the way that my heart beats around you
the way our culture likes things done
the fast gets there early
the early bird always wins
i was always rushing looking for things

never thought i could learn something different
but then i met you and now i understand
how beautiful the world could be


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I’ve searched the world for a comfortable place to rest and never found it. Sought recognition from others where I knew I didn’t belong. Of course, it was temporarily granted. But you know when you're drying up inside and your purpose is dying. You know when there aren’t enough fumes to run on any longer. It all comes down to which voice I listen to. One voice calls me a fraud. It plays freeze tag with my life. God calls me to step out of my fears and go to the place He created for me. There is no time to brood. Keep moving. Breathe at least.There is much to write about. My rest will ever be in Him.

gmw '17

Our beginnings and endings are filled with these kinds of things....questions, thoughts, hopes, and fears and misspent pennies. I guess it comes with age.
rose Jul 18

Don't go so fast
You forget to look at the stars

IDK I just fall in love with the nooks and crannies of the world and wish more people would notice them
Tay Jul 11

How Do I begin To explain
What happens to me when I write poetry
I'm on a merry go round
And I can see my thoughts unravel as we go faster and faster
See all my past events *
How Do I begin to Explain

To People
That Poetry is a part of me
They Roll Their Eyes
Yea right they would say
That inside poetry is what softens me

How do I begin to explain
That On The Merry Go Round
How I think

How I breathe
How Do I Begin To Explain To Others
That I'm

This is my favorite poem I wrote please enjoy this!
Janae Jul 5

I will not fade away
I'm going to make it worthwhile
I'll live so long I might even meet
your great great great grandchild

If you want to destroy me
so be it
If you want to hurt me
this negative energy bounces off
of me to you so fast you
won't believe it

Since you want to be tough
come on
let's get it over with
a battle I know I'll win

I'm going to put up a fight
that you'd wish you never started
this isn't for the fainthearted

lily Jun 21

You’re my moonlight that lights up my night.
My sunshine that worms me up.
You have showed me a different planet a different world
That I never knew excited.
As I stare at you
My heart beats really fast
Like I never thought it would before.
Oh Amor I ‘am truly in love with you!!! <3 <3 <3

By Lily

Anonymess Jun 16

Survival of the Fittest
It's not the strongest
Nor is it the fastest
It is the one that needs not be medicated
Who will see it to The End.

Donna Jones Jun 12

Painting walls light rain
Yesterday's now memories
Time flys so quickly

I Painted my daughters bedroom today x she is nearly 17 and growing up so fast x
Annie Coleman May 19

wind in my hair
arms wrapped around you
noise in my ears
the faster we go

country roads and
small town squares
you and I have seen it all
racing quickly around the curves
you and I have done it all

breath in my ear
kiss on my neck
wind in my hair

the faster we go


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