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Maria Etre Oct 5
The most selfish entity of all
is time
it doesn't stop for anyone
peter Aug 31
speed it up,
faster faster FASTER FASTER!

i'm the main character,
speeding down the freeway.

hitting 200 on the speedo,
not caring where i even go.

no traffic, no lights, no laws,
who knew loneliness could be so fun.

no music, no talking, no one,
not even the police to outrun.

how can this get any better?
my friend tugged on my sweater,

"hey peter, get it together,
it's only first period."
i just don't want to work on my college work right now, so i wrote this
Alex Aug 8
Time runs perfectly,
It doesn't stay it goes further,
And time could stop,
Right by the moment,
When it hits you so hard,
That you can't feel anything,
And even falling in love,
But time does slow...
Slower than a sea turtle,
Slower when everything goes wrong,
Slower when at pain...
And all you could think is a fast forward,
Fast forward, at how time could everything swiftly move,
It is fast on happy memories,
Like when that time you were still little,
It is fast when you took it for granted,
Ironically how time stays the same,
And stop, slow and fast,
And still the same....
The body is relaxed, face expressions are lazy. If I was hooked to a polygraph the readings will indicate my mind has been going crazy. Thoughts of: What to do? Where to go? How to love? Who are you? How to succeed? Scraped up, scared up until I bleed. I’ve been working my soul, sometimes I feel like my spirit is on blow, I’ve been working on goals that nobody knows simply because the world doesn’t need to see. Do you feel me? Yes, no, maybe so, indeed!

fika Jul 19
in a world that moves so fast
sometimes we need to slow down
fika /fee-ka/ - a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. “coffee with friends”
Amanda Jul 5
The years keep flying too fast
They are faster than hands can catch
Move as quick as I possibly can
For time I am no match
So many moments I cannot get back
Wasted youth's foolish haste
Now that I am older I'm realizing
Memories cannot be returned or replaced
From now on will cherish every second
Spent together happy or mad
Life is too short to be ungrateful
You're my one and only dad
Happy daddy day to the only dad I'll ever have
afiifa Jun 24
2 hours and a half
Too fast to love and admire
Too short to romance in fire
Too long to wait and admire
Aleka Jun 14
Time flies fast,
like a little bird,
swinging trough the sky,
never looking back.

Time is forever,
but never do you realise in time
that the present is not present anymore,
but is now past.

Time melts in my hands,
slipping trough my fingers,
only remaining the everlasting trace of memory,
staining every little crevice of my hands.

But memory,
memory remains,
persistently present in your mind,
always haunting every little image,
and every little thought.
This is a class assessment I really enjoyed, based on the painting The Persistence Of Memory by Salvador Dalí.
Meysa Jun 9
you feel a storm
you move fast
you etch his name above your navel with hungry fingers
- the art of infatuation

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