to your kids.
They have feelings
They want love
They need DIRECTION.
Help them grow
Help them stay out of TROUBLE.
You were a teen once too
Make sure you know where they're going
ASK questions.
GIVE them a curfew.
DONT just sit back and relax cause they aren't perfect angels forever.
One day, they will want to experience the world.
It's their habit
It knocks at their curiosity
They WANT it
They CRAVE it.
Let them venture out
But not too far.
No, you can't hold them back or they will explode on you
But you can't let them loose and expect them to do what's right either.
Give them space
But also give them rules.
Give them consequences
But also give them love.
Because at a crucial time like this

They NEED it.

Bethan Davies Apr 4

Here in the cold,
With the empty silence in my heart,
The rest of the world rumbles on;
Dogs barking,
Lawn mowers running,
People thumping,
Cars roaring.
Yet I am alone.

Oh, how I wish,
To be able to turn over to you,
Even while you're still asleep;
Mouth open,
Deep breathing,
Face resting,
Body stilling.
Yet I am alone.

There are forces,
The ones that keep us apart,
But we will be together again;
Mouths touching,
Legs intertwining,
Hands moving,
Bodies calming.
I won't be alone.

Still your head
Steady it
Give yourself some time to react

Clear your eyes
And take a breath
Before you plunge back underneath
And immerse yourself
Within the mess

Envision how it has to be
And plan it out
Picture the objectivity

Would you see the future you’ll create
Just in front of you
A moment before it has to be

And then be fast
Like a lightning bolt
Let your hands and eyes simply react

And meet the ball most suddenly
To elicit the lightning
And make it crack

Picture this an you will be
All at once
Lightning fast

Because Jay once told me "Still your head" and I did.
Kalvin Moon Apr 3

When I look into the moon I see the only dependent part of me that still exists. Its as if the silence in her vocal cords spoke words of solitude. I gave her the only bio mechanical part of me that mattered.

The gears in my chest keep turning like clock work.
I count seconds into minutes and minutes into hours and hours into days. I keep thinking time is standing still while im still standing still.

I'm waiting, waiting on patience and as unjustified as it sounds im impatient. Dreams are just your natural thoughts heavily sedated, a sub councious reality based off the feelings we cant display.

I don't consider myself a writer, I see the constant flow of words and as a kid it left me inspired. I'm more of the sub concious reality type. I drink coffee and outside of that I really don't have a life.

For me writing is self exspression without being judged by others.
I opinionate my feelings and organize them in ink. The papper is my empty canvas, my thoughts are my judgment, and the pen is the deliverer.

Sometimes writing is the only thing that can stitch my wounds, like the words curved inside my brain penetrated like the needles in a tattoo. I wonder what will become me, in what paradox will I redeem the sum of me?

I just hope this bio mechanical heart ticks away. I hope people continue to be people with different mindsets and open steeples. I want love to be found and dreams to be created.

Kalvin Moon

Me spilling out my brain in thirty minuets.
Buddy T Mar 29

so fast
too fast

could've stayed


years are too fast when it comes to you
lizette Mar 28

lift me off the ground,
lift me in the air.
the sky is clearer here,
the air purer.
my head feels clean
your hands tickle.
lift, lift
lift me up.

ehhhh? well hi!!! it's been a while!
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